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Muhammad Ayyaz Khan of LACIP PMU reviewing record keeping of a community organization in D.I. Khan



Mr. Haroon Razzaq from KfW visits District Charsadda

A team consisting of KfW Project Manager Mr. Haroon Razzaq Qureshi, PGM-LACIP Mr. Masood Khalid and LACIP PMU member Fahd Usman visited the Union Council Dhakay in Charsadda to review the progress of community physical infrastructure schemes initiated by SRSP. SRSPs Regional Coordinator Mr. Abdur Rehman and the SRSP field team provided a comprehensive presentation to Mr. Haroon regarding the on ground status in terms of the Project components of LACIP and what has been achieved by the Partner Organization in the past six months.


A Community Organization named Rukhana showing the completed Link Road Project to the visiting LACIP Team. Mr. Haroon and Mr. Masood Khalid monitoring a water lining course constructed by SRSP in Union Council Dhakay in Charsadda.
The LACIP team and Mr. Haroon visited 3 Community Organizations where SRSP have completed physical infrastructure Projects such as Water Lining Course, Link Road and installation of Flood Protective walls. Mr. Haroon interviewed the members of the 3 Community Organizations and asked about their involvement in the Projects and whether they were content with the quality of work being done by the Partner Organization. LACIP PMU member Fahd Usman reviewed the infrastructure schemes and provided recommendations to SRSP and the community members regarding their maintenance and sustainability.

LACIP PMU in the field at Swabi, D.I. Khan and Buner

Muhammad Ayyaz Khan of the LACIP PMU (Middle) standing with a community organization named Wanda Khokar in the Union Council Korai in District D.I. Khan

Manager LEP Unit Mr. Muhammad Riaz and LACIP PMU member Taimur Jehangir interviewing a community organization regarding the status of asset transfers to the beneficiaries

The LACIP PMU visited 7 Partner Organizations in the month of December, 2012. The visits included 24 community organizations, 6 Community Health Centers and 3 schools in the Districts of Swabi, Charsadda, Buner and D.I. Khan. During these field exposures, the focal persons from LACIP PMU explained the procedures of implementation for Livelihood Investment Plans and asset transfers to the community members. The issues related to livelihood improvement for landless asset transfer beneficiaries were discussed in great detail with the Partner Organizations.

Progress at a glance
A total of 278 CPI Schemes have been initiated 53 CPI Schemes have been completed 526 Community Organizations have been formed

GIS Coordinates of all the components of LACIP have been uploaded on the LACIP Webpage Disbursements to all Phase 3 have been completed. Two Union Councils as a livelihoods value chain model will be developed by Dr. Martin Dietz from which the successful model will be replicated in other Districts.

220 Community Organizations have been revitalized 2,163 Livelihood Investment Plans completed 373 Asset Transfers have been completed

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