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555 W. 160 St. | New York, NY 10032 | 21 !336!16"" | e##o2013$%&'(#.)o&

Hardworking, resourceful, multitasking young professional skilled in several levels of editing, including content/substantive, copy and proofreading, across different writing forms. A strong writer, sharp researcher, and meticulous organizer with internship experience in the publishing and communications industries.

-r(0)eto0 /0(1er2(t3, Princeton, ! !une "#$% • &.A. in 'nglish, (inor in 'uropean )ultural *tudies +PA, %.-.% /A0 average1 • )reative 2riting Award, 3utstanding 2ork by a *enior • *enior 4hesis, 56amiliar )haracters, 7ntangling the 2eb of the *elf in 38)onnor8s 9ost &oys and Proud (atriarchs:

4ree#'0)e E5(tor ;allas, 4< 6all "#$% • )opy and content edit young adult fantasy book series • )opy edit for a construction industry blog on sales, pro=ect management, accounting and other topics 6r'57'te I0ter0, -(er8o0t .o&&70()'t(o02 ;allas, 4< 6all "#$% • 2rote targeted media pitches for financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, human resources, training and leadership publications • )reated and maintained $# media lists for niche industries, including food services, finance, nonprofit, luxury real estate, mining and auto racing • &rainstormed and created guidelines for the Pierpont8s 4witter usage, as well as marketing materials for Pierpont, including brochures and promotional giveaways • (onitored the news from ># outlets daily for clients, compiling reports of relevant stories • 2rote and/or edited magazine articles, blogs, media releases, event descriptions, fact sheets, website copy /using )(*1 and other P? materials • Performed market research and brainstormed proposal ideas for prospective clients, including survey writing and analysis as well as competitor research • *ought out and organized editorial calendars from publications, searching for editorial opportunities -79#() +e#'t(o02 I0ter0, 6'&eSto8 .or8. ;allas, 4< *ummer "#$" • 'dited and wrote press releases receiving -#@ media pickups • *urveyed media reactions to company and industry news, including +ame*top8s Auarterly earnings • )ompleted media interaction training • 2rote article 5How to Pick the ?ight +ifts for +amers,: distributed by 6amily 6eatures and picked up by B##@ outlets • )reated media blasts and email alerts sent to the "# million@ member customer loyalty program E5(tor('# I0ter0, :)6r'w!H(## S)hoo# E57)'t(o0 6ro78 ew Cork, C *ummer "#$$ • 2orked on editorial team creating year0long curriculum of weekly leveled story books for grades "0-

• • • • • • • • •

'dited manuscripts and proofread first0run prints of books and various curriculum materials 9iaised with contracted writers and designers for the weekly books 4racked transmittals of multiple manuscripts between varying parties across several stages of the publication process ?esearched nonfiction material, such as biographies and science, to be included in books +enerated story ideas in many genres, from fantasy to historical fiction

'xperience with Docus, )ision, Profnet and HA?3 6amiliar with the following social media platforms, 6acebook, 4witter, 4umblr, Pinterest, Cou4ube and Enstagram *trong knowledge of (icrosoft 3ffice for (ac and P), including 2ord, PowerPoint, 'xcel and 3utlook Entermediate *panish

;o#70teer '05 -ro<e)t .oor5(0'tor, 6etSET A=ter!2)hoo# 8ro%r'& 4renton, • • • ! "##F0"#$% 3rganized volunteers and planned enriching activities for children in grades G0H (entored the children, including tutoring, maintaining discipline and guiding in activities Publicized the pro=ect to double volunteer turnout

A)t(1(t(e2 .h'(r, -r(0)eto0 >7'5r'0%#e .#79 Princeton, ! "#$" • Planned weekly events and other special activities for club members • Acted as historian, maintaining past and present club event photos and designing slideshows and displays • ;esigned event posters and brainstormed publicity planning -79#()(t3 .h'(r ? E1e0t .oor5(0'tor, -r(0)eto0 .'r(99e'0 .o00e)t(o0 Princeton, ! "#$#0"#$" • Advertised events through social media • ;esigned event posters and organized their distribution • Arranged student cultural events such as film screenings, musical performances and group discussions -ro2e Se#e)t(o0 St'==, N'22'7 L(ter'r3 +e1(ew Princeton, ! "#$$0"#$" • ?ead and edited B## pages of prose submissions and, with team, selected works to publish • otified re=ected writers via email, giving encouragement and constructive criticism on submitted work St'== Wr(ter, The Daily Princetonian Princeton, ! "##F0"#$# • 2rote and collaborated on pieces concerning campus events and student life for Princeton8s biggest daily newspaper • *cheduled and conducted an average of - in0person, telephone or email interviews per article

E#(@'9eth L. L#o35 | 21 !336!16"" | e##o2013$%&'(#.)o&