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Bulletin 1500 Line

Medium Voltage Controllers

Description — Bulletin 1500 Vacuum Controllers
The Centerline® Medium Voltage Controllers provide starting of standard three phase induction and synchronous motors. Controllers for induction motors are available in voltage ranges from 2400 to 6900 volts, to control motors up to 9000 Hp. Synchronous controllers are available for voltages from 2400 to 6900 volts for motors up to 10000 Hp.

• Low voltage compartment – low voltage components and control wiring • Power bus compartment – encloses main horizontal power bus In addition to the controllers, auxiliary sections are also available. The auxiliary sections include incomers, load break switches and transition units.

Induction Motor Controllers
Full voltage non-reversing controllers are available in two structure configurations: • 1-High: One complete motor starter in a single vertical section. • 2-High: Two complete motor starters in a single vertical section. Induction controllers can be supplied for the following starting modes: • • • • Full Voltage Reversing Full Voltage Non-Reversing Multi-Speed Reduced Voltage, reactor and autotransformer

Description — Smart Motor Controllers, Bulletin 1560D/1562D
This controller provides solid-state reduced voltage starting and stopping control for medium voltage motors. Included as standard are built-in metering, protection and communications capabilities. Programmable for total flexibility giving you a full range of starting methods. • Soft Start — provides smooth stepless motor acceleration. • Soft Start with selectable Kickstart — provides an extra pulse of torque to overcome the friction in high inertia loads. • Current Limit Start — useful for applications that require the motor’s inrush current to be limited during acceleration. • Dual Ramp Start — enables you to choose between two separate Soft Start profiles. • Full Voltage Start — performs like a solid-state contactor. Full inrush current and locked motor torque are achieved. Refer to Rockwell Automation Sales Office or Distributor for price and technical information. There are many other features and accessories available for controlling and protecting your motors.

Synchronous Motor Controllers
Synchronous controllers are available for similar methods listed above for both Brush or Brushless type motors.

Bulletin 1500 Controller Features
• Power cell compartment which includes as standard: – non-load break isolation switch – power fuses – vacuum contactor – current transformers – control power transformer

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Communication options: • Remote I/O • RS-232/422/485. volts. Some of the features that make this drive unique are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • No step-down/step-up transformers Fully digital with vector control CSI-PWM inverter design Latest GTO inverter technology 98. The field oriented control and three level space vector modulation. Product Highlights • • • • • • • • • Voltage source — Three level — PWM 2400V/3300V/4160V PWM — Space vector — Field oriented control technology Advanced digital signal processor technology High input power factor Liquid cooled design Precise speed and torque control Self tuning algorithms PC Windows™ based control interface Various options are available.6% efficiency No motor derating required Tachless design — Vector control Digital display of output amps. “READY” and “FAULT”. software-adjustable from 1 second to 1 hour 4 software-adjustable skip speeds with common adjustable skip bandwidth Software-adjustable flux profile On-line diagnostics Electronic drive overload protection Flying start Electronic reversing Panel View 550 Operator interface More specialized options are offered such as: • • • • • • • Line harmonic reduction Power factor correction Vector control with tachometer Harmonic analysis Torsional analysis Synchronous transfer Liquid cooled system Description — MV High Performance AC Drive 1567 Power Max™ The 1567 Power Max AC Drive offers high performance control of an AC induction motor and is the latest addition to our medium voltage drive family. 400 to 10000 Hp. 7-2 . permits precise speed regulation and torque control. “RUN”. Panel mounted devices showing status with pilot lights for “POWER ON”. speed and load Fully digital control section Independent 4-segment acceleration and deceleration ramps. such as optional overload protection methods. input contactors with fused isolating switch.Bulletin 1500 Line Medium Voltage Controllers Description — MV AC Drive. together with advanced Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Door mounted diagnostic printer and a selection of meters. Bulletin 1557 The 1557 Medium Voltage AC Drive is a true medium voltage drive for induction motors. DH485 DFI protocol • DeviceNet Refer to Rockwell Automation Regional Office for more technical information. Bypass and output contactors. The three level neutral point clamp Gate Turn Off (GTO) power structure provides smooth current output to the motor. which reduces the motor heating. 2400 to 6900 volts. Its precise speed and torque control make it ideal for controlling the most demanding application.