Sample Topics for the Sociology 101 Paper

Keep in mind: These are just general ideas - you are going to have to refine them. The key to using them in your paper is applying the sociological imagination to develop a paper using them as a starting point! Don't wait a week before your paper is due to start. Start now! You are not limited to these topics! You can select any social phenomena you wish, the key is to approach the subject from a sociological perspective and using reference materials appropriate for sociological research. The social causes of poverty Prisons as social colleges America: The shared culture model The macro/micro debate in sociology Family structure in America Sociological theories of rape Terrorists: A sociological profile America's informal caste system The feminization of war Materialism as an engine of crime The social function of drugs in western culture Nazi social theory Crime and education Ethics and sociological research Drugs as tools of social war Crime and minorities in America Family as a tool of cultural transmission Rehabilitation or retribution: the purpose of prison Religiosity and educational attainment in America Terrorism as social status Gangs are family: Their social function The social construction of childhood Applying causal models in sociological research The Marxist argument Labeling theory and criminal incarceration Divorce in modern society: patterns and theory Police in schools The social function of racism in America The liquid wealth lie British socialism Patterns in the flux of social reality Diploma or education: the function of schooling The pragmatic perspective of sociological theory Working women and inflation Violence: nonmaterial culture in America Creating social stability through religion Contrasting sociopaths and psychopaths Crime as a social fact The failure of education in society Motherhood as a social tool Cyber society The social history of Halloween The purpose of war The social purpose of private ownership of firearms Ethnic exclusion in France Anomie and school failure Sociological theories of suicide Karl Marx's sociology Religiosity and economic class in America Serial killers as a product of population density The abstractness of sociology Positivistic effects of social structure The purpose of poverty in America Criminal technology Logical positivism assumptions in sociology Class conflict in America Counter cultures in American history Social theories of domestic abuse in America Social profiling in criminal justice Ethnicity and crime: Shifts in the color of crime News: Information source or propaganda machine? The criminal justice system as a model for warfare Economic functions of immigration Minimum wage versus a living wage Social class and life course Women in the workplace The un-American crime: crime as social expression Communicating The myth of race Terrorism through ethnocentrism Handguns and crime in America The Protestant work ethic in modern America The purpose of fatherhood The social function of prisons Gender versus sex

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Political participation and educational attainment The social construction of sexual orientation Juvenile delinquency as a social construction Social control as rape Contrasting European and American gender roles Comte's role for sociologists The social meaning of abortion Shifting role socialization in America Metro Males: Masculinity in new America The political function of crime Contrasting republics and democracies The role of deviance in society Environmental pollution and state's rights The social relativity of poverty Consumption as a tool of class manipulation Variable scale in sociological studies Ethnic flux in America American ideal culture in cowboy movies .