Electromagnetism (Theory) Volume I

This book [earlier titled as Electromagnetism: Theory
and Applications which is bifurcated into two volumes:
Electromagnetism: Theory and Electromagnetism: Applications
(Magnetic Diffusion and Electromagnetic Waves)] has been
updated to cover some additional aspects of theory and
nearly all modern applications. The semi-historical approach
is unchanged, but further historical comments have been
introduced at various places in the book to give a better
insight into the development of the subject as well as to make
the study more interesting and palatable to the students.
The book is designed to serve as a core text for students
of electrical engineering. Besides, it will be useful to postgraduate physics students
as well as research engineers and design and development engineers in industries.
Economic Zoology
This fully illustrated book is a novel attempt to provide
detailed knowledge of economic zoology to undergraduate and
postgraduate students, as per their syllabus requirement. It
discusses all kinds of animal pathogens such as protozoan,
helminthes, nematodes, mites and ticks and household
insects, which directly or indirectly cause disease in other
animals or humans. Each pathogen has been discussed in
detail including their classifcation, life cycle, symptoms
appearing on the hosts, and their prevention, control and
cure. The book also includes full chapters devoted to
apiculture, lac culture, sericulture, fsheries, prawn culture,
pearl culture, cattle farming, pig farming and poultry farming.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4888-2
Engineering Mathematics, Volume II
Designed for the frst-year engineering students of all
branches, this book covers ordinary differential equations
of frst order, linear differential equations of second order
and applications of linear differential equations in Unit I.
Series solution of the second order differential equations,
Bessel functions and Legendre equations are discussed
in Unit II. Units III and IV of the text deal with Laplace
transform and its applications and the Fourier series. Finally,
Unit V discusses the applications of partial differential
equations in an easy-to-comprehend manner. It includes
numerous worked-out examples and solved objective-type
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4887-5 ` 695.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4852-3
Elements of Electrical Engineering, 5th ed.
Written with the author’s rich teaching experience and
having overwhelming response and suggestions from the
readers, the book has been thoroughly revised in its ffth
edition. It now contains ten new chapters dealing with
synchronous machines, single/three phase motors, ac
commutator motors and stepper motors. Besides, all the
existing chapters of the previous edition have been updated.
The book is primarily designed for UG and PG students
of electrical and electronics engineering. It includes about
440 worked-out examples, 721 MCQs (with answers), 515
chapter-end exercises and many real-life examples for clear
understanding of the subject.
` 495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4886-8
Business Environment
This book dwells on how forces governing the business environment act, function and affect the same. The book deals in detail with the elements
of business environment comprising customers, competitors, suppliers, distributors, government activities, the economy, demographics, and social
and cultural factors. The focus of the book is on the assessment of the evolving business scenario using analytical underpinnings and latest data.
This book is designed primarily as a textbook for the postgraduate students of management and commerce. Besides, the book is also benefcial for
the practicing managers and policy makers.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4890-5
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Fundamentals of Navigation and Inertial Sensors
BOSE, et al.
Primarily intended to meet the academic needs of
undergraduate and postgraduate students of aerospace
engineering and avionics, this recent text discusses new
promising developments that will assist the students when
they enter their future professional career. This book, is the
outcome of author’s wide experience in teaching, research
and development. The content of the book is designed to
impart adequate knowledge to the students in the feld of
navigation and related sensors. The text discusses inertial
navigation, inertial sensors, MEMS based inertial sensors,
satellite navigation, integrated inertial navigation, signal
processing of inertial sensors and their applications.
Practical Boiler Operation Engineering and Power Plant,
3rd ed.
Primarily designed to address the requirements of the
course curriculum in power plant engineering for the
undergraduate engineering students as well as to cater
the needs of candidates preparing for Boiler Operation
Engineers (BOE) Examination and the students of National
Power Training Institute (NPTI). The text highlights the
details of the wide concepts of boilers and steam turbines
along with their operation. Ash handling system, fuel
handling system, piping system, auxiliary system of steam
turbine and details of generator are included in the book.
Various latest developments related to the entire aspects of thermal power plants
are incorporated in the book.
` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4859-2
Plant Breeding Methods
Intended for graduate and postgraduate students of
Agricultural Sciences and Botany, this book discusses plant
breeding methodology comprehensively. It covers in detail
plant breeding and gene manipulation, self-incompatibility in
developing hybrids, plant breeding methods for development
of crop varieties and hybrids in self-and cross-pollinated
crops, nature of gene action and genotype—environment
interaction, gene manipulation in the crop plant, application
of biotechnology in plant breeding, and physiologic breeding
approach and new plant ideotype concepts.
Principles of Marketing
The book has been written keeping in mind the need of
undergraduate students of commerce, arts and management.
Beginning with an introduction to marketing, it lucidly
elaborates on fundamental and emerging concepts of
marketing. It discusses marketing environment, information
system and research, consumer behaviour, segmentation,
product decision, pricing, promotion strategies, distribution
channels, retailing, rural marketing, green marketing,
marketing of services, CRM, consumerism, and direct and
indirect marketing with a beautiful blend of case studies,
examples and illustrations. Various objective and subjective type questions help students
test their knowledge and understanding of the topics before moving to the next concept.
` 695.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4850-9
` 275.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4889-9
` 250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4880-6
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4828-8
Special Electrical Machines
This book provides thorough knowledge in basic principles,
concepts, theory, control, and applications of various special
electrical machines. The book discusses the stepper motor,
switched reluctance motor, permanent magnet dc and ac
motors, brushless dc motors, single phase special electric
motors, servomotors, linear electric machines and permanent
magnet axial fux machines. The book covers the entire
syllabus of special machines offered to undergraduate and
postgraduate students of electrical engineering.
A Textbook of Metallurgical Kinetics
Mechanical kinetics constitutes one of the basic subjects
for Metallurgical Engineering. This well-written book
presents the subject of kinetics of metallurgical processes
in a comprehensive fashion, citing some real-life examples
from the metallurgical feld. The book also contains plenty
of numerical worked-out examples and problems, some of
which involve computer programs. The Appendix gives some
important data useful for solving problems in kinetics. The
book is designed for one-semester course for undergraduate
students of metallurgical discipline.
` 650.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4855-4
Complex Variables and Special Functions
Organized in two parts, this book explains exact defnitions
of different terms used by supplying worked-out examples
wherever found necessary. The frst part of the book
(Chapters 1 through 11) containing analysis of complex
variables will be useful for the undergraduate students
of engineering and science. The second part of the book
(Chapters 12 through 20) is written in complex domain and
is targeted towards advanced level readers who are either
pursuing postgraduate studies in Mathematics or research in
Applied Mathematics. The frst part is prerequisite for this
section of the book. A large number of examples have been
solved in the book to acquaint the readers with different
techniques. Furthermore, a large number of problems have
been supplied with answers at the end of each chapter.
An Introduction to Psychological Measurements
The book aims to provide a succinct yet reasonably
comprehensive account of psychological measurement
techniques (psychometry) in a single volume. It focuses
on the technique of development and use of psychological
tests and scales, and also describes steps to be followed
in constructing a psychological test. The book contents
have been divided into three parts covering psychophysical
methods, psychological scaling and test methods, and
elementary but essential statistical concepts used in the
measurement and interpretation of psychological test data.
The book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate
students of psychology and education.
` 450.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4857-8 ` 225.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4881-3
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PHI Learning
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, 3rd ed.
The third edition of this well-received text discusses
topics related to electrical power system and domestic
lighting, such as different methods of generating electrical
power, economic consideration and tariff of power system,
illumination, light sources used in lighting systems, conductor
size and insulation, lighting accessories used in wiring
systems, fuses and MCBs, meter board, main switch and
distribution board, earthing methods, types of wiring,
wiring system for domestic use and cost estimation of
wiring system. Designed as a text for the undergraduate
students of almost all branches of engineering, the book
will be useful for practising engineers as a reference.
Management Information Systems, 2nd ed.
Keeping the relevance and the ever-changing landscape
in mind, the Second Edition of Management Information
Systems maintains the overall structure of the First Edition
but with vastly changed contents. Numerous fgures and
pictures have been added in the text to make it more
attractive and presentable. Several new ‘Case-studies’
based on management of business information have been
added in the text. This well organised text is designed for
the students of computer applications (BCA and MCA) and
management (BBA and MBA). The text is equally useful
for the diploma courses in computer commercial application
(PGDCCA) and professionals who wish to pursue courses
as ICWA, CA and CS where a course on MIS is taught.
` 695.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4895-0
Textbook of Functional Analysis: A Problem-Oriented Approach,
2nd ed.
This comprehensive book, now in its Second Edition,
consolidates on providing more solved problems based on
some important topics of functional analysis such as spectral
properties of compact operators on Banach spaces as well
as on Hilbert spaces, square root of a positive operator. The
text is primarily intended to address the requirements of the
students pursuing postgraduate courses in mathematics. It
helps in enhancing their problem solving skills.
` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4891-2 ` 695.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4749-6
Textbook of Production Engineering, 2nd ed.
This thoroughly revised book, now in its Second Edition,
gives a complete coverage of the fundamental concepts and
application of Production Engineering. In this edition, one
new chapter on Grinding process and many new sections
are included with ample illustrations and review questions
to aid the students in gaining a thorough understanding of
various production processes and the principles. The text is
intended to serve the needs of the undergraduate students
of mechanical engineering and production engineering.
The postgraduate students of mechanical engineering and
production engineering will also fnd the book highly useful.
` 325.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4892-9
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Engineering in Rocks for Slopes, Foundations and Tunnels,
3rd ed.
This well-received book, now in its Third Edition, with
contributions from a number of authors with expertise
and vast experience in various areas of rock engineering,
gives an in-depth analysis of the multidimensional aspects
of rock engineering. This new edition includes case histories
in which the analyses and designs were carried out by
adopting rock mass parameters as per RMR, Q or GSI.
Various expressions developed for Kn and Ks for different
conditions are dealt with for adoption in numerical analyses.
This edition will provide a comprehensive understanding of
rock mass response and enable students to tackle rock
engineering problems. This book will be useful to postgraduate students of civil
engineering and mining engineering.
` 325.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4884-4 ` 650.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4879-0
` 495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4899-8
Commodity Derivatives and Risk Management
The book covers almost the entire spectrum of commodities traded in the Indian commodity exchanges and includes agricultural commodities, crude oil,
base metal, precious metal, electricity, carbon, weather, freight, real estate, and water. A distinguishing feature of the book is that it lucidly explains
the peculiarities of various commodities and even delves into certain technical and historical details. This is intended to provide an understanding of
the seasonality and idiosyncratic features associated with demand–supply dynamics of different commodities. As commodity market in a country
cannot function in isolation, commodity contracts traded in other international exchanges, like LME, CME, The Baltic Exchange, Nordpool etc. have
also been discussed in detail. Major commodity derivatives trading losses that have shaken up even some prominent companies all over the world
have been discussed to highlight the risks associated with commodity derivatives trading. The book is intended for the postgraduate students of
Management. It is equally benefcial for the students and professionals opting for Diploma courses in Banking and Finance.
Characterization of Materials
This textbook is primarily intended for undergraduate
students of metallurgical and materials science engineering,
and postgraduate students of material science. It is the
outcome of author’s thirty-fve years’ teaching experience
at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In this
book, whether it is crystal structure or the instruments,
attempt has been made to build up from basics. Suffcient
emphasis is laid on the applications of each characterization
technique. This book can be divided into two parts. The frst
part deals with understanding of structure and depiction
of crystallographic planes and directions quantitatively,
which is absolutely necessary for understanding of application of X-rays or electron
microscopes. The second part deals with basic principles and applications of X-ray
and electron diffraction, small angle and grazing incidence X-ray scattering and
spectroscopic analysis methods.
Product Design and Manufacturing, 6th ed.
The Sixth Edition of this well-received book continues to
provide a comprehensive coverage of the morphology of the
design process. Primarily intended as a textbook for the
undergraduate students of mechanical engineering, production
engineering, and industrial design and management, the
book will also prove handy for practicing engineers. The
new edition of this text includes three appendices which
offer an in-depth analysis of topics such as limits, fts
and tolerances, part programming in G and M codes, and
aesthetics in industrial design.
` 195.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4856-1
Professional Practice
This book is a detailed guide on Laws and Acts on
Architectural norms and practices, which underlines duties
and responsibilities to be followed by Architects, Engineers
and Builders. The book also explains the concepts of
construction management. The book is intended for the
undergraduate students of architecture and civil engineering.
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4874-5 ` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4779-3
Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial Noise Control
This book provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental
concepts and applications of mechanical vibrations. It
discusses the effects of industrial noise on human beings
and suggests its control measures. It is intended for the
undergraduate students of mechanical engineering. Besides,
it would also be useful to the postgraduate students of
mechanical engineering and design engineering.
` 375.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4873-8
Optimization Methods for Engineers
Primarily designed as a text for the postgraduate students
of mechanical engineering and allied branches, it provides an
excellent introduction to optimization methods—its overview,
the history, and the development. It is equally suitable for
the undergraduate students for their electives. It discusses
the formulation of problems, graphical solutions, analytical
methods of nonlinear optimization, classical optimization
techniques, single variable (one-dimensional) unconstrained
optimization, multidimensional problems, constrained
optimization, and equality and inequality constraints.
Process Dynamics and Control
Primarily intended as a textbook for the undergraduate
students of chemical engineering, it introduces students
to fundamental principles in system dynamics and control.
An indigenously developed simulation platform for open and
close loop simulation has been introduced for analysis and
design of dynamic processes. All the topics in this text are
supported by quite a number of worked out examples and
exercise problems. The Accompanying CD with this book
includes a number of computer programs to verify the
results obtained during the open and closed dynamic studies.
` 495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4744-1 ` 695.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4846-2
Prestressed Concrete: Analysis and Design Practice of Members
This book addresses an overall approach by presenting a
comprehensive view of principles and description of analysis
and design of prestressed concrete members. The book
explains the methods through its well-structured cases to
give detailed applicative knowledge of the subject. The
book is intended as a reference for the students of civil
and structural engineering, and also for practising engineers.
` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4872-1 ` 225.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4843-1
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 2nd ed.
This book, designed for the frst course in Refrigeration
and Air Conditioning, incorporates new sections on vortex
tube, solar refrigeration, magnetic refrigeration, duct
arrangement systems and air distribution systems. Besides,
a new chapter on “Food Preservation” and several additional
solved examples have been introduced.
PHI Learning
PHI Learning
An Introduction to Operating Systems:
Concepts and Practice (GNU/Linux), 4th ed.
Intended for the undergraduate students of computer science
and engineering, computer applications, and information
technology, the book, in its Fourth Edition, covers UNIX
and Windows in great detail emphasizing changes occurred
in design technology and its use. It focuses on Linux
kernel and VxWorks. The chapter on fle systems has been
thoroughly updated, whereas some preferred bus interfaces
and protocols have been introduced in the chapter dealing
with IO. Besides, the chapters on interprocess communication
and distributed computing have been revised. The book includes a set of mini-projects
to help students to practice the mechanisms learned by them.
A Textbook of Organic Chemistry and Problem Analysis
The book is primarily intended for the students pursuing a course of study at graduate level with chemistry as major subject. The book delves into
the subject gradually from the elementary aspects of organic chemistry, such as properties of molecules and nomenclature followed by discussion
on hydrocarbons, carboxylic acids and heterocyclic compounds to organic reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, spectroscopy and the study of
natural products.
Distributed Systems: Computing Over Networks, 2nd ed.
The Internet has facilitated the storage and retrieval of
huge volumes of data and the sharing of all kinds of
resources. Currently there is signifcant activity in the areas
of Cloud Computing and Social Networks. New “Big Data”
data processing models and applications are emerging to
handle this proliferation of data. Keeping this in mind, this
new edition, now, includes these entire latest trends in the
technology including Web Services Plus several example
systems that are being used in “Big data” processing. It also
presents some current key software tools, viz. BitTorrent,
Amazon Dynamo, Amazon DnamoDB, Apache Cassandra,
Apache Server, Apache Zookeeper, Google BigTable and others. Intended as a textbook
for undergraduate students of computer science, computer science and engineering,
and information technology for a course on distributed systems/operating systems.
` 450.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4836-3
` 895.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4797-7
Management Information Systems in the
Knowledge Economy, 2nd ed.
The textbook, now in its Second Edition, continues to
provide a comprehensive coverage of business applications
of management information systems in today’s new era of
knowledge-based economy. It includes a new chapter on ERP
as a Business Enabler. Primarily intended for undergraduate
and postgraduate students of management (BBA/MBA), the
text uses case discussions in each chapter to help the reader
understand MIS practices in organizations.
` 475.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4876-9
` 495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4853-0
` 650.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4885-1
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming and
System Design 8085, 8086, 8051, 8096, 2nd ed.
The book has been thoroughly revised and updated. It includes new sections, and programming such as model version of MASM Assembler (8086),
Modular programming (8086), Macro programming (8086), Delay programming (8086), Delay programming (8051), I/O programming (8051). Besides,
a number of examples and case studies have been added in the second edition.
Strategic Management—Concepts and Cases:
A Competitive Advantage Approach, 14th ed.
New to this Edition
• Brand new Cohesion Case on Walt Disney company.
• Brand new or improved Assurance of Learning Exercises
at the end of all chapters to apply chapter concepts. The
exercises prepare students for strategic management
case analysis.
• Brand new examples throughout the book.
• All new current readings at the end of each chapter;
new research and theories of seminal thinkers in
strategy development, such as Arnoff, Chandler,
Porter, Hamel, Prahald, Mintzberg and Barney.
• Twenty-seven brand new cases grouped by industry.
` 225.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4877-6
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