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Your professional headline (Character Limit 120; Characters sed! 11"#! Pro$ect %anagement & 'usiness (d)isory Ser)ices & 'usiness (nalysis and Consulting & Client *elations & +)er , years Industry Insurance - Select under the drop do.n menu Summary (Character Limit 2000; Characters sed! 1,00# (ppro/0 1alues ( dedicated2 resourceful and challenge dri)en professional2 S 3I(4 (L1I is a 'usiness (d)isory and Strategic +perations specialist endo.ed .ith a passion to create record 5reaking and re)enue gains as en)isaged through his prolific career record and list of note.orthy achie)ements0 6apping the go)ernment2 semi go)ernment as .ell as pri)ate organi7ations2 S 3I(4 has 5een highly successful in attaining sales from all frontiers0 ( do.n to earth2 friendly and modest professional .ho has )olumes to speak a5out his career 5ackground in terms of creating a range of 5usiness de)elopment acti)ities .ithin the Insurance domain (5ility to complete entire pro$ect acti)ities .ith start to finish and achie)e 5usiness o5$ecti)es has 5een Sufian8s strength0 (n e/cellent communicator he can con)ince a .ide range of clients and pro)ide them .ith customi7ed solutions to meet their ongoing 5usiness operations0 9ith strong (: cultural and ground kno.ledge2 Sufian can connect easily to all locals and internationals .ithin the country0 ( 5usiness ad)isor at 5est he is kno.n to pro)ide inno)ate2 smart package solutions that has 5een reused 5y organi7ations for their 5enefits2 time and again0 ( tra)eller .ho has 5een to international destinations to meet high end clients and to many places in India for pro)iding structured solutions2 Sufian adds this as a 5ig plus to his e/isting offerings0 Ser)ing as a Senior Consultant at ;< *isk %anagers = Insurance 'rokers Ltd since 4o)em5er 200>2 Sufian has had a string of achie)ements .hich speaks for his massi)e contri5utions to the organi7ation0 3or more insights into Sufian 8s profile please ha)e a look at his C1 .hich can 5e do.nloaded from the address (

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Some of the nota5le functional strengths of Sufian are

★ P*+;:C6 %(4(?:%:46 ★ C+4S L6I4? +P:*(6I+4S ★ S6*(6:?IC +P:*(6I+4S ★ *IS< %(4(?:%:46 ★ C S6+%:* *:L(6I+4S

:/perience 1 (;< *isk %anagers = Insurance 'rokers Ltd# Career Progress Nov’06 – Dec’08 Dec’08 - #uly’0$ *ince #uly’0$ Deputy Manager-Client Acquisition & Relationship Ris! Manage"ent Manager an% &'ecutive Assistant to Chie( &'ecutive )((icer *enior Consultant- *peciality Ris! & +nternational ,usiness

%a$or Contri5utions!

• • • • • •

-or"ulating the service stan%ar%s gui%elines & process (lo.s that serve as /ench"ar! (or e'cellent service %elivery there/y contri/uting e((icient & sta/le support operations0 *pearhea%ing consulting pro1ects inclu%ing planning an% e'ecution o( progra"s2 provi%ing inputs on the pro1ect strategy policies an% "a1or issue resolutions0 Develop an% i"ple"ent (ra"e.or!s to revie. & "onitor ris!s an% trac! the per(or"ance0 Assist in consulting pro1ects across the %epart"ent0 Develop"ent o( appropriate response to ris!s inclu%ing partnering .ith "anagers an% tea" "e"/ers to stan%ar%i3e policies an% proce%ures surroun%ing custo"er ris!0 4elping "e"/ers /eco"e a.are o( these ris!s creating training progra"s so that e"ployees are taught to "anage these ris!s an% provi%ing resources that .ill help the" "anage these ris!s0 5or! on various cre%it ris! cre%it valuation ris! "anage"ent practices an% relate% in%ustry /usiness to /usiness /est practices0

(chie)ements = %ilestones!

6n%ertoo! several pro1ects inclu%ing pro"otion o( various 7overn"ent an% *e"i 7overn"ent sche"es such as Cattle +nsurance *a(al 8%igitali3e% (ruit an% vegeta/le "ar!et9 etc0 through e'tensive travelling in +n%ia an% restructure% the insurance port(olio (or :ornel :yres Me'ico0 ,y travelling to Me'ico0 Create% a ne. service %elivery syste" (or +nsurance *ervices saving appro'i"ately 6*D ;00 000 (or a Me'ican co"pany .hich require% the pro1ect to /e carrie% out in Me'ico0 &((iciently .or!e% on the <ro%uct Mi' &nergy <ac!age <olicy (or couple o( <etroleu" Co"panies in +n%ia2 (ra"e% the :en%er Docu"ent2 .or!e% on %eveloping "anual (or Custo"er Acquisition & Retention process at the co"pany0 5or!e% .ith nu"/er o( +n%ian Corporate (or their )verseas Ris! Manage"ent0 <lanne% strategies to attain the corporate sales (ro" Rs0 = Crores to Rs0 >? Crores0 *igni(icantly contri/ute% .ith inputs on /u%geting (or >006->00= >00=->008 >008->00$0 Actively participate% at various gatherings o( -+CC+ as representative o( the co"pany0 <laye% a "a1or role in %eveloping <ro%uct Mi' *ales Material an% Corporate Relationship & Acquisition <rocesses (or /etter custo"er satis(action0 &((iciently .or!e% on special policies such as 4y%rology +nsurance <ort <ac!age Mega <ro1ect & :ra%itional0 Assesse% port(olios o( various clients an% provi%e% opti"al solutions0 -ile% > pro%ucts .ith +nsurance co"panies .hich .ere (ile% .ith the +nsurance Regulatory & Develop"ent Authority o( +n%ia (or approval0 +nvolve% in Ris! Manage"ent <lan (or 4ulera :ornel :yre Me'ican Co"pany ta!en over /y #@ :yre0 Aiaise% .ith Aon%on Mar!et (or closure o( <ro%uct Aia/ility <olicy o( 4ulera :ornel :yre Me'ico0

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

Accre%ite% .ith the appreciation letter (ro" MD #@ :yres on report on Me'ican Mar!et post acquisition o( 4ulera :ornel :yres0 5or!e% on Clai"s Consulting pro1ect (or a large glass "anu(acturer client an% success(ully prepare% the report .ithin ?; %ays to the client’s satis(action0

Please add roles of other organizations from your CV. If your CV is designed on a functional format, the roles/strengths written once, would apply for the current/last organization you worked for. Leave the description field empty for any organization for which the roles have not een provided. :ducation >00$ &'ecutive <rogra""e on ,usiness Analytics (ro" +n%ian +nstitute o( Manage"ent 8++M9 @ol!ata


<ost 7ra%uate Diplo"a in +nsurance Manage"ent A"ity *chool o( +nsurance & Actuarial *cience Noi%a


,achelors in Co""erce 84onours9 (ro" #a"ia Millia +sla"ia Ne. Delhi - +n%ia

Certifications Insurance ,ro!er’s certi(ication (ro" National +nsurance Aca%e"y <une .ith 80C @onours = (.ards

• Actively organi3e% various events at school level such as Duanta $8 an +nternational &vent0 • Dyna"ically participate% at various +ntra ,ranches an% +nter *chool National &vents0 • -unctione% as "e"/er o(E
• •

Depart"ental Cric!et tea" at #a"ia Millia 6niversity0 Cric!et tea" at A"ity *chool o( +nsurance & Actuarial *cience0