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he is caught and as a consequence arrested. Unfortunately. One of the days. 2 .Assignment Languages in contact CONTENT Select a written or oral text containing code-switching (a conversation. although they live in poverty they love each other. the family has no income. while this is in jail that his wife has been cheating on him with a rich man. While Chino is in jail. an email. Someone from the ghetto tells Chino. But one night Chino decides to join a group of people and commits robbery. They break for a while. is prepared to work for a drug dealer. from jail. His son. because she doesn’t want to have two family members in jail. During the film the participants in the film from time to time use code-switching. For my analysis I chose ˮI Like It Like Thatˮ. It is then when Lisette. The film has as main protagonists a Puerto Rican family. a poor place. she is constrained to pawn her wedding ring. a neighbourhood of poverty and crime. an extract from a book. although they see each other everyday. take advantage of the situation and releases Chino. Chino and their two children. After few attempts she is hired to assist Richie. the participants involved. Lisette discovers that she is Worthing. Chino and Lisette. Of course that everything is a misunderstanding because. where they struggle to survive. They live in the ghetto of Bronx. the man she wanted for so many years. Lisette’s boss. Magdalena Soto. domain and the function of code-swithing. the topic and the motivation of the interaction. As she doesn’t have the money. This film depicts the way of living/being/ speaking of the Puerto Rican community. the stereo breaks and Chino promises her to get a new one. made of Lisette. when she hears this. Lysette’s brother is a travestite called Alexis and who lives downstairs and who is the person who helps Lisette when this needs help. During this period. in New York. But only in some occasions which I transcribed them hereunder and where I will explain the exact context. brings her home one night and it is then when somebody from the neighbourhood sees her and misinform Chino. they finally surmount their problems and become a better family. They live in the ghetto of The Bronx. Transcribe oral texts. an article. Analyse the functions of code-switching in the discourse. Explain the context and domain where it was produced. a 1994 film directed by Darnell Martin. But in order to be able to do this job she needs some money. "C". an advertisement.). After both being unfaithful. Richie. She hears about a job as a model in the Menendez brothers’ escort service. a fashion designer from a firm that coordinates models for fashion shows. etc. a song. decides to look for a job.

her husband doesn’t want to leave her go) The scene takes place in Lisette and Chino’s street. and there is Chino. [0:05:59] I’m sorry that I don’t have big tetas like Magdalena. It is a social gathering between Chino and his friends. Here Lisette is quoting Chino. Alexis: [0:07:15] why you even bother nena Alexis: [0:07:32] All I’m saying nena This conversation takes place between Lisette and Alexis. The function of code-switching here I think is for emphasis. [56:06 ] Sangría.Domain: Lisette and Chino’s flat. The function of code -switching here is to express feelings. Lisette.ˮI like it like that/ Si a ti te quiero amor/ I want you like thatˮ . Mira. Another reason could be because of the confidentiality they have with each other. the corazón. They use this word in need of a lexical item. which does not exist in English. mira. my number is winning today. The reason why she uses ˮnenaˮ is linguistic need for this lexical item. the Lisette’s rival for Chino. [0:01:55] Mira. and the reason why she uses code-switching is because I think that she wants to capture attention as in that street there are many Puerto Ricans that speak both English and Spanish. atmosphere The domain: social. At some point. approaches their circle and it is then when Lisette says that because she is jealous of Magdalena’s breasts.[0:00:45] Oye. [1:03:04-07] I’ve got bright tetas 3 .(she is irritated because they received an unexpected visit and she wants to go downstairs but Chino. Two boys say that when two sexy ladies get off a car and walk towards their place. And I think it is used for identity reasons. The song from the beginning uses both Spanish and English . This conversation takes place somewhere outside. I just want go down to Alexis.A woman in the street. You just gotta have the heart . In other words. [0:05:35] Chino por favor.We hear the son while images of the streets are shown. and some of their neighbours. Magdalena. Somebody from the circle: that’s right. She is irritated. The reason why one of the boys uses “corazón” is to add emphasis. The domain is: the Bronx ghetto. [0:08:10-11]Lissette: You gonna’t have the perfect body to be a model ok? . in the latter’s flat. there is a community which speak Spanish and English and maybe to identify with this particular group.

in the jail. Dios mio-.Can you hear thatChino. I’ve got bright tetas The social domain where this takes place is in Alexis’s home. when she tells him that Chino doesn’t love her and that her son is not his. namely the Puerto Rican from Bronx. Magdalena’s father gives. The domain specificity is always the same among the people living in this community. Padre Santíssimo. Padre Santíssimo”. The speakers’ selection of code-switching is metaphorical. talking to her boss. [1:04:31-32] Una casa de animales (Chino’s mother) When Lisette leaves Chino. in Magdalena’s store and at Lysette’s office. which is not very formal. before being at peace. in other cases they are in need of linguistic filler which cannot be found 4 . Alexis and Lisette are in Alexis’s home and Alexis is scolding Lisette for not doing her job of mother well. while at their shop. After that she goes towards an icon and starts saying: “Reza por nosotros. Conclusion: As a conclusion. So. However. The function of code-switching here is to add emphasis. the function of code-switiching is to express feelings. as I have already explained. She is annoyed in a way because everybody tell her about her breasts and therefore is just to add emphasis. she doesn’t use code-switching but she maintains her register. it can be said that the domain where the action takes place is mainly in Chino and Lisette’s home but also in Alexis’ home. Lisette shouts at Alex and when she lives she says “Dios Mio”. Chino’s mother tries to domesticate them but there is no way. [01:19:54-55] Chino por favor please. Lisette. Alexis: [01:23:11] Oh. In this cases annoyance. Alexis is talking to her/himself and praying with low pitch. there are many reasons. Lisette says this when she tries to explain something to Chino. particularly. [01:23:22-25] Reza por nosotros. That means. She is then irritated and says “Una Casa de Animales”. where this lend Lisette her false breasts. [01:17:18] coño Magie/ Magie This is the answer. his mother takes care of the children. In this specific context. in some cases they want to identify with their culture. in the street. Code-switching has many functions. as she is the only one who is showed outside.

the only way to express stronger feelings is by using the word in their mother the other language. 5 . Other times.

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