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The following is the text of an email sent to Ian Rennie, the general secretary of the Police Federation, gensec@polfed.

org, at 10:41, 22nd January 2014

Attn: Ian Rennie, your duties under the Law

http:// http:// The world is changing. The financial system is on the point of collapse. The root causes of the problems are a failure of sworn officers of the Law to uphold the Law -- as opposed to legislation, judicial rulings, public policy etc. The Law is enforceable; legislation is not. To perform your duties according to the oath of office you swore, you will need to ensure that every member of the Police Federation sees my research into the Law, the Third and Final Testament, and understands their duties to the Law. Those officers who enforce legislation act unlawfully, particularly with regard to the God plant, cannabis sativa, which can quite literally save the day. I have allowed a period of grace for you to prepare for the enforcement of the Law so your officers should be up to speed with their duties by now. Those who cause harm, loss or injury to a man or woman will be subject to the full penalties of the Law. To spell this out clearly, any officer violating the Law will in the first instance have his pension taken away. In any case, Im sure my research will be keenly received by your officers as it sets them free from debts like mortgages credit cards and loans from banks, which are raised at usury and are therefore unlawful. If of course you fail to circulate these duties to your members, the Police Federation -- a corporation -- will become an unlawful entity and it's assets will be seized. I will then use my authority as Sovereign (see pp100-106, TTFT, Pt1) to set up a new entity which will act in the common good. You might also like to mention to your members that they might have the good manners -and respect for the rights of others, a key component of the Law -- to listen to speakers invited to their conference with politeness and equanimity. Booing speakers you do not agree with has all the hallmarks of the mob and hardly inspires confidence in the minds of those you serve. Sorry to speak to you in this direct manner but the time of change is upon us. As a man of conscience, I'm sure you will want to be on the side of good, rather than propping up a state which indulges in usury, unlawful war, torture and redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich. You will therefore be keen to join my crusade, unless you are a psychopath. Remember, you have totally lost the confidence of right thinking people. Surveys have shown you have ceased to devote resources to investigating real crime, even where this concerns violence and theft of personal property. That is because you are revenue collectors working in the interests of corporate bankers who are stealing and defrauding the honest man or woman. I imagine that the majority of your members did not join the police service to act as enforcers for Babylon and defraud the general public.

If you wish to get in touch or you are in any way unclear about your duties under the Law, please contact me on the number below. In any case, I look forward to hearing from you about how you will be ensuring your members uphold the Law.

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