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CONCEPTS 1. Venture Capital (April 2011) (R374) 2. Brain Storming (April 2011 ,OCT 2011) (R-219) 3. Franchising (April 2011) (R-143) 4. Pure Entrepreneurs (April 2011) (R-42) 5. Acquisitions (April 2011) (R-156) 6. Outsourcing (April 2012) (R-146)

7. projection formulation (April 2012) (R-247) 8. NSIC (April 2012) (R-413)

SHORT NOTES 1. Ancillarisation (April 2012 ,OCT 2011) (R-141) 2. Creativity and Innovation (April 2012) (R-199/203) 3. Characteristics of an entrepreneur (April 2012) (R-21) 4. Role of NABARD in developing SMEs (April 2012) (R-363) 5. Intrapreneur /Entrepreneur (April 2012) (R-87) 6. Role of Culture in the development of entrepreneurs (OCT 2011) (R-103) 7. Franchising (OCT 2011) (R-143)

8. Entrepreneurial Development Programme (OCT 2011) (R-113) 9.Turnaround strategy (April 2012) 9. Turnaround Strategy (OCT 2012) (R-422) (R-422) 10. Environment Scanning (April 10. Theory of achievement 2012) (R-230) motivation (OCT 2012) (Search Your Self) 11. SISI (OCT 2011) (R-389) 11. Incentives and subsidies enjoyed by the SMEs (OCT 2012) (R-378) 12. Seed Capital (OCT 2011) (R12. Institutional support provided to 377) SSIs with spcial reference to NSIC nad SISI (OCT 2012) (R-389,413) 13. Intrapreneur (OCT 2011) (R-11) 13. Creativity and innovation (OCT 2012) (R-208) 14. SHG (OCT 2012) (R-134) 15. Working Capital (OCT 2012) (R-346) 16. Industrial Estates (OCT 2012) (Search Your Self) 17. Cottage and village industries (OCT 2012) (R-384) 18. SIDBI (OCT 2012) (R-360)

(April 2012) (R169.9 Discuss the contribution of Josepph Schumpter and David Mc Celland with regard to Entrepreneurship. (OCT 2011) (R-72) Q.442) .8 How do you understand social entrepreneurship? Bring out the arguments in favour of and against social entrepreneur.118) Q.134) Q. (April 2011) (R-381) Q.1 Discuss the problems faced by women entrepreneurs. (OCT 2011) (R-438. and how it is conducted. Explain the role played by SHG’s in encouraging women Entrepreneurs.118) Q. (April 2012) (R-116.2 Explain objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Programme. (April 2011 .242) Q. (April 2011) (R-116) Q. In the light of this statement explain the objectives of EDP and state the importance of entrepreneurial training. What is its relevance in today’s world? (OCT 2012) (R-113. (April 2012) (R-39) Q.11 What are the causes of sickness in Small Scale Industries? Explain the measures to prevent sickness.2012) (R-333) Q. (OCT 2011) (R-238.7 “Entrepreneurs are made and not born”. (April 2011) (R46.4 Explain the role of SIDBI in assisting small scale Entrepreneurs.6 Give a brief classification of different types of entrepreneurs.438.10 How should a prospective Entrepreneur formulate a good business Plan? Illustrate with an example.12 What is EDP? Explain the different phases of an EDP.13 Enumerate the causes and consequences of sickness in SISI and explain the tax benefits enjoyed by them.Long Answer Q.5 Explain the steps in setting up a small unit.181) Q.3 Why is it necessary for an entrepreneur to scan the environment in which he operates? (April 2011) (R-233) Q.443) Q. (OCT 2012) (R-378.

53) BOOKS REFERRED: .15 What is empowerment? Discuss briefly the empowerment of women through enterprise.14 How would you construct a business plan to satisfy your banker? Explain in detail.Q. (OCT 2012) (R-240) Q. What are the promotional schemes available in India for the development of women entrepreneurship? (OCT 2012) (R-64.Entrepreneurship & Management of Small & Medium Enterprises by Sunny Fernandes RISHABH PUBLISHING HOUSE (RPH) .