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Form No:__________


The Controller of Examinations Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur
Subject: Sir,

I request for award of ____________________________ Degree at 7th Convocation-2014.

The attested photo copies of required Pass/Marks certificate and payment of Rs.2000.00 (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred) in shape of Demand Draft/Pay Order/Bank Challan No.____________ Dated _______________ in favour of “A/C. PLS-1440 (7th Convocation-2014) HBL University Branch, Khairpur are enclosed.

01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 07. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Name (in capital letter): Father’s Name: CNIC: Examination Passed:
(Mention Bachelor/Master/Hons./Pass)/BS 4 Year Program)

Photo here Male/Female



Seat No: Total Marks Obtained: Position (Mention Faculty/Department Top (if any): Regular/External: Name of College/Department: Permanent Address: Postal Address: Contact Number:

06. 08.

Annual/Supply/Semester Year Division/Grade:


Email Address:
____________________________ SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT

Convocation Registration No: It is verified that the application Mr./Miss________________________________________ S/o, D/o______________________________________ has passed the Examination ___________________ under Seat No:__________ in Annual/Supply/Semester Exam of year _________ as a _______________ candidate. He/She has been placed in ___________ Grade/Division/Position (if any)__________ Medalist (if any)_________________
___________________ SUPERINTENDENT (Degree Section) __________________________ ASSISTANT CONTROLLER

Ed/M. Shikarpur. i.A (Final)/M. B.P.A/ as per university rules) at the Convocation-2014. Khairpur Phone # +92 243 9280127.Com/B. ii. as well as Shikarpur Campus. +92 243 9280073 Fax # +92 243 9280439 Email: convocation@salu. Jacobabad.00 (Two Thousands ) for each degree as registration fee through Pay Order/Demand Draft/Challan in favour of Shah Abdul Latif A/C No.2000/as Registration fee and required documents in all the branches of HBL or through courier or by hand on or before the last date./B. A.D & M. who have passed their following university examinations of 2010-2011 and 2011-12 can apply for the award of their degrees and Medals (if Medallist. Khairpur on payment of Rs. Khairpur is holding its 7th Convocation-2014 in the last week of January. ii. BS(CS)/BS(IT)/MIT & MCS (BS 4 Year & Final) in Computer Science/BBA/MBA/ B.Ed/ Website: www.12. can also apply for the award of degrees in the convocation.A/M.01. +92 243 to the Controller of Examinations.1440 (7th Convocation-2014).Sc (Home Economics) (Pass)/B.salu. However. duly filled in.salu.Ed/B. All the students – (Regular/Externals/Private).Ed & LL. signed along with payment of Rs.2014 The application forms can be obtained from all Branches of Habib Bank Limited of concerned Nine Districts i-e Naushehro Note: All the graduates of 1987 to 2010-11. i. The application form can also be downloaded from the university website (Regular) All Ph.B BCS/BBA/BS(CS/IT). Ghotki. Final.Phil Degrees Affiliated colleges All B. who still could not get their degrees issued.2013 15.SHAH ABDUL LATIF UNIVERSITY KHAIRPUR. SINDH. Sukkur.A/BPA (Pass & Hons.Sc/M. Semester. . Khairpur.Com/MPA (BS 4 Year. 2014. iii. 2000. Shah Abdul Latif University. Kashmore. MBA all affiliated Institutes/Colleges.)/M. PAKISTAN 7TH CONVOCATION-2014 Shah Abdul Latif University.Sc. Hons & Pass) all departments. Shahdad Kot and University/Campuses B. Registrar Office and offices of the Controller of Examinations of Shah Abdul Latif University. those who have already received their Degrees/Medals at the Convocation need not The Students shall submit their applications form.Sc/B. Schedule Issuance of Application forms Last date for submission of Application forms 01.

as gown fee Rs.SHAH ABDUL LATIF UNIVERSITY KHAIRPUR. 06. Faculty: Department: Name (in capital letter): Father’s Name: CNIC: Examination Passed: (Mention Bachelor/Master/Hons.will be refunded on return of gown Must come for rehearsal one-day before the convocation day One family member is allowed possessing original CNIC as mentioned above _____________________________________ CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS . 04.1500/. SINDH. 03. 02. 09. 07.1000/. 08. 05./Pass)/BS 4 Year Program) Photo here Male/Female – – Male Female Annual/Semester: Year: Relationship: Position (Mention Faculty/Department Top (if any): Name of one accompanied family member: CNIC: – – ______________________________ SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT INSTRUCTIONS      Bring this Registration/Invitation Card Bring your original CNIC Bring Rs. PAKISTAN 7TH CONVOCATION-2014 Reg: No:___________ 01. Website: . Khairpur Phone # +92 243 9280127. +92 243 9280073 Fax # +92 243 9280439 Email: convocation@salu.7TH CONVOCATION-2014 Please write complete Postal Address below for delivery of Convocation Registration/Invitation Card _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________ From: Convocation Desk Office of Controller of Examinations Shah Abdul Latif +92 243 9280066.salu.