Exercise Excel 2-2: Soccer Budget

What you will do: create a spreadsheet enter data create formulas format numbers AutoSum

Start with:

a blank worksheet

The City Soccer League has created a budget for their season. You will put their figures on a spreadsheet and create formulas for totals and to show whether the league went over the budget.

Resize columns: .+ e. Leave a blan# row above $%penses" below &nsurance" one above &ncome" and one below Sponsorships. o . (ecrease (ecimals twice. Copy this formula to the other cells in this column that are on rows with categories or totals. Sort: Sort the Expenses rows in alphabetical order. '(on)t *ust sort the words. "eader: Create a header with your name and the date on the left" the file name and sheet name in the center and $%ercise $%cel 6-6 on the right.in the column . ill in titles starting with row !" labels" and data in the same order. Shorten the te%t in cell -4 to -udget. Data Entry: Use the handwritten notes in the illustration above to create a spreadsheet. f. 8ote that the negative numbers now are in parentheses. #repare to #rint: Use 9age Setup to set the table to print centered horizontally on the page but not vertically.a. um!ers1 ormat the numbers on the sheet as Currency1 range -21(!3" range -!41(!4" range -!51(67" range -661(66. i. '0int1 Copy down the whole column and then delete unneeded values.iden the columns as necessary to show words in the categories.ver+/Under. Sort rows.-alls.ver in the column label1 '. Edit: To e%plain the new parentheses for negative values" put parentheses around the word .ver/Under -udget+ to subtract the Actual amount in column C from the -udget amount in column -. h. g.+ c. Formula: Create a formula in cell D7 'in the first data row. AutoSum: Use AutoSum to calculate Totals for $%penses and &ncome in both the -udget and Actual columns. d. &f the league spent more than planned" the answer will be a negative number. b.

. Chart: Select ranges A):A*+ and C):C*+ at the same time. Select A!1 (!4 which is *ust the titles and $%penses rows. m. n. Title the chart :Actual:. j. You may want to enlarge the chart by selected it and dragging one of the handles. -ut it can ta#e a lot of in#< =o bac# to 8ormal view and unselect the chart. #rint #. Sa&e the wor#boo# as soccer budget2. r. &f the chart ta#es up the whole page" it is selected.nce the printing is completed correctly" close the wor#boo#. #rint *ust the selection.$ridlines orheadin$s%.xls? #rint% . o. Sa&e.e for the legend to show all of the items. #repare to #rint Sheet(1 Use 9rint 9review to chec# the layout. Spell Chec#.ed chart on paper. You may need to change the ont Si. This is an easy way to get a ma%imi.xls in the excel pro'ect( folder on the Class dis#. l. 9rint 9review. q. >soccer budget2. Use the Chart Wizard to create a pie chart of what was spent.e of the window when you inserted it on the sheet.e depends on the si. The chart si. Use the default settings e%cept for (ata labels Show percent and place the chart on Sheet (. Chart "eader: Create a header for Sheet6 *ust li#e in step h% p. (rag the chart to the upper left of the sheet.