Sarpa Yoga is also known as Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha.

It is caused due to wrath of the Serpent God in previous birth. Due to Sarpa Yoga, marriages are delayed or ruined, rogeny may be denied, miscarriages!"bortion will occur. Sarpa Yoga #Sarp Dosh or Naga Dosha$ is different from %al Sarpa Yoga ! Dosha #%SY$. &any astrologers!writers have written about %al Sarpa Yoga!Dosha. I will not talk about %al Sarpa Yoga!Dosha but only about Sarpa !Naga Dosha.

Important informations about Sarpa Yoga / Sarpa Dosha.
Sarpa Dosha delays marriage and also delays progeny!children. 'et us e(amine planetary combinations in the birth chart indicating Sarpa Dosh ! Naga Dosha. ). ,. 1. *hen %etu or +ahu is placed in )st, ,nd, -th, .th or /th house Indicate Sarpa Dosha ! Naga Dosha. *omen suffering from Sarpa!Naga Dosha will have children after conducting oo0a of Naga Devatha. *hen %etu or +ahu is placed in )st or ,nd 2ouse, Indicate delay in marriage, If the person is married, creates problems in family life and sometimes leads to divorce or separation. %etu or +ahu in -th house leads to delay in getting children! rogeny and also leads to abortions. "lso +ahu aspect on -th house also indicates Sarpa!Naga Dosha. Naga rathistapana at any Naga temple should be done for getting children. %etu or +ahu in .th house 'eads to problems in family life, misunderstandings, fre4uent 4uarrels, wife!2usband will have 2ealth problems etc. %etu or +ahu in /th house Indicate 2ealth problems of wife or 2usband, skin disease etc. 6he person suffering from Sarpa!Naga dosha will see Snakes!Serpents in their dream. 6hat is a clear Indication of Sarpa dosha.




Remedies for Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha
2ere are some simple remedies according to indian 7oncept of worship and tantra. It is advised not to follow these remedies blindly, better take the advice from e(perts. ). ,. 1. *orship of 'ord Shiva on every &onday. +ecite mantra 8 9& N"&"2 S2I:"Y );/ times daily. our mi(tire of pure water and pure milk on Shiva 'inga #i.e. a cylinderical stone called Shiva 'ing$. "pply sandle powder paste on forehead daily. 6hrow 3 kg lead metal deep in flowing water on *ednessday <vening or on solar eclipseor on lunar eclipse or on new moon # amawasya $by applying carbon black #kaa0al $ and mustard oil on it. %eeping wings of peacock in home. *earing gems cats eye # lasaniya$ and hamsonite #gomed$ either in pendal or in rings made of five metals gold,silver. =ipsum , iron and copper. 6here are number of remedies to get ward of the inauspicios effects of this curse called %aal Sarpa Dosha

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Can Sarpa Yoga be Benefic?
Yes, this yoga is benefic in many cases and if this yoga starts giving positive results, then sky is the limit for that person.

*hole family including . chest. 9ct . Nov 1. Aune. Beb Cth. when you visit %ukke Subrahmanya.Do’s & Don’ts re ated to Sarpa Yoga ).th. It should be done in above C. . "void doing poo0a during don>t have any food i. Don>t enter any Naga 6emple. ?ut in %ukke Subrahmanya. If you are performing oo0a is done. father. children etc needs to present for Sarpa dosha arihara oo0a. Sept 1rd. knees and legs will be touching the ground$ in any Naga 6emple. Don>t erform Naga dosha parihara listed 6emple only. 9therwise dosha will not be removed. Give at least 58/ days gap to conduct the poo0a. Aan ). they allow only 3 ersons. /. You can visit any of these temples after birth of the child only..nd. Auly 5th. fasting days like <kadashi. . Go home @ have bath. You can eat only after . don>t visit any Naga 6emple. oo0a# Sarpasamskara oo0a$ at home... &ay Cth. "pril Cth. -. the child in the womb will have negative effects. oo0a in &orning hours. "s per vedic te(ts. during grahana #solar!'unar eclipse$. "fter conceiving. @ Dec 1. erform the Naga!Sarpa dosha poo0a in auspicious dates only other wise oo0a will not be <ffective!fruitful. 5. don>t visit any temple like 6irupathi when you visit %alahasti or Dharmastala.)) are as follows. hands.)). It usually falls on 5th day after "mavasya @ urnima! oornima in every month.e ?reakfast. an important day for 'ord Subramanya #'ord %arthikeyan$. if you have monthly Date for women!Girls.. 6he dates of Shasti for the year . Gokulashtami. 2e is the lord of all snakes and serpents. &arch ))th. erform Sarpa dosha arihara oo0a during Shasti. "shtami. 1. 3. "fter conducting Sarpa dosha arihara oo0a in %ukke Subrahmanya! 6irunageswaram!%alahasti etc. Shivarathri etc. Don>t perform poo0a nearer to monthly date for girl!woman. "ug 3th. regnant *omen should not :isit any of Naga 6emple. Don>t do Sastanga Namaskar #*here your forehead.

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