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RAJIV GANDHI UNIVERSITY OF KNOWLEDGE TECHNOLOGIES Weekly Test 5 /SEM ! S"#$e%t& E'()'ee*)'( Me%+,')%s Time: 30 minutes D,te& !

!-t+ SE. /-!! Max. Marks: !-

N0te& T+)s se%t)0' %0's)sts 01 !- 2"est)0's3 E,%+ 2"est)0' %,**)es ONE 4,*k
A's5e* ,ll t+e ,#06e 2"est)0's N0te& Angle taken in counter clock wise direction is considered as positive, Forces directed along positive x and positive y axes are considered as positive. 1. I particle moves wit! uni orm velocity " along a circular pat! wit! radius o curvature r, t!en ind t!e normal acceleration o t!e particle#
a. $ero b. "%&r c. d"&dt d. 'one o t!ese

2. I particle is moving in a straig!t line wit! uni orm velocity t!en w!at is radius o curvature o t!e particle#
a. $ero b. In inite c. Finite "alue d. 'one o t!ese

3. (!at is t!e tangential component o acceleration or a particle tracing a circular pat!#

a. )ate o c!ange o velocity o t!e particle along tangential direction b. )ate o c!ange o velocity o t!e particle along normal direction c. )ate o c!ange o speed o t!e particle along tangential direction d. )ate o c!ange o speed o t!e particle along normal direction

4. T!e relative velocity o particle A w.r.t * +m&s. It is said t!at speeds o ,ot! particle are constant and t!at relative acceleration o particle A w.r.t * is 0.%-m&s% directed towards t!e centre o curvature. T!en ind speed o A#
a. %0m&s% b. +0m&s% c. %.m&s% d. %-m&s%

I t!e rotation o t!e 0./m arm 0A a,out 0 is de ined ,y t!e relation 1 2 0.+-t%, 1 in radians, t in seconds. 3ollar * slides along t!e arm as unction o r 2 0./ 4 0.+%t%, w!ere r in meters, t in seconds. 5. (!en 1 2 30 degrees, ind total velocity o t!e collar#
a. 40.../m&s b. 0.%50m&s c. 0.-%.m&s d. 0.+m&s

6. (!en 1 2 30 degrees, ind t!e total acceleration o t!e collar#

a. 60.3/+m&s% b. 40.3-/m&s% c. 40.-3+m&s% d. 0.-3+m&s%

7. A /0.5kg ,lock rests on a !ori7ontal plane. Find t!e magnitude o t!er orce 8 w!ic! makes an angle 30 degrees w.r.t !ori7ontal w!en ,lock move in rig!t ward direction wit! an acceleration 3m&s%. 9k 2 0.%-, 9s 2 0.3#
a. :5/' b. ;;5' c. .-0' d. :/0'

8. I t!e particle o mass +0kg moves in a circular pat! wit! constant velocity +0m&s. T!e radius o curvature at a particular instant o time is %-m. T!en ind t!e resultant orce acting on t!e particle#
a. 30' b. %0' c. .0' d. +0'

9. I we launc!ed a rocket into t!e space t!en w!ic! o ollowing statement is correct#
a. 'et orce e<ual to rate o c!ange o =inear Momentum b. 'et orce e<ual to mass times acceleration c. =inear momentum is conserved d. Angular Momentum is conserve


I t!e particle moves in curvilinear motion w!ic! trace a pat! s 2 t%>/t. T!en
a. %m&s b. /m&s c. 3m&s d. 0m&s

w!at is t!e linear moment per unit mass w!en t20#

1. * 2. * 3. 3 4. ? 5. 3 6. ? 7. * 8. 3 9. * 10. *