Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept

1 Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept


1 Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 1 1 Objectives.....................................................................................................3 2 Executive Su !r"......................................................................................# 3 Introduction...................................................................................................$ 4 %he technolo&" behind the MSC Server S"ste .........................................' # (ene)it o) the Solution................................................................................14 $ *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s, -!lue .roposition.............................................24 / Conclusions................................................................................................2# 0 1loss!r"......................................................................................................2$

5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s


Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept


5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s

4 networ+ • 3ist the bene)its o) the MSS concept • 3ist two t"pes o) MSS i ple ent!tion • Expl!in the evolution p!th )ro Rele!se '' networ+ tow!rds 4ll8I. networ+s C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 3 .Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 1 Objectives odule6 the student should be !ble to7 4)ter co pletin& this • Outline the structure o) the 31 Rel.

Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 4 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .

%he 31.M4.1E !nd ?C..s %. C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 5 . 4s well !s tod!". %he hi&h c!p!cit" o) the ele ents !lso e!ns th!t )ewer sites !re needed6 reducin& networ+ !inten!nce !nd up&r!des wor+lo!ds.M !nd 4%M b!c+bone solutions6 it supports I. *on8re!l8ti e d!t! tr!))ic is &rowin& while revenues per voice inute h!ve st!&n!ted. 3oo+in& )urther !he!d6 the !dvent o) 31. %his !+es it ide!l )or inte&r!tin& voice services in &rowin& I. %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 9*S*: MSC Server S"ste is ! hi&hl" cost8e))ective core networ+ solution th!t h!s ver" low cost8o)8ownership to help oper!tors eet their de !nds. %he *S* MSC Server S"ste supports !ll the si&n!llin& inter)!ces o) existin& networ+s6 !llowin& s!)e inte&r!tion with both sin&le !nd ulti8vendor networ+s. %he industr" de !nds ore e))icient business !nd uch ore cost8e))ective networ+s.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 2 Executive Summar %he obile business environ ent is )und! ent!ll" ch!n&in&.. %he *S* MSC Server S"ste sep!r!tes c!ll control !nd si&n!llin& !nd the !ctu!l tr!))ic into distinct networ+ ele ents7 the MSC Server !nd the Multi edi! 1!tew!". %he si pli)ied l!"out o) the circuit core networ+ eli in!tes the need )or tr!nsit MSCs in MSC Server -oI. b!sed ulti8service networ+s. )or both tr!))ic !nd si&n!llin&. %he *S* MSC Server S"ste uses circuit core networ+ !rchitecture6 independent o) the tr!ns ission b!c+bone6 !s speci)ied in the 31.. *S* MSC Server supports both 1SM=E. Rele!se 4 !rchitecture !llows opti u networ+ exp!nsions > c!ll control !nd tr!))ic c!p!cit" c!n be exp!nded sep!r!tel". ulti edi! voice c!lls. Core networ+ c!p!cit" c!n be d"n! ic!ll" sh!red between these two r!dio !ccess networ+s6 &ivin& best use o) the circuit core invest ent !s subscribers i&r!te to ?C. networ+s.M4 r!dio networ+s. It is ! !jor develop ent in the i ple ent!tion o) the core networ+ )or voice !nd SMS services. Rele!se $6 / or 0 will st!nd!rdi<e I. %his split !rchitecture en!bles th!t site costs c!n be ini i<ed bec!use o) the hi&her c!p!cit"=)ootprint o) the *S* MSC Server S"ste 6 which is up to three ti es better th!n tr!dition!l MSC S"ste s. Rele!se 4 speci)ic!tions.

. core networ+ with the existin& networ+ in)r!structure.: in the obile environ ent in ! st!nd!rdi<ed w!".1E !nd ?C. C!ll control c!n be centr!li<ed into ver" l!r&e center !nd the !ctu!l voice tr!))ic )low c!n be opti i<ed b" loc!tin& the M1?s close to tr!))ic hot spots !nd the interconnection points closer to other networ+s.. s!)el" without the li it!tions o) propriet!r" solutions. %his !llows oper!tors to !chieve the bene)its o) -oI. %he MSC Server S"ste is circuit core networ+ !rchitecture6 independent o) tr!ns ission b!c+bone !nd speci)ied in the 31 . %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste provides ! st!te o) the !rt s"ste co pli!nt with 31. *etwor+s !re &rowin&6 but the revenue per inute o) obile phone c!ll is decre!sin&.M4 while incre!sin& pro)it!bilit" in 1SMB %o solve these ch!llen&es6 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s introduces the MSC Server solution6 ! co on circuit switched core )or 1SM=E. 9-oI.M4.. I ple ent!tion o) E.4:.42022 technolo&ies.1E !nd ?C. In this ch!llen&in& environ ent6 oper!tors need the best solution to the )ollowin& @uestions7 • Aow c!n I !xi ise voice revenueB • Aow c!n I protect existin& networ+B • Aow c!n I deplo" ?C.s turbulent business environ ent. Rel. It sep!r!tes c!ll control !nd si&n!llin& 9control pl!ne: !nd tr!))ic 9user pl!ne: into sep!r!te networ+ ele ents7 MSC Server 9MSS: !nd Multi edi! 1!tew!" 9M1?:.M4 networ+s de !nds !n econo ic!l b!l!ncin& !ct )ro industr" pl!"ers. to obile networ+s.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept ! Introduction %he obile industr" is )!cin& new ch!llen&es in tod!". %he I. Rel4 st!nd!rds6 b!sed on )ield proven *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .C222 !nd I.!rtnership . It !lso ensures ! s!)e interwor+in& o) the obile -oI. b!sed b!c+bone !rchitecture brin&s the oper!tion!l )lexibilit" !nd cost s!vin&s o)! . %his division en!bles ! tot!ll" new st"le o) structure )or the core networ+. Rel4 speci)ic!tions o))er the )irst re!l possibilit" to i ple ent -oice over I.s Rele!se 4 speci)ic!tions 931. 6 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s . 31.

6 M4.8I6 (ICC CS26 ISD.: Nb . AoIP9(SS4.240: CSCE Iu-CS 9R4*4. I* A3R M4. M 9SI. M1? ?C.: MSS Mc 9A.S%*=IS. Mn 9A.: A.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept MSC Server System Interfaces C4.=4%M=%.: Mj.M (!c+bone MSS Mc.: Nc 9SI. Ater. 1 MSC Server S"ste Inter)!ces MSS SFS%EM C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s ! .8.M4 R*C M1? MSS SFS%EM Ei&. ASS Cx %C 1SM (SC A 9(SS4. M4. M4.240: I.6 I*4.=IMS=SI.* -oI.

Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept " C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .

Rel. %wo t"pes o) MSS7 • St!nd 4lone MSS • Inte&r!ted MSS C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s # .. In order to )ull" s!)e&u!rd the existin& MSC invest ent6 the ele ent c!n oper!te !s both ! MSC !nd ! MSC Server si ult!neousl".4 co pli!nt MSC Server S"ste consists o) MSC servers 9MSS: !nd Multi edi! 1!tew!"s 9M1?:. In the *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s i ple ent!tion6 the MSC Server h!s si il!r c!ll control !nd si&n!llin& )unctions !s the MSC !llowin& !n existin& *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSCi to be up&r!ded to !n MSC Server. %he MSC Server is responsible )or c!ll control !nd si&n!llin&6 while the M1? t!+es c!re o) switchin& !nd c!rries the !ctu!l tr!))ic.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 4 "he technolo# behind the MSC Server S stem %he 31.

M4 R*C Ei&. *b Iu8CS 1SM (SC %C 4 MSS Mc 9A.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept $%o $y&es of MSC Server Inte rate' MSS Stan'-a(one MSS Mc 9A. 2 %wo t"pes o) MSC Server 1) C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .M4 Iu8CS R*C M1? ?C.240: 46 4ter6 4oI.240: *b 1SM (SC M1? ?C.

or C4.: networ+s c!n be connected to MSC Server S"ste in ! si il!r w!" to their connections with MSC s"ste s.s )ield proven inter)!ces !nd protocols6 ensurin& th!t MSC Server S"ste is co p!tible with tod!". Eor ex! ple6 Intelli&ent *etwor+s 9with I*4.S%* 9with ISD.s networ+s6 includin& those with ele ents )ro sever!l vendors. I) the SMSC supports Si&tr!n6 ! direct connection )ro the MSC Server b" Si&tr!n is !lso possible.M4 R4* 9Iu8CS inter)!ce: networ+s !re identic!l with tod!". Ei&ure 4 illustr!tes the options )or connectin& !n SMSC. -oice M!il S"ste s 9-MS: !nd Short Mess!&e Service Centers 9SMSC: connect to the MSC Server S"ste with the s! e inter)!ces !s currentl" used. C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 11 . %he si il!rit" between the current MSC S"ste !nd the MSC Server S"ste is illustr!ted in Ei&ure 3.: !nd 1SM=. 4lso6 inter)!ces with 1SM (SS 94 inter)!ce: !nd ?C. Eor ! new st!nd!lone MSC Server6 the -MS !nd SMSC c!n be connected vi! the M1? with ISD..Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 4$1 Sa%e Interwor&in# with Existin# networ& %he MSC Server S"ste supports !ll existin& inter)!ces with le&!c" networ+ ele ents. In the c!se o) the inte&r!ted MSC Server6 the connection c!n re !in in the MSC Server without ch!n&es.

S%* 9ISD.: .: (SS 9(SS4. 4 4 SMSC connection to ! MSC Server c!n use the s! e inter)!ces !nd protocols !s SMSC connection to ! tr!dition!l MSC 12 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .S%* 9ISD.S%* 9ISD.: .S%* 9ISD.=C4.: (SS 9(SS4.e same +nterfaces an' &rotoco(s as SMSC connect+on to a tra'+t+ona( MSC Ei&.: A3R 9M4.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept Inter%or*+n %+t.: SI/$1AN2 3424" .: R4* 9R4*4.: MSC M/0 Ei&.+st+n Net%or* MSS I* 9I*4. -.: .=C4.: I* 9I*4.: A3R 9M4. 3 Interwor+in& with Existin& *etwor+ A SMSC connect+on to a MSC Server can use t.: R4* 9R4*4.

C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 13 . 5ICC is used )or c!ll control between two MSC servers in the *c inter)!ce6 !llowin& ! b!c+bone independent Control . %he !in new inter)!ces !re the )ollowin&7 • Mc inter)!ce 9MSC Server > M1?: • *c inter)!ce 9MSC Server > MSC Server: • *b inter)!ce 9M1? > M1?: %he !in protocols introduced b" 31. In the CS do !in6 Si&tr!n c!n !lso be used between the MSC Server !nd A3R !nd I*=SC. Si&tr!n is !lso used between the M1? !nd MSC Server to tr!nsport .. networ+. %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server supports Sess+on In+t+at+on Protoco( 6SIP76 connectin& the MSS to *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s I. 3424"2Me aco is ! control protocol th!t is used b" the MSC server to control the M1? over the Mc inter)!ce. Rel.4 technic!l speci)ic!tions de)ine the )unction!l entities !nd the inter)!ces needed to support the obile service. Rel.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 4$2 'ew Inter%aces and (rotocols 31.240=Me&!co6 Si&tr!n !nd (e!rer Independent C!ll Control 9(ICC:.S%* !nd 1SM = DM%S R!dio *etwor+ si&n!llin& to the MSC Server over the Mc inter)!ce. %hus M1? !cts !s !n inte&r!ted Si&n!llin& 1!tew!".4 !re A.. S+ tran is used to tr!nsport C/ si&n!llin& over the I.l!ne !nd Dser .. Multi edi! Core ele ents.l!ne.

Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept ) *ene%it o% the Solution 14 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .

%his e!ns th!t MSC Servers c!n be concentr!ted on ! )ew sites !t the ost convenient loc!tion6 reducin& the nu ber o) sites needed. C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 15 .. %hus MSC Server S"ste opti i<es the nu ber o) sites !nd the tot!l )loor sp!ce re@uire ent. 4ccess costs c!n be +ept low b" loc!l switchin& in distributed M1?s which c!n be loc!ted in existin& (SC !nd=or R*C sites.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept In this ch!n&in& industr" it is critic!l to ensure service continuit"6 exploit opportunities !nd e ph!si<e the i port!nce o) reducin& oper!tion!l costs in s!)e&u!rdin& the )in!l pro)it !r&in. %hus the tot!l nu ber o) sites c!n be Ei&ure $. 31. Site cost s!vin&s !re illustr!ted in %he c!p!cit" per )ootprint r!tios o) *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSS 9(AC4=)ootprint: !nd M1? 9Erl!n&=)ootprint: !re si&ni)ic!ntl" i proved co p!red to ! t"pic!l MSC. ini i<ed. Rele!se 4 !rchitecture6 i ple ented with the co pli!nt *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste 6 provides +e" bene)its th!t incre!se revenue !s well !s decre!se costs to help the oper!tor eet these ch!llen&es. )$1 +ewer Sites Sep!r!tion o) user pl!ne !nd control pl!ne !s shown in )i&ure # en!bles the respective ele ents to be loc!ted independentl" o) e!ch other.

9Rele!se 4: Ei&.!t! MSC Server Medi! 1!tew!" Control & Si&n!llin& Speech G .Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept Se&arat+on of P(anes MSC Server System MSC %r!dition!l Mobile Switch Control G Si&n!llin& Speech G .e)ined b" 31..!t! . # Sep!r!tion o) pl!nes 16 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .

.  M1? seldo re@uire ! site visit. M1? ele ents c!n be loc!ted to existin& Medi! 1!tew!" *b 9I.=%.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept S+te Cost 1e'uct+on  Onl" Si&n!llin& between MSS !nd M1? MSC Server S+ na((+n 8N9:.M: (SC=R*C sites  *o dedic!ted site re@uried  MSS=M1? !re co p!ct in si<e Eootprint 1=3 o) t"pic!l MSC )ootprint  )loor sp!ce cost ini i<e Soc Cl!ssi)ic!tion level 1 5 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s Ei&.M: Iu CS 94%M=I.: *u berGloc!tion o) MSS site is independent o) tr!))ic  *u ber o) site c!n be reduded.M: . $ Site cost reduction C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 1! .=4%M=%. 4 9I.S%* 9%.

%he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste !lso s!ves tr!ns ission b!ndwidth c!p!cit". ?ith MSC s"ste s6 this !" le!d to expensive inter8cit" tr!ns ission connections6 even )or loc!l obile8to8 obile or obile8to8. %r!nscoder Eree Oper!tion 9%rEO: !nd %!nde Eree Oper!tion 9%EO: with *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s speci)ic enh!nce ents reduce the tr!ns ission b!ndwidth re@uire ent to less th!n 22 Hbit=s per tr!))ic direction.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept )$2 "ransmission Savin# %he MSC Server S"ste s!ves tr!ns ission costs b" loc!l switchin& when the c!ll is !n!&ed b" ! sin&le6 loc!l M1?. %r!ns ission in tr!dition!l s"ste s is b!sed on dedic!ted $4+bit=s connections6 where!s the MSC Server S"ste c!n !+e use o) ! p!c+et b!sed tr!ns ission networ+. Incre!sin& the c!p!cit" o) the c!ll control ele ent le!ds to incre!sin& dist!nces between c!ll control !nd tr!))ic hot spots. 1" C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s . %his b!c+bone c!p!cit" c!n be sh!red b!sed on tr!))ic needs.S%* c!lls6 due to the )!ct th!t in MSC s"ste s !ll tr!))ic is tr!nsported to the MSC to be switched. %his is illustr!ted in Ei&ure /. ?ith MSC Server S"ste s6 the distributed M1?s c!n do loc!l switchin&6 re ovin& the need to c!rr" loc!l tr!))ic over lon& dist!nces.

%his eli in!tes lon& tr!ns ission le&s in loc!l c!lls.+s e(+m+nates (on transm+ss+on (e s +n (oca( ca((s4 (SS=R4* MSC  MSC  Ai&h MSC c!p!cit" incre!ses !ccess tr!ns ision costs. ca&ac+ty contro( e(ements an' (oca(+<e' s%+tc.+ . !xi i<e w=o Cit" 4 Cit" ( Ei&.  .240 (SS=R4* M1? MSS  MSS  3oc!l tr!))ic is switched loc!ll" in M1?  MSS c!p!cit" c!n be !ccess cost incre!se.+n 4 $. / Sep!r!tion o) c!ll control !nd switchin& en!bles hi&h c!p!cit" control ele ents !nd loc!li<ed switchin&.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept Se&arat+on of ca(( contro( an' s%+tc.+n enab(es .S%* A. C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 1# .i))icult to reduce nu ber o) MSCs .

M4. ?hen subscribers i&r!te )ro 1SM to ?C.oI( In ! *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC server networ+6 the %. b!sed networ+ will !lso re ove the need )or ! tr!nsit l!"er. .M point8to8point connections o) MSC networ+s c!n be repl!ced b" Ethernet inter)!ces to the I. MSC Server6 which supports !ll current tr!nsport technolo&ies6 includin& %. )unction!lities. %he MSC Server S"ste is i port!nt in this develop ent !s it provides the voice c!ll 9!nd ?C. I.1 +? = 4. co p!red to %.M4 re!l ti e video c!ll: services in these networ+s. %he routin& o) tr!))ic !nd si&n!llin& is provided b" the b!c+bone.M connections is !lso unnecess!r". In the *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s solution6 the MSC Server !nd the Multi edi! 1!tew!" !re b!sed on the )ield proven . %he di))erences between MSC !nd MSC Server networ+s !re illustr!ted in Ei&ure 0. %he I. *on8re!l8ti e 9non8voice: p!c+et d!t! will &row si&ni)ic!ntl" durin& the co in& "e!rs6 !lon& with 1. *o ch!n&es in the ele ents or the networ+ topolo&" !re needed6 +eepin& the cost !nd ris+ to ! ini u . tr!nsport in the b!c+bone en!bles sh!red tr!))ic inter)!ces inste!d o) dedic!ted %. connectivit"6 re ovin& the need )or ! sep!r!te . %o&ether with the )lexible oper!tion o) I.M6 4%M6 !nd I. %hese c!p!cities !re oper!tion!l tod!" in *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s. %r!))ic ch!n&es c!n be !cco od!ted in the inter)!ces without odi)ic!tions !nd the l!borious con)i&ur!tion )! ili!r )ro %. 2) C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s . %his e!se o) oper!tion o) the I.M4 r!dio networ+s.M inter)!ces )or e!ch tr!))ic direction.M46 the s! e core networ+ ele ents c!n be used throu&hout the i&r!tion. %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s Multi edi! 1!tew!" !lso h!s inte&r!ted !nnounce ent6 tone &ener!tion6 con)erence c!ll6 !nd S%.1E !nd ?C. %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste provides the hi&hest proven c!p!cit" in the !r+et6 with !n initi!l c!p!cit" o) $226222 subscribers plus !n !ddition!l 2226222 tele etric subscribers.M !nd 4%M6 !llows the oper!tor to consolid!te voice !nd d!t! tr!nsport networ+s into ! sin&le I. b!c+bone.S%* &!tew!".RS !nd ?C. Onl" #. %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s Multi edi! 1!tew!" provides %. b!sed tr!nsport networ+. %o )!cilit!te the cost8e))ective oper!tion o) l!r&e networ+s6 the networ+ ele ents ust o))er )ield proven technolo&"6 hi&h c!p!cit"6 low ener&" consu ption !nd s !ll )loor sp!ce.C 222 MSC in co erci!l networ+s. %he processin& c!p!cit" is $226222 (AC46 e!sured with ! he!v" us!&e pro)ile th!t includes I* services.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept )$! +ield (roven .C 222 !nd I.42022 pl!t)or s. b!sed networ+ will dr! !tic!ll" reduce the re@uired OGM wor+. *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste supports both 1SM=E.# s@u!re eters !re needed )or the !xi u c!p!cit" st!nd!lone *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server.M6 this en!bles even l!r&e networ+s without ! tr!nsit MSC l!"er6 without co pro isin& networ+ oper!bilit".ualit Mobile teleco unic!tions networ+s h!ve &rown )ro niche !pplic!tions to the pre)erred c!rrier o) !ll voice !nd d!t!. )$4 Savin#s b mobile optimi-ed .

Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 21 .

e MSS System uses t. 22 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .e mu(t+-serv+ce IP net%or* to trans&ort traff+c an' s+ na((+n Ei&. 0 MSC networ+ !nd MSS networ+.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept MSC net%or* an' MSS net%or*4 $. networ+ to tr!nsport tr!))ic !nd si&n!llin&. %he MSS s"ste uses the ulti8service I.

. -oice i&r!tion )ro CS to IMS will h!ppen &r!du!ll" !nd invest ents in MSC Server S"ste s will h!ve ! li)eti e well into the I. MSC server will be the s"ste needed )or interconnectin& voice c!lls between the I. %he MSC Server S"ste supports 1SM=E.M4 use b" !ddin& inter)!ces to R*Cs. C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 23 .M4 subscribers !re expected to &row r!pidl" !nd MSS c!p!cit" c!n then be t!+en into ?C.M4 networ+s !nd . %his will )ull" s!)e&u!rd the existin& MSCi invest ent.1E !nd ?C.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept )$) /on# "erm Investment (rotection %he current *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSCi ele ents c!n be up&r!ded to MSC Servers in ! si ple w!" b" !ctiv!tin& the MSC Server so)tw!re.M4 i&r!tion !s well !s i&r!tion to -oI. In ter s o) ?C. Multi edi! 9IMS: do !in !nd existin& circuit switched 9CS: do !ins6 such !s tod!".s l!r&e circuit switched 1SM=?C. Multi edi! er!. ?C. 31.M4 subscribers si ult!neousl" !nd c!n d"n! ic!ll" !lloc!te !n" sh!re o) its c!p!cit" between the . %his e!ns th!t )ull use c!n be !de o) the MSC Server invest ent with ! purel" 1SM networ+. ulti edi! voice c!lls in )uture.6 the MSC Server S"ste is ! s!)e invest ent.S%*. Rel $ or Rel / will )ull" st!nd!rdi<e I.

M4 custo ers6 the i&r!tion to MSC Server !rchitecture is even e!sier !s the current networ+ ele ents6 31 MSC !nd M1?6 c!n be )ull" reused in the MSC Server !rchitecture. 4s the *S* MSC Server S"ste h!s been developed on )ield proven *S* pl!t)or s6 the oper!tor &ets the l!test technolo&" to&ether with hi&h @u!lit" !nd !v!il!bilit".M4 !nd . %he *S* MSC Server S"ste !lso uses the current %. Eor *S* ?C. 24 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s .alue (roposition %he *S* MSC Server S"ste is the opti !l solution )or !ll +inds o) oper!tors6 re&!rdless o) their current situ!tion !nd networ+ structure.S%* networ+s6 *S* c!n provide ! )lexible solution to eet di))erin& needs.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 0 'o&ia Siemens 'etwor&s1 ..M b!sed !rchitecture where !pplic!ble. Eurther ore the networ+ c!n be split where cert!in re&ions !" be built with the MSC Server S"ste !nd other re&ions continue with tr!dition!l switchin& !rchitecture. Eor &reen8)ield oper!tors6 the *S* MSC Server S"ste is !n ide!l solution !s it provides best8in breed products !nd hi&h c!p!cities. Eor oper!tors currentl" usin& circuit switched core in)r!structure )ro !nother teleco unic!tions vendor6 the *S* MSC Server S"ste is ! )e!sible solution )or exp!ndin& the current networ+. Rele!se 4 !rchitecture6 !s the existin& MSCi inst!lled b!se c!n be )ull" re8used.S%*. Rele!se '' networ+ ele ents c!n be up&r!ded to MSC Server S"ste networ+ ele ents with ! si ple so)tw!re up&r!de !nd in so e c!ses with inor h!rdw!re ch!n&es. 4lso6 since the *S* MSC Server S"ste h!s !ll the inter)!ces )or interconnectin& with 1SM6 ?C.. *S* 31. *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s h!s ! lon& experience in ulti8vendor inte&r!tion !nd interoper!bilit" testin&6 &u!r!nteein& ! se! less exp!nsion with the *S* MSC Server S"ste b!sed on the open inter)!ces. %he *S* inte&r!ted MSC Server co bines the current MSC !nd MSC Server technolo&ies !nd c!n !ct !s !n MSC Server while !lso h!vin& %.M connections to (SS !nd . Eor the existin& *S* 1SM=E.1E custo er6 the *S* MSC Server S"ste provides !n e!s" i&r!tion to the 31.

M4 r!dio !ccess !nd to pure I.M !nd 4%M networ+s6 so re&!rdless o) the oper!tor.M b!sed networ+6 which brin&s s!vin&s in OGM wor+. networ+ is e!sier to oper!te th!n ! %.. b!sed -oI. %he *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste &u!r!ntees service continuit"6 ensures )ull invest ent protection !nd !int!ins v!lue when developin& ! obile networ+ to +eep !he!d in the co petition.s chosen b!c+bone technolo&"6 the *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste is the best solution.1E !nd ?C.. %he MSC Server S"ste is co p!tible with I. %he MSC Server S"ste serves both o) these needs b" providin& ! cost e))ective opti i<ed circuit switched core solution th!t will evolve to !cco od!te I. . Multi edi! core throu&h si ult!neous support o) existin& !nd new core inter)!ces !nd st!nd!rds.Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 2 Conclusions In the current ch!llen&in& !r+et situ!tion6 obile networ+ oper!tors ust both invest less th!n in the p!st6 while ensurin& the" will not be le)t behind b" continuin& networ+ evolution. 4lso6 opti u networ+ exp!nsions en!bled b" the 31.M4 cover!&e6 while +eepin& the nu ber o) ele ents to ! ini u . Since the *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste supports %. C!pit!l cost is s!ved b" co on MSS=M1? ele ents )or 1SM=E. Multi edi!. Oper!tion!l costs !re reduced b" s!vin&s in site costs due to co p!ct hi&h c!p!cit" ele ents !nd )ree loc!tion o) the ele ents. C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 25 . b!sed networ+s !nd services.M4. 4n invest ent in the *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s MSC Server S"ste per its e!s" !nd s!)e i&r!tion )ro 1SM to ?C.6 %. ulti8service networ+s b" inte&r!tin& voice to the I. MSC Server will be !n i port!nt p!rt o) the I.M6 4%M !nd I. b!sed -oI. %his !+es it possible to roll out ?C. %he MSC Server S"ste brin&s c!pit!l !nd oper!tion!l cost s!vin&s. 4n I. Rele!se 4 !rchitecture ini i<es the c!pit!l expenditure. inter)!ces concurrentl" it existin& tr!ns ission technolo&" to be used6 while !t the s! e ti e it !+es possible ! &r!du!l i&r!tion to SI.ue to this si ple oper!tion6 the tr!nsit l!"er !nd its !ssoci!ted costs c!n !lso be !voided6 even in l!r&e networ+s.

rotocol.oint !nd Service Control . >oIP -oice over I.roject. %he use is de)ined in 31. 4n Inter8MSC Server si&n!llin& protocol speci)ied b" I%D8% !nd 31. %echnolo&" to c!rr" voice co on the Internet protocol. INAP Intelli&ent *etwor+ 4pplic!tion . It en!bles Intelli&ent *etwor+ services. It en!bles Intelli&ent *etwor+ services )or ro! in& subscribers. 5ICC (e!rer Independent C!ll Control. =M$S Dnivers!l Mobile %eleco unic!tion protocol speci)ied b" the Internet En&ineerin& unic!tion S"ste . IP Internet protocol. CAP C4ME3 4pplic!tion .. unic!tion over ! d!t! networ+ b!sed 26 C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s . %hird &ener!tion obile s"ste . 4 si&n!llin& protocol between Service Switchin& .Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept 3 4lossar 3/PP %hird 1ener!tion .. 4 co %!s+ Eorce 9IE%E:.oint..!rtnership . 4 &roup o) or&!ni<!tion!l p!rtners th!t h!ve !&reed to co8oper!te in the )or ul!tion o) technic!l speci)ic!tions )or third &ener!tion obile s"ste s b!sed on )urther evolved 1SM core networ+s !nd r!dio !ccess technolo&ies.oint.oint !nd Service Control . 4 si&n!llin& protocol between Service Switchin& . Rele!se 4 speci)ic!tions..rotocol.

Introduction to Rel 4 with MSS Concept C*34211E*421343 5 2212 *o+i! Sie ens *etwor+s 2! .