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National Association of Black Accountants: “Lifting As We Climb” “Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow

we stand signed the Emancipation Proclamation…But one hundred years later, we must face the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination” (King 101). During the 1960s, African Americans faced racial adversity and segregation throughout many walks of life. Many were barred from certain jobs, restaurants and theaters only due to the color of there skin. Only a limited amount of African Americans were able to achieve college education and be hired for a higher end profession. Thus, leading a group of nine African Americans to hold a meeting in New York in December 1969, to organize the National Association of Black Accountants. “This group wanted to establish an organization to address the concerns of minorities entering the accounting profession and to make a commitment to professional and academic excellence” (About NABA). “The mission of NABA is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors” (About NABA). In order to fully achieve their mission and draw strong interest, NABA expands its membership to high students. To qualify for membership with the NABA during sophomore, junior and senior years of high school, students of ethnic minorities have to complete a one-week residency program called the Accounting Career Awareness Program. Within the week, students will explore careers in the accounting, finance, and business professions; attend college-level classes and tour college campuses, local businesses and CPA firms

Additionally. Moreover. an internship or fellowship experience is required to allow a novice to gain priceless experience. one has to apply for membership within one year of graduating and become a paid member within the same year (College Pipeline Initiative). Furthermore once in college. students have the opportunity to qualify for membership with their local NABA student chapter solely based on their grade point average and major. “After networking. members have the opportunity to become members of the NABA CPA club by completing a 7-week course at Howard University (NABA CPA Bound Initiative). after graduating college NABA student members are required to make the transition to a professional membership. members have the option to become lifetime members by completing a full pledge to the NABA (FY 2013 NABA Board of Directors). Additionally. Furthermore. the second most reason professional members expressed why they stay connected with NABA is because of our ongoing technical training where members can earn CPE credits” (College Pipeline Initiative). . Often with any profession. “The results from our most recent professional membership survey shows that the # 1 reason professional members joined the NABA was because of the wealth of networking opportunities” (College Pipeline Initiative). NABA offers internship programs to its CPI members by pairing them with veteran professional members who will aid the CPI members to make the transition from being a student to a professional (College Pipeline Initiative). NABA offers leadership development training to further progress the development of its members (College Pipeline Initiative). To qualify for the professional membership through the College Pipeline Initiative Program.(Accounting Career Awareness Program).

to encourage minority pupils entering the accounting profession. the NABA is always encouraging its members to become not only accountants but to further their education through their CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Technical Sessions and the CPA Bound Initiative (NABA Membership). and exclusive access to professional social circles. regional and national programs (About NABA). possess a sense of professional and civic responsibility. represent the interests of minority accounting professionals. The goals of the NABA include: to develop professional skills of its members. . leadership coaching. stimulate public confidence in its members. “The Association shall unite through membership…professionals and students who have similar interests and ideal. Realizing further education allows its members to become the very best at their profession and to create a positive impact on their respective organizations. The very success of the NABA lies in its strength to groom and inspire professional potential and growth of it members (NABA Membership). are committed to professional and academic excellence.The chief responsibility of NABA is to help meet the needs of its member and to develop leaders out of its members that can positively affect the accounting and finance world. the NABA focuses on the essential skills for success. “NABA offers unique value-added leadership training and professional development opportunities as well as venues for organizations and individuals to build new business”(NABA Membership). and are concern with enhancing opportunities for minorities…”(About NABA). the NABA supports its members to realize their true potential through a blend of personal and professional education. inspire relations among its members and to ensure financial permanence to chapter. Furthermore. Additionally. arouse opportunities for members to achieve their responsibilities.

the National Association of Black Accountants still continues to exceed at its goal to create equal opportunities for minorities to become leaders in the accounting. and business professions since its founding in 1969.000 CPAs in the United States out of the 200. This was made possible by the strong efforts of the NABA to create opportunities for African American to expand into the accounting profession (About NABA). today there are over 5. Additionally. as they attempt to aid all ethnic minorities. The association ensures each of its members are able to excel in their profession by providing them with proper education and training. With the tiring efforts of the NABA. The NABA has contributed a large impact on the accounting field by racially diversifying the field by allowing minorities to gain an education and interest in the accounting field (NABA Membership). the accounting profession is finally being racially diversified and to ensure every minority has an equal opportunity.000 total African American accountants. The motto of the National Association of Black Accountants.In December 1969. All in all.000 in the United States. there were only 136 African American Certified Public Accountants out of the total 100. “Lifting As We Climb” (NABA Membership). showcases their drive to assist their member to achieve their greatest potential. The founding fathers of the National Black Association wanted to make a difference in the accounting profession and they were able to do beyond that. the NABA does not solely focus on just African Americans. The NABA provide a nurturing process for its members from early on as high school. However. . when the founding fathers of the NABA held their first meeting. finance.

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Biangasso Accounting I Period 5 2 May 2013 .National Association of Black Accountants: “Lifting As We Climb” Navkiran Cheema (Junior) Mr.