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#ean $eating is winning because he assesses the ta% against those using his credit to their benefit and not paying up! Embedded in the audio and in the transcript is the truth about mortgage foreclosure and what you need to focus on to file your counter claim which is mandatory! Alleged lender took your &note& and put you into an investment contract without your knowledge under the Statues of 'raud ()olorado *)) +-,-,-./0 "our &note& is a &registered security& and you have a claim of recoupment on the proceeds1 it is spelled out in the various laws0 En2oy! To listen to the audio you will find it on www0talkshoe0com - !33-+4 on 5ecember 3th of ,-.-! +++++++++++++++++++++

Dec 9, 2010 Jean Keating on Angela Stark Tax law, commercial law, accounting and trust law, adverse claims and void udgments !"# #ou are not winning in court$ !ell, %&ve 'een teac"ing (or )0 #ears and doing researc" (or )0 #ears$ % "ave a degree in commercial 'anking law and commercial law and % understand t"e *ni(orm +ommercial +ode and trust law w"ic" all , are related$ -ou "ave to understand tax law, trust law, commercial law and accounting i( #ou don&t #ou won&t understand an#t"ing or w"at t"e court is o.erating under$ !ell, i( #ou go in court, t"ese courts "ave 2 urisdictions / a .u'lic side o.erates in commercial and a .rivate side t"at o.erates under +ommon 0aw and t"eir +ourts o( contract$ %( #ou contract wit" t"em t"e# "ave Jurisdiction$ To not contract, make a S.ecial A..earance$ 1ake a 0etter 2ogator# and ever# time % "ave done one % "ave 'een success(ul, #ou "ave to read *++ 3/)01 and 3/)02 it tells #ou "ow to do a conditional acce.tance u.on .roo( o( claim$ -ou "ave to c"allenge t"eir rig"t, most o( t"ese .eo.le are making .resentments on 'e"al( o( someone else, t"e# don&t ever tell #ou t"eir aut"orit# to do t"at is$ !"en t"e# do t"ese loans t"at&s w"at t"ere doing on a mortgage loan t"e# are making a .resentment on 'e"al( o( someone else$ -ou can kill all t"ese mortgage on t"e administrative level4 t"e# s"ould never get to court$ !"at a'out a non/ udicial state5 T"e# never go to court an#wa#6 A udicial, t"e# (ile a com.laint against #ou$ 7on/Judicial t"e# can&t do t"at, t"e# can not do a non/ udicial 'ecause it it&s a con(essed udgment$ T"e Deed o( Trust contains a con(essed udgment t"at is w"ere t"e# get t"e .ower o( sale$ 2ead t"e .ower o( sale clause in t"e Deed o( Trust$ !"en a loan goes into de(ault t"e# enter t"e rig"t under t"e .ower o( sale, t"at&s a con(essed udgment$ %n +A in 1131 to 113, o( t"e +A civil code #ou cannot do a con(essed udgment on a mortgage loan unless t"e 'orrower "as consented to itt$ T"at means "e "as to (ile an 8at" and 8rder wit" t"e court and it "as to 'e certi(ied '# an Attorne#$ All t"ese Deeds 8( Trust contain a con(essed udgment$ T"at is num'er 16 7um'er 2 is #ou&re not dealing in a mortgage loan, #ou are dealing in an investment contract and t"e# are "olding #ou lia'le on a contract t"at #ou are not a .art# t"at is t"e 9ooling and Servicing Agreement$ *nder t"e Statue o( :rauds w"ic" is Sec 1;2, o( t"e +A civil code and its in t"e *++ at 2/201 Sec 2/201 and t"e Statue o( :rauds was designed to .revent t"e ver# t"ing t"e# are doing$ T"e Statue o( :rauds is evidentiar# and i( #ou don&t raise it, #ou waive it$ % don&t know o( one .erson t"at "as ever raised t"e Statue o( :raud as a de(ense$ T"e land mark decision is t"e Seacrest Case 'ecause w"en #ou go to closing t"e# are doing a loan modi(ication$ <ecause t"e# made #ou a .art# to a contract to w"ic" #ou are not a .art# to$ -ou are a 3 rd .art# +ontractee to t"e 9ooling and Servicing Agreement and t"e .roo( o( t"at is t"at is w"ere #our mortgage .a#ments are going$ T"e 9a#ments are going to t"e investors as a cas" (low claim$ T"ere not going to t"e servicing, t"e# are merel# .assing t"e .a#ments on to t"e investors$ !"# are t"e# giving t"em to t"e investor5

So you could rescind the transaction 'hen it $oes to foreclosure.ermissive counter claim$ • • Mandatory arises from the same transaction and occurrence as the plaintiffs claim . not -rticle 3 of the UCC* 'hat you call a note is a security and it is a non-ne$otia+le instrument. /f they are non-ne$otia+le they are not $overned +y -rticle 3* there $overned +y $eneral contract la'* specifically 6estatement of 7a' Second series under contract Section 1!8 'hich has to do 'ith mis-representation 'hich means its su+0ect to recission. 2nd Claim is UCC 3-30!" you have a proprietary and possessionary and property interest in the note and its proceeds. /f you read the -d0usta+le" su+-prime mort$a$es have an ad0usta+le rate rider that $oes 'ith the note. All t"ese notes are securities.lications$ 7one o( t"e a.t apply to residential mort$a$e loans +ut $o do'n to in Section < it says at foreclosure you have the ri$ht to rescind the loan transaction if 2 thin$s occur: 1..ose to 'e in t"e credit a.. 1. . &he rider modifies the conditions of payment and supplements and $overns the promissory note. &here are a do5en cases that say all mort$a$e notes are non ne$otia+le instruments.. &hey 'ill tell you only have >2 hours* if they did not $ive you notice the statute of limitations does not toll until they tell you* you have a ri$ht to rescind. .-505 to .a#ee or assignee or trans(eree$ T"e# don&t take it (ree o( t"at t"e# take it su' ect to #our claims and de(enses$ What are your claims and defenses? 1$A Under UCC 3-305 you have a claim in recoupment .ile the claim? /f you read .romissor# note t"at "as "ad a maturit# o( 9 mont"s or less5 -ou "aven&t6 And t"ere is also su. %o one ever does it +ecause they don.23 of &/7. 7o one is (iling a counter/claim t"at is w"# t"e# are running over #ou6 -ou can&t 'e a creditor unless #ou (ile a counter/claim6 *++ 3/30) 2.33$2$ !"ic" sa#s t"at t"e 'u#erBseller take it su' ect to all t"e de(enses and claims t"at t"e 'u#er could assert against an# trans(eree or an# 'u#er w"o 'u#s it$ 8r an#'od# w"o sells it. $overns -rticle 3 +ecause you are dealin$ in securities. /t says that it doesn. !"ic" is a counter/claim and t"at&s t"e same language in 2ule 13 o( :2+C9 2ule 13 sa#s t"ere are 2 t#.Anot"er t"ing to stud# is4 t"at #ou are dealing in securities not negotia'le instruments$ !"at #ou call a ..23.a#or could assert against an# . &he lender has to $ive you the .t read the UCC. -rticle .orm. you 'ere not $iven notice of the ri$ht to rescind 3. there 'as no mort$a$e +ro4era$e fee char$ed and 2.lication under Title 1. #ou can do it at foreclosure.s all in 22!. &he form in -ppendi3 <-. not notes or negotia'le instruments$ Article > governs 3 and . it tells you ho' to file a claim? &he claim is called an -dverse Claim* it.or 6e$ 9 : 12 cfr in the -ppendi3 there is a .orm <-. &hey al'ays endorse these notes (pay to the order of)* you have a ri$ht to rescind that ne$otiation.-105 of -rticle .s defined in . -nother thin$ you are not in a loan transaction* your in an investment contract UCC 8-102 under -pplica+ility says if an item is includa+le in -rticle 3 its $overned +y -rticle . /f you read 22!.t +e a ne$otia+le instrument if it is su+0ect or $overned +y e3traneous documents outside of the promissory note. #ou have the ri$ht to rescind ne$otiation of the transaction.-50.-102 and .ose to 'e a Disclaimer t"at is su.$ What you have to do is you have a claim in recoupment or a claim under 3-30! to the proceeds and a ri$ht to rescind the ne$ o( counter/claims. .. UCC 3-10!2d it can. c(r . or your 'ere not $iven the appropriate . When you are dealin$ in securities it is $overned +y -rticle . 'ut t"e# take it out o( t"ese loan a. %e$otiation means the endorsement on the note. -nd you have a possessionary and property ri$ht in the proceeds of the investment contract.orm to rescind* that. and <-= it is in the -ppendi3. t"ere is a mandator# and .orm and <-=. -nd they ma4e it su+0ect to the ad0usta+le rate rider and the deed of trust.romissor# note is a securit# 'ecause it "as a maturit# o( more t"an 9 mont"s$ All t"ese mortgages "ave 30 and 20 #ear maturities$ 2ead Title 1)=2>=?> @cA 104 an# note t"at "as a maturit# o( 9 mont"s or less is excluded (rom t"e de(inition o( a securit#$ <ecause it&s not a securit# it&s a note$ !"ere "ave #ou ever seen one .lications "ave t"at disclaimer in it$ T"at means t"ere is no "older in due course$ <ecause i( #ou read *++ 3/302 o( t"e *++ a "older in due course takes it (ree o( all claims and de(enses t"at t"e ...

ossession o( contra'and$ So w"at t"e# are doing is 'illing #ou (or t"e tax t"at t"e# owe$ 7o one raises t"is issue 'ecause t"e# do not understand it$ T"at is w"# ever# mortgage is a tax issue$ T"ere are 2 issuesG an investment contract and a tax$ T"e reason a tax comes into . standin$ is a threshold issue.. %one of these servicin$ company. t"e# don&t own t"em$ T"e 'anks are going to "ave to give it 'ackG t"ere is not enoug" mone# in all t"e 'anks to .le$ -ou contract t"en w"en t"e# rule against #ou even t"oug" t"e# didn&t "ave su' ect matter urisdiction #ou gave t"em t"at..2.resent an#one6 6ead the dead man statues 'hich 'ere codified under Cro+ate la'* 6ule !01 under .1 identities 'ho as the issuer of the B/G is under &itle 15 Sec >.t t"e securit#$ So t"at means all t"e investors t"at 'oug"t cas" (low claims under t"e 9ooling and Servicing agreement "ave got wort"less . t"at wa# #ou don&t waive urisdiction.a. >/K +urrent 2e. c 2a 2.2 and >)2 o( Title 2. /t tells you ho' to do that* no +ody is doin$ that? -nother reason your loosin$ in court is +ecause none of these courts have su+0ect matter 0urisdiction over land.t o'n the loans* 'ho o'ns the security* the +orro'er does. 'ut #ou "ave to raise it$ -lso in personam* in order for the court to have 0urisdiction the plaintiff has to +e there and the defendant* +oth party.t have 0urisdiction $ T"ese attorne#s don&t "ave urisdiction to re. as a 2eal Fstate %nvestment Trust so t"ere in . Eecause they don.t o'n them.2. all t"is ca.rauds.ital and in t"e law review '# David 0evit"in @S95A t"at goes into t"e rami(ications$ T"e 'anks t"at allegedl# (inanced all t"ese loans are going to "ave to give all t"e mone# 'ack to t"e investors as cas" (low claims 'ecause t"e# never trans(erred4 t"e# 'oug"t somet"ing t"at t"e# never got$ T"e# .a# out 90D o( t"eir taxa'le income in interest and dividends to t"e investors t"en t"e# "ave a tax lia'ilit#$ T"e# do not Euali(# under Section >. Bnly a land court and in . or securities and t"e# were never trans(erred to t"em.ederal 6ules of Dvidence* it $oes to competency to testify* they are incompetent to testify for a dead person.ut t"at admonition at t"e to. to testi(# 'e(ore congress on t"e su'/(inance committee under communit# "ousing. % .lorida are the county courts and it says that in the constitution.onsi'ilit# to 'ring it is 'ecause t"e# never trans(erred t"e securit#. (/ am +efore this court +y special appearance 'ithout 'aivin$ any ri$hts remedies or defenses* statutory or procedural).orm .1.s 'hy this CountryWide and the Femp case* this 'omen an employee from CountryWide testified that none of the notes are transferred. &hey can. /f they are $oin$ to hold you lia+le under a contract 'hich you are an undisclosed 3 rd party and it has not +een su+scri+ed to +y you and you have not memoriali5ed it then you have a ri$ht to the proceeds. %( #ou go into t"e udiciar# o( t"e :lorida Title ) Sec20 it tells #ou w"at courts "ave urisdiction$ County courts have 0urisdiction over land* so 'hat you are doin$ are contractin$ 'ith those that don.t have the note. S/3 2egistration Statement.ort are all invalid$ T"at are (iled wit" t"e SF+ 'ecause t"e notes4 t"e securit# were never trans(erred at closing$ T"e investors .+ecause they say you a+andoned your claim or recoupment 'hich is a counter claim and your possessionary ri$ht to the proceeds from the sale of the security under the investment contract to 'hich you are undisclosed 3rd party in the contract under the statute of . ot"erwise #ou are going in on contract wit" t"ese . +"ina will .a# t"ese investors 'ack$ So w"at does t"at mean. #ou gave t"em urisdiction 'ut not su' ect matter.s that are foreclosin$ on all these loans have standin$ to come to court to foreclose on your loan.t transfer them and if they did transfer them* they have to do that to $et the e3emption other'ise they have to pay ta3es.t raise the o+0ection* you loose the ri$ht? &hat is the first thin$ to do. -n .er$ T"at means t"ere is a cloud on ever# title and none o( t"ese notes were ever securitiHed$ T"at means ever# </) 9ros.s and 10=! and 1080* 1080-H they are not filin$ . &hat means all of these 6eal Dstate /nvestment &rusts don. A.eo..All t"ese mortgage transactions are governed '# Article > or Article 2 and #ou "ave never (iled a counter claim$ &hat is 'hy they . t"e# ke. Who is a dead person* the corporations* they are dead +ecause they are not real. all t"ese loans or t"e# will 'ail out ever#'od#. #ou are going to "ave a put-back$ T"is .ro'a'l# 'u# u. @ $o read it6 /t identifies you as the issuer* +ecause you did not identify yourself as .en i( congress does not do somet"ing$ !"at are t"e# going to do5 %t remains to 'e seen$ % am telling #ou w"at t"e rami(ications are. o( m# . What an attorney does is they testify on +ehalf of all these +an4s and if you don. %( t"e# don&t .leadings.aid (or all t"ese notes. ust watc"$ /n response to the lady that as4ed a+out the 10== B/G all these people that are filin$ 10== B/G. t"em$ &he reason they 4eep them is +ecause they don.en.s in interest that have standin$ under -rticle /// Section2* standin$ is a threshold issue and the court is suppose to address that sua sponte and they are not doin$ it? Some do some don&t6 So #ou "ave t"e +"arne# in "er admonition sa#s t"e# never trans(er t"e notes nor do t"e sell t"em t"e# kee. or con(iscate all #our mone# in t"e 'anks$ 8ne o( t"ose is going to "a.s* real party.ectus.ut u. "e testi(ied 'e(ore congress as to w"at is going to "a.ile a 10== @ .ro(essor t"at went u. &hat. Ao after the proceeds.

ossession under c"a.orations use t"at J3$) mil credit t"e# use it as mone#$ +or.tion is doing it wrong$ When they send you a +ill* the +ill represents that they accessed your credit for that much. /f you $o in there that all 10=!. 'ecause it is a tax$ -ou are t"e onl# one t"at can assess it 'ecause its #our credit t"e# are using$ %( #ou don&t re.t you al'ays have the ri$ht to redeem a loan. #ou "ave 3. read instructions (or >2>2 and >2>3 read all 3$ /n 1=51 they passed a la' under &itle 2!* Section 203.s 10=. %2S 9rocessing 1anual o( 2010. Fver#t"ing is an 8%D.s are Class 5 Aift and Dstate &a3es they have nothin$ to do 'ith an income &a3. < + #ou can run #our 'ank *nder Title 31 *S+ we are . T"at is w"# t"e# never redeem t"e de't 'ecause #ou never assessed it.>. 0? and 0> K "ow do % (ill out t"e (orms (or a c"ecking and savings account.. /t tells you that if there is any money o'ed at maturity you can pay it at maturity. !"ic" means it is a +lass ) Ii(t and Fstate Tax under .>.icture6 !it" a 1099 A #ou "ave to send a :orm ). /t is an unconsciona+le contract 'ith clo$$in$ provisions.u'lic de't instrument$ -ou "ave issued it as an 8%D or wit"drawal$ <ut on t"e >2>1 #ou "ave to "ave a +*S%9 num'er$ T"at is w"# it is done wrong6 Fver#'od# t"at is doing redem.enaliHing t"e 8%Ds 'ecause t"ere is no >2>1 (iled$ Fver# one o( us "as t"e .t complain a+out lac4 of disclosure +ut they never read the deed of trust it tells you 'hat they are doin$. or ?09$ &here are t'o types of ta3es: .* 1080* 10== all W-2* W-8.ecial drawing rig"ts on t"e %1:$ Did #ou know t"at5 All t"ere cor.ower individuall# to take 'ack w"at we know as t"e kingdom o( Iod$ !e "ave s.0.age 2 t"at #ou must (ile an >2>1 w"en #ou (ile t"e 8%D$ -ou must read t"e .u'lic de't instrument$ !"en #ou write a c"eck it is a . &hat is more proof it is not a loan* it is an investment contract. T"ere are 2 t#.u'lications6 &hat is 'hat you need to file as the issuer.. (or m# mone# o( eEuit#$ 2ead 12?1 to 12>> o( Title 2.orations use tax credit as mone#$ T"e# give tax credits to 'anks and 'anks will loan mone# on tax credits !e "ave a J3$) mil *ni(ied Tax +redit under 9u'lication 9)0 on all estate taxes and J1 1il *T+ or exclusion on t"e gi(t side$ T"e# 'ill i( #ou read t"e ?09 (or t"em 'ill4 t"e exclusion. generation ski.t have a claim. /f they sell your security ho' are you $oin$ to redeem it if they sell it to someone else and $ive you the note +ac4* don.000$00$ !"at is wrong wit" t"is .oration$ !e all "ave our remed#$ 1099 A.rivate 'ankers % did a 1099 8%D (or 200.ort it as income to t"e %2S "ow are t"e# going to give #ou a re(und5 #ou do a pay order on the +ill (Cay to the Gepartment of &reasury* Char$e the sum said to the person that sent you the +ill* the utility company: credit it to your account 'ith your SSK there? . <o' can the mort$a$e +e in default or foreclosure? <ave you ever heard that? 6ead every 'ord* every sentence* and every o( taxes.0 (orms #ou don&t re.ort gi(t and estate taxes on a 10. it is in t"e (orm$ % know t"at none o( #ou wage earners make more t"an J3. -lso if you read your deed of trust* this is in every deed of trust under payments* 'hich in most all of them is num+er 3 and if you $o read it* this is 'hat / mean no one reads anythin$* don. %2S 9u'lication 1212 .orm >0= is a $ift ta3 form. 'ecause it is a .orations are de'tors to t"e cor.orm >0! is the $eneration s4ippin$ ta3 and . and 2518* it is called the Co'er of -ppointment -ct of 1=51.6 >2>1 identi(ies #ou as t"e issuer o( t"e 8%D$ T"e# are .ing trans(er tax @?0. BF* you have to file a ta3 return and assess the ta3.the issuer* you don.A and a gi(t tax @?09A$ /f you $o read Cu+lication =50 you have a J3. So ho' can the note +e in default* if you have a ri$ht +y contract* the GB& is a contract* and you si$ned it* ho' can they foreclose 'hen you can ma4e any payment at maturity on the note under the GB&. t"at&s (or income$ All +lass ) Ii(t and Fstate Taxes are on a ?0.5 mil Unified &a3 Credit t"at means i( #ou know a'out accounting$ +or. 10.0 02090 Decoding 1anual. Goes anyone have any Iuestions? T"ere is an %2S (orm >2>1. Clo$$in$ provisions e3tin$uish your eIuity of redemption.000 'uilt into t"e (orm. &he donor has total po'er* every one of these mort$a$e loan transactions is a donor : donee relationship.ter 11$ All t"ese cor.orations are de'tors in .

s a money order? -our .ed a J. #ou are contracting wit" t"em and #ou give t"em urisdiction '# contract$ T"e# can contract wit" #ou.aid twice6 %( #ou t"ink is not w"at is going on #ou are in (or a rude awakening6 T"e court assessed me J>0. t"e# "ave to tell #ou t"eir aut"orit# (or making t"e .orting it$ !"o kee. none "ave urisdiction to do an#t"ing$ T"e# are not courts t"e# are . 2F t"e +*S%9 num'er on t"e >2>1. #ou "ave to do it 'ecause its #our income$ 2ig"t6 Do a . What is your authority form ma4in$ a presentment on +ehalf of someone else. Well* so 'hy aren.orting it to t"e %2S as income$ Mow man# 10. Under Su+section 2a it defines 'hat the issue is* and 2c defines 'hat issuer is. &hey violate 6DSC. &he &itle company has all of this? -s4 the &itle company for the a+stract of title.t you claimin$ it? &his is 'hy people are not 'innin$ in court.claim that a claimant has a property interest in the financial asset and that it is a violation of the ri$hts of the claimant for another person hold* transfer or deal 'ith the financial asset.ossession$ -ou go in on t"e .resenting. &hey call them mort$a$e loans* +ut they are really investment contracts. credit account unless #ou (ile a return$$ T"e# kee. Who holds the Drrors and Bmissions? Ma4e a claim on the errors and omissions on the loans.and that is an DLB claim and you can collect on the DLB. t"e cou.lus t"e c"eck #ou sent to t"em$ T"e# got . T"ere called Titled .orting t"e income. Gid you 4no' that under 6DSC. Where is your authority? /.resent t"e instrument also. t"e %2S "as a D*7S num'er$ T"e# are a cor. Cut it in as income? -ou are re.on or 'ill.ers? &he &itle company has the a+stract of &itle 'hich is the record of the deeds and notes* 'here they have +een* 'ho is usin$ them.ll accept that on proof of claim.rivate side wit" a conditional acce.rivatel# owned trading com. &he issuer is the dra'er and the ma4er? /f you si$n the mort$a$e notes you are the issuer +y le$al definition.a# to t"e order on t"e %2S 'ill itsel(.-102 2a 21 (-dverse Claim) (. t"e# are dou'le di.a#ing t"e tax to t"e %2S and t"e %2S can 'ill t"e account o( t"e .ends on "ow man# transactions #ou "ave$ 9ut all transactions on one (orm i( #ou want to wait until t"e end o( t"e #ear$ T"e# are using #our mone# and not re.a# to t"e order o( Land assessed t"e tax to t"em$ % never "eard (rom t"em again6 T"e# "ave to .s track w"en #ou write a c"eck5 Do #ou do t"at5 8K.u'lic side wit" courts t"at "ave no urisdiction.5-108 @ defines the ori$inator* ori$inator of the first funds transfer $ When you read UCC 8-3-105 of the UCC it tells you 'ho the issuer is and the issue.0.) #ou $ot a property interest in a financial assets* isn.-102 2= (. 'ut t"e# "ave give #ou t"e instrument$ T"e# "ave to ex"i'it t"e instrument$ Mave #ou ever made t"em ex"i'it t"e instrument5 Gid you 4no' if you $et an a+stract of title* from the title company that it 'ill sho' the loan 'as paid full at closin$. &hey made you a party to the investment contract.on and t"at is a c"eck . .ing$ So still send in t"e >2>1 wit" t"e 1099 8%D$ -our not an issuer unless #ou (ile an >2>1. &his is a UCC -rticle ..t that 'hat UCC 3-30! saysMproperty interest. % don&t contract wit" t"em.a# t"e tax on t"e 'ill on J>0.000$00 (ine and % did a L..they cannot receive any 4ic4 +ac4 on a mort$a$e loan 'hich is a federally funded loan. "ow do % (ill t"is out5 T"is is "ow #ou identi(# w"o t"e issuer is$ -ou are not doing t"at6 %n(ormation 2eturn (or 9u'licl# 8((ered 8riginal %ssue Discount %nstruments UCC 8-8.) UCC .000$00$ Fver# 'ill is a tax 'ill6 So take eac" 'ill and do (Cay to the order of the /6S 2ori$inal to /6S and send a copy to the person that sent you the +ill alon$ 'ith a 1080 H* 1080 and 10=! and an 10== B/G.t you have a proprietary interestin$ the proceeds from the sale of the security.000$00 car loan '# writing a letter to t"e udge$ Me took t"e case o(( t"e calendar and dismissed t"e motion (or de(ault udgment and dismissed t"e writ o( .0&s can #ou (ile in a #ear5 %t de..tance6 % sto. Do t"e# ever on t"e (oreclosure do t"e# ever send #ou t"e note5 Do #ou know t"e# "ave to .erson t"at sent #ou t"e 'ill$ -our not doing t"at so t"e# are 'illing #ou (or it$ T"e# go into #our account and get t"e mone# t"en send #ou a asset is a security. Well* don. Does t"at tell #ou an#t"ing6 What did you si$n you endorsed the security.oration6 T"e# are doing 'usiness$ !"at t"e# are doing is t"e# are tr#ing to (ind out i( #ou know w"at #ou are doing6 T"e# are testing #ou to see i( #ou know w"at #ou are doing$ T"e# are telling #ou t"e# are dou'le di. 9u'lication 1212 sa#s #ou must (ile an >2>1$ %t is mandator#6 T"ese courts. "ow are #ou going to 'alance #our c"ecking account5 !"o does t"at5 T"e %2S can&t 'alance #our account.%ot an -8H$ % make a contract on t"e .a.

in t"e (irst . % guess to reca.-105 a person has %otice of an adverse claim if the person 4no's of the adverse claim.roceeds (rom t"e securit#$ <ut #ou are not making t"e claim6 T"at is w"# t"e# .t have to pay it? So w"# are t"e# (oreclosing on #our .-105* then . 'ecause #ou are not raising t"e de(ense$ -ou are not in a land court4 #ou&re in a . So they are not holders in due course. t"at ca. -ren.ut /t has a CUS/C num+er +ecause it is a security. 'ut do t"e# "ave count# courts in +ali(ornia5 T"e# do6 8k. none o( t"ese courts "ave urisdiction over land and no one is 'ringing t"is u.ital 'ased on #our securit#.ut u. &hey did it under the condition that you put up the security. %o %otes have a CUS/C num+ers* only securities have CUS/C num+ers.rietar# interest in it$ %( #ou wit"drew all t"e securities (rom t"e 9ooling and Servicing Agreement and (rom t"e trust (und w"at would t"e# "ave.ut in w"o t"e issuer is5 0et me go over it Euick$ 0et me .ro.s and (und t"eir .ull it u. "ang on6 T"is a. Eut that is 'ron$? Eefore they ever had a +orro'er in place they had the capital so the investors put up the capital for these 6DM/Cs +efore they had the mort$a$e loan in place. t"at #ou issued. +:2 . &hey 4no' you have an adverse claim* they had notice of it at closin$.-nd 'hen you $o to UCC .orm .ro. What does UCC 3-305 say? Gefenses and claims in recoupment that means counter claims* $o loo4 it up?0 UCC 3-3052c : (it says the o+li$or is not o+li$ed to pay the instrument if the person see4in$ to enforce the instrument does not have the ri$hts of a holder in due course.33$24 t"e# take it su' ect to all t"e de(enses and claims t"at can assert against t"e seller$ Well they can.t you $ive them the capital for the investors money. #ou funded the 'hole thin$? 6ead on the internet the -ffidavit +y %eil Aarfield he e3plains it.$ T"e# go in and t"ese courts are running over t"em$ 7ots of Iuestions: So.lies to ever#one not ust #ou6 /6S . "e can tell #ou in 30 minutes$ Me will tell #ou w"at #our +*S%9 num'er is$ .t they have a duty imposed +y statute or re$ulation to investi$ate 'hether an adverse claim e3ists. Gon. w"ere are t"e# located5 !ell.-505 tells you ho' to file the claim.ool o( mone# so t"e# could .an#$ %n +ali(ornia do #ou know w"ere t"e count# courts are5 2ead t"e constitution6 % "aven&t looked it u.t +e a holder* a holder ta4es it free of all defenses and claims.t the pay for'ard done +y the investors* +efore there ever 'as ever a loan in place? +allerG T"e investors mone# did not go to m# securit# it went to m# securit# it went to t"e 'ankers and lenders to 'u# t"e insurance . -ou can give t"e DT+ #our SS num'er or a <roker Dealer t"at #ou want to know w"at #our +*S%9 num'er is.t they a'are of facts sufficient to indicate that there is a si$nificant pro+a+ility that the adverse claim e3ists and deli+erately avoid the information that 'ould esta+lish evidence of the adverse claim. not"ing6 +allerG so i( t"e# didn&t "ave t"e rig"t to t"e investor&s mone# i( t"e# didn&t "ave m# securit#$ T"at&s rig"t6 T"e# would "ave not .ert# w"en t"e# are not a "older in due course. Wasn.t that say you don.) What does that tell you? /f there ta4in$ it su+0ect to your claims and defenses then are they a holder in due course? %o? Goesn. -ren. Gon.rivatel# owned trading com. t"e mone# u.2..rietar# interest in t"e . t"at gives #ou a . <e says the money came from the investors* on a pay for'ard.lace unless t"e# were guaranteed ca. Goesn.ut t"e Disclaimer in 1. % assume it&s like w"ere #ou (ig"t tickets and t"ings like t"at5 T"ose are t"e onl# courts t"at "ave urisdiction over land.olic#&s credit de(ault swa.ital (rom t"e 'orrower$ So t"e 'orrower "as a .t they have 4no'led$e that a financial asset or interest therein has +een transferred? -ll this .a# 'ack t"e investors$ <ut t"e# .t that ma4e you the creditor? &he capital that the investor put up 'as predicated on your puttin$ up the security to the servicin$ company. ust t"e >2>1 % am still not sure "ow to (ill it out$ % will (igure it out$ Just ..t you* didn.

s 'hat / 'ould do if / 'ere you.age$ % go into *++. &hey 'ill call the &itle company they said the property 'as free and clear 'ith no encum+rances.-50.0 x 9A-1F7T DFS+2%9T%87 8: DF<T %7ST2*1F7TSG :%7A7+%A0 ASSFTS *++ >/102 @9A -ou can re.ect to . &he &rustee does and you can of to the &itle company and you 'ant a release and re-conveyance +ecause of the DLB claim you have* you 'ant a form for it.-505 and UCC . as an 8%D$ +all an# 'roker and ask (or #our +*S%9 num'er6 Tell t"em #ou want to track a 'ond and #ou don&t "ave t"e +*S%9 and give t"em #our SSO$ % "ave alread# done t"is6 PuestionG 0ast week o( redem.%SS*F2 7A1FG -8* TAN %DG ADD2FSSG 7A1F 2F92FSF7TAT%CFG SFF %7ST2*+T%87SB2FAD TMF1 ADD2FSS 8: 2F92FSF7TAT%CFB<28KF2 9A2T %% +*S%9 7*1<F2G T-9F 8: %7ST2*1F7T :%NFD 82 CA2%A<0F 2ATF %SS*F 92%+FG A18*7T 8: 182TIAIF %7TF2FST 9A-1F7T DATFSG A18*7T 8: 8%D :82 F7T%2F %SS*F -T1G DATF CA0*FD AT 1AT*2%T. (ind out w"o t"e Frrors and 8missions carrier is and tell t"em #ou want to (ile a claim$ Tell t"em #ou want a release o( lien and re/ conve#ance on t"e .3.ort #our wit"drawals as de't instruments.>.an# is. &hey are lia+le if there is any cloud on$ JK % will s"ow #ou "ow to win an#t"ing in courtQ$an#t"ing6 7anc#G % "ave some tax Euestions$ % "ave written .eriod. /f they don.t +ecause of the securiti5ation then you can as4 and in 30 days they have to $ive you a release of lien or re-conveyance. /f you can.romissor# notes$ JKG !"# send notes5 T"e 'ill is a c"eck6 SSO . Trust 0aw.a#ment or distri'ution made '# t"e issuer o( a (inancial asset$ -ou know w"at % would doQ$ % would (ind out w"o t"e Title com.a#ments and distri'ution$ T"e securities intermediar# s"all take action to o'tain a . Io to www$m#.t $ive you the release and re-conveyance the &itle company has that ri$ht in California under 2=. t"is mig"t 'e a good time to go into t"at$ %&m going into t"e *++$ Mang on6 *++ >/)0) sa#s t"e dut# o( securities intermediar# wit" res. &hat.ert#$ <ecause o( t"e FR8 claim.t locate the +eneficiary of record or the lender 'hich you can. #ou don&t "ave a claim going$ T"at is w"# t"e# are t"rowing #ou out o( t"e "ouse$ Mow does "e do t"at5 Ao read UCC . 7oo4 under 2!0> 2a of &itle 12.81.rivateaudio$com to sign u. in the UCC$ -ou "ave to (ind out w"o t"e 'roker or clearing cor. (or t"e classes wit" Jean$ T"at is Angela Starks we' .tion .ro. w"at do to5 !"at mortgage5 Mas "e done a *nlaw(ul Detainer5 !"at state. #ou "ave not laid claim. Accounting and Tax 0aw$ <ut t"e# are all related6 All o( t"is stu(( comes into .an# insurance com.oration is and #ou gotta send a written communication. udicial or non udicial5 T"e# do a *D to get #ou out o( t"ere$ *nlaw(ul Detainer to get #ou out$ <ased on a landlord tenant agreement. w"ere is t"e agreement5 Mow did t"e trustee get.

Credit the memory of my account and $ive them your SS of the amount.on$ Send it to the C.$ T"ere is no mone#4 t"ere can 'e no .a.resentment to "old someone lia'le$ -our (ailure to .ile a 1080 'ith that and report it as income $ T"en #ou do a 10. &hat.rison 'ecause t"e# didn&t .0 C w"ic" is t"e .kin$ 9eo. &here is no money$ Unified &a3 Credit $o read pu+lication =50. JK: Dndorse the +ill (Cay to the order of Gepartment of &reasury &imothy Aeithner* /M.a# t"e tax$ -ou can&t create de't instruments6 Take t"e 'ill and turn it into a mone# order$ T"at&s w"at t"e cou.iece o( .. &hey are usin$ your credit? &hey 2the /6S or 'homever uses your credit? &he +ill represents the amount of your credit that they are usin$.kin and t"e# gave me a recei.orted as a donation$ So #our not getting #our donation$ Treat is as a donation$ -ll monetary transactions are donations. .a#ment vouc"er t"en (ill out t"e 109. Aeither Aovernor Ge+itNchar$e the /6S CreditN the memory of my account N ssK Mow are #ou going to .t assess your ta3 then you are in trou+le.rocessing$ 9a# toG NN De'itG NN +reditG NN 6eport it as income to you and assess the ta3? -ou must make a .B and pay to AeithnerM. t"ere sending #ou a c"eck reall#$ T"e 'ill is a c"eck$ !ell % do t"is all t"e time$ . /t is 100Q ta3 lia+ility $ %t s"ould 'e re. &hat is the proper 'ay to do it? % wrote out a c"eck and <8F on a na. t"e# went ' act as t"e account"$ Summar#G % 'oug"t a "ouse wit" seller (inance and we "ad t"e land title com.le go to .ile a return.etc.t and taken over '# some one else$ T"e new account /M.s 'hat an assessment is? <o' is the /6S $oin$ to $ive you a refund unless you report the credit these people are usin$? &hey are usin$ your credit.s the return* then char$e it to 'homever sent you the +ill.ut on t"e 'illG Cay to the Gepartment of &reasury* &. %o one is doin$ redemption correctly.a# w"en t"ere is no mone#5 T"e 'ill is a de't instrument. /t. Dndorse it for payment and send it +ac4 that constitutes payment. !"omever t"e# send t"e 'ill to is w"ose credit t"e# are using$ T"at is w"# #ou endorse it (or .ert# to t"e count#$ #our mort$a$e is a donation$ Under &itle 2!OEO11O-O/H P 2055 you deduct the entire amount.JKG /f you didn. Utility* $as* trash dumpster etc* electric* /6S they use your credit they are +ro4e.on is (orG do a . Mave someone send #ou a 'ill t"en do a mone# order on t"e 'ill6 /f you do a money order 0ust endorse it for payment.rocess is not m# (ailure to tender6 1oving on6 1aggie (rom AriHonaG % am gonna go down a di((erent .s a char$e +ac4.t (or it$ T"ank #ou (or #our . .er a na.on Cay it to the /6S that. T"e Secretar# o( t"e Treasur# is not Ieit"ner "e is 1endeH Torres$ T"e# moved t"e Treasur# to 9uerto 2ico in 1921$ !"at did #ou do wit" t"e 'ill5 % (ill out t"e cou. gi(t and estate tax attorne#$ A donation o( #our . Understand that 'homever sends you a +ill is usin$ your credit.a# to t"e order o( L and sent it 'ack to t"e %2S +"arge it to t"e %2S t"e# are t"e ones t"at are sending t"e 'ill$ T"e# are using #our account$ %2S . Aovernor: Ge+it the sum said to the account of 'homever sent you the +ill and credit to your accountNSSK). What you are doin$* you are payin$ it to the /6S then they are doin$ a char$e to 2the utility company or 'homever* then they credit to the memory of your account.a# to t"e order o( on t"e cou.a#ment6 % wrote it on a . &hat is ho' you do i( t"ere is no mone#$ A to.

#ou in 'ondage to cover t"eir margin$ -s4 them to .$ 2ead &itle 2! O E O 11O . %( t"e# are not t"e source o( t"e (unds t"e# "ave to release #ou$ -ou "ave made an o((er a de't tendered and re(used is a de't .iduciary &rustee and ma4e him lia+le for all the ta3es and they drop the case.ointment act under Title 2.t paid. MD6S is under Dlectronic &ransfer -C& that is 'hy it is not $overned +y -rticle 3.$ %t was . prove your authority to ma4e the presentment $ *se a constructive trust along wit" t"e executor letter$ Constructive trust is 'hat a court of eIuity uses to $ive restitution and reim+ursement to plaintiff.ower o( A. to 22nd$ ED-S& ED7A/M D7DC&6B%/C -U&BM-&DG SU6HD#7-%CD &D6M/%-7 &ied into E/S the Ean4 of /nternational Settlement. C6DG/& C-6G: Go a conditional acceptance on Croof of Claim$ T"e DT+ owns 'ot" sides o( a credit card$ Mandatory to do a counter claim? &hat is ho' you identify yourself as a creditor. So / appoint the Rud$e the ... *se a constructive trust w"en t"e .ointment under t"e 9ower o( A.assed in 19)1$ :rom #our . #ou can appoint anyone and they have to accept that? 2ead 203> and 2)1. -ou "ave t"e . o( Title 2.ile a 10== B/G for them to identify 'ho is the payor2us and recipient2court of the funds.osit F:T onl# (or disc"arge o( de't Signed '# A2 wit"out recourse$ &itle 15 O=!O1 P >001->00! the Uniform Dlectronic &ransfer -ct and Uniform Dlectronic Si$nature -ct.oint o( view using t"e constructive trust wit" t"e Fxecutive 0etter$ D$ +larence is missing t"is (rom "is letter$ #ou have total po'er in the po'er of appointment $ Fver#t"ing is a +lass ) Ii(t and Fstate Tax and t"e Donor controls it all$ -ou are t"e "older o( t"e 9ower o( A.O/// P 2032 2e 11 2???? the court has to cover their capital transfer ta3 they haven. Do a conditional acce. . T"e# "ave to .ut a 'ond u.aid$ !riting c"ecks on a closed accountG !e endorsed t"e 'ack o( t"e c"eckG 7ot (or de.erson is in ..s ho' you $et restitution and reim+ursement.a#s t"e seller$ T"e account servicer is "olding t"e original documents t"ere is a minimal mont"l# (ee (or t"em to do t"at$ Puestion.. -lso UCC 1-10.ossession o( mone# t"e# are not entitled to$ &hat. Tax returns are (iled on 9assover A.ower o( to the Rud$eN send him a ta3 +ill. &itle 2! O-O1OEO/H P 181 (private de+t instrument).ointment$ .servicer . t"at&s t"e . w"at would 'e t"ere 'ene(it (or J1>$00 a mont" to do all t"at work5 %s t"ere somet"ing "idden % am not catc"ing5 Io see t"e original note at t"e servicer$ T"e# don&t "ave t"e note$ /f you $et a 0ud$ment* and do a Cay to the Brder of Gept of &reasury M..tance on 9roo( o( 1.ut a 'ond u.orce them to pay ta3 do an B/G Do a margin call on t"em$ )0D credit / t"at is w"# t"e# want #ou to .ointment Act o( 19)1 #ou are t"e Donor 'ecause it is a +lass ) Ii(t and Fstate Tax$ &he donor has total control over the po'er of appointment. or release #ou$ T"e# are "olding #ou (or t"e (unds$ T"e# are using #our exclusion to kee. Dvery time you $o to court and they +rin$ it a$ainst you they are usin$ a constructive trust in eIuity a$ainst you.

t have any? T"at&s w"# most . -s the Gonor you have the Co'er of -ppointment -ct of 1=51 you can appoint yourself as the it "as to 'e in a land court$ 7one o( t"ese courts are land courts6 +"allenge su' ect matter urisdiction$ 1ost o( t"ese courts don&t "ave urisdiction$ /f the real party of interest is not +efore the court then the court cannot ma4e a rulin$.# o( t"is letterG T"e# took it o(( o( t"e internet it is in Col 3. Cut in letter: Under 203.t 4no' your remedy you don.ert#$ -ou are waiving urisdiction #ou can&t waive su' ect matter$ 2aise su' ect matter urisdiction$ % "ave a letter (rom Donna <oran % "ave a co. #ou are not steppin$ up to the plate and that is 'hy you are not 'innin$ in court. Eecause there is no heir or +eneficiary.ert# 'ecause t"e# are not land courts$ T"is documents t"e entire t"ing6 T"is is t"e law review$ Mere is anot"er t"ingQ$$let me give #ou t"is case citeM.s not a le$al estate +ecause there is no D3ecutor. -s the Gonor Eeneficiary of this constructive trust* / am appointin$ myself" / am claimin$ the office of the special occupant of the le$al estate.s* if you &hat is 'hy the Rud$es are doin$ constructive trust in eIuity to $ive restitution and reim+ursement to the plaintiff 'hich is the lender or servicin$ company. toward moderniHing urisdiction and venue in Tennessee. t"e# don&t know t"ere remed#$ !"en it involves real .eo.civil code.eo. t"ese . /t says that a court has dual 0urisdictions. 8ut o( t"e case EuotedG A court "as two urisdictions$ . &hey are not holders in due course they ta4e it 'ith all defenses and claims.+an t"at constructive trust work in an eviction5 T"e# gave me a Irant Deed and % de(ended t"e . 6D D3ecutor 7etter: &he office is vacant. #ou are the heir or +eneficiary.ert#$ 3 #ears later % am still "ere$ T"e# did an unlaw(ul detainer$ !"at did #ou do5 % did a constructive trust and a((irmative de(ense$ 50 Q of the o'ners of the notes have to Certify +efore they can do a su+stitution of &rustee* under 2=38 of the C. UCC 1-201 ri$hts are remedy.orridge$ %( #ou don&t& know w"at #our rig"ts are #ou don&t "ave an#.ower and #ou&re not using it6 % "ave t"e original statues.CB%9/ vs . US 258 you can do'n load it off of the internet.le are not winning in court w"en t"e# go. T"e# took me out o( t"eir s#stem$ %&m not even in t"eir s#stem now$ +allerG 8nce #ou esta'lis" t"e trust #ou don&t need to get t"eir 'onds as en(orcement5 RF Rust ma4e them lia+le for the ta3.ector5 Do #ou use t"e Ieneral 9ost wit" t"e Fxecutor 0etter5 JKG -es % would6 Send t"em "ome wit"out an# . L 2518 under &itle 2! / am appointin$ myself the Special Bccupant of the le$al estate of the decedent +y a+solute estate. Contract? Ao in and say / am here +y (special appearance upon proof of claim).DSSD%GD% 25.le don&t "ave venue to (oreclose on an#one&s .u'lic law (or t"e 9ower o( A.ointment in 19)1$ +allerG !"at a'out t"e Ieneral 9ost !e are sending letters to t"e 9ostal %ns. / 'ill conditionally accept your offer on proof this is a court of record and this is a land court that has 0urisdiction* and venue under the constitution to liti$ate land cases$ !"ic" is w"at a (oreclosure case is6 7one o( t"ese courts "ave urisdiction to (oreclose on an#one&s .ro. %B?? Henue you are not in proper venueM* it must +e a land court? &hey are $ettin$ su+0ect matter 0urisdiction +yM.G a'olis"ing local action rules t"e (irst ste. /t. /ntestate is 'hen an estate has no heir or +eneficiary. &a3a+le termination* / appointin$ myself the Gonor as the D3ecutor of the Dstate and ma4in$ you the &rustee +y Co'er of -ppointment of the Co'er of -ppointment -ct of 1=51. What are they $onna say? %&m claiming t"e Fxecutor 8((ice o( t"e legal o((ice o( t"e decedents$ -ou cannot do it as t"e Irantor4 #ou "ave to do it as t"e Donor$ -ou "ave total .

&he situation reIuires therefore not only definite rules fi3in$ the po'ers of the courts in cases of 0urisdiction over the same persons and thin$s and actual liti$ation +ut also a spirit of reciprocal commodity and mutual assistance promote due and orderly procedure. #ou know w"at a void udgment is void on t"e (ace 'ecause t"e court lack su' ect matter urisdiction. /t 'ould +e impossi+le for such courts to fulfill their respective functions 'ithout em+arrassin$ conflict unless rules 'ere adopted +y them to avoid it. We have a friend in trou+le usin$ the 10== B/G and $ot a +i$ chec4 under J200*000. t"e word Cenue and read it to #ou$ CenueG Farl# 1. RF May+e they are not stupid* they 4no' 'hat they are doin$. Sho' proof of claim. Dven thou$h he didn. t"e de(initions$ %&m going to look u.roductive wit" "er's$ %t means land6 Do #ou see "ow im.ose o( attack (rom old :renc".) &he principle is stated +y Rustice Mathe's in Fovell vs <aymen 111 US ??? Which ever court even if the court does not have su+0ect matter 0urisdiction and they ta4e control of it +y your contract* they have to e3haust that liti$ation.2.eciall# cite o( a concert or s.(We live in the 0urisdiction of 2 soverei$nty.2.orting event. t"e# don&t know it$ 9eo.1.rocedure and a civil code. to come to ones sel(. What you sayin$ is accurate and somethin$ / appreciate. (rom t"e .le don&t read t"e statutes.orm 88=0 and as4 them 'here there claim is. a coming (or t"e . /n California it is 8>3 = 2d of the Civil code.00 and they paid +ills $ot thin$s done then the /6S came +ac4 after him. Cenue6 +"allenge Cenue6 /f you lost your home you can $o +ac4 in +ased on venue? -ou can get a void udgment. w"ic" is called a land court$ 8nl# t"e land court "as venue over t"e (oreclosure$ 7one o( t"ese court t"at are (oreclosing "ave venue$ 7o one is c"allenging venue6 %t is t"e court o( common . /t 'or4s to?? #ou have to stand your $round? %e3t caller: Rean / have a couple of Iuestions.ortant t"an urisdiction$ 0et me go into t"e entomolog# dictionar#$ 0ook u.1 . / have a GHG of you a fe' years a$o. (rom t"e (eminine . My Iuestion is the . &he people for 'hose +enefit these t'o systems are maintained are deeply interested that each system shall +e effective and uninhi+ited in its vindication of its la's. to come. assem'le to go (rom.roac" land. Eut if you challen$e su+0ect matter 0urisdiction then they have to prove it? A land court in :lorida is t"e count# court$ Fver# state constitution "as t"is in it$ 1ost o( t"em "ave a count# court.) -ou "ave a dual urisdictionQ"ummmm6 0isten to t"isG (&he chief rule 'hich preserves our t'o systems of courts from actual conflict of 0urisdiction is that the court 'hich first ta4es su+0ect matter of the liti$ation into its control rather this +e person or property must +e permitted to e3haust its remedy.t file the . t"e# don&t "ave venue$ % don&t know an#one t"at "as raised venue$ Cenue is more im.leas6 Io look at #our constitution6 Ask t"em i( t"e# "ave urisdiction over land$ !"ere does it sa# it in t"e state constitution5 See w"ere t"e urisdiction is con(erred on t"em to do (oreclosures$ Challen$e venue not 0urisdiction. "e goes to 'e 'orn su'stitution o( o (or u is scri'ele c"ange 'e(ore minimums$ 8riginall# manunke some modern . &o attain 'hich it assumes control +efore the other court shall attempt to ta4e it for its purpose. /t 'as from a seminar that you did.t consent.assive . a c"ange o( venue is (rom 'lackstone$ +ome means to a. &hey 'ant to find out if you 4no' 'hat your doin$. What they are tryin$ to do it is to put him in prison.lace w"ere a case in law is tried. venue coming.le veneer to come (rom 5555 to come. /t is the same thin$ / am hearin$ no'. Ma4e them sho' proof of claim..ast tense (rom came is middle Fnglis" t"e old nounQQto 'e .artici. RF: . recover. words in t"e entomolog# dictionar# and look 'ase gwa to go or come (rom.ortant t"is is$ 8nl# a court t"at "as venue over land "as urisdiction$ Do #ou know an#one t"at "as ever raised venue5 T"ese courts don&t "ave venue$ T"e# "ave it onl# '# #our consent$ Ao in +y special appearance and don. see come a sense in . t" centur#.orm.ur. don&t go in and contract wit" t"em$ T"at is "ow t"e# get urisdiction$ T"is is w"at t"is is telling #ou6 T"e# do it '# consent$ &he Rud$e tries to $et you to consent$ !"at are #ou doing w"en #ou testi(#5 T"e# can&t do t"at i( #ou c"allenge venue. is (irst recorded in t"e 1)30s extended to localit# in general es. arrive. <e is no' doin$ an appeal.ile . +ali(ornia "as a code o( civil . Crove their claim? / 'ould ma4e them prove up their claim. What 'e have done so far is +ased on pure la' and they have 0ust ma4e all 4inds of errors. <e is in San Gie$o Gistrict court then 'ant him to* the are attemptin$ to force the summon on him.s each havin$ its o'n system of courts to declare and enforce its la's in common territory. .

90 (illed out and (iled wit" t"e court$ T"e# actuall# (iled t"is one in 'ankru. &he undersi$ned Bfficer of the /6S a duly authori5ed representative of the US does here+y duly s'ear and says that the so and so is duly inde+ted to the US for the amount ofMM BF there is* it says use thisMM. &hey 'ill run out of the court room? T"is is an actual %2 1anual it is )$)$. Send them a letter that under 203. as t"e donor and 'ene(iciar# o( record$ -ou are a. receivers"i. &he real party in interest is the Cresident of Me3ico. /s the address on the form? JK #es it is So.laint to mitigate it$ %t is a'andoned .t #our o((er on ../6 Manual K court$ %t is in t"e District o( +olorado.8>3 2d on all these unla'ful detainer they are void 0ud$ments on the face +ecause they never had the authority to foreclose.$ Title 1> claim is an a'andonment6 :ile an en rem com.. and 2518 under the Co'er of -ppointment -ct of 1=51 you are appointin$ them as the D3ecutor of the Dstate of the decedent and that ma4es them lia+le for all the ta3 on the estate.6 833.tance on it and % never "eard (rom t"em again$ %one of these courts 2California have any 0urisdiction to do anythin$. -s4 if they have 50Q of the certification and ac4no'led$ement of the o'ners of the notes* and 'ho are the o'ners of the notes or the securities they are foreclosin$ on. -s4 them if they are a holder in due course* as4 if they too4 it su+0ect to the defenses and claims that a payor could assert a$ainst the payee.t it true under 1! C.en account and t"e# 'ounced$ S"e now "as to . /sn. % 'elieve so$ Mang on a minute and % will .&C .olice$ S"e now "as an %2S 100D lien 'ecause o( t"e 8%D$ *se t"e 'ill as a c"eckG do a 9a# to t"e 8rder 8( %t is ust a letter$ .resentment$ T"e attorne#&s sent me a J3. &ell them you 'ant your proceeds from the sale of the security? Where is the chec4? 0earn "ow to "andle #oursel(6 % actuall# got one o( t"e .$1$ %t talks a'out :orm 10.92 7otice o( :ed Tax Due under 31 *S+ 3?13$ 6ead the Uniform &rust Code Section 80! or 80> tells you ho' to form a trust $ -ou can do it orall#6 -ou "ave t"e 9ower o( A.90 to ex.ointing t"e Judge t"e Fxecutor o( t"e legal estate o( t"e decedent$ Ask "im i( "e "as "is track s"oes5 %&ll conditionall# acce. Under C.ert# 'ill and % did a conditional acce. &hat is the disclaimer that they have to provide you 'ith.6 o( Title 2. &hey i$nore everythin$ that he has su+mitted. Rud$e 'rites orders that the 'ay the US -ttorney is tellin$ the Rud$e to 'rite.000$00 ..roo( o( claim$ RF 'here is there claim to invalidate his claim? %s t"ere a . &he Croof of Claim should +e sent to the /6S. don&t send it to t"e court 555 t"e *S Attorne#$ JK give a co.u'lication (or t"e .ointment Act o( 19)1 under sections 2>3> and 2)1..orm 88=0 Croof of Claim for /6 &a3es.8 Croof of Claim procedures.roo( o( claim.2 2.&he /6S is 0ust rollin$ over him.# to t"e *S Attorne# So i( "e does an >2>1 is not an issue rig"t now$ Just t"e .lain it$ JK #es t"ere is.lemental 2ule + to'#$'utterwort"Sgmail$com classes +allerG % did t"e 8%D taug"t '# !inston and s"e is damaged$ +oac"es s"ould "ave come 'ack and (ixed it$ David +larence told "er to write c"ecks on an o. i( #ou "ave t"e aut"orit# to make a .ert#$ Su. Under the &reaty of ????? it 'as chan$ed 'ithout proper authori5ation. &he D3ecutor has to pay the ta3? #ou could appoint the Rud$e the D3ecutor.ull t"is u.a# t"e 'ill and 'ounced c"eck (ee as well as "ave a visit (rom t"e . /t says use 88=0 Croof of Claim for /6 ta3 'hen filin$ a claim in pro+ate or in non +an4ruptcy proceedin$s.electronic code that you too4 it su+0ect to all the defenses and claims that the payor could assert a$ainst the payee.

s them as the source of the funds and / am the recipient? 9lease send me a c"eck (or t"e (unds t"at % gave #ou6 % (unded t"em6 -s soon as / $et the B/G then / 'ill send you the funds* if you are the source of the funds. &hey are dippin$ into your account. Go a pay to the order of and char$e it to their account credit the memory of your account.5.ile a 10== B/G sho'in$ you are the source of the funds.1 and 5. Sho' them the /6S as the recipient of the funds? When have you ever seen anyone assess the /6S a ta3. When they assess ta3* 'hen they +rin$ a claim do a 88=0 on them tell them to prove their claim.aid in t"e .age so t"e# can&t sign an#t"ing a(ter #our signature$ / can sho' you a /6S practice manual that every document has to +e si$ned in red in4. -ou must 'e t"e last signature on t"e .le . (raudulent (rame u. 6ead 312.erwork$ 7ow t"e# @t"e district court/ AIA are telling me % will 'e locked u. +allerG !"at is t"e .ient o( t"e (unds$ 6ead /6S Manual 5. %( #ou&re t"e reci. Send me a +ill and / 'ill do a Money BrderNCay order on it? Gid you $et a +ill for the ta3? #es they claim / o'e so many hundreds of thousands of %um+er is the Eill %um+erN&a3 /G Credit to the memory of myselfN SSK. and 3113 of &itle 31 'hen a person has proof they can dra' on the payment???. &hey are sendin$ you a +ill aren.a. Cay to the order of the Gepartment of &reasury Char$e the sum to: Medical .ossi'ilit# to go 'ack and get (unds t"at were .ast$ JK #es #ou can make a claim$ -es #ou can get it 'ack6 T"e# do t"e same t"ing on credit cards t"at t"e# do on a mortgage loan$ T"e DT+ owns 'ot" sides o( t"e account$ T"e DT+ is a trust "olding com.aid on credit cards t"at were . Si$n in red in4? %ot +lue in4.ient o( t"e (unds$ TMAT %S A 1A2I%7 +A006 % told t"e JudgeG S"ow me t"e 8%D t"at s"ows #ou as t"e source o( t"e (unds$ &he 10== B/G the payor identify. . Mow5 Do a mone# order. %( t"e# don&t send me t"e 8%D % will send one s"owing t"em as t"e reci.Do t"e# "ave an amount on t"e 'ill5 -es Do a 9a# to t"e 8rder 8($ Fndorse it (or . / 'ant to see the 10== B/G that identify. and t"e# assessed a J1.a# t"e tax and (ile t"e 8%D and s"ow t"em as t"e reci.8.a#ments$ % got a letter sa#ing t"e# were going 'ack into t"e s#stem$ % did not want to contract and % re(used to sign ot"er .rocess to get rid o( a (ine t"at was assessed on a com. i( % don&t "andle it$ .ageBsign on t"e 'ack o( t"e .an#4 t"e# are "olding all t"at mone# in trust 'ecause #ou "ave not made a claim to it *nder Article >$ +allerG Do #ou utiliHe a .000$00 (ine o( w"ic" % ..s the person o'in$ the ta3.5.ient o( t"e (unds t"en #ou don&t owe t"e tax$ Caller: <o' do you deal 'ith an /6S levy? RF it is a secret lien.1 Croof of claim procedures and non 'ankru. take #our 'ill and do a mone# order t"at is assessing t"e tax now t"e# "ave to .tc# insolvenc# cases$ /nsolvency is a dead person.a#ment.aid a cou. -s4 for a 10== B/G for the proof of the source of the funds.t they? &hey are usin$ your credit* they are no different than anyone else.age also$ T"e# onl# see last signature6 -our signature "as to 'e t"e last signature on t"e .

ungement6 % can s"ow #ou "ow to do t"at$ 6any thanks to the Sender7Writer! .aid '# .JK tell t"em #ou want a 1099 8%D.on .t "is o((er i( "e can . tell t"em #ou conditionall# acce.rovide #ou wit" .ostal mone# order$ RF as4 them 'here they $et the authority to ma4e you pay 'ith a specific instrument.tance u.roo( o( claim6 +allerG Mow do #ou remove a criminal c"arge5 JK ex. Do a conditional acce.roo( o( claim$ +allerG T"e# want it .