So lets start with the first Muslim himself.

let's see what the peaceful prophet sai d: Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 196: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah `s Apostle said, º I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, `None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,' and whoever says, `None has the righ t to be worshipped but Allah,' HIS LIFE AND PROPERTY WILL BE SAVED by me except fo r Islamic law, and his accounts will be with Allah, (either to punish him or to forgive him.)º source: /hadith/bukhari/052.sbt.html#004.052.196 So here's a prophet threatening to hurt people with their lives and property if th ey don't buy his Allah To make the answer more comprehensive, i present to you a much better proof¼a chro nological account of what happens when Islam arrives and stays in that region .. TO DATE! so here's account number 2, of how Allah arrived in Kashmir. Mahmud of Ghazni ..attacks kashmir in the name and cause of Allah: Mahmúd with a few of his personal attendants entered it, and took all the property he found there. Having left Sárogh as governor of the fort,* he himself proceeded to the Kashmír valley, where Púr Jaipál had taken up his position. This chief, however , did not await his arrival, but fled, and when the Sultán reached the pass he obt ained great spoil and a large number of slaves. He also con­verted many infidels t o Muhammadanism, and having spread Islám in that country, returned to Ghaznín.ºÐTabakát-i Akbarí. source: when he retreats, many of the converted people again revert back to Hinduism. Bu t Islamic `peaceful' invasions would not stop.Not only that¼ here's how a devout muslim¼ `peacefully' invites the infidels to the way of Allah AD 1496 : a Shia Devout Muslim Shams-ood-deen converts people to Islam..of course by force! About this time, one Meer Shums-ood-Deen, a disciple of Shah Kasim Anwur, the so n of Syud Mahomed Noorbukhsh, arrived in Kashmeer from Irak. Futteh Khan made ov er to this holy personage all the confiscated lands which had lately fallen to t he crown; and his disciples went forth destroying the temples of the idolaters, in which they met with the support of the govern­ment, so that no one dared to opp ose them. In a short time many of the Kashmeeries, particularly those of the tri be of Chuk, became converts to the Noorbukhsh tenets source: 4 so a devout muslim sage's followers go about destroying temples and idols in kashm ir to show how peaceful the way of Allah is! Wait a second, there's more ¼WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE AS SOON AS THEY CONVERT TO THE RE LIGION OF PEACE? IN consequence of the veneration for the memory of Sikundur, his eldest son, Amee r Khan, was ac­knowledged King of Kashmeer, under the title of Ally, although as y et a minor. In the beginning of his reign, the whole of the affairs of the state

and the moment their numbers increased . deceit and violence based solely on it's blood thirsty God I have sincerely answered your question.i hope you would evaluate it with as mu ch sincerity Thanks and regards . and why bother about the history of kashmir ..we know it from the present times itself! Now what could be other than Islam that forced the Kashmiri Hindus to be massacr ed and driven out of the valley except Islam..just that they were muslims taught to hate kafirs by the book of Allah !.org/persian/pf?file=06901024&ct=116&rqs=70 So you see.the inevitable DID HAPPEN I don't think any other religion can boast such a continuous record of sub-human b igotry. with all the z eal of a convert. That statesman. persecuted the few bramins who still remained firm to their re ligion.. the prime mi­ the very kashmiri people who li ved next door.packhum. he drove those who still lingered in Kashmeer entirely out of that kingdom source: http://persian.. the peace of islam got transferred into the head of the convert who put his own people to the peaceful sword of Islam¼and yes ..this again was kashmir .. and by putting all to death who refused to embrace Mahomed-ism.devolved upon Seeva Dew Bhut..