I am Free from Islam

Jun 2, 2013

Dear Mr Ali Sina, I am Ahmed. I am writing to you from my friends email id. I thank the power of whatever is ruling this earth that I landed on your website in search of the truth. I was a God fearing Muslim . As early as when I was 20 years old I had so many questions regarding my religion. Questions like: a) Why is music not allowed? b) Why shouldn’t we laugh loudly? c) Why will Non-Muslims (even very good ones) not be ALLOWED in Heaven and will continue to burn in Hell forever? Aren’t all humans God’s creation? Any creator will love his creation and not discriminate. d) Why will transgender/Homosexuals burn in Hell even though it’s not their mistake that they were born like that? e) Why did the prophet have 11 wives? f) Why does Allah sit in judgment of his own creation? He is a creator isn’t he. Why then he forces us to believe in him and gets angry when we don’t pray to him? Why is there a concept of praying 5 times only? Why not 3 or 10? I felt foolish when I heard that our noble Mohammed bargained with Allah on the number of time a person should pray or fast. He related the story of how Moses asked him to reduce the number of fasts and prayers on Me’raj day. When I would read the Quranic translations I would feel repelled because: a) Every other line was about hell or torture. b) Every other line was about Allah praising himself in narcissistic terms. Once I was so disgusted at the pompous and shameless bragging of his powers I felt like puking. But I was young then and unable to comprehend why I was feeling so. The questions kept coming and I kept suppressing them from fear or offending the mighty Allah who was sitting in judgment of his own creation. The Quran is full of verses that expound Allah’s hatred towards his own creation. I feel there is definitely a higher more evolved being who has created us. But he isn’t petty, hateful, vengeful or wrathful for not praying to him. Isn’t it vain and jealous of God if he punishes us for not praying? A God who swears to burn you in hell fires if you profess some other faith? I compared god to a mother with 2 children. She commands one to pray to her 5 times. If he doesn’t will she threaten to punish him? If one of her child believes someone else is his mother she may become sad but surely she will not say she will burn him for eternity. I cannot imagine any mother thinking like that. So doesn’t it make a mother better than God? Anyway, I have rejected Islam. Not as much Islam as much as it’s Evil Author Mr. Mohammmed. What a man! What a colorful personality! Today there are 1.5 billion blind,

filthy, uneducated souls with their scratchy lice infected beards following him fervently and killing innocents by the thousands. The sight of a man with a full beard wearing his trousers above his ankles REPELS me. I am coming to terms with my hatred towards Mr. Mohammed. I am ashamed to ever have been associated with such an inhumane religion. I have wasted 4 decades of my life. But today I am FREE. SO FREE! Free from the imagined fires of eternal Hell!! I have rejected the unholy prophet, the fake Islam. I only believe in myself as a co-creator of my own world. When I started having my doubts I thought I was alone. So I started searching. While looking up on the Big Fraud Mr. Zakir Naik, I found your site and that gave me hope. I was an ardent follower of this snake Zakir. But Once I saw him rebuking an innocent Non-Muslim girl when she asked a simple question. It got me thinking. Here is a man who is having the responsibility of bringing enlightenment to human beings and he is behaving in such a mean way? I very firmly believe that he will not take up your challenge because he is so scared. With millions of dollars pouring into his account why will he risk answering you? May your quest to bring more innocent Muslims into light bear fruit. From a relieved Ex Muslim

Ahmed: Thoughts of an Ex-Muslim
Jun 21, 2013 Dear Ali Sina I wrote to you an earlier mail ” I am free from Islam” and would like to share some more thoughts. As I discover more truths about this barbaric religion, I am filled with remorse and a sense of shame pervades my being. How could I have allowed myself not to question my faith earlier? Four decades of my life would have been peaceful as I have always lived in fear of God. The good news is that my spouse is with me and we both have rejected our faith and we will teach our children the same. I am coming to terms with my hatred towards Islam. I am on the other side of the fence now and totally apologize/empathise with people of other faith for bearing the brunt of this brutal cult. An unbridled anger grips me when I see a Muslim. Though its no fault of theirs. They have been ingrained with strong beliefs that don’t allow them to see beyond their Prophet’s divinity. Sometimes I feel like coming out openly and exclaiming to the world that I am not a Muslim anymore. Wisdom dictates that I shouldnt as it may expose me/my family to danger from this murderous cult. But I felt a terrible urge to tell Muslims to open their minds and seek the truth. It is not easy though, for a Muslim to question his faith as it requires a very broad mindset and courage. I have been there and know how it is. When I had my doubts, I would shut off the thought and do namaz asking for forgiveness for even having that doubt. A muslim friend tried to show me the cartoon of Mohammed and I refused to see because I considered it a sin even to see it. I see myself as extremely fortunate to finally take up the courage and have an open mind to see through the absurdities of this religion. After the December incident in India in Bombay, the insulting phrase “All Muslims are not terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim” started doing the rounds on SMS. All my life I have lived in a perpetually apologetic way towards Non muslims. I hid my face from them whenever I heard of a bomb or killing attributed to Islamic terrorism. I was disturbed that the entire world was against us innocent muslims. So I started searching for evidence that defended Islam. I first turned to the Quran for succor and was stricken with horror to find God to be some narcissistic, mighty dictator, spewing venom and belittling mankind. He constantly mocks his own creations and gives vivid descriptions of hell and torture(like being dragged by a noose around the neck, boiled in fetid liquid before being burned in eternal hell! Delightful description isnt it? I searched for any words showing love and compassion for a human. But it didnt exist. I saw Islam more as a religion of ‘Dos and Donts’ and ‘Forbidden’ and ‘Haram’. A religion I was so rooted to, did not give me any redemption except pointing me to Hell fires. No matter what good I did it always judged me for my sins – big or small. I saw myself as this dirty creature who was born only to commit sins because God created man weak. And if we did, then hell fire was ready and waiting. Was my God a cruel sadistic tormentor who created humans only to torture them? Other religions talk of love, kindness and forgiveness. Mine only talked about hell.

Next I chanced upon a translation of hadith. To my horror the beginning few pages were full of the sexual activities of the angelic messenger. I shut the book feeling dazed. My mind was in a grip of terror. What should I do? Who should I believe? My religion had become my nemesis. The only way out was to suppress all thoughts and believe in Islam BLINDLY! I told my wife, “I have decided to believe in my faith blindly”. Yes this is exactly what I said. The journey towards enlightenment started when I saw PeaceTV. At first I felt happy that someone like Zakir Naik was holding the torch of knowledge to the Non Muslims. But his discussions raised more questions than ever before. In fact he is doing a good job of planting doubts and raising questions in our minds. His fiery debates, speeches and his attitude (which is taking on an increasingly belligerent tone) raised doubts. The suppressed questions in my mind started coming in a deluge. Not able to take it anymore, I made a promise to God and asked him permission to know more about my prophet and Islam and come to the truth. Atleast I could put my mind to rest. I promised I would become a devout muslim and deepen in my faith if the whispers about Islam were wrong. Having made this promise I started to search. I looked up at criticisms of the prophet(because he was the messenger of God) The first thing that stupified me was the fact that he consumated his marraige to Ayesha at the age of 9 and he married his adopted sons wife! I assumed he had 11 wives only because he wanted to further the cause of Islam. As I read further, more dirt came up. To cut the story short, here I am two months later, completely convinced of the fakeness of this religion and rejecting my faith. Just one question is enough to spark a restless movement in the mind. Then there is no stopping. All it requires is a braod mindset to look at your faith openly without prejudices.My heart goes out to the muslims who are living a life of depravity. So many children waste time memorising the Quran. Little do they know they are chanting words that insult the whole of humanity. Last year I had been to a function where 2 children( around 15 years of age) had memorised the Quran. For that they had dropped out of school. Today I feel sad for them for having lost out 2 years of studies. The Imam was goading the other people to send their children for memorisation. He was saying “Allah will put the crown of Gold on the parents head if you do so.” This is the reason why so many Muslims are languishing in the field of studies. My cousin sister was a beautiful painter. Her uncle chided her by saying painting things that have life is forbidden in Islam. She could have been a great painter today but because of such discouragement she gave it up.Let me tell you what these Madrasas are like. When any child is disobedient or a vagabond type, the parents decide to send him to madrasa as they think it is the right profession since he will learn to be closer to God. Once, at a Madrasa I saw a boy dragging around a large stone tied to his ankles. When asked about this inhuman trreatment of children ,the guy in-charge told me that it was the apt way to treat children who run away or behave mischievoulsy. There is also rampant sexual abuse of children at such places. Fear/Abuse/Punishment make children sadistic after living in such extreme conditions. So who then are these Mullahs and Maulvis? None but the would-be vagrants/drifters/cast aways of society. Imagine! these are the very children who go on to lead the prayers and conduct sermons to society on the right way to behave! No wonder their speeches are vitriolic and hate filled. Point out one outstanding Muslim achiever/contributor/humanitarian to society. Ironically the most successfull Muslims are the ones who are modern/broad in their outlook and do not follow Islam(One Eg Abul Kalaam the scientist.) Take a look at the muslim countries. The thruth cannot be clearer. India is notorious for various Jamaats. What do they do? They travel the country teaching people to pray and read Quran. imagine a labourer toiling in the hot sun. They expect him to drop his

work and come pray 5 times. Do they ever lend a helping hand to educate him or his children? Do they provide opportunities for his growth? No! Just pray. Muslims produce children freely despite their poor financial status. When asked they reply “Allah created them. He will provide for them.” And see the result for yourself. Visit any Muslim locality in India. It is covered with filth and garbage lying around. All petty establishments like butcher shops, cycle repair, pan shops are owned by Muslims. These are the ideals we bequeathed from our Noble prophet. Muslims are growing in arrogance with the knowing that only they go to heaven – even the criminal ones. Imagine the likes of Thomas Alva Edison, Graham bell, Albert Enstein, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa who worked hard for making inventions and elevating the suffering of humanity roasting in hell. On the other hand people like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Dawood Ibrahim all sitting enjoying young girls in heaven! Ridiculous isnt it? When I questioned a Mullah that it isnt a non-muslims fault that they are born so. Pat comes the reply. “Allah has put locks on their brains so they dont come to know” OR “Allah shows them signs to believe in him but they reject it”. As If a mere sign would help awaken a person!I am in the midst of a lot of changes as I am not sure how to concudt myself in Muslim society anymore. How can I go on pretending that I profess this faith? I cant tell anyone; not because of fear but because wisdom dictates so at the moment. I find myself without an identity today. I am not a Muslim anymore. The words Muhammed, Islam, Quran hurt. I dont want to turn to any other religion as I feel all religions are founded by humans.In the earlier days there was low awareness in society. It was not evolved yet. So a group of people decided to create an abstract God and put together some rules and guidelines which in their opinion were good for mankind. The strategy worked well. The only religion that I see identifying with is Hinduism. It is the religion of the heart and is very liberal. But I cant understand their concept of worshipping idols. My apologies. My journey has just started. I believe there is definetly a creator of this world. Together with him I am a co-creator of my reality which I bring forth with my thoughts. Mr Ali you are doing a great service through this website. FF was instrumental in my journey of seeking the truth and strengthening my resolve. The articles are a revelation. My earnest thanks. I would like to continue to write and share my opinions from time to time. Thanks and Best Regards, Ahmed. From: FFI Editor 3 Dear Ahmed, It is so wonderful to hear from you again. I am publishing your email with my email to you. I am also forwarding a copy to Dr. Sina. I am sure he will be happy to read your email. I am not sure how his times are nowadays. If he does send you an email, I’ll make sure the published posting is updated with his email to you too. I am really glad you and your wife are coming to terms with Islam in the correct way in response to the clear truths lying within authentic Islamic books (Qur’an, Sirat, and Hadith). And, yes, please do write your thoughts and research on Islam in the future. We’ll be more than happy to publish good material from you (or your spouse for that matter). We, at FFI, are always on the

lookout for researchers and writers who do research on Islam that corresponds to historical truths, or write about their journeys with Islam. Please do be very careful with Muslims and how you share what you know with them. Never trust them completely even if they are next of kin. I say that not because I am prejudist against Muslims. Not at all. I am not prejudist against anyone including Muslims. I say it because it is part of Islamic creeds to deceive. It is an ordained command for them (taqiyya). Hence, an apostate and a non-Muslim should take that to heart and never trust a Muslim completely. I am glad for you and your family. Your offspring are sure to be decent human beings, because they have you and their Mom to guide. What a wonderful thing. Imagine, all future generations from you will grow up with decent human values, and humane ethical norms..what a wonderful thing. You mentioned you have some attraction to Hinduism. I am not a specialist on the subject. I live in the west and I had multiple friends and interactions with Hindus. My experience is a very positive one. Hindus were genuinely honest, caring, and loving people. They are against harming any “other” person because of his/her beliefs. You also mentioned about worshiping idols. I am not sure how that works in Hinduism. It may be purely a representation of something that is more symbolic than actual worship of an idol. But again, I do not know much about Hinduism. All I can say is that my experiences with people who happen to be Hindus were very positive. My own convictions, as I get older, attract me more toward agnosticism and more toward the necessity for man to find his own path that is in harmony with the bettering of the lives of other humans. But again thats me. I invite no one to follow me. I believe each one has to search for the inner light within him/her. Kind regards and I wish you the best Editor 3

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