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Fire Eddie James Chords by Jesse Wilson

Intro : [G A F - G A F E F (3x)] Bb/F (F/C) Eb/F (repeat)[A G F D C] Bb (C) Dm7 (F/A) Gm7 [Bb A G F F] EbM7 (F/A) Bb2 Verse :F I’ve got a fire C/F Bb/F I’ve got a f ire burning[Bb A G F F] EbM7Burning inside of me (repeat)Bb CYour presence is my passionDm7When you captured my gazeEb2You set me ablaze with your Chorus :F Bb (C) DmFire, fire, fireEb/C or (Cm7)Ever burning, all consumingDm7 C/E F/A BbFire, fire, fireEb [Bb A G F F F] * Hits/End : F>>>>>> C/F>>>>>> Bb/F>>> [Bb A G F F] EbM7You baptized me with your spirit and fire * Runs : [E F E C] [F E C D] Intro to Bridge : Bb C Dm7 C/E F (repeat) Bridge :Bb C In your presence, when I’m at your throne Dm7 C/E F It’s like fire, shut up in my bones Bb C You’re the one, the one that I desire Dm7 C/E F Dm7 C Gm7 Dm7 You’reall consuming fire (repeat) * Change Up : You’re the all consuming fire