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Screen printing

Screen printing in simple terms may be said as improved methods of stencil printing. Screen printing consists of three elements:1) The screen printing which is the image carrier 2) The squeeze 3) Printing paste

Screen printing is a method where by an open, but closely meshed screen mounted in a wooden or metal frame. The design is created by painting out or otherwise making opaque portions of the screen.

There are three methods of screen printing:1) Hand screen printing 2) Auto screen printing 3) Rotary screen printing . Those areas where the print paste does pass through will register as the printed pattern.Thus preventing the print paste from passing through.

B) The artists designs is copied onto a series of very fine.Hand screen printing A) Flat screen printing is done by hand. . flat screen. C) Each design of the screen may be drawn by hand and a coating of lacquer or other impermeable substance applied to all parts of the screen that are not part of the design. one for each color to be printed.

A screen representing one color of the design is set by hand over the fabric in the first position with metal brackets on the sides of the fabric to hold it in place. This process must be repeated for each color to be used in the design. . The printing paste or dye is poured on the screen and forced through its unblocked areas onto the fabric with a rubber-edged squeeze.Procedure for printing:1. The fabric to be printed is attached to a backing spread on a long table. The frame is then raised and placed on the next section of the fabric and the operating is repeated until the entire length of the cloth is printed with that one color. 3. 2.