My name is Wyatt, I'm a pissed-off 16 year old Highschool student with Aspergers.

I have chosen the Internet as my medium of expression to disclose my perception of the inside of the school system. I would like You to understand what my education has been like, seeing as how you don't see where all your tax-dollars go to. I'll try to be as brief as possible with each description of the years being as truthful as humanly possible. I begin when I was about Twelve years-old, enrolled in private school, my parents have always thought of me as being a little different, all my previous teachers thought that I was odd, I either scored A's or F's on all my final tests. Every project I had ever reported on left the class in shock and awe, and became controversial among my classmates, my parents decided to get me tested for a mental disorder, I was diagnosed with Aspergers before the end of my Fifth Grade school year. Life was perfect for me at the private school, I had good friends, my dad was a 7th grade science teacher, I got my reputation at the school from him, all his students would shoot up model rockets, blow up chunks of sodium, and test tubes of hydrogen made by electrolysis as a requirement for the curriculum. It was awesome to have hot older middle-schoolers talk to me during my recess, even though I did nothing special :) I had it made. My mom however decided that I should be enrolled in a public school because they have more support for "my type" with their ESE programs. I didn't like the idea, however in the beginning days of my 6th grade year I was in public school, we applied over the summer to Roosevelt Middle school for Math, Science, and Engineering. The place was hell. 6th Grade: Bad:The school I went to was nestled in what most people refer to as a Ghetto, there were these ugly white dirty houses, on one side and a second part of the school dubbed "Roosevelt Full Service" on the otherside of the railroad and canal, on my third day to school I met a lovely local homeless person who's only sanctuary was a shopping cart. Within one quarter in to my first year there, there was a shooting in the apartment complex 54 feet from the northern most side of the school. Within one summer my definition of a surprize at school went from brownies to a shooting, everyone was ordered from their safe classrooms to the gym (so it would be easier to hold everyone hostage not just one class, efficiency at it's best), Luckily the shooters passed around the school running parallel to the canal, and the school. I knew no one at the school, and no one knew me, I talked to no one the entire year, my silence caused my jaw to ache from inactivity. My school was really dirty, and looked ugly to say the least, our colors were maroon and gray. There we're fights atleast every-other day. There we're drug dealers within a stones throw of the school, and on the bus ride home, I have to try to balance my weight on the corner of my rubber seat because there were three people to a seat and the school can't afford and extra bus, even though it would be half full with all the extra people on our one bus. We played chess in emergent technology, and we we're able to build bridges in engineering, the school was not intense in academics to any extent. For the first month I was in Regular classes because they didn't have any previous public-school-records of me, The kids in those classes we're for the most part sons and daughters of drug addicts and other non-respectable occupations. A month later I was in all Honor courses, and scored well. I knew nothing about racism, drugs, or any other ethnicity until this point in my life, I had complete culture shock for the year. from this I conclude Private school creates an illusion, much like bliss from ignorance of all the things outside school. Good: I got some support from the ESE department at the school, so I was now recognized as "special", which I guess is a good thing to tell people right>? None of my teachers complied with anything to the standards of me being recognized, which is kind of what I wanted, I didn't want anything to put me in short busses, small classes and school-wide ridicule. I just wanted to be normal, and fit in with everyone else, ESE wasn't helping. I had a science teacher who helped me pick out the parts for my first computer, I built it and I'am still using it, he helped me connect with the Technology coordinator at the school and helped me to find a club called A+, we built computers from junk and played starcraft on a small LAN. there's no way better to teach computers than a gaming network. I was moved from Business computers to Emergent Technology (an 8th Grade class) within one semester, I began studying for my A+ certification and passed it the following summer. Because of this I got a job at age 13 for tech support. 7th Grade: Bad: My Principal changed, My favorite Webdesign teacher left for a job he was offered in the school district. He was replaced with a man, Dr. Benavente, a short, balding, hispanic man who was

supposed to substitute my class for the rest of the year, he had never learned webdesign ever, but he was qualified to teach it? OK. I ended up becoming the full time teacher of the class, writing lesson plans, going before all of my classmates in the class to teach his class. The man was studying for his Doctors Degree at the age of 37, using substitution pay to pay for his class fees at his college, after he had repeatedly failed his exams for the course. He was however a qualified webdesign teacher............? When I got over run with homework, I didn't write lesson plans and he gave me a lesser grade, I stopped writing his lesson plans to work on other things he gave me an F, for not doing his work, while everyone else in the class got an A, because he couldn't understand webdesign enough to even grade it. Good: I was allowed one period for what was called "tech team" I was allotted to run around the school with the school's technology coordinator to fix computers keep in mind that not every room had computers and even the rooms that had them didn't always use them and the computers were old and almost never in good condition, hard-drives would fail daily, there was always work. The best computer in there at the time was a Dell GX110, it had a Pentium 3 processor, about 20GB of HDD space and 256MB of RAM, that was the typical configuration, and this was three years ago. The Tech Team gave me some great privlages that many envied. I told the Technology coordinator why I was getting a bad grade in webdesign, she freaked out, made me grab the lesson plans I wrote, and brought me to the principal's office, Dr. Benavente was fired a week later. after they stood in on some of the "Doctor's" classes and found that he honestly couldn't teach the class. 8th Grade: Bad: We now have a third new principal (now averaging one a year), I tried to apply to the highschool of my dreams but was denied from the bad scores I got from the previous years at my middle school, I maintained a 3.5GPA or more the entire time I went to the school, even my guidance counselours we're baffled when I was denied, after some intense phone calls, we found out that it's because you needed to have only your core classes such as math, science, and english scores to add up to a 3.0-3.5GPA, I was denied without this explanation, it said this no where on the application or any material from any course selection or any paper I had ever received from the school district. Why am I in school for electives (an extra 4 hours everyday) when those grades are not used or averaged into my final grade? Even more so when they don't even have a decent teacher for an elective class. We're being baby-sat for an extra 4 hours everyday. I could have gotten 4 F's, as long as I had a B or better in Math, Science, and English, I would've been accepted to a top notch Highschool, Unbelievable. Good: With my connections in the school, from working on the tech team, all the teachers heard this news, and wrote a petition getting me into Suncoast Community Highschool, even the Principal signed it. I'm now at Suncoast, doing well. The school is currently ranked 5th best in the nation, after moving from 7th place last year. The school is also located in a Ghetto. It has disappointments of it's own. Definition of Aspergers: it is a "Syndrome" that has affects much like autism except it is a less severe form of it. for some people they only perform well in certain subjects and for others some are retarded on the subject of math but on science the individual is a genius, being able to predict some things. for me, I was bad in english for a while, but was able to figure out that gold was a more conductive metal when I was in 4th grade, it was the first time I saw the Periodic Table of Elements, I was able to guess things like this just by looking at tables of information. Aspergers was discovered by Hans Asperger, who stated his subjects for the syndrome were like "Little Professors". It was also believed to be the same syndrome for the brain chemistry of Albert Einstein. Cited Sources:

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