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The Constitution

Vishwaguru : India se Bharat tak

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1 1. Name and Address of society 2. Mission and Vision 3. Aims and Objects 2 3 4 Governing Body Desirous Persons Rules and Regulations of Society 1. Membership 2. Society Structure 3. Office Bearers 4. Meetings 5. Rectifications And Amendments 6. Elections 7. Resigning from Society 8. Dissolution of Society Certificate Annexure A Resolution Self-Deceleration 2 2 2 5 6 7

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moral and economical structure of the society. Chougitti Bye Pass. To hold discussions.Name and address of Society The name of Society shall be “ Tagline: INDIA se BHARAT tak Vishwaguru” (An Individual and Social Development Body) Address of the Society shall be 698. 3 Basic pillars are there for the resultant condition of the society: 1. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. ii. Promote research and technology in students and members with fully practical approach iv. iii. To setup necessary administrative and management structure To make rules & regulations and bye-laws for the smooth running of the Society. Economy And to regain the status of VISHWAGURU BHARAT. Technology 2. 2|Page . meetings. Jalandhar City (Punjab) Mission and Vision Mission To make our society and thus country the real ‘Vishwaguru’ and a golden lion for the world. To promote the BHARTIYA SANSKRITI To promote the study of Vedic literature. cultural. viii. and inspiring others too to study that. Vision When any society or country is in action. we have to amend and re-establish the above three pillars in the same form as they were in the Vedic times for the successful establishment of the dream called “SONE KA SHER:BHARAT” Aims and objects 1. vii. To promote advancement in technical. Culture. and to amend it as when necessary. v. Establishment and Society i. and conferences. vi. To associate together in one corporate body. moral values and literature 3.

To generate awareness about economic changes. To regenerate the old and highly efficient Vedic technology. 2. 4. iii. To organise seminars. iii. lectures. conferences and public meetings for introduction to new technologies and suggestions for developments in the same. etc. iv. ii. video/movie screenings regarding moral upliftment of the society. iii. To generate awareness on how currency value changes. To promote the primitive BHARTIYA SANSKRITI among youth. vii. vi. To organise public gatherings for promotion of the moral values in the Vedic literature. technical researches. iv. vi. To organise discussions to understand the views of the society on the Vedic moral values and the culture. v. 3. To organise events to promote latest technologies. morally and technically helping students and members in their inventions. To organise debates. Technical Advancement i. 3|Page . v. To promote the use of swadeshi. To organise events like gyancharcha and vedcharcha to promote the Vedic moral values. Moral and Cultural Advancement i. Financially. ii. ii. To organise events to motivate people to follow rules and regulations and retain the Indian culture in them. To organise competitions and events to hunt for the technologies developed by people in society. Economic Advancement i. To promote research work on the Vedic technology and advancements in the current technology. To organise programmes and events in schools and colleges to make students and youth aware of our culture.ix. Vedic studies. To provide infrastructure to the seeking person for research and development in technology.

Funds i. profits or in any manner whatsoever. To donate or give monetary & other help to other societies to organise conferences exhibitions. 9. 7. To keep a stock of full and true copy replica of Vedic literature for reading and reference. encouragement. To add all such things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects. etc. whatsoever.iv. 4|Page . Promoting Vedic literature i. To institute awards. ii. discussions. movable and immovable property(ies) of the Society/Club shall be solely utilised and applied towards the promotion of its Aims and Objects only as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend. iii. by virtue of his membership. public gatherings etc. To decide the life and fate of society in case of merger or dissolution 8. To organise workshops. bonus. prizes. To promote use of language like Sanskrit and Hindi in day to day life. To make Vedic text available to anyone in need or anyone who wants to study that. fellowships. for excellence. to the present or past member(s) of the School or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or past member No member of the Society/School shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the Society/School or make any profit. activities etc. for learning and understanding the economic structure of any society. assistance etc. meetings. 6. 5. All the incomes. ii. earnings.

. Barahamain. Bidya Sagar Rai vill. SUNNY TRIVEDI S/o Sh. Barnala 19 Student Treasurer NAVDEEP SINGH S/o Sh. Chougitti Bye Pass. dist Kapurthala. parentage & address 1 YASHDEEP SHARMA S/o Sh. Chougitti Bye Pass. bx/84 . occupations and designations of the present members of the Society "VISHWGURU” (An Individual and Social Development Body) . Guru Gobind Singh Avenue .. industrial area.N. Gopal Nagar. Name. Jalandhar ABHIMANYU KUMAR RAI S/o Sh. Bihar. SHARAD KUMAR S/o Sh. JALANDHAR in the State of Punjab.littan . Bihar VANEET KAPUR 8 S/o Sh. Dharminder Singh ahata narain singh barnala hno . Jalandhar.Trivedi 61. S.PO Ramgarh.H. XXI of 1860 (Punjab amendment Act. AGE Occupation 18 Student Designation President 2. to whom the management of affairs are entrusted as required under section 2 of Associations Registration Act. Jalandhar city 9. Dwarka Dass 727. Jalandhar .Punjab AMIT KUMAR JHA 7 S/o Chandra Mohan Jha At & Po Ojhoul via D. PO+PS Uchakagov.10. Uttar Pradesh(UP) 5 20 Student Chief Evangelist 19 19 Student Student Literature Head R & D Head 22 Student Cultural Head 19 Student Tecnovator 20 Student Programmer 20 Student Executive Member 5|Page . 22 Student Vice President 3 19 Student Secretary 4 ANKUSH SINGLA S/o Sh. Gopalganj. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Surinder Kumar Sharma 698. having its Office at 698. addresses. GOVERNING BODY The names. Rajinder Singla R/o sital ST. 1957) are as under Sr. Malkit Singh Vill. 61-B Shankar Garden. Manoj Kumar Sharma 205 Vikaspuri. Darbanga. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Chougitti Bye Pass .M. Kanpur . PRITPAL SINGH S/o Sh. Karan Kapur(late) 737 Guru Gobing Singh Avenue chougitti bye pass.C. Punjab 6.ward no 13 near telephone exchange barnala punjab 148101 11. K C Road Barnala distt. 10. Jalandhar MOHIT KOKARIA S/o Sh. SIDDHARTH S/o Sh.

Punjab SIDDHARTH S/o Sh. 1957) in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association and certified copy of rules and regulation of the Society / Association. Bihar. Bidya Sagar Rai vill. Barahamain. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Manoj Kumar Sharma 205 Vikaspuri. Chougitti Bye Pass. DESIROUS PERSONS We. Chougitti Bye Pass. Student 3 Student 4 Student 5 Student 6. Jalandhar . K C Road Barnala distt. Malkit Singh Vill. Jalandhar MOHIT KOKARIA S/o Sh. 1 Name. PO+PS Uchakagov. Darbanga. XXI of1860 (Punjab amendment Act. parentage & address YASHDEEP SHARMA S/o Sh. Sr. ___________________________ _______________________ Name _______________________ Address ___________________________ ___________________________ 6|Page . the undersigned.PO Ramgarh. are desirous of being formed into an Association entitled "VISHWAGURU” (An Individual and Social Development Body)”. dist Kapurthala. JALANDHAR in the State of Punjab under the provisions of the Associations Registration Act. having its Office at 698.littan .C. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Jalandhar ABHIMANYU KUMAR RAI S/o Sh.Punjab AMIT KUMAR JHA S/o Chandra Mohan Jha At & Po Ojhoul via D. _______________________ Signature 2.. Gopalganj. ANKUSH SINGLA S/o Sh. Dwarka Dass 727. Student 7 Student PLACE : JALANDHAR DATED : /01/2014 WITNESS 1.M.H. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Bihar Occupation Student SIGNATURES 2. Chougitti Bye Pass.11. Barnala NAVDEEP SINGH S/o Sh. Surinder Kumar Sharma 698. Rajinder Singla R/o sital ST.

Enrolment Person eligible and desirous in becoming a member of society must shall apply in the prescribed form. her. 2. and other such words refers to the Society itself unless specified to the people’s community. hers) and vice versa. Article 1: Membership The society shall have the following type of memberships: 1. Eligibility is not automatically guarantee grant for membership. the applicant must 1. With the required documents attached. Be an Indian citizen. Application of applicant of age less than 18 years will be automatically considered as application for ‘junior member’. The application will be considered. society. Society. Prescribed application must be completely filled. Junior member Eligibility To be eligible for being a member of society. and after the membership is granted. Cessation of membership 7|Page . him. Change in status of membership The membership status will be automatically changed from junior member to permanent member as the junior member meets the age eligibility of the permanent member. The new member must be introduced in the next general body meeting. Permanent member 2. applicant must sign in the membership register of society with his/her details filled in the same. Possess a good character.RULES & REGULATION OF Vishwaguru ( An Individual and Social Development Body) Tie masculine (he. his) shall also mean the feminine (she.

Privileges and obligations of a member A member is entitled to: 1. Contest for various office posts. discussions and voting in various meetings. telephone. Serve on various committees and events organised by society. etc. Inactiveness for more than 6 months. Observe discipline and decorum. 2. invitations. telephone number etc. d. Reinitiating membership In case where the membership has been ceased due to reason 4. email. 3. 2. c. circulars. Work on various committees and when requested or appointed. 3. sms. by email. 7. Harm the interest of society. b. c. d. b. Member shall not undertake any activity in any manner which: a. post. cooperate and collaborate in all activities of the society. Attend meetings of Society. the person has to provide a reapplication with the reason for the inactiveness for reinitiating his/her membership. Take part in deliberations. 5. Antagonise the aims and objectives of Society. Death of a member Resignation of a member Removal of member by the general body as disciplinary action. 6. 4. Participate. The member is obliged to (wherever feasible): a. Receive all official communication (addressed to members).The membership of a person shall cease in the following circumstances: 1. courier etc. 4. 8|Page . Update his/her personal details like address. Spoil the dignity of society. Disrupt the harmony among the members of society.

Technovator 8. General Body The flow of work and decisions the work flow of orders. Vice president 3. President 2. Chief evangelist 5. Governing Body 2. Treasurer 4. Programmer 9. Secretary Division of Society responsibilities The Society shall be divided into three levels. Executive Body 3. decisions etc. on the basis of the work to be done. Executive member 11. 9|Page . Cultural head 6. 1. Literature head 7.Article 2: Society Structure The office bearers The office bearers shall be 1. plans. plans and decisions shall take place as described in the explained chart below: The term plan in the chart represents all of the ideas. R’n’D head 10.

Opening a chapter or a group For setting up a separate working part (department of Society) in some other established institution or Society. Opacity of work progress The work progress shall not be transparent to all the members or nonmembers of the Society. THE PLAN TO BE EXECUTED SHALL BE COMPLETED IN COLABORATION WITH THE COMMETTIES OF THE MEMBERS AS DECIDED BY THE EXECUTIVE BODY AND THE ADMINISTRATION AND THE RESPECTIVE HEADS. The documents The documents of a department. The level of opacity depends on the decision of the administrating officer.GOVRENING BODY 1)PRESIDENT 2)VICE PRESIDENT 3)CHIEF EVANGELIST 4) SPECIAL EXECUTIVE MEMBER EXECUTIVE BODY 1) PRESIDENT 2) VICE PRESIDENT 3) TREASURER 4) CHIEF EVANGELIST 5) CULTURAL HEAD 6) LITERATURE HEAD 7) TECHNOVATOR 8) PROGRAMMER 9) R’N’D HEAD 10)EXECUTIVE MEMBER 11) SECRETARY GENERAL BODY THE GENERAL BODY CONSIDTS OF ALL THE ORGANISATION MEMBERS. and all have to report their respective officer for the progress and delays. All the documents sill be kept stored at the Society office or headquarters. the officer for the project reporting will be appointed by the Society administrator. office bearers. Work secrecy is the key to success of the plan to be imparted. a separate chapter in the 10 | P a g e . Secrecy means secrecy with both the colleagues and other persons until the project is over. Reporting system For consistent checking of the work progress and to keep check on the delays. or the administration grants so. This part has been introduced for smooth and non-bumpy work progress of some particular project. committee or such small units belong to the Society. The documents may be issued to the officers and members if required of some investigation and case study. the members. project administrator and others as per their powers.

7. 2. 6. The information may be asked from the secretary of the Society or the special executive officer or such person appointed by the administration. Article 3: Office Bearers The following shall be the office bearers of the Society: 1) PRESIDENT 2) VICE PRESIDENT 3) TREASURER 4) CHIEF EVANGELIST 5) CULTURAL HEAD 6) LITERATURE HEAD 7) TECHNOVATOR 8) PROGRAMMER 9) R’N’D HEAD 10) EXECUTIVE MEMBER 11) SECRETARY Functions and powers. PRESIDENT 1. Transparency All the information regarding Society is available for the seeker of the information (restrictions on the free flow of articles as mentioned or described by the administration and constitution).constitution shall be opened for the same describing powers. 11 | P a g e . 4. Bank Deposits all the transections and deposits will be done in a nationalised bank account opened referring to “Vishwaguru” Society. He shall be the appointing authority of the Society 3. The president keeps check on the flow of Societyal work and projects 5. Meetings shall be called upon. The president shall be impartial all the times. President shares powers and functions of all posts in the Society. President’s vote works as tiebreaker in the voting. organised and controlled by the president. President shall be the main administrator of the Society. workings and guidelines of such parts.

7. Obtain/ present idea to increase treasury and financial activities. Assists the president. 2. complaints and suggestions and similar about Society working. Keeping records of economic fluctuations and its reasons. quality demands. 6. products and services. products etc. Consistently carries public surveys about the Society working. 4. 12 | P a g e . 3. CHIEF EVANGELIST 1. The president has a right to enforce a new law or create a new post in any part of Society whenever required. Creates around buzz about Society and the works. 5. feasibility. Organising market surveys about fulfilling orders. The fund allotment will be done only if any two members from governing body in addition to treasurer approves it. 5. Make decisions about the pay given to working members according to their contributions and governing body’s decision with governing body agreement.8. 6. 6. 3. 2. Submits annual reports of the Society in detail. 4. Responsible for the event planning and distribution of prizes and encouragements others on the Society events etc. TREASURER 1. problems. Keeps accurate details of committee members and manage committee assignments using report forms. Survey for getting ideas what public exactly wants in form of facilities. Assist with the preparation of the meeting agenda. He is the marketing and popularity head of Society. 3. Obtain and keeps copy of all receipts of the payments in the payment records. VICE PRESIDENT 1. output. Shall preside in absence of the president. 5. and such factors. Record all incoming and outgoing money with full details of date and the party related to the transaction. Be prepared with the reports on the financial status of the Society at every meeting. 4. Keeps tracks of accounts of the Society 2.

5. 4. Collecting proofs and data on BHARTIYA SANSKRITI in Vedic times. 4.7. 4. database. Making and maintaining website. Troubleshooting the computer related errors and difficulties. LITERATURE HEAD 1. 3. Keeps eve on the new inventions and patents acquired. inside or outside. 2. TECHNOVATOR 1. Making reports on BHARTIYA SANSKRITI and cultural activities. PROGRAMMER 1. Organising surveys and making reports on Vedic literature interests from time to time. All the computer related databases of Society shall be updated. Make reports on the cultural growth of the society. 2. 2. Surveying about current views on the Vedic culture and probability and ideas to re-establish that. plans and projects in cultural terms. Helping society works. 3. critics and appreciation of the Society. He must always be ready with the current reports about the public figure of Society. Helping in society works. 13 | P a g e . Responsible of the updating of the technical projects for better output. Keeping copy of as much of Vedic literature as possible in original language. plans and projects in technical terms. plans and projects inliterature terms. 3. 5. Develop and check the usability of the recently invented techniques and suggest the ways to establish them in common people’s life. Keeping records of list of Vedic literature. Assisting other officials and members in easy use of the services related to computing. Helping society works. CULTURAL HEAD 1. and software for the Society. 4. Finding ways to promote the Vedic literature. 3. 2.

SECRETARY 1. Keep records of project growth and progress in the work. discussed in meetings. Must coordinate all the members for the meetings and conferences WITHOUT FAIL. R’N’D HEAD 1. 7. They are responsible for developing the new techniques not now or ever used. Keeping secrecy about different departments and their progress. Must be answerable for all the queries related to the progress of the project. 4. Records the minutes on what is DECIDED on and DONE. The reports are to be provided directly to the president or vice president and shall not be disclosed until the instructions of the disclosure of reports. 6. 2. 3.5. 14 | P a g e . Researching and developing Vedic techniques. 2. Keeps records on all ongoing projects. and updates of the same. EXECUTIVE MEMBER 1. 5. 8. Finding proofs and reasons for the working state of Vedic techniques. 3. Keeping a hard copy of the soft data as backup in CD’s. 2. Provide quarterly reports of the Societyal plans and meetings. Giving reminders and checking progress of project to respective department associate. DVD’s and such devices. Gathering and collecting works on or before deadlines. 4. Keep track of all project details. Researching and realising Vedic instruments and techniques now a days extinguished. Make or arrange for the 3rd party required permissions for Society events. 3. 5. 4. Ensuring smooth working of departments. Records minutes of all the meetings.

2. 4. Emergency meetings shall be called by the person in authority of a committee. 3. Regular meetings 1. whenever there’s a need to discuss a very important task. Monthly progress. ask for arranging a debating session. Any amendments to this constitution shall be. No other topic shall be discussed. 2. All the talks and opinions must direct to “the chair”. Basic disciplinary rules. A notice regarding the meeting shall be delivered 5-7 days before the meeting. (The chair refers to the person in authority of meeting. This constitution can be amended by a majority vote at any regular board meeting. A notice regarding meeting shall be delivered 2 days before the meeting. The president shall not come under the election system. 15 | P a g e . in writing in a regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose. Regular meetings will be held once in a month. The Personal interview shall be taken by the president or his designated representative.Article 4: Meetings Rules regarding meetings 1. 2. 3. Emergency meetings 1. Article 5: Rectifications and Amendments 1. mission and other topics for month will be discussed.) 2. at least a week before. Article 6: Elections The elections for the posts of the office bearers and others shall be done on the basis Personal Interview and past records of the person in Society. Any amendment so made shall become effective when approved by the president or his designated representative. 3. Only the discussion of the topic predefined shall take place. For debating. Debating to each other is not allowed.

or any other designated representative appointed by president or vice president. the president’s post is vacated. The resignation application shall be provided to the Society’s respective representative for the records. The person has to take a no dues from the treasurer of the Society. 16 | P a g e . Article 7: Resigning from Society To leave the Society.In any circumstances. Vice president takes the post unless a specified representative elected by president is there to claim the president’s post. 2. The resignation shall be approved without any delay by president or vice president or by respective authorised head or executive. Article 8: Dissolution of the Society In case of dissolution of Society all assets and liabilities of the Society shall be vested to the President living at that time and who shall decide the best way to utilise the property(ies). 3.building and funds in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. the following rules apply: 1.

XXI of 1860 (Punjab amendment Act. CERTIFICATE Certified that this is the true copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Society entitled “Vishwaguru” having its office at 698.18. Jalandhar in the State of Punjab. Chougitti Bye Pass.1957) PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER PLACE : JALANDHAR DATED : 17 | P a g e . Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. a Society formed and constituted under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act.

Details of initial investments i.“A” Sr. moral. 3. Office Bearers of the society. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue.e. 4.ANNEXTURE . 5. Contents Remarks 1. Chougitti Bye Pass. Jalandhar To restore the status of “VISHWAGURU BHARAT” by the means of cultural. details of tangible or N. intangible assets 18 | P a g e . A. Names & complete addresses of the members of the Office As per List appended in the Memorandum of Bearers / Governing Body of Association the society Whether the office bearers or members of Governing Body involved in any criminal _ NO _ cases. 2. if any. 7. 6. Name of the Society Complete address of the Society Brief note on the activities of the Society VISHWAGURU ( An Individual and Social Development Body) 698.A. if so kindly furnish details of the case Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the members/ N. economic development of the society and country by activities as described in aims and objects of the society.

Chaugitti Bye Pass. a society is required to be formed for the purpose of smooth function and also in order to have its legal entity by forming a society in writing having its aims and objects and Rules and Regulations and be got registered with the Registrar of Societies under the relevant provision of the Societies Registration Act. Jalandhar Date : RESOLUTION Copy of relevant portion of the Resolution adopted by Governing Body of VISHWAGURU ( An Individual & Social Development Body) 698. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. many other persons attended the meeting The Agenda of the meeting was places before the house for discussion The Chairman informed the house that for the purpose of Development & welfare of the Sports and social welfare activities in the area and surroundings.P/2 19 | P a g e .(Punjab) . Chougitti Bye Pass. Jalandhar. to discuss the formation of a sports and social welfare Body The meeting was chaired by Yashdeep Sharma and attended by the following : 1 Yashdeep Sharma 2 Mohit Kokaria 3 Abhimanyu Kumar Rai 4 Ankush Singla 5 Navdeep Singh 6 Siddharth Sharma 7 Amit Kumar Jha 8 Vaneet Kapur 9 Sharad Kumar. 10 Pritpal Singh 11 Sunny Trivedi 12 Binit 13 Rishabh Handa Beside the above. Chaugitti Bye Pass. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. Jalandhar An important meeting of the residents of the area and surroundings was convened on 12-01-2014 at 698.OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Vishwaguru ( An Individual & Social Development Body) 698. 1860 Contd….

Contd…P/3 20 | P a g e . Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. within the provisions of the Societies Registration Act.. Sr Name of the member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Yashdeep Sharma Mohit Kokaria Abhimanyu Kumar Rai Ankush Singla Navdeep Singh Siddharth Sharma Amit Kumar Jha Vaneet Kapur Sharad Kumar. The Aims and objects and Rules and Regulation of the Society be got typed and signed appropriately and the society be got registered with the Registrar of Societies. with immediate effect. Chougitti Bye Pass. read out and placed before the house for discussion and were later unanimously approved with certain amendments. Pritpal Singh Sunny Trivedi Designation Signature President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chief Evangelist Literature Head R & D Head Cultural Head Tecnovator Programmer Executive Member 12 Binit Member 13 Rishabh Handa Member The other persons were also inducted as Ordinary General Members of the society The following resolutions were passed: RESOLUTIONS (i) Resolved unanimously that the Society entitled " VISHWAGURU ( An Individual and Social Development Body) having its office at 698. be formed and the formalities for registration of the same should be fulfilled .Page : 2 : The name of the society was unanimously approved as VISHWAGURU (An Individual & Social Development Body) The aims and objects and Rules and regulations of the proposed society were formed. The election of the proposed society was also held and the following persons were elected as first office bearers (Governing Body) of the society. XXI of 1860. District Jalandhar (Punjab).

The members of Governing body were honored by given ward regards and goo wishes The secretary thanked all the invitees and the meeting was ended with vote of thanks to the Chair followed by cup tea. President. Secretary and Cashier were authorized to sign on Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations of the Society and documents as required for the registration of society and the secretary elected was further authorized to take all possible steps to get the society registered (iii) Further resolved that after the society is registered . Certified to be true copy of the original 21 | P a g e . a bank account in the name of the society be opened in a bank approved by the Governing Body and be operated jointly by Chairman and President only or any other person(s) specially appointed by the Governing body .Page : 3 : (ii) The elected Chairman.

R/o 698. That there is no proceeding pending I any court of law against the above society. aged about 18 years. 7. do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:1. Jalandhar City (Punjab) 2. Yashdeep Sharma S/o Sh. That I am one of the subscribers of the Memorandum of the above named Society 3. 5. That none of the members of the society are related to each other. Chougitti Bye Pass. Jalandhar in the state of Punjab. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. That of the name of the society is found attracting the provisions of Emblem and names (Prevention of improper use) Act. 8. we shall be responsible for the same 10. That our society shall abide by rules of the Act applicable to us. 1860 and the law of the land applicable to them and the registration so granted shall be deemed to have been withdrawn/ rescinded under General law. DEPONENT 22 | P a g e . That as per my knowledge. Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. the name of the proposed society is not identical or resemble to any other registered or un-registered society in our locality.SELF DECLARATION Self-Declaration by President of the Society entitled " VISHWAGURU ( An Individual and Social Welfare Body) having its office at 698. 1950 and/or identical or resembling to any other society which are already registered under the Societies Registration Act. That all the members of the society have authorized me to sign and execute all documents required for registration of the above named society and as also the swearing and executing this affidavit. District Jalandhar ---------------------------------------.----------------------------------------------------------------I. Chougitti Bye Pass. That a Society under the name and title " VISHWAGURU ( An Individual & Social Development Body has been formed and its main office at 698. Surinder Kumar Sharma . Chougitti Bye Pass. 9. In case any dispute arises regarding the society . Guru Gobind Singh Avenue. 6. That I am also a member of the First Governing Body of the above named society and has been elected as President of the Society 4. That there is no dispute arise regarding this society. DEPONENT PLACE: JALANDHAR DATE : VERIFICATION: ---------------------Verified that the contents of the above declaration are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed there from.

as may be necessary .3) To solemnize the all types of social. socialism. color or creed . 23 | P a g e . education . race . And Educational Needs Of The Society. sports and religious function in the Punjab & surrounding areas. co-operation . 4. desirable expedient for the promotion of the all types of social activities etc without discrimination as to religion . 4. deeds or things . villagers & general public . Sports. Religious. Cultural.own-self and to provide facilities for developing urban and rural sports at grass root level and to organize activities for the preservation of cultural heritage To provide incentive to Administration for development of games and sports in the area.culture . To develop consciousness among youth against social evils . love and affection amongst the members of the society .Specimen of other Aims and Objects ( if desired ): i) To generate sports consciousness and mass participation in sports in urban and rural areas To organize sports rallies and Marathon rallies in particular for the social cause .5) To create a sense of brotherhood . 4. To strengthen sports culture and to encourage sports activities in the area To provide opportunities to urban and rural sports talent to get notices for talent scouting and nurturing To involve youths in the programme and chennalise youth energy into sports activities To organize youth leadership training or training of young persons who can act as catalyst to bring about social changes such as awareness of their environmental. To help building a healthy society contributing to national development by organizing and channelising youth energy in character building activities To develop amongst youth a sense of pride in nationality accepted values like democracy. To promote sports infrastructure and facilities from the lower level up to high level. 4. ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) The other objects of the Society / Clubs shall be 4. secularism .4) To run langars and distribute eatable goods at holly premises places or on religious functions.1) To Provide Facilities For Social Need. mutual harmony . and allied social services in any way possible and to do all such acts . sports .2) To promote the Punjabi cultural . to enable the youth to develop awareness of environmental .

educational and economical upliftment to raise legal demands and fundamental rights provided by ‘ Constitution of India . sub – committees etc for district or / and state level. set up . conduct and issue any books . 4. 4. culture .11) To assist the Gram panchayats for the development of rural & urban areas & its people. 4. social or sports tournaments or works .4.12) To give help and take up effective. exchange . purchase . 4.6 ) To organize cultural programs. Charitable Dispensaries . 24 | P a g e . 4.14) To build and renovate the religious places for worship in the rural & urban area .16.9) To take up effective. social & religion . publish . libraries and other building / institutions for use and welfare of the rural & urban areas and general public . For such purpose the organizing committee setup bodies . 4. playgrounds . and aid to search the service / setup business/ industries after complete the education and courses . parks and other movable or immovable property and construct . lease or hire or otherwise any lands .13) To provide financial support for spending on religious function . 4. sports grounds . sports tournaments . supports and / or help the various community development programs / activities and also construct and develop the Community Halls . 4. environment . found establish . posters magazines . reasonable and lawful steps to use / distribute the grant form the Government granted to Gram Panchyat & other development committees for the development of the rural & urban areas . maintain . start . pamphlets . 4.19) To acquire by gifts . 4. 4. deeds or things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of the above objects. 4.8) To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the education of social evils such as Dowry System . Wastage of money in various functions . 4.10) To approach the competent court / courts to safeguard the rights of the general public and for the public interest from time to time as the society may deem fit and proper.7) To open .15) To donate or accept donation for welfare of the society in furtherance of the sports .)To fulfill the aims & objects of the society the society may open its branch office in all over the state and district levels.’ 4. maintain buildings for the purpose of the society .21) To raise money for any of the above objects or purpose by mortgaging or charging all or any such property as may legally be mortgaged or charged with capital sum . reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of problems relating to members of the society or relating to rural & urban arrears & general public. drug edicts .17) To help the unemployed youths . finance . sports . promote . periodicals and newspapers that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objects of the society . run . for this purpose the organizing committee may setup the sub – committee . which shall be reported to the president . 4.18) To print . seminar or social justice . assist . Child Marriage and Child Labour etc. buildings .20) To do all such other lawful acts .

Charitable Dispensaries .29) To facilitate and spread education by starting affiliating . 4.32) To develop a healthy as well as critical attitude towards the development of mental . assist . cleanness of holly premises . set up .28) To establish .25) To promote literacy . medical aid . stipends or fees . mental . Essay Competitions . sports clubs . colleges and academies for imparting primary . develop . physical and moral uplift of the students and those connected with the institution so as to make them good citizens .27) To develop a healthy as well as critical attitude towards the development of youth activities . Exhibitions . Symposiums . found establish . vocational institutions or such other similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit of general public. gardens . managers and agents for work and furtherance of the aims and objects of the society and to pay their wages .26) To provide .24) To conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subject relating to education . instructors and experts of good moral character and capable to impart .4. 4. 4. agricultural or other kind of education with a view to training good citizen. secondary and higher industrial .33) To engage teachers . swimming pools and other possible facilities to the students and also to the members of the society .30) To engage .34) To aid or establish any institute or adopt means for imparting promotion of any art . 4.31) To arrange and organize various kinds of Child welfare. science or any other field of education . foods . reading rooms .22) To provide financial support for spending on renovation . propagate for removal of social evils . 4. institute or society for the welfare of victims of natural calamities and / or to provide such medical aid and such other assistance 25 | P a g e . support and / or help the various community development programs / activities and also construct and develop the community Halls . Cultural programs . cultural and other social activities by Awareness Programs Adult Education Classes . physical and moral uplift of the students and those connected with the institution so as to make them good citizens. attorneys . green environmental Programmer / Activities. to provide facility for worship to devotees . industrial avocations . Libraries parks . 4. and religious functions or works . run .workers . gymnasiums . transportation . maintain . 4. employ or hire appropriate staff . 4. libraries laboratories .23) To open . customs or render or promote self –help to overcome any of these evils particularly for the poor or weaker sections of the society in India or abroad .35) To establish any home . maintain and grant aid to computer education centre . play grounds . salaries . Lectures . 4. establishing and maintaining schools . research work . promote . 4. 4. press Conferences and Seminars . cloths . dharamshalas and rest houses and other building / institutions for use and welfare of the villagers and general public . 4. efficiently and economically up to date instructions to students in modern science . legal experts and other professional . finance . 4. stationery . hostels . intellectual and other usual pursuits .

4. pestilence etc and to give donations and other assistance to institutions .39) To arrange and manage the training institutions in Typing . colleges .orphanages or other establishments for relief and relief and help to the poor . Yoga . computer languages . software . needy and destitute people . 4. windows and aged persons . Computer Fine Arts . establishing and maintains in all over India or otherwise other schools . donations. needy and destitute people .42) To raise the funds for the society . widows and aged persons . orphans . Painting . Physical Education and in other professional training subjects .40) To open. computer centers / institutes and academies for imparting computer education . 4. 4. primary .41) To facilitate and spread computer education by starting affiliating . secondary and higher industrial . firm. Modeling .37) To establish . 4. agricultural or other kind of computer education with a view to training good citizen. Music . fire . 4. Dancing . grants bequests and trusts from any persons.45) To All the activates shall be non profitable and shall be done on ‘ No Profit – No Loss ‘ basis . flood. run.43) To raise money for any of the above objects or purpose by mortgaging or charging all or any such property as may legally be mortgaged or charged with capital sum . Crafts . Short Hand . 26 | P a g e . 4. obtain or accept subscriptions. establishments or persons engaged in such relief work 4. the society may start the business or / and any trade . 4.36) To arrange any provide such medical aid and such other assistance necessary for living to the needy persons who are otherwise incapable or handicapped or mentally or physically retarded and financially uplift any persons of poor class.38) To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as famine. orphans .necessary or other establishments for relief and help to the poor . maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged . import – export business or may do such other works as may be resolved by the Governing body. 4.44) To solicit. continue an educational and vocational institution in healthy surroundings . earthquake. corporation or institution for the purpose of welfare of welfare of society.