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Beginning of Some Criticism of Tarantino If we are to be shown a depiction of torture we need to be prepared in advance.

And we need a reason for it be shown. The danger is that we will misunderstand torture and that we will confuse signs and things they represent. This film makes life more difficult; it makes communicating more difficult. Strangely this film makes it more difficult to see. Sometimes saying !o" is actually an affirmation. In this case saying !o" to #$eservoir %ogs& is saying 'es" to meaning in film. In T(s film #$eservoir %ogs& there is a scene of torture which appears without any preparation. It lasts for an e)cruciatingly long time. *y e)perience of these moments was of hearing someone scream interspersed with grisly flashes +I was continually turning away, ... for no reason. I was busy searching for a possible why- And finding none. It was The film definitely is not an investigation into the meaning or lack of meaning of torture; or into the psychology of torturers it shows its portrayal of torture for an arbitrary while and then goes on to something else. The film itself has nothing to say about what it #shows.& The film says nothing. This is very strange / how can a film show something and yet at the same time say nothing about what has been shown. This is what I meant by saying #the film does not prepare us to see torture.& The responsibility invoked by the sub0ect matter +torture, is so great and its absence so appalling ... it is hard to believe that film actually says nothing" And so a predictable response1 that(s what he is trying to show with this film1 the e)cruciating lack of meaning of torture. But this is playing with words; an evasion. The plain and distressing fact of being shown a scene of putative torture for no reason is avoided. Another confusion1 of course what is shown isn(t torture. Can torture be seen- %oesn(t it actually destroy sight / the capacity to see. In a double sense. I imagine that its probably easier to see from the perspective of the torturer since his2her perspective retains an immediate sense of control. 3e as viewers always have the option of turning away / a tortured person of course would never have that option. The default position of the viewer of a scene of torture has to be the torturer. And the position of the torturer has be one of fundamental blindness / however it is theori.ed. 4et us say that the torturer cannot see what he or she is doing to the tortured / and in order to keep on torturing he or she must not see. But the tortured ... how could we see from their perspective unless our bodies were twisted in that way. If in the most concrete profound and immediate sense seeing isn(t simply a bio/mechanical category but a capacity for seeing a world with others; if seeing first of all depends upon some kind of sharing with others then torture is a kind of terrible blindness that blinds even though the eyes are preserved. 3e can imagine the torturer blind in this fundamental sense / but what does torture do to the tortured- It must be an attack on their capacity to see others to see / a world. It would be this e)perience of losing a world of losing a capacity for others +I am imaging this lack/of/world as bordering upon pure chaos, that would be impossible to represent impossible to see. 5ow could a seeing which preserved in itself the capacity to see a world with others see the losing of this fundamental sight3hat is being shown in this torture scene if isn(t torture- Some sort of confusion and mis/representation- And how is it desirable- 6ery many people have said that they liked this film. Are they lying or self/deceived- If not how is my e)perience so alien- As a matter of course we must also take into account the 5ollywood effect. This isn(t one isolated film / but a particular e)ample of an industrial product produced for mass consumption and ultimately profit.

Also these desires seem impersonal to me / they precede me.An aspect of this writing / the desire to show #my& moral advancement. 7r skill with words. This seems reasonable to me / perhaps without these desires writing would be impossible. Also I note .