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Speciol Assumpsil Chevron Corporotion

Anesi, Replevin, Dissemble Order (ARDO)
Heirs of Creotion, Court of Ages

clouse len of ihe Armistice & Accord* of November 22,2O13 siotes: "Armistice initiotes oscended reorieniotion to intro- ond inter-personol relotionships within the heorts ond minds of ALL Heirs of Creotion upon receipt;" ond

the conditions set forth by the Heirs of Creqtion, through court order, in the Armistice & clouse six of the Armistice stotes: "Breoches of these clquses sholl result in reprisols;" ond

Accord hove been breoched; ond

occording to lnternotionol Low, o reprisol domoge or loss suffered; ond

on oct of restorotion. short of wor, for

describes the oction or reprisol chosen for this time; qnd
,l5, 2013, o wholly indemnified court, the Court

through the Letters Potent of December of Ages, wos estoblished; ond

the will of eoch Heir of Creotion


ossured by the low of noture,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE lT RESOLVED by the Couri of Ages on beholf of ALL Heirs of Creotion thot the *n will of the Heirs of Creqtion be fulfilled ond immediote oction token to trigger "THE EVENT" lo perpetuoling, Chevron ossisling mointoining, or wilh, ossocloled include lhe onesl ol onyone

files, vehicles, ond records on eorlh ond lhroughoul lhe universe thol ore in ANY WAY reloted to Chevron Corporolion; dlssembling of ANY AND At! husls. ingtitulions, ogencles, orgonizolions. bureous. services, lnltiotives, or progrsms reloted lN ANY WAY lo Chevron Corporolion.

Corporolion; replevin ol oll properlies, fqcililies, bronches, slstions, offlces, locolions, equipmenl,

/s/ Cindy

K. Curiier.

Ombudsmon ond Porlementoire

Adopted qi Courl of Ages,

session Jonuory 22,2014, Los Angeles, CA

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