Khambatta unction 1 1. Overtaking situation. Im the vessel over taking her from stbd side, what action…..

then I overtake and alter my course to port and situation seems to be crossing whose responsibility ( I said still my responsibility cos any chnge in brg wil nt relieve me of my duty of keeping clear til it is finaly past…happy !. "outhern hemisphere # r near a $rs .%ction … ( tel every thing from determining the bearing til taking wind on port bow or &uarters depending on the semi circle '. (rrors of )*" +.,hich is accurate )*" or -)*" and how will it be indicated if it is a -)*" ( markings are not there … ..In (cdis how will you put $ n * notices…-oes $ n * corrections come in /.-. for correcting…( In (cdis manualy data can be added and erased when re&uired…this is used for $ n * correction s and $ n * corrections wil not come thorugh c.d. as normal (/-I" correction comes 0. what is 1$2 and 132 4.# r leaving a port and u have a small #K/… will the ship s&uat ..( yes then what are the factors on which s&uat depends ( I told on speed and then he asked anything else any co efficient( I recalled block co efficient does the ship always s&uat by stern ( said no then how is it related to coefficient and if block co efficient more then s&uat by head and if less then s&uat by stern 5. mooring operations , what precautions will u take ( said all abt normal mooring practices and snap back 6one 7. In what conditions tug rope will part and what precautions will u tke to tke cre of the crew. ( said if rope is bad or tug pulls it more then the strength re&uired or chafing of rope and to prevent wil keep crew out of that area when tug id pulling 18. %nchor is dragging , action 11. If the pressure is dropping and u don9t see anything on the w: fa:, what are your obligations ( said him open bridge door and tap the barometer and then may be trs is developing or a tropical depression then inform other vessels and coastal authority as per solas ch ; met services reg. then he asked answer me as a mate .. I replied I will first have to inform the master …that was what was re&uired 1!.when are you allowed to enter a traffic seperation 6one. <unction ! 1. when will u condemn a wire rope !. what all conditions are there in =oadicator ( said sea and harbour . %t anchor which condition will use and why ( said sea condition and reason being at emergency if I have to move out I will need sea condition '.>eavy lift precautions . ( told all then asked if load density is little less then the load of cargo will you load ( I said yes but only after applying proper dunnage so that the load gets distributed. %nd load is not applied on a point if lifting a heavy lift crane stops .actions . ( ask chief engineer if manual over ride is there to lower the crane . then ask for shore assistance wheter they have any crane to hook on load and ?ust take the weight +.,hile discharging on tankers I) system fails action. ( stop discharging and cannot

what is pms and how it is helpful.loading rate depends on what ( said first the dia of line and thn recalled also on venting capacity 7. . ( used to supply tank vapors to terminal where during loading it is prohibited to release vapor in atmosphere like #. operate the srping winch and this will move the port windlas winch which wil then help to move up the anchor. bundling . but sir was looking for ! words which are probability and severity 0. and what is the cut off range( cloregs anne: 1 hori6ontal sectors 5. can you bring it back ( said yes by taking the wire rope from the ad?acent winch to the spring winch . but he said it is possible ….hat is mast head light.=oading e:plosives in general cargo ship. on this he asked me think out of the bo:. does I2-) apply to tankers ( no its only for -. ( told him can apply three fold purchse like that on a ground tackle and hauling in the cable slowly…bt he asked me can u use the stbd motor I said yes port can be replaced by stbd.hat is marpol anne: !. lashing."$/. strapping with wire mesh 18.g.. re& fr rest hours !.*reparation for dry docking 7. (said no given for all dangerous cargo which helps to identify all the properties from vol ! 0.hen I told un no. carried in packaged form . .-oes it apply to chief cook and fitter and how ( said the full form of stcw and said they re&uire certificate for working on ship as well as pre sea training and courses +.. what if the port side anchor is not coming up cos motor is not working.precautions against shifting of cargo ( saucering. >ow wil u carry it. what all documents are re&uired. he asked what is un no.hat is "$/.what is risk assesment and how wil u determine wheter risk is high or low ( said determining ha6ards and eliminating them or preventing them is risk assesment and how often it occurs and what is the conse&uence will determine its degree. If there is any overdue ?ob.asked master candidate outside he said in Isgott provision for product tankers is given . then to tankers what /hapter applies ( "olas /h 0 and 4 4. <unction ' 1.. then he told yes and also put a bout at the last end so that anchor can be retrieved later on… 4.hat will be its intensity when at 11!. '.what if it is a product tanker ( I said still no.( said ?st the tittle and shifted to ne:t function 11. what is vapor recovery line .). longitudinal divisions. with ism what r u e:pected to do in a safety meeting ( gave him a practical ans what v actualy do on ship . thn asked any other method…was thinking til that time he told if u want to move out in short time then said slip the anchor .contents of d. . cos if overdue ?obs are completed then present ?obs wil get overdue …( said I wil take assistance from master and ask him for sme time then carry out the ?ob which are more important and simultaneously divide crew in groups to complete all ?obs pendin as well . ..".proceed till I) system is back .% /alifornia state if at discharge port terminal person is fitting a discharge chiksan on vapour line by mistake what wil u do ( I said not possible cos it has a stud at 1! oclock position due to which normal discharge line cannot be fitted how will you identify vapor line ( said that 1m yellow band and red band on either said and black stencil of vapor wriiten on it 5. manifest.

ent for <unction ' <irst he asked me for which attempt i have come and the reason for failing . prepare vsl for dockworker is camber !. at the end it was ok -) 1st %ug !811 I@$Acapt "hukla (B$Acapt.-amage "tability on cargo ships 17..en u vl condemn wire rope 1+.. during meeting it is agreed shore is incharge...-uties of safety Officer !8.-efine fwd n aft perpendicular. .. duties of mate in -!'.%br floating -10.>ow u vl implement I"2 onboard 1'.wat is d direction of rotation of wire on the drums C A it depends on d rendering stress of d upcomin ?obs …. '.is done 1.was happy with the answer bt wanted to hear the word prioriti6e ./ritical Instant 15.. asked me abt my writtens stats.critical period in <loating -14.docking plan.he wants to hear abt sea chest in pDp.If u r duty %1 tells u at 8!88 hrs during watch that he wants to hav tes in mess room u r action !1.slepping of anchor .Khambatta 1.Khambatta 3esultsAB B * ./ontents of "O*(* !0."(E survey !4. 7. /apt...ho is incharge of fire control in --A its dock ppl.wat is breaking stress. . shell e:pansion is rigging plan 5. . 18..ho plans the drill on board and as per vch regulation 1!. 4.... changing of low suction to high suction.$imeA1188A11. !!.8 . !+.wen -.types of emergencies on board 11.. !..wat is rendering stress +. implemmentation of "O*(* ( in * u vl rig safety net on gangway.contents of chain register. and der is also a spindle vDv on deck so that in case of emergency it can b closed frm top..

( inform bridge. Hou are in a product tanker discharging oil and I) fails %ction (stop discharging. asked me abt surveys safety surveyAwants to hear abt form ( F 3.hat do you understand by overtakingC ( I started &uoting the rule then he told me to say in short. -ose it apply to tankerCC !.he said its not mandatory and is it not yet into force '. Khambatta 3esult GA * * * %ll &uestions by e:ternal.Afall preventer device is it mandatoryA i said yes he told how u know it is mandatory i said it was der on my last ship. initiate for fi:ing the prob not able to repair soon action( I had seen this &uestion in his . captain shukla 1. "howed three 3O3 cards 0. 1... Hou are in a turning basin and turning with the help of tug. <unction 1 >e is looking for key words. tug line parted action.. . 1D=.. Hour /ompany9s #K/ policy (which I messed it up 5. *erformance standard of (/-I" +. (no in 3. all are give way vessel 4.wat is mate receipt. (key word 1(3$> $O 1(3$> !.. then he told me without looking at the cable . u sailed on new ship and now u hav gone on old ships.A wants to hear abt @/ . wat is <*..!5 >anging of anchor !7. "eggi (:ternal GA /apt. >ow will you go for a passage planning.. if we can identify those no need of further bulshitting .hat is hard over and wheel over and how to calculate wheel over position <unction ! 1. -ate GA 1!A1!A!811 $ime GA 11'8hrs to 1!'8hrs venueGA -) "hipping Internal GA /apt.asked wat r d re&uirements to come into forceA tacit acceptance blah blah.wen anchor is said to be brought up '8. accidents.. Is this rule valid in 3.. preacautions blah blah !.how u vl implement I"2 onboard. but he was looking for something more 7. as soon as possible give the ne:t rope.. . *repare ship for %nchoringC >ow will you come to know anchor is dragging from fwdC ( I said by looking at the cable stay. =3I$ re&uirements .. $ell me something about I2-) code. I said yes sir legega 18. >ow will you do the $ n * correction (2anual correction '. I got confused then he told me />%-K% =()()% >%I KI @%>I.

hat is the capacity of lifeboat in one side of a passenger ship( i said .!88 =$3" =#1( OI= -3#2.$O 2%K( %@ (@$3H I@ o. secure the lift to prevent swinging etc 0.2%JO3 in sulphur cargo 4 >O. =oading heavy lift and the crane breakdown action ( this also I seen in his set and he want will ask for shore help so I directly said this and he said $#2=O) K#/> K#/> @%>I K%3()%CCC $hen I said inform /D( and try to fi: the prob.>%$ %/$IO@ # .b. 5 >ow will you calculate cargo &ty in a bulk carrier (-raft survey draft survey calculation. . stop venting if there is no cross wind on deck +. 7.(HO3G /%*$. Hou are loading high >!" content crude oil action ( crew should be briefed and should provided with proper mask. I< 88A8+ %1 I@"I"$" O@ )OI@) <O3 $(% 13(%K I@ $>( 2I--=( O< $>( .1H *. ( key word control access !. >ow will go for loading of grain. >ow will you prepare ship for -ryAdocking. >ow will you go for loading of 18888 sheep (cleaning the space. /ritical moment and precautions before floodingC 4.>%$ %/$IO@ in case of fire( 2I@O3 %@.I== $%K(C 0 .>%$ -O HO# #@-(3"$%@. ' 13I(<=H -("/3I1( "O*(* 2%@#%= + =OOK O#$ %33%@)(2(@$" %" *(3 "$/. . certification ao sheep for the voyage. 0..%$/> %@. One crew member violating your company drug and alcohol policy as a chief mate your action "ome of capt kambata &uestions (B$(3@%= "#3. >ow will you go about the lashing of container ( as per the design of the ship. I< 3(/(I. lighting.8I of the capacity and not sure . /"" code . . >ow will you prepare ship for I"*" survey. >O..O3K(.r. %@/>O3 13O#)>$ #*D-3%))I@) %@/>O3 . -O HO# K@O. food and water for sheep.3. stowage 4. <unction ' 1. ventilation.>%$ (@$3I(" 2%-( 1H 2%$( I@ O. K>%21%$$% 1 .2%$( /O2*=%I@" $O HO# %1O#$ I$.1.( . -O # @((. -O H# I2*=(2(@$ *2" HO3 >%.set and one brother had mentioned there that according to him it is possible to disch by checking the flash point and me too given this answer and he became happy '.I$> ! .". >ow will you prepare ship for dock labor inspectors survey '..2. >ow will you do risk assessment ( key word probability and severity +. vetinery doctor9s inspection.(.$>( "(/O@.

1I=)(" <I==I@) #*.<#3$>(3C ! .>%$ %/$IO@C 1+ <O3 =O%-I@) I2-) /%3)O .1O.>%$ I" (@<I(=.>%$ -O/#2(@$" *3O.>%$ I@<O32%$IO@C 1' %$ -I"/>%3)I@) *O3$.$3O*I/%= -(*3(""IO@ .$O.>I/> O@( $O 1( /O@"I-(3(-C 1! *F% 2%@#%= )I."(% )OI@) %@. ' .8 2$3" =(@)$> O< $O.>%$ %/$IO@ 10 .(3$%K(@C + .>%K%3-" 5 . >O=.I"I1I=I$H.>%31O#3 /O@-I$IO@ %$ %@/>O3 . <#@/$IO@ 1 1 3O3 /%3-" <O3 <O==O. .O3K(.O /O@-I$IO@" $O 1( /%=/#=%$(.%$(3 =(.I2*=(2(@$%$IO@ O< I2-) /O-(C 0 -O(" %**=H $O $%2K(3" 4 >!" /%3)OD*3(/%#$IO@ %@."= %" "((@ <3O2 "$1. /%@ HO# =O%.OI= 7 /3#-( OI= .(=. OI= "*I== <3O2 O$>(3 ">I*.>(@ *I/KI@) #* >(%. >%.>%$ -O H# #@-(3"$%@. >O.I@ "%2( >O=-C .1H 1. . 2O3( $>%@ !88 m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

OI-I@) %/$IO@ <O3 $3" I@ @O3>(3@ >(2I"*>(3(C 7 3(%"O@ <O3 $I-es .%.