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Professional Seminars Series

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(2 days)
This two-day seminar focuses on various methods of pit optimization using Whittle software. In
the last decade, this software, which has been developed by J eff Whittle and his team in
Australia has become the de facto standard for conducting pit optimization sensitivity analysis
once a resource block model has been constructed from drill hole data. The seminar is not a
software training course. It is rather targeted at mining engineers, mineral economists or project
managers who have to use the results produced by the Whittle software at a pre-feasibility,
feasibility or production stage.
The seminar leader is Michel Dagbert, senior consultant with GEOSTAT SYSTEMS
INTERNATIONAL INC., a Montreal-based consulting company that he helped create in 1981
and which has been actively distributing the Whittle software for more than 5 years. Geostat
engineers have carried several pit optimization projects in gold, base metals and industrial
minerals deposits.
The core of the present seminar notes are the original notes by J eff Whittle for a three days
seminar that was first given in March of 1997. Mr. Whittle has kindly accepted that this original
material be used in the current seminar and we would like to thank him for this important
contribution. The first part of the notes is an introduction to block models with material taken
from another Geostats seminar on computer orebody modelling.
For course schedule and pricing please contact Geostat Systems International Inc. at:
Geostat Systems International Inc. E-Mail:
10 de la Seigneurie East, Suite 203 Web:
Blainville, Quebec, Canada, J 7C 3V5
tel: (450) 433-1050, fax: (450) 433-1048
toll free: (800) 474-6561
Professional Seminars Series
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Course agenda
Day 1 AM
+Principle of pit optimization
+Construction of resource block models for pit optimization : types of models, block size and
shape, geological limits, DH data compositing, search window, interpolation method +Test case
of Ni-Cu sulfide deposit.
Day 1 PM
+Transformation of resource block model into matrix of values. Heuristic approach : floating
cones. Application to test case.
+Mathematical solution : Lerch-Grossman algorithm.
+Whittle 3D tutorial. Application to test case. Whittle 3D exercices : extension of model,
obstructions, ramps.
Day 2 AM
+Effect of time on value : discounting of cash flows Best case and worst case schedules.
+Sensivity analysis : optimum pit with price and costs The MCOSTM concept
+Whittle 4D tutorial. Application to test case. Whittle 4D exercices.
Day 2 PM
+Related Whittle software products : 4X, FDMX
+Cut-off grade optimization
+Beyond optimization : smoothing, ramp design, phasing and production scheduling