Cassia alata Linn. RINGWORM BUSH

Botany: Akapulko is a coarse, erect, branche shrub, !." to # $eters hi%h. Lea&es are pinnate an '( to )( centi$eters lon%, *ith oran%e rachis on stout branches. +ach lea, has !) to -. lea,lets, " to !" centi$eters in len%th, broa an roun e at the ape/, *ith a s$all point at the tip. Lea,lets %ra uall0 increase in si1e ,ro$ the base to*ar s the tip o, the lea,. In,lorescences are ter$inal an at the a/ils o, the lea&es, in si$ple or panicle race$es, an !( to "( centi$eters lon%. 2lo*ers are 0ello*, about ' centi$eters inn ia$eter, at the a/ils o, thin, 0ello*, oblon%, conca&e bracts *hich are -." to # centi$eters lon%. 3o is rather strai%ht, ark bro*n or nearl0 black, about !" centi$eters lon% an !" $illi$eters *i e. On both si es o, the po s there is a *in% that runs the len%th o, the po . 3o contains "( to )( ,lattene , trian%ular see s. Distribution: 4 Abun ant throu%hout the 3hilippines in settle areas at lo* an $e iu$ altitu es. 4 Occasionall0 plante as orna$ental or ,or its $e icinal properties. 4 Intro uce ,ro$ tropical A$erica5 no* pantropic. Additional botanical info: 6 3ropa%ate rapi l0 b0 see s 7 isperse b0 *aters8 or ste$ cuttin%s. Basal ste$ $a0 pro uce coppices 7suckers8. 6 See s ,ro$ $ature po s can be collecte urin% the season an i$$e iatel0 plante or store ,or si/ $onths. Uses: Folkloric: 4 9he see s use ,or intestinal parasitis$. 4 9incture ,ro$ lea&es reporte to be pur%ati&e. 4 :ecoction o, lea&es an ,lo*ers ,or cou%h an as e/pectorant in bronchitis an asth$a. Also use as astrin%ent. 4 ;rushe lea&es an <uice e/tract use ,or rin%*or$, scabies, ec1e$a, tinea in,ections, itches, insect bites, herpes.

beta carotene in broccoli an t*ice the calciu$ content . an corru%ate on the $ar%ins.B 4 9he lea&es an .lo*er is 0ello* .oun in open . *ith a roun e . the . pointe at both en s. in culti&ate .lo*er. 4 Astrin%ent po* ere lea&es or root ecoction can be applie to he$orrhoi s. an *aste places at lo* an $e iu$ altitu es. co$presse !( to !# $illi$eters lon%. Lea&es are -. the bitter . annual &ine. c0lin ric.or$. an It has t*ice the a$ount o. cut nearl0 to the base into " to ? lobes.ire an eaten *ith salt or Bheko. stalk. oblon%4o&ate.ruit. <uice .or$s .or$s are e ible. oblon%. spinach. about !" $illi$eters lon%. 2ruit.ruit eaten in curries. 9en rils are si$ple. <uice e/presse . burstin% *hen $ature to release see s5 in *il . is %reen. &ariousl0 toothe . thickets. 4 Wil .iel s.or its bitter e ible ." to !( centi$eters in ia$eter. s$all lea.ruit is %i&en . 4 In In ia.to ' centi$eters lon%.like bracts at $i le or to*ar base o. 4 2ruit o. 4 3antropic. Male . Asiatic ori%in. an about ! centi$eter lon% bract appro/i$atel0 at the $i le. up to -( centi$eters lon%.or$s. sli%ht soakin% in salt0 *ater be.or cou%h an as a pur%ati&e an anthel$inthic to e/pel intestinal parasites. an heart4shape at the base.$illi$eters lon%. o.ro$ the %reen .ore cookin% re$o&es so$e taste o. !" to -" centi$eters lon%. 2e$ale .or healin% .or chronic colitisA also use 0senter0.or bacillar0 . e/tensi&el0 culti&ate in the 3hilippines . . Folkloric 4 In the 3hilippines. .lesh0. 7SeeA A$pala0an% li%a*8 4 3robabl0 o.or$ usuall0 roaste o&er . calciu$. o&oi .ruit 4 use as &e%etables 4 are e/cellent sources o. %reen. BI99+R GOUR: = BI99+R M+LON Botany: A$pala0a is a cli$bin% &ine. about . an is pe uncle . nearl0 or >uite s$ooth. lon%4stalke *ith pair o. Distribution: 4 @ear4roun &e%etable. Uses: Edibility / Nutritional 4 Both *il an culti&ate .Ampalaya Momordica charantia Linn. Cit B. o. 4 Lea. iron.lo*er is about !. *il . See s are oblon%. an *oun s phosphorus.haracteristicall0 bitter4tastin%.ruit. ribbe an *rinkle .

bark an lea&es use . a/ils. e/tract use in skin *hitenin% pro ucts. Uses: Folkloric: 4 In the 3hilippines. the ape/ bein% pointe .ruits ' to D centi$eters lon%. Cosmetic: 4Lea. the astrin%ent.lo*ere ." centi$eters across. Distribution: 4 Wi el0 istribute throu%hout the 3hilippines in all islan s an pro&inces.or *ashin% ulcers an *oun s. the lea&es. @oun% branches are '4an%le .lo*er. 4 3antropic in istribution.or *oun s an toothache. Lea&es are opposite..Bayabas Psidium guajava Linn. 4 . oblon% to elliptic.or aro$atic baths.ruit. 4 :ecoction o.ect.orests at lo* altitu es. 42resh lea&es use . 4 War$ ecoction o. use as alternati&e . an " to ! centi$eters lon%. bark corte/. 4 In thickets an secon ar0 . che*e at the en s until . unripe . an roots 4 thou%h $ore o. ascen in% to at least !. aro$atic. 2lo*ers are *hite. the .usion o.o$$on in back0ar s an settle areas. # to #.ection an to .ra0e . . 4 9horou%hl0 naturali1e . an the base usuall0 roun e . *ith in4cur&e petals.erior o&aries e&elop into roun or obo&oi %reen . . 4 :ecoction or in. lea&es .ten the lea&es onl0 4 are use in ecoction ."(( $eters. 4 Intro uce . GUACA Botany: Ba0abas is a so$e*hat hair0 plant reachin% a hei%ht o.or$ the attracti&e part o.acilitate healin%. In. $eters. co$in% out solitar0 or t*o to three in the lea. Nu$erous sta$ens .resh lea&es use .ro$ tropical A$erica. turnin% 0ello* on ripenin% an ha&e e ible. Dental: 49oothbrush au4naturalA Ba0abas t*i%s.or iarrhea.or toothbrushin% *ith *hitenin% e. see 0 pulp.or *oun cleanin% to pre&ent in. . 3e uncles are !4 to #4.

insect bites.Bawang Allium sativum L.lat. applie e/ternall0 to pre&ent hair .resh or burne .or . 4 Euice . e/pectorant.or cou%hs in chil ren. southern +urope. Folkloric 4 In the 3hilippines.reshl0 crushe %arlic use . GARLI. 4 :ecoction o. arts utili!ed: BulbsA 2eatures pro$inentl0 as a con i$ent an .or hea ache.or earaches an ea. Distribution: 4 +/tensi&el0 %ro*n in Batan%as. In Me/ico. choppe %arlic an a teaspoon o. #( to )( centi$eters hi%h. hoarseness. Nue&a +ci<a. 4 . an antihel$intic. 4 A nati&e o. sore throat.resh bulb is eaten as a pre&enti&e . 4 :ecoction use . 4 . 4 :ilute <uice use .e&er an as h0potensi&e. Botany: Ba*an% is a lo* herb. &ine%ar in boilin% *ater use . asth$a an bronchitis.or nasal con%estion. an . lea&es an bulbs . .lo*ere . bulbs use . Min oro. U$bels are %lobose.or col s.ecte areas. toothachesA .rush se&eral clo&es an rub on a. Also use as iuretic.ro$ .or tonsillitis. sli%htl0 tin%e *ith purple.ness.or h0pertension.or tuberculosis. 9rue ste$ is $uch re uce . an%ular an truncate tubers. cou%h. rheu$atis$.rush clo&e applie to both te$ples as poultice . the *orl .la&or in 2ilipino cuisine. reco$$en s eatin% ra* %arlic clo&es. *ith concerns that cookin% i$inishes $e icinal potenc0. 4 No* *i el0 culti&ate in $ost parts o. Sepals are oblon%. 4 In In ia. 4 Arthritis.la&orin% ishes.otobato. car$inati&e. Ilocos Norte. %reenish *hite.ro$ turnin% %re0. to ' centi$eters in ia$eter.rush %arlic or cut clo&e cross*ise an rub irectl0 to areas o. Bulbs are broa l0 o&oi . consistin% o. Herbalists. .. an eaten . Sta$ens are not e/erte .or tuberculosis. Lea&es are linear an . ensel0 cro* e . 4 2resh %arlic has been use as a co$ple$ent to INH therap0 . %arlic <uice ilute in *ater. 4 Stea$ inhalation o.ro$ the perianth. se&eral. $an0 . Uses: Edibility / Culinary 4 Wi el0 use b0 2ilipinos .or .

an "4toothe .or rops0. %lobose. . blue to la&en er. 4 See s are boile in *ater an eaten or the *ater runk to pre&ent the sprea o.lets bein% lar%er than the others. Distribution: 4 Wi el0 istribute in the 3hilippines. 4 Root use as tonic.ections.ter4pains in the puerperal perio . bark. 4 At lo* an $e iu$ altitu es.ebri.e&er. 4 Lea. the lo*er lip is lon%est.lorescences 7panicles8 !( to -( centi$eters lon%. catarrhal.ebrile.ro$ bites o."agundi Vitex negundo Linn. Lea&es are usuall0 "4. $ature. an pal$atel0 arran%e . 2ruit is a succulent rupe. ecoction .or ne* born chil ren. borne in ter$inal in. 4 Lea&es use in aro$atic baths5 also as insecti.orolla is ensel0 hair0 in the throat. . an rheu$atic a.. an istinctl0 stalke .rica. hea ache. 4 3oun e lea&es applies on the . see s use . 4 In.lets are lanceolate.latulence.al0/ is hair0.u%e. sli%htl0 hair0 beneath. Also use as baths .ectin% *oun s an ulcers. cou%h. tops an lea&es use as anti%astral%ic. 4 Capor bath prepare *ith the plant use . Uses: Folkloric 4 :ecoction o. see s in *ine use .u%e an e/pectorant.or . . branche tree or shrub. about ' $illi$eters in ia$eter. poisonous ani$als. an pointe at both en s. . the $i le lea.. entire.usion o. an the $i le lobe o.HAS9+ 9R++ Botany: La%un i is an erect. lea. Lea. Also use as a lacta%o%ue an e$$ena%o%ue. 4 :ecoction o. Best propa%ate b0 use o.orehea an te$ples . Ma a%ascar.oliate.to " $eters hi%h. lea&es use as *ar$ bath b0 *o$en su.erin% *ith a.or hea aches. an south*ar throu%h Mala0a to *estern 3ol0nesia. 2IC+4L+A2 . 4 In. in thickets an *aste places.lets onl0. rarel0 *ith # lea. lea&es use e/ternall0 . . 4 :ecoction o. to/in . asth$a. 4 2lo*erin% 0ear roun . ) to ? $illi$eters lon%.or . toothache. 2lo*ers are nu$erous. black *hen ripe. 4 Also occurs in tropical +ast A.or isin. ' to !( centi$eters lon%.usion o. In ia to Eapan. .or cleanin% ulcers an internall0 .or treat$ent o.less ste$ cuttin%s.

hil ren #4" 0ears ol A '4" rie nuts5 ) 4 . 2ruit is narro*l0 ellipsoi . 6 3oun e lea&es e/ternall0 .e&er. opposite. 4 Intro uce in $ost tropical countries. as a sin%le ose. e/hibitin% the ran%e o. *ith . I. boile lea&es use .or skin iseases. %lass o. $eters. 4 Also occurs in In ia to Mala0a. 6 Roaste see s . 9O:A@ AN: 9OMORROW Botany: Nio%4nio%an is a lar%e cli$bin%. lon%itu inal an%les or *in%s. 0ears ol A "4) rie nuts5 D4!. .ra%rant.erable .irst *hite.ter a $eal. . 6 A ultsA :rie nuts4che* . 4 Orna$entall0 plante .or iarrhea an . 6 .or hea ache. 6 Lea&es applie to the hea to relie&e hea aches.orests throu%hout the 3hilippines. . .lo*er stalk.ollo*e b0 a hal. che* onl0 '4" nuts.or its .re>uentl0 *ith the use o. Lea&es are oblon% to elliptic.or 0suria. 6 :ecoction o. colors in clusters.or e*or$in%. *oo 0 shrub reachin% a len%th o. ? to !" centi$eters lon%. 6 I.or iarrhea an . . roun e at the base an pointe at the tip. 6 Ripe see s roaste an use . to !( s$all4 to $e iu$4si1e rie nuts t*o hours a.i&e.4 2ruit use as ner&ine. 2lo*ers are . cephalic. Niog#niogan Quisqualis indica Linn.e&er. Bro*n hairs %i&e the 0oun%er parts a rust0 appearance.0ears ol A )4? rie nuts. @+S9+R:A@. .resh nuts are use . re ish4purple or oran%e.u%ao $i%rants use it . 6 3lant use as a cou%h cure. Uses: Edibility 6 2lo*ers are e ible. Distribution: 4 In thickets an secon ar0 . sharp. then beco$in% re . -." to # centi$eters lon%. on the sa$e .resh nuts.to . Folkloric 6 Anthel$inticA :rie see s pre. an e$$ena%o%ue. *ater. See s are penta%onal an black.lo*ers. tubular. sho*0. Hiccups occur $ore .

4 In A0ur&e a.or %out an arthritis.or urinar0 tract in. Uses: Nutritional 4 Lea&es an ste$s $a0 be eaten as &e%etable. as a . as transparent an s$ooth as can le *a/. anal%esic. urinar0 retention.acial rinse . *hen $ature an %ro* easil0 in clu$ps an %roups in a$p areas. Ste$s are roun . 9in0 ot4like . Folkloric 4 In. re.onsi ere anti4in. erect. 0suria.onspicuous in rock0 parts o. 4 3ropa%ation b0 see s. shallo* roote .ten %ro*s in %roups in nooks in the %ar en an 0ar . 4 3antropic species o. a$p an loose soil. e$aciation. lea&es use .ections. urinar0 tract in..usion an ecoction o. anti. &er0 slen er.8 Funth SHIN@ BUSH Botany: 3ansit4pansitan is an erect. 4 4 Nu$erous tin0 see s rop o. ! to ) centi$eters lon%. antibacterial. . use to paci. Distribution: 4 An annual herb. 4 .ection.a&orin% sha 0.ten about " $illi$eters thick.un%al. 4 +/ternall0. e e$a an %eneral *eakness. .ro$ the base to the tip5 turnin% bro*n *hen ripe. o. pustules an pi$ples. Lea&es are alternate. 4 O. lea&es an ste$s are use . 7!"8 4 3oun e *hole plant use as *ar$ poultice . annual herb. branche . the .resh plant has the crispness o. *ith &er0 succulent ste$s.or boils. roperties: 6 . 4 :ecoction o. Spikes are %reen.ansit#pansitan Peperomia pellucida 7L.la$$ator0. A$erican ori%in.or co$ple/ion proble$s.4oppose stalk 7spike85 nake 5 $aturin% %ra uall0 . 4 In sala s.0 &itiate cou%h.lo*ers scattere alon% solitar0 an lea. reachin% up to '( centi$eters hi%h. constipation.ri%erant. canals. anticancer. ki ne0 iseases. pitta. carrot sticks an celer0. heart4 shape an tur%i .

2lo*erin% hea s are stalke .la&orin% in%re ient. .a$bo ia. Anther cells taile at base. t*o t0pesA peripheral ones tin0. 4 :ecoction o. Ste$s %ro* up to -. narro*in% to a short petiole *hich are o.0 panicle.or purpose o. Distribution: 4 . 4 Applie *hile hot o&er the sinuses. 4 3ropa%ation b0 cuttin%s an la0erin%.o$$on in open . lea&es applie to the .iel s. ! to ' $eters hi%h. lea&es use to in uce iuresis . *aist an back. alternate. an c0stitis.or . !(4ribbe . o.hina. elliptic4 to oblon%4lanceolate. 4 9ea is use .lo*ers .lo*ers are o. 4 3oultice o.ro$ 2ebruar0 to April. 9hailan . . !4see e . 4 Use in upper an lo*er respirator0 tract a.or col s an as an e/pectorant5 like*ise. Cietna$. 0ello* an nu$erous. Hainan. ) to ? $illi$eters lon%. treatin% ki ne0 stones. In onesia. stron%l0 aro$atic shrub..or abscesses. Laos. hair0 at top. 4 2lo*erin% .or rheu$atic pains o." centi$eters in ia$eter.$ambong Blumea balsamifera 7Linn. :iscoi .e&ers. Use . 4 :ecoction o. 4 Also occurs in . narro* an hair0. 3ostpartu$ baths.. 4 Sit14bath o.luen1a.ections like sinusitis. pointe or blunt at the tip.orehea . lar%e *ith ca$panulate corolla.or *oun s an cuts. BLUM+A . *oo 0. 2resh <uice o. *ith tubular corolla5 central . ensel0 an so. sprea in% or p0ra$i al lea.8 :. Uses: Edibility 4 Lea&es use a .its. Mala0sia. *ater. Bhutan. "(( %$s to a %allon% o. toothe at the $ar%ins. an borne on branches o. ? to -( centi$eters lon%. . hea aches. ki ne0 stones. has antispas$o ic an anti iarrheal bene.tl0 hair0. $ore nu$erous. roots an lea&es . In&olucral bracts are %reen. Lea&es are si$ple.e*. in. asth$atic bronchitis.or relie. r0.ten auricle or appen a%e . 2ruits are achenes. Folkloric 4 Lea&es as poultice . boile lea&es. %rasslan s an *aste areas at lo* an $e iu$ altitu es. a ter$inal. lea&es to *oun s an cuts.AM3HOR Botany: Sa$bon% is a hal.

. 4 Root ecoction use as an anti ote .HA. Folkloric 4 Lea.or sto$ach=ab o$inal pains. .or ab o$inal colic. . in thickets an secon ar0 . &er0 branche shrub %ro*in% up to ! to ' $ hi%h. :ecoction has also been use as a ental $outh*ash. a . # to ) centi$eters lon%.orolla is *hite. choppe lea&es in . about " to ) $illi$eters lon%. " $illi$eters lon%.lorescences shorter than the lea&es. cou%h. 4 2or iarrheaA Boil .e* herbs recentl0 re%istere *ith the Bureau o. 2oo s an :ru%s as $e icines . the ecoction e&er0 . Use !=' o. anal%esic. an i&i e into oblon% lobes. 4 Also occurs in In ia to southern .la$$ator0. short stalke an rou%h on the upper sur. roperties: 4 . in $ost or all islan s an pro&inces. 2lo*ers are *hite.ace.ro$ the lea&es.or # hours. solitar0. 6 One o.lesh0 on the outer part. anti4$icrobial. so$e*hat hair0. . 9SA Carmona retusa 7Cahl.al0/ 4lobes re %reen. tbsp o. 2ruit is a rupe.or &e%etable poisonin%.oun . an Mala0a. New Application 6 Bein% pro$ote b0 the :epart$ent o.ro$ the Batan Islan s an nothern Lu1on to 3ala*an an Min anao. Distribution: 4 +asil0 . ecoction or in. roun e . 0ello* *hen ripe. entire or so$e*hat toothe or lobe near the ape/ an pointe at the base. *ater . obo&ate to oblon%4obo&ate.8 Masa$. Health 7:OH8 as an antispas$o ic5 .orests at lo* an $e iu$ altitu es.%saang gubat .hina.usion . iarrhea an 0senter0.or !" $inutes5 strain an cool. an linear. a/illar0.or ' on a co$$on stalk. antispas$o ic an anti4 Uses: Culinary 9ea $a e . *ith a '4see e stone.%lasses o. anti4in. . 9ai*an. anti4 iabetic.lesh0. WIL: 9+A Botany: 9saan% %ubat is an erect. borne in in.onsi ere $uta%enic. s$all. an ston0 insi e. Lea&es are in clusters on short branches. ' to " $ili$eters in ia$eter.

MIN9. 4 Use as a . 4 Lea&es use .ices.rushe lea&es are applie on the .or . tops an lea&es are consi ere car$inati&e5 *hen bruise use as anti ote to stin%s o. . 4 Mint is use in neural%ic a. Folkloric 4 One o. an iuresis. short4stalke *ith toothe $ar%ins. Distribution: 4 Nati&e o.. the ol est househol re$e ies kno*n. poisonous insects. 0s$enorrhea.la&or.or hea aches.or cookin%.resh plants or lea&es are sni. Uses: Nutritional 4 . *ith ulti$ate ascen in% ter$inal branches. $uch4branche . 4 3o* ere rie plant as entri. 4 Intro uce b0 the Spaniar s. sto$ach aches. 2lo*ers are hair0 an purplish to bluish.or insect bites. *ith ste$s %ro*in% up to '( centi$eters lon%. usuall0 purplish.or i11iness.ections an entri. s$ooth . .e&ers.ice.&erba buena Mentha arvensis Linn. Lea&es are elliptic to oblon%4o&ate. toothaches hea aches. borne in a/illar0 hea like *horls. 4 In the 3hilippines. renal an &esical calculus.ulti&ate as a spice . !. 4 3oun e lea&es . 4 :ecoction an in.. the 3hilippines. stron%l0 aro$atic herb. .e .la&orin% in con.rushe .or tea. an roun e or blunt tippe .lo*ers in lo*lan s.e&er. 4 9hri&es *ell at hi%h ele&ations5 rarel0 ." to ' centi$eters lon%.orehea an te$ples . 4 Use .al0/ teeth are trian%ular or lanceolate an hair05 the corolla is also hair0. 4 . 4 Wi el0 culti&ation to so$e e/tent in all parts o. +urope. 4 . 4 Use in sala s to pro&i e .ections. 3+33+R MIN9 Botany: Hierba buena is a prostrate. lea&es an ste$s use .usion o.or sto$ach *eakness an iarrhea.