BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD - Sunday Mass 19/1/14

Say, Thanks for Father Michael's sermon. I just got back from Semenyih Nirvana Cemetaryand just about to have a nap before dinner tonight when I saw your email. I shall be truly short as I am truly sleepy after all that gluttony in eating the variety of food brought to Papa's anniversary remembrance gathering. Father Michael stresses on the expression - 'Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world'. Please do not see with worldly eyes or think with a worldly mind like the way Father Michael asked the congregation to do. He has to preached at the level of the lowest denominator. Listen to the preamble explanation. John the Baptist said - "I saw the Spirit come down on him like a dove from Heaven rest on him." Understand this foreword first before you plunge into what 'Behold the Lamb of God' means. What John saw was not the worldly man but the image or Spirit of God within the worldly form of the Son of Man. Worldly eyes can only see the worldly Son of Man. You need to have spiritual eyes like John the Baptist to see the Spirit Lamb of God! Do not focus on the worldly human form of the Son of Man. What was 'beholding' to John the Baptist and who he wished also to behold, was the Spirit of Christ, the Lamb of God, the Son of God and not the man, the exterior form of his being the Son of Man. The 'Lamb of God' is the Spirit of God! By analogy we should see the lamb or sheep in the spirit son of God in us and not the goat or the man in us. Do not allow ourselves to see as goats do but let us see through or like the lamb or sheep in us. Salvation or judgement is when we separate the goat from the lamb or sheep in us! For that is how God, Christ and the Good Shepherd sort out the lambs from the goats on the metaphorical Judgement Day. We should not 'behold' God in another man externally as that would be seeing like a goat; i.e. goat looking at a goat or man looking at a man. But if we are awakened to the spirit son of God in us, within us, the lamb of God within us, we will then see God within us and see Jesus, the Lamb of God, in every poor, sick and needy! That is true seeing. To see Jesus you do not see the man but the poor, sick or needy within a man. That is looking 'within'! That is what is meant by not looking worldly or superficially. That is looking with spiritual insight. That is looking spiritually. That is looking with your spirit son of God being! You should not be blinded by the externality, whether that be the colour, race or creed! Chuan 20/1/1 Say, I had to finish writing earlier on because I had to take Sayang to ten pin bowling and swimming at Raintree Club. Anyway, we were discussing - 'Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world'. The 'lamb' or 'sheep' that takes away the sins of the world in you is your spirit son of God. The lamb that is the spirit son of God has to follow the Lamb of God that is the Spirit Son of God, and have to carry its own cross. Jesus is not going to carry your cross. By carrying your own cross, you take away your sins in the world. By being the spirit son of God that is the proverbial Lost Prodigal Son who turns his back on Sin City and returning home to the Spirit Father, you take away your sins in the world. In totality the lambs and the Lamb would take away the sins of the world.

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So BEHOLD the Lamb and the lambs that together would take away the sins of the world. It is not faith alone or good works alone or faith and good works together, if any of these relate to the 'goat' in you; but simply faith and works by the lamb or sheep or spirit son of God in you, by way of you as or being the lamb of God carrying your cross and following Christ, the Lamb of God, the Good Shepherd. Understanding this you will understand the eternity that is God, the eternity that is Christ and the eternity that is the lamb of God in you; that has always been eternal and just lost but is now found. Grace is not you as a 'goat' finding God. Grace is God seeking and finding you, the lamb or sheep, because you have awakened to the lamb or sheep in you, for only the lost sheep can hear its Master's voice, the Good Shepherd's voice. Grace is God finding that the Lost Prodigal Son is now returning home. Awake in the spirit son of God in you, the lamb of God in you. When you return home as the Lost Prodigal Son, all misdeeds are forgiven, for the Spirit Father's love is unconditional. That is why all the sins of the world of Sin City are taken away, as a result or consequence. Do not treat it as a result or effect but as a cause, as in your 'mission statement'. You have to be the cause (the trigger, catalyst or the instigator) to have salvation as your 'cause' (mission statement). The Lamb of God is not the cause of the redemption of your sins! You have to be your own cause. The Lost Prodigal Son has to turn his back to Sin City and go home to the Father at his own volition. Assuming he was a criminal and his crimes are like sins by analogy. When he returns home the forgiveness of the Father is not of his crimes or sins in Sin City but forgiveness that he had 'separated' from the Father and gone to Sin City. The Father cannot forgive him for his worldly or Sin City crimes. He reaps what he has sown. When the police comes knocking he still has to go to jail, metaphorically speaking! Love and God bless! Chuan

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