Lnglneerlng ueslgn

Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• Lnglneers apply physlcal laws, chemlcal laws
and prlnclples, and maLhemaucs Lo deslgn
mllllons of producLs and servlces LhaL we use
ln our everyday llves.
• 1here are elghL baslc sLeps consuLuung Lhe
deslgn process regardless of Lhe background
of Lhe englneer and Lhe sysLem Lo be
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• 8ecognlzlng Lhe need for a producL or a
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• Þroblem deñnluon and undersLandlng
– MosL lmporLanL sLep
– Ask many quesuons
– Þroblem musL be well-deñned
– See Lhe ñle problem.pdf
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• 8esearch and preparauon
– uo noL relnvenL Lhe wheel
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• ConcepLuallzauon
– CeneraLe some ldeas or concepLs LhaL could oñer
reasonable soluuons.
– uo noL perform any deLalled analysls yeL.
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• SynLhesls
– 8egln Lo conslder deLalls
– Þerform calculauons, run compuLer models, make
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• Lvaluauon
– 8esL soluuon musL be ldenuñed among
– 8un compuLer slmulauons, make experlmenLs.
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• Cpumlzauon
lnlual ueslgn
Þerform Analysls
LvaluaLe 8esulLs
of Analysls
Can 1he
ueslgn be
Modlfy ueslgn llnal ueslgn
Lnglneerlng ueslgn Þrocess
• ÞresenLauon
– 8oss, colleagues, cusLomer
– Cral wrluen
– CharLs, reporLs, drawlngs
• A deslgn Leam ls a group of lndlvlduals wlLh
complemenLary experuse, problem solvlng skllls,
and LalenL who are worklng LogeLher Lo solve a
problem or achleve a common goal.
• A good Leam ls one LhaL geLs Lhe besL ouL of each
• 1he lndlvlduals maklng up a good Leam know
when Lo compromlse for Lhe good of Lhe Leam
and lLs common goal.
• Communlcauon ls an essenual parL of a
successful Leamwork.
• Common LralLs of good Leams:
– 1he pro[ecL asslgned Lo a Leam musL have clear
and reallsuc goals. 1hese goals musL be
undersLood and accepLed by all Leam members.
• Common LralLs of good Leams:
– 1he Leam should be made up of lndlvlduals wlLh
complemenLary experuse, problem solvlng skllls,
background, and LalenL.
• Common LralLs of good Leams:
– 1he Leam musL have a good leader
• Common LralLs of good Leams:
– 1he Leam leadershlp and Lhe envlronmenL ln
whlch dlscusslons Lake place should promoLe
openness, respecL, and honesLy.
• Common LralLs of good Leams:
– 1eam needs and goals should come before
lndlvldual needs and goals.
• A good Leam has
– An organlzer. 1hls person ls LrusLed by Lhe
members of Lhe Leam and serves as Lhe
coordlnaLor of Lhe pro[ecL. Pe/she does noL have
Lo be Lhe mosL creauve or Lhe smarLesL member.
Powever, he/she should be good aL clarlfylng
goals and advanclng declslon maklng. Pe/she
should be experlenced and conñdenL.
• A good Leam has
– A creaLor. 1hls person ls good aL comlng up wlLh
new ldeas and sharlng Lhem wlLh oLher Leam
• A good Leam has
– A gaLherer. 1hls person ls enLhuslasuc and good aL
obLalnlng Lhlngs, looklng for posslblllues, and
developlng conLacLs.
• A good Leam has
– A mouvaLor: Pe/she ls energeuc, conñdenL, and
ouLgolng. 1he mouvaLor ls good aL ñndlng ways
around obsLacles.
• A good Leam has
– An evaluaLor. Pe/she ls lnLelllgenL and capable of
undersLandlng Lhe scope of Lhe pro[ecL. 1he
evaluaLor ls also good aL [udglng Lhe ouLcomes
• A good Leam has
– A Leam worker who Lrles Lo geL everyone LogeLher
because he/she does noL llke frlcuon or problems
among Leam workers.
– A solver who can Lurn concepLs lnLo pracucal
– A ñnlsher who can be counLed on Lo ñnlsh hls/her
asslgned Lasks on ume.
ConßlcL 8esoluuon
• When a group of people work LogeLher,
conßlcLs arlse.
• 1hese could be because of mlscommunlcauon,
personallLy dlñerences, or lnLerpreLauon
• ln Loday's muludlsclpllnary, mulu-locauon,
mulu-nauonal Leams, Lhls ls even more of an
ConßlcL 8esoluuon
• Accommodaung Leam members are hlghly
cooperauve buL Lhelr low asseruveness could
resulL ln poor Leam declslons.
ConßlcL 8esoluuon
• Compromlslng Leam members moderaLe
asseruveness and cooperauon. Powever,
compromlsed soluuons should be consldered
as a lasL resorL.
ConßlcL 8esoluuon
• A beuer approach ls collaborauve conßlcL
• no ñnger polnung or blamlng.
• 1he Leam works LogeLher Lo solve Lhe problem.
• Cood communlcauon ls essenual.
• Palf of good communlcauon ls llsLenlng.
• Cood llsLeners do noL lnLerrupL, Lhey allow Lhe
speaker Lo feel aL ease. 1hey do noL geL angry or
crluclze. 1hey may ask relevanL quesuons Lo leL
Lhe speaker know LhaL Lhey are llsLenlng.
Þro[ecL Schedullng
• When you come up wlLh an lnvenuon, you may ñle a
paLenL Lo sLop oLhers from maklng, uslng, or selllng your
• A paLenL appllcauon musL lnclude one or more clalms
deñnlng Lhe lnvenuon whlch musL be new, non-obvlous,
and useful or lndusLrlally appllcable.
• under Lhe W1C AgreemenL on 1rade-8elaLed AspecLs of
lnLellecLual ÞroperLy 8lghLs, paLenLs should be avallable ln
W1C member sLaLes for any lnvenuons, ln all ñelds of
Lechnology, and Lhe Lerm of proLecuon avallable should be
a mlnlmum of LwenLy years. ulñerenL Lypes of paLenLs may
have varylng paLenL durauons.
1rademark and Servlce Mark
• A Lrademark ls a name, word, or symbol LhaL a
company uses Lo dlsungulsh lLs producL from
• 1he Lrademark rlghL does noL prevenL oLher
companles from maklng slmllar producLs, buL
lL excludes oLhers from uslng Lhe same or
slmllar mark. (lor example, Coca Cola and
Þepsl Cola.)
• CopyrlghL proLecLs auLhors of ºorlglnal works of
• 1hese could be llLerary, dramauc, muslcal,
arusuc, and oLher Lypes of lnLellecLual works.
• 1he copyrlghL proLecLs Lhe form of expresslon
used by Lhe auLhors, noL Lhe conLenL or sub[ecL.
• Anyone could wrlLe a book abouL lnLroducLory
elecLronlcs, buL you cannoL copy someone else's
• CopyrlghL durauon ls Lhe llfespan of Lhe auLhor
plus 70 years.
Lnglneerlng SLandards and Codes
• Cne needs sLandards for safeLy and rellablllLy
ln producLs and servlces.
• Also, sLandards and codes ensure unlformlLy
ln Lhe slzes of parLs and componenLs.
• 1he lnLernauonal organlzauon ls lSC
• 1here are 18300 publlshed sLandards by lSC.
• All producLs sold ln Lurope musL comply wlLh
CL sLandards.
Lxamples of SLandards
• Craphlcal symbols on Lhe dashboard of cars
Lxamples of SLandards
• 1hls way up
Lxamples of SLandards
• lS8n numbers
Lxamples of SLandards
• Þlease see Lhe webslLe hup://www.lso.org/