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Day/Date: Time/Duration: Year Number of Pupils Level Units/Themes/Topics: Skills:

Thursday / 22nd August 2013 1 hour 3 30 Intermediate Grammar Common and Proper Nouns 5! Nouns 5 1 3 Common Nouns 5 1 ! Proper Nouns "y the end o# the $esson% pupi$s shou$d &e a&$e to' 1 Te$$ the di##eren(e &et)een (ommon nouns and proper nouns "y the end o# the $esson% pupi$s shou$d &e a&$e to' 1 2 3 *ra$$y identi#y at $east 5 (ommon nouns and 5 proper nouns Arrange (ommon nouns and proper nouns a((ording to (ategory (orre(t$y +nder$ine and (ir($e the (orre(t (ommon and proper nouns in the )or,sheet gi-en Comparing and (ontrasting C$assi#ying Cooperation Attenti-eness Pi(tures .ani$a Card /$ash(ards 0 en-e$opes (ontaining #$ash(ards 1or,sheets 1 2 2

"b#ectives Learnin$ "utcomes:

%%TS &oral 'alues: Teachin$ &aterials:

1 2 1 2 1 2 3 ! 5

Prior (no)le*$e/Skills

0 Ta(,3it Pupi$s ,no) a num&er o# naming )ords #or peop$e% p$a(es and things su(h as (at% gir$% &oy% names o# peop$e they ,no)

Sta$e Set +n*uction ,- minutes. 2 1

Teachin$ Strate$y Tea(her puts up some pi(tures Pupi$s identi#y the names o# the items in the pi(ture

Lan$ua$e %ontent 4oo, at these pi(tures T&:


Pi(tures 6Appendi7 Can you te$$ me )hat they A8 ' are5 /0pecte* ans)ers: Cat, mosque, boy, girl, Dora, Diego, apple, pen 6i8 (at 6ii8 gir$ 69ora8 6iii8 &oy 69iego8 6i-8 mos:ue 6-8 app$e 6-i8 pen

Presentation ,!5 minutes.

Tea(her introdu(es the topi( #or the Today )e are going to $earn day Proper Nouns

T&: .ani$a (ard /$ash(ards 6Appendi7 "8 Ta(,3it 2 3

a&out Common Nouns and 1

Tea(her pastes a pie(e o# mani$a (ard Tea(her )rites tit$e on &oard

Tea(her gi-es short e7p$anation o# )hat (ommon and proper nouns are %ommon noun: Names any %%TS : thing% p$a(e or person Comparing (ontrasting &oral 'alues : Proper noun: names a spe(i#i( Attenti-eness person% p$a(e or thing The #irst $etter eg must .a$a((a% a$)ays Aisyah% &e L"! ;i (apita$ised 2 e g &oy% gir$% mos:ue% pen% pen(i$% &ananas% (at

Pupi$s are sho)n e7amp$es o# (ommon and proper nouns through the use o# #$ash(ards

Tea(her e7p$ains ho) (ommon nouns are di##erent #rom proper nouns

Pupi$s ta,e turns to try and arrange #$ash(ards a((ording to (ommon nouns and proper nouns


Practice ,12 minutes.

Pupi$s gather in groups o# #i-e 60 C$ass% p$ease ma,e si7 groups% T& : groups8 #i-e mem&ers in a group <a(h group )i$$ get 1 APP<N9I> " 1 0 en-e$opes (ontaining #$ash(ards 6Appendi7 C8 2 3 =ou must arrange a$$ the 0 mani$a (ards )ith ta&$es Ta(,3it #or ea(h group

<a(h group is gi-en one en-e$ope )ith a num&er o# #$ash(ards

en-e$ope% 1 mani$a (ard and some ta(,3it

Pupi$s must arrange a$$ the nouns pro-ided in the en-e$ope a((ording to Tea(her gi-es instru(tion the t)o (ategories o# nouns


APP<N9I> "


9*CT*@ T*=*TA BI*; 4A." P<NCI4 "@I9G<


/@*G CA@ P<P;I C<= AI;=AA

"AG .ATA<.ATIC; ;PI9<@.AN ;A*<; P@*T*N


Name : ____________________________________ ____________ Class : ________________


Instructions: Underline the common nouns and circle the proper nouns.

1. 2. &. *. +. -. 0. 1. 2. 14. I

Syahrizan likes to eat bananas. uslims celebrate !ari "aya

#idil$itri in Sya%al. 'lephants ha(e lon) trunks. y $ather likes to plant trees. like to %atch Spon)ebob alacca.

S,uarepants. #lor .a/ah is situated in Noriza and Suhana are )ood $riends. 'n)lish is my $a(ourite sub/ect. 3ions are $ierce animals. Syahmi5s house is (ery bi).

Name : ____________________________________ ____________ Class : ________________


Instructions: 6ind the proper nouns and capitalise the $irst letter o$ the %ords.

1. 2. &. *. +. -. 0. 1.

kudin decided to )o to ha/i leman5s sara %oke up early to )o to school. ali and abu like to eat ice7cream. a mermaid %as $ound at teluk today is thursday. $ather %ants to )o to celcom centre. in arabia8 there %as a $isherman my sister bou)ht red roses $rom the


chempedak8 pahan).

named abdullah. $lo%er shop.