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Agenda • Today’s Realities • Potential of 3D Motion Technology • Industry Examples • 3D Motion Platform – Leap Motion • Real World Video Examples • Live Demonstrations • Q&A Leap Motion .Proprietary & Confidential .

Proprietary & Confidential .Today’s Realities • Data across industries growing exponentially • Current interactions limit access and action • Input devices & UI’s offer lesser outcomes • Just scratching the surface of data utility • Industries “begging” for new and disruptive methodologies Leap Motion .

The Potential with Advancing 3D Motion Capabilities • Unlock more value in a data rich world • Move beyond the barriers of traditional UI’s • Improve outcomes of customers and providers • Simplify and increase accessibility • Cost-effective solutions to complex problems • Translate fine motor movements to application interactions Leap Motion .Proprietary & Confidential .

Healthcare Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Improve access to critical patient information Make more info accessible in “germ rich” places More accurately measure progress/regression in rehab and diseases Opportunity Improve patient room experiences Leap Motion .Industry Example .Proprietary & Confidential .

etc. insights.Proprietary & Confidential .Industry Example – Data Visualization Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Navigating large & complex data sets with more effectiveness More efficient visualization of trends. within data Make more informed. links. time-sensitive decisions Easier sharing of actionable data with colleagues and customers Leap Motion .

Proprietary & Confidential .Industry Example – Education Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Bring cost-effective interactivity to the classroom Make curriculum material more engaging to students Extend educational opportunities in special needs environments Use “cool” technology from outside the classroom to better relate Leap Motion .

Proprietary & Confidential . adjusting & sharing in the design process Interacting with applications in a challenging environment Engaging a workforce with a diverse skillset and education background Visualizing end to end processes and identifying potential efficiencies Leap Motion .Industry Examples – Manufacturing Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Visualizing.

Industry Examples – Retail Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity Differentiating in-store experiences like browsing. visualizing and accessorizing Non-intrusive direct customer engagement on premise Facilitate purchase decisions with more interactive shopping experience Providing meaningful pre-sales product experiences outside the “storefront” Leap Motion .Proprietary & Confidential .

Industry Examples – Desktop Productivity Opportunity Opportunity Engage an evolving work force with technology to drive productivity Improve applications currently leveraging inefficient UI & interaction methodologies Opportunity Decrease learning curves for applications and systems with more natural interactions Expose desired consumer technologies in sensible & cost-effective ways Leap Motion .Proprietary & Confidential Opportunity .

Industry Examples – Other Opportunity Opportunity Accurate and non-intrusive biometric authentication methods Interaction with applications in challenging environments.Proprietary & Confidential Opportunity . vehicles & field situations Opportunity Command and control applications in government. military and private sectors – including systems & vehicles Pitching a physical product without the product present Leap Motion .

Introducing the Leap Motion Controller 3D Motion Control Technology platform Leap Motion .Proprietary & Confidential .

Proprietary & Confidential 13 . low z-height.Leap Motion – 3D Motion Control Technology Accurate 100x more accurate than anything on the market 1/100th mm – tip of a pin accuracy Inexpensive Off-The-Shelf Components 150-degree view 290 fps (consumer module) Embeddable small form factor. low CPU and power consumption Content-rich Airspace App Store with over 60k app developers across wide range of categories Powerful no visible latency – real time interaction experience precise hand and finger movements Ushering in the era of touch-less computing Leap Motion .

Our platform is made up of three components Peripheral • Leap Motion Controller • USB Connection to Computing Device SDK/Drivers • Leap Motion Software • Ground-breaking algorithms Airspace (App Store) • Third-party applications.Proprietary & Confidential 14 . developer relations • Consumer & Business focused applications Leap Motion .

Proprietary & Confidential 15 .Peripheral SDK/Drive rs Airspace Consumer Peripheral -Hardware Components Sensors Two Global Shutter Image Sensors Hardened Scratchproof Cover Lens Leap Sensor Module LEDs Infrared LEDs USB 3 for Peripheral Activation LED USB USB3 Controller Leap enclosure Leap Motion .

C++. MAC and Linux Environments • Supports development in C#. Java.Peripheral SDK/Drive rs Leap Motion SDK/Drivers Airspace • Runs on Windows.Proprietary & Confidential 16 . Python & Javascript and more • Supported by rich developer community portal • Contains API’s for common gestures for rapid prototyping - Key Tap Screen Tap Swipe Circle & Directional indicators Leap Motion . Objective C.

Weather Channel. Music. Science and more Great brands: Disney.Airspace • • • • Worldwide access Top tier developers to indie developers Apps in every category: Games.Peripheral Leap Motion App Store .Proprietary & Confidential 17 . New York Times SDK Airspace Leap Motion . Autodesk. Productivity. Education. Design.

com Leap Motion .Proprietary & Confidential 18 .For Enterprise Business Inquiries: Dan Gill– dgill@leapmotion.