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Zimmers 1983 . Groover and E.References: Principles of CAD/CAM/CAE By: Kunwoo Lee 1999 Mastering CAD/CAM (Engineering Series) By: Ibrahim Zeid 2004 CAD/CAM: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing By: M.

Information from all product lifecycle activities is available from a single database. and optimization of a design. . Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) is the technology concerned with the use of computer systems to analyze CAD geometry. allowing the designer to simulate and study how the product will behave. analysis. and control manufacturing operations. Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is the technology concerned with the use of computer systems to plan. modification. manage.Basic Definitions: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the technology concerned with the use of computer systems to assist in the creation.

uotechnology.Typical Product Life Cycle Website: Email: CAD/CAE/CAM Product Lifecycle Design CAD Analysis CAE Good Manufacturing CAM Need Modification CAD/CAM : It is the technology concerned with the use of computers to perform design and manufacturing . Website: http://www.html Email:

.)  Abrasive .iq/dep-production/laith/index. ECM.(EDM.. Saws. Braze.Rolling. Extrusion. Epoxy.)  Mechanical Fasteners Website: http://www. Laser.laith@uotechnology. Solder  Adhesion (Glue. Water Jet) Joining  Methods Net shape  Plastics (Injection Molding)  Bulk Deformation (Forging. Lathes.html Email: dr....(Grinding)  “Non-traditional” machining.Drawing)  Sheet Metal  Casting  Powder Metallurgy (P/M)  Ceramic Forming Machining  Cutting with single or multipoint tools ( Electron Beam.

Center of surface area. Cross sectional area. CAD refers to any computer software that is used to produce high quality drawings and models which meet exact specifications. Mass. First moment of inertia. Volume.  Application software: CAD package. Centroid of a volume. Surface area. this is known as CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture). .   Typical tools in CAD:    Tolerance analysis Mass property calculations: Curve length. Products of intertia . Center of mass.  Operating system software. CAD software is often then linked to machinery to perform a task to manufacture part of or a whole product. A CAD system consists of three major parts:  Hardware: computer and input/output devices.Computer Aided Design  In industry. Finite-element modeling and visualization.

Devices drivers are used to translate the data into and out of the specific format used by each device . they also control the devices. The graphics utility system performs the coordinate transformation. User interface links the human and the system.Basic structure of a CAD system Design modeling. Simulation & Animation Database (CAD model) Application software Graphics utility User interface Design Analysis Design Optimization Size & Shape Design Evaluation Prototyping Devices drivers Input-output devices The application software is at the top level and is used to manipulate the CAD model database. windowing. Design Documentation The CAD Process . and display control. The operating system is run in background to coordinate the entire operations.

I/O devices of a CAD system Input Keyboard Keypad Digitizer Trackball Joystick Tablet Mouse Output Printer Plotter Disk (CD.DVD) Computer Monitor .

laith@uotechnology. angles and . the user is responsible for setting up the correct and units for Email: dr.Mass Properties – CAD/CAM Systems CAD systems typically calculate the mass properties.uotechnology. Example: SolidWorks Determine the mass properties Website: http://www.

Mass Properties SolidWorks Option button allows to set the proper units .

com/ .com/ http://www.mathworks.Useful Software & Internet Resources http://www.solidworks.

SURFCAM 3. TopSolid 18. OneCNC 2. Dolphin CAD/CAM 19. Delcam 12. ESPRIT SolidEdge CAMWorks 11. RhinoCAM 20. GibbsCAM 15.Assignment: Write a brief report about one of the CAD/CAM software 1.html Email: dr. Cimatron . IronCAD 8. EdgeCAM 4. Vero software 16. CATIA 7. Pro/Engineer 9. EZ-CAM 5. Visual Mill Website: http://www. Bob CAD/CAM 13. AlphaCAM