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International Law Summer School: Banking & Finance Law 5th edition Bucharest, Romania July, 19th-28th 2013


Name: Address: City: Phone Nº: Nationality: Date of Birth: Postal Code: Country: E-mail: Passport Nº/ Identity Card Nº:

2. STATUS ELSA Member ELSA Alumni Non ELSA Member Non Student

Position: (please state your ELSA group if you are part of):

good (B) or basic (C)): 5. EDUCATION* Undergraduate Graduate Postgraduate *Please state your university: If you are currently a student please state the year of study: 4. LANGUAGE SKILLS Language(s) & language level spoken by the applicant (native (N). excellent (A). CONTACT PERSON IN CASE OF EMERGENCY Name: Address: Postal Code: City: Phone Nº: Country: E-mail: .3.

* The package without accomodation includes: lunch. Examples of additional fees: fees for transportation costs and social activities. materials needed for academic agenda. (allergies. ask the national ELSA-group of your country. room options. Activities purchased separately : Gala Ball: 30 € Social Programme: 20 € Airport Transport: 5 € 7. VISA etc. social program. dinner. OPTIONS Please state any particular information the organizing committee may require. PARTICIPATION FEE Please select your Main Fee option: ELSA Members* from Favored countries: € 29 per day ELSA Alumni: € 32 per day Non Students: € 40 per day from Non-favored countries: € 33 per day Non ELSA Members: € 35 per day *Package without accommodation: € 220 * If you don’t know whether your country is favored or not.6. participation to the academic agenda. * The Optional Additional Fees Form will be sent to you by email later in the process. food requirements.): .

8. ARRIVAL Please indicate your intended means of transportation: Plane Train Bus Car Ship 9. . MOTIVATION  What recommends you for participating in this event and what are the main reasons that determined you to apply? (between 150 and 300 words).

 Why have you chosen this practice area? Please mention if you have any experience relevant to this practice area (summer schools.  What are your expectations from this event and how do you think it will influence your future career? . internships. additional courses).

)  Fulfill the description that was given while promoting the event. Be able to certify the qualifications and language skills stated in this form upon request.  Accept the place in the S&C event in case he/she has been selected.  Provide support for the student to make it possible to participate in the event (accommodation. 9th The rest of the payment can be handed in person upon arriving in Bucharest. In case the qualifications or language skills are not filled in correctly or cannot be certified by the student. Signature: Date: . CONTRACT This “Application Form” is considered to be a formal contract and commitment between ELSA Bucharest and the applicant stated in this form. Both parties should inform immediately about the changes that are made after filling in the AF or a new AF should be completed. the applicant is committing to:       Participate in the Event (unless due to special circumstances) Pay € 100. ELSA Bucharest is committed to:  Provide the student with the necessary information about the S&C event in order to make a decision for which event he/she wants to apply.10. if the changes were not communicated to the participant. visa etc. transportation.within ten days after receiving a confirmation by email of ELSA Bucharest Pay another € 150 before July. In applying for an S&C event through ELSA. the organizing ELSA group may deny the application and keep the deposit.

• Another € 150 must be paid before 9/07/2013 and the rest of the payment can be paid in person upon arriving in Bucharest.bfl@bucuresti. On this form you should also fill in the date and time of your arrival and DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: 12th of June 2013 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT US: Roxana Daskalu . PLEASE SEND THIS APPLICATION FORM TO: pr. PROCEDURE • Once you have sent this application form you will get a confirmation by e-mail that we received .bfl@bucuresti. After the application period will close (12th of June). you will receive an e-mail telling you whether you have been accepted as a participant or not.11.Responsible for Public Relations e-mail: pr. • A form where you can fill in the additional fees will be send to you by email at least after the first payment has been fulfilled.