Juni 2011: Call to Action - Solidarity with Palestinian refugees marching back to their villages
Sunday 5 June 2011 – March by Palestinians to return to their villages in ‘Canada Park’

On June the 5th 1967, the Palestinian residents of three villages in the Latrun (an area on the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) were forcibly evicted from their homes by the Israeli Army and their houses, schools and holy places razed to the ground. The villagers have been living as refugees and struggling to return to these homes ever since. Their land has been given to the Jewish National Fund (JNF) which has planted ‘Canada Park’ (pictured right) on top of them to conceal that Palestinians ever lived there. The JNF which presents itself as a benign pro-environmental organisation is in fact a central component of the Israeli Apartheid regime where it has worked to eject Palestinians from their homes, denying them access to their land and have worked diligently to destroy the evidence. Since its founding in 1901, the JNF has been been active is supporting Israel at every stage of its ongoing focrible transfer of Palestinians a role which continues to this day. On June 5th each year, the expelled residents of the Latrun villages of Imwas, Yalu and Beit Nuba commemorate the day in 1967 when they were driven from their homes by attempting to march back to their villages and homes. As has happened in the past, it is estimated that the peaceful marchers will be met with violence by the Israeli Army who ruthlessly suppress the refugees in their attempts to return to their villages and resume their lives. No country recognises the legality of the ethnic cleansing or the continued exclusion of the villagers, the land’s rightful owners. The Park is a sinister monument to Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing that is financed by the Canadian section of the JNF-KKL. The campaign to Stop the JNF calls on human rights supporters, refugee rights campaigners to take action in support of the right of Palestinians to return to the homes and villages they were

driven from. We invite individuals to participate in creative solidarity actions for this day, some suggested actions include:

a workshop on the JNF’s involvement in ethnic cleansing, past and present, using the materials developed by the International Stop the JNF Campaign a solidarity protest outside the Canadian Embassy in your country at some time during the same weekend a meeting in your locality at the same time as the Palestinian demonstration to follow a live stream of the events and send your messages of support to the demonstrators come to Palestine and support the villagers trying to return to their villages in person by joining the march

Contact the International Stop the JNF Campaign for information and educational materials on the JNF’s support for the crimes being committed against the Palestinian people. Send us notice of your event/action for the website and send us reports/photos/videos to post on regional pages: web@stopthejnf.org More information: Imwas, Bayt Nuba, Yalu villages / JNF-KKL Canada Park