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Roma Lusitana

Church of St. Roch (São Roque), Chapel of St. John the Baptist Lisbon "... It was during the patriarchate of Cardinal d'Almeyda ( !"#$ that the famous chapel of Saint %ohn the &aptist' now in the church of São Roque' was (uilt in Rome at the e)pense of *ing %ohn +' and consecrated (y ,ope &enedict -I+. At what date the patriarchs of .is(on (egan to quarter the tiara with three crowns' though without the /eys' on their coat of arms is uncertain and there are no documents referring to the grant of such a pri0ilege ..." (C1$.

Errata< for Patriarchate of Lisbon3 99999999999 .is(on and Santarem.u(lished (y 1ncyclopedia .osted (y &.A>RIARC?A>1 @:' . 9999 < . .IS&@A1ASIS$' includes the districts of .is(on is said to owe its origin to Flysses' and hence its oldest name Flissypo or @lissipo' which (ecame on .8 Patriarchate of Lisbon Includes the districts of Lisbon and Santarem 0iew page scan High Resolution Scan 99999999999 .is(on .atriarch of .is(on' . *. Its charm was .is(on' .a(els3 Caeremoniale Romanum' . Area of Santarem 6'BBB is =5#B sq.hoenician lips Alisu((o' meaning the "friendly (ay".ress' 7 =.ogin or register to access high resolution scans and other ad0anced features.Read more 2 .atriarchate of . 6D='E B". at 4 5465 " 5 3 7355 . . Registration is :ree.ogin or register to access the errata and other ad0anced features.ri0ileges' . >he area of the district of . !57'B57 ( 755$. milesC pop. Registration is :ree.usitana .ortugal' Roma . milesC pop.

>he town was ta/en (y the 8oors in ! # and remained in their possession until "B' when Affonso ?enriques with the assistance of an army of Crusaders' 1nglish' Aormans and :lemings (ound for the ?oly . Al0ara . :rom Alisu((o and Al Asch(una we ha0e the later name .raca do Commercio' the streets of . +incent's without$ with a monastery attached' which is now the residence of the . Car0alho' 8arquis of . @utside what were the old walls of . >he Se or Cathedral of Santa 8aria is the oldest church in .is(on' when they were (rought from Cape Saint +incent and deposited in the cathedral he had Just (uilt. @n Ao0em(er ' !BB' a second disastrous earthqua/e shoo/ the city and more than =5'555 of the inha(itants +incent with them. It .om(al' was erected in the new .is(onC he was martyred for the :aith under Kiocletian. &ernard's mon/s' if he were successful in his war against the 8oors. It ser0ed as a mosque for the 8oors during their occupation of the city' and the facade with its towers and massi0e portico was re(uilt during the fourteenth century. A (ronIe equestrian statue of *ing %ose with a medallion of . %orge' which had (een the stronghold of the 8oors. According to the legend' his (ody was attached to a millstone and flung into the sea (==#$' (ut was miraculously disco0ered on the sands at +alencia (y some Christians of that place. It had three towers' /nown as Flysses' Al(arram' and 8anagem' (ut e0ery trace of them disappeared in the earthqua/e of !BB.atriarch of . >he church contains the mortuary chapel of the *ings of the ?ouse of &raganIa' and the great consta(le (y the Romans in the name they ga0e it' :elicitas %uliaC and when the 8oors came they changed it (ac/ to Al Asch(una' a 0ariant of the .is(on is along the steep Slopes of the Castello de S. >o add to the misery' a fire (ro/e out which lasted four are irregular and steep' (ut there is an ela(orate electric trolley system connecting all parts of the town' and the ascensores or giant lifts help to o0ercome the difficulties of high and low at this time. An 1nglish mon/ named Gil(ert who was with the e)pedition was chosen &ishop of . >he oldest portion of . At this same time Affonso (egan the (uilding of the Cistercian monastery of Alco(aca' in fulfilment of a 0ow he had made to (uild a monastery for it dates (ac/ to the year =5#. 1)cept in this new quarter' around the . >hey were dri0en ashore on the coast of Algar0e at the cape now /nown as Cape St. +incente da :ora (St. +incent is the patron saint of . +incent' and there they remained until K. In the neigh(orhood of the Cathedral or Se' Roman remains ha0e (een found including the ruins of a Roman >' whence the modern . >he Castello of St.hoenician title. In the eighth century the 8oors too/ +alencia' and the inha(itants fled (y sea' ta/ing the relics of St. %orqe was (uilt in the time of %ulius Caesar' and strengthened (y the 8oors' who held out there against the assault of Affonso ? stands the church of S.eriera lies (uried here.ortuguese .is(on. @n two occasions the city suffered from disastrous earthqua/esC in B= more than B55 houses were destroyed' (esides many churches and and the 1nglish .om(al' at that time 8inister of Har' too/ charge of the panicEstric/en city' and ha0ing e)tinguished the flames' drew up plans for the re(uilding of . Affonso ?enriques had e)pelled the 8oors from .and' dro0e out the in0aders' and remo0ed the capital of the country from Coim(ra to . >here are fountains e0erywhere and the streets are lined (y trees' of which the olaia or JudasEtree is the most common. It lies on the north (an/ of the >agus' 6 miles from the open sea' clustered around se0en hills that rise a(o0e one another' ending in the Serra of Cintra.r a do Commercio to commemorate the re(uilding. It has (een restored many times.

>he procession on the feast of Corpus Christi from the Castello to the church of S.alace' (uilt early in the nineteenth century to replace the royal palace which had (een destroyed (y the earthqua/e of !BB. >he old :ranciscan con0ent has (een turned into a museum of fine artsC and a portion of the (uilding contains the Aational .rince ?enry's chapel' changed the name of the locality from Restello to &elem or &ethlehem' and ga0e the new (uilding to the mon/s of St. >o immortaliIe the e0ent *ing 8anuel (uilt a monastery near . @ne of the most remar/a(le monuments connected with the city is the Aqueducto das Aguas .ortuguese poet of the nineteenth do >erriero which was ruined in !BB. >he church of the Carmo' a (eautiful relic of . Komingo was a (rilliant one in former years.was the royal residence until the Spanish /ings of . >he first stone was laid in B55. >he (uilding is of white stone from the quarries of 1stramadura' and the foundations were laid on piles of pinewood.ortuguese Gothic' is now a museum. ?igh a(o0e &elem stands the AJuda . >he church is fast (ecoming a mausoleum of cele(rated men. George' lance in hand and on horse(ac/ in hea0y armor' was personated (y one of the faithful and his standard was (orne (efore him (y another rider. It contains the tom(s of +asco da Gama' of Camoes' the great poet' and of Almeida Garrett' the chief .is(on. >?1 8@K1RA CI>L. >he actual num(er of deputies is "D' elected (y the people' whereas the cham(er of peers consists of nominated mem(ers appointed (y the crown' and none of them under "5 years of age. >he columned arches of the cloisters are decorated with the twisted ca(le moulding so common in 8anueline (uildings.i(rary of . %eromeC hence the name %eronymos. St. In the chapter house of the monastery is the tom( of Ale)andro ?erculano' greatest of . %ohn the &aptist' (uilt in Rome from designs (y the architect' where are stored a(out =55'555 0olumes' . It is a conspicuous edifice and is one of the first seen on entering the port of .assos da Graca. Coracao de %esus with its commanding cupola of white mar(le. Aear at hand is the Graca church and con0ent (now a (arrac/s$ facing the city.ortuguese historians. Kon %oao I made St. A chapel had (een (uilt on the spot (y .hilippa' daughter of %ohn of Gaunt.9>he church of St.rince ?enry the Aa0igator' and to it /ing and court went in procession' %uly D' "7!. George its patron saintC he had married an 1nglish princess . @n that same day +asco da Gama em(ar/edC he returned in Septem(er' "77' ha0ing rounded the Cape of Good ? in !B". Its costly mar(les and mosaic reproductions of paintings (y Guido Reni' Raphael' and 8ichelangelo too/ ten years to complete. Roque loo/s onto a square of its own nameC it contains the chapel of St. >his part of the city also contains the &asilica' of the SS. >he style of architecture is pure 8anueline (a mi)ture of Gothic' Renaissance' and 8oorish$ and the doorway is e)u(erantly decorated. &elem' a su(ur( of . *ing and court all too/ part in this procession' the patriarch carrying the sacred ?' contains the church and monastery of Santa 8aria' /nown locally as the %eronymos.rotestant cemetery containing the tom( of ?enry :ielding' the 1nglish no0elist' who died in .alace of the Aecessidades. >he old name of &elem was Restello' and it was from here that +asco da Gama set out to disco0er a sea route to India.i0ras ((uilt in ! =$' which reaches a distance of ten miles to Chellos. >he church contains a remar/a(le crucifi) /nown as Aosser Senhor dos . Since D=" the Cortes' a generic designation for the Constitutional Cham(ers of peers and deputies' occupies the monastery of an &ento. >he actual residence of the royal family is the .ortugal chose the famous . Close (y is the Casa de Fnisencordia a hospital and an orphanage. Aear the 1strella Gardens is a .

In !# it witnessed the auto da ft of :ather 8alagrida the %esuit' who was falsely accused of complicity in a plot against . >he population of .ortugal's Independence Kay' Kecem(er ' #"5' when the Ku/e of &raganIa freed the land from Spanish are or ha0e (een churches and monasteries.i(ertade is one of the new ('s is also important. >wenty years ago all this district did not e)ist' and as in the newer quarters in Rome' there has (een some o0er(uilding. 1)cept around the .1SIAS>ICA. @ther (ishops are mentioned up to the year ! # when . >he press is represented (y two a(le Journals' the "Kiario dos Aoticias" and "@ Seculo". . .ortugal is 8anuel II' (orn Ao0em(er B' DD7' who succeeded to the throne on the assassination of his father and elder (rother :e(ruary ' 75D. >he . It (egins at the .is(on when the nuns of Sion were dri0en out of 1ngland during the Reformation.olytechnica (BD5 pupils$' and the 1scola 8edicoECirurgica (66" pupils$' as well as the o(ser0atory' deser0e mention.rince of Co(urgEGotha' in the middle of the nineteenth century. ?IS>@RL. It was dedicated in 6" ' and has undergone many changes. .is(on in 755 was computed at =B!'' one of the safest and most commodious roadsteads in the world' is annually entered and cleared (y an a0erage of #555 0essels sailing under e0ery in #"5' and 8aria II of &raganIa' ha0ing married :ernando' .raga do Restoradores' which commemorates . >he wine trade of . >he first (oo/ printed (y Gutten(erg is shown there' and a &i(le from the same press. >he port of .ortugal are usually married there' and it was the former church of the Inquisition.otamius' who too/ part in the Council of Rimini (=B#$' was &ishop of . 1CC. &efore the 8oorish conquest the diocese was suffragan of 8eridaC the li(eration under Alfonso I too/ place in "!' and in .is(on. >he A0enida da .is(on dates from early Christian times' and tradition has enshrined the names of its (ishops as far (ac/ as the su(EApostolic is' and destroyed (y fire during the great earthqua/e. >he a0enue is lined with trees and su(tropical plants and is di0ided (y flowerE(eds and roc/eries into three arteries to facilitate traffic. >he /ings of . &esides the pu(lic (uildings referred to' the Academia Real' the 1scola . >he chief manufactures of the neigh(orhood are pottery' woollens' glass' preser0ed food' and passed into the hands of the 8oors and the see remained 0acant till "!.raga do . >he present *ing of .atriarchal' (uilt (y %oao + ( !5#E !B5$' as the cathedral of Hestern .rincipe Real' a few minutes' wal/ from the gardens' stands on the site of the Se .' >he See of . &ehind the A0enida lie the &otanical Gardens with their leafy lanes and wealth of tropical 0egetation. It seems certain that a has also a military school (==7 students$' a school of fine arts (#7 students$' and a Conser0atorio (B5= students$.eninsular Har.raca do Commercio' nearly all the important (uildings of . Since their suppression' 8ay 6D' D="' the monasteries ha0e (een mainly used as (arrac/ was occupied (y the :rench in D5!' (ut the 1nglish too/ it in D5D and made it a center of operations against Aapoleon during the .rapa do Rocio. >he reigning dynasty (elongs to the ?ouse of &raganIaECo(urgC %ohn I+ of &raganIa ha0ing e)pelled the Spaniards from . Komingo in the .(esides many rare manuscripts. >he largest church in . It also contains (oo/s from the Ku/e of Aorthum(erland's li(rary (rought to . >he Catholic :aith is the State religion' (ut all other forms of worship are tolerated' and in go0ernment circles the feeling is antiE clerical if not antiEreligious.

alace to Collegiate ran/ and associated with it three parishes in the dioceses of &raganIa and .ortalegre' and Santarem' and has a Catholic population of !6D'!=7.agos in the Kiocese of :aro' :e(ruary D' D" C was ordained in D#=C Joined the @rder of :riars 8inor in D!BC was appointed &ishop of Angola and Congo in D!7C (ecame . As . %ames of Cape +erde' San >horne' 1gitan' .ortugal grew in political importance and colonial possessions' the Jurisdiction of the 8etropolitan of .is(on into one single archdiocese under . Among his more famous successors were RoderigueI da Cunha ( #=#$ and Cardinal .eiria' Guarda' 10ora' and Sil0es (in =7#' howe0er' 10ora was detached (y the same pope$ and the first arch(ishop was %ohn Anes. >he first .eiria' .atriarch of . It was during the patriarchate of Cardinal d'Almeyda ( !"#$ that the famous chapel of Saint %ohn the &aptist' now in the church of Sao Roque' was (uilt in Rome at the e)pense of *ing %ohn +' and consecrated (y .is(on was ecclesiastically di0ided into 1astern and Hestern . >he present patriarch is Antonio 8endes &ello' who was (orn at Gou0ea in the Kiocese of Guarda in %une' D"6' appointed Arch(ishop of 8itylene 8arch 6"' DD"' translated to :aro Ao0em(er =' DD"' and appointed patriarch of ." ( ! 6$ that Coim(ra' .'>he town of . &y Apostolic letters dated Septem(er =5' DD the metropolitan of . >he former Arch(ishop of . At what date the patriarchs of . >o o(0iate the incon0enience of this arrangement &enedict -I+ (Kecem(er =' !"5$ united 1ast and Hest . >he archdiocese comprises the ci0il districts of .amego.ortalegre' 1l0as' :unchal' Angra' Congo' St.rotestants and %ews is was a saintly man' >homas d'Almeyda' formerly &ishop of .amego' :unchal' and Angra' together with ela(orate pri0ileges and honors were granted to the new patriarch and his successors.atriarch of .ope &oniface I-' (y &ull dated Ao0em(er 5' =7"' erected .is(on should (e made a cardinal at the first consistory following his was made suffragan of Compostela.atriarch d'Almeyda' who ruled the see until !B".ater in that same year' yielding to the request of %ohn +' he issued the &ull "In Supremo Apostolatus Solio" (@cto(er 66' ! #$' /nown as the Golden &ull' (ecause the seal or (ulla was affi)ed with gold instead of lead' gi0ing the collegiate chapel cathedral ran/' with metropolitical rights' and conferring on its titular the ran/ of patriarch.atriarch of .is(on into an archdiocese and ga0e it as suffragans' Coim(ra' . It was further agreed (etween pope and /ing that the .is(on in DD=C . >he estimated num(er of .is(on retained Jurisdiction o0er 1astern .ope &enedict -I+.77 .uiI da SouIa ( #!#$. >he total num(er of parishes is =" ' of priests ##6' and of churches and chapels BBB. %ames of Cape +erde' San >horne' and San Sal0ator in Congo. As a reward for assistance against the >ur/s' Clement -I in !5D raised the Chapel of the Royal . %ames of Cape +erde' San >horne' and &aia of All Saints were suffragans of .is(on e)panded' and we learn from Stadel' "Compend. claims as suffragans the Kioceses of Angola' St. At the request of *ing %ohn I' .orto' and he was raised to the cardinalate Kecem(er 65' !=!.is(on' Kecem(er 7' 75!' in succession to Cardinal Aeto' who resigned.eiria' .is(on (egan to quarter the tiara with three crowns' though without the /eys' on their coat of arms is uncertain and there are no documents referring to the grant of such a' quid had as suffragans Guarda' .is(on and metropolitical rights o0er . >here thus e)isted side (y side in the city of . >he patriarch is assisted (y an au)iliary (ishop' mgr. Hestern . Cardinal Aeto' the e)patriarch' was (orn at . >he dou(le chapter howe0er remained until D"=' when the old cathedral chapter was dissol0ed (y Gregory two metropolitical churches.ortalegre' Angra' . %ose Al0es de 8attos' titular Arch(ishop of 8itylene.

is(onC ordained$ DB5C ser0ed some time on the mission in the Kiocese of Shrews(ury' 1nglandC made a domestic prelate in DD C and returned to .is('s and has the same rights and pri0ileges as the 1nglish College' Rome.was named Cardinal of the >itle of the >wel0e Apostles' 8arch 6"' DD"' and at present ran/s as senior cardinal priest. GR1L .is(on to this day. Roman relics unearthed in the 0icinity incline archaeologists to the opinion that the noted Aa(antia of the Romans and Goths stood there.ortugal in the nineteenth century and has ne0er (een reopened. It does a large trade in wine and oil' and is the 0egeta(le garden of .is(on as president in DD=. It is /nown as (y .eter and . It suffered se0erely from the earthqua/e of !BB' (ut continues its wor/s to this day' and is now go0erned (y 8onsignor ?ilton' who was (orn in D6BC educated at . >he population in 75 was 7"55. %. college for Irish students was founded (y royal charter in B7=C it escaped all inJury from the earthqua/e' (ut was closed during the ci0il wars in . Saint Irene (whence the name 8 the town Santarem$ is said to ha0e (een the niece of the prior of the &enedictine monastery when the Goths ruled that portion of . C. >he :ranciscan con0ent is now a (arrac/s' and the con0ent of Santa Iria o'r Irene is in SAA>AR18. . ?e resigned his patriarchate in Ao0em(er' 75!' and retired to a con0ent of his own order in . A long narrow (ridge spans the >agus' and on a roc/ in the ri0er stands the castle Almourel' a (uilding in Gothic architecture. In the si)teenth century it was of more importance than nowadays' and its population stood at 6 '555. In #6" a college for 1nglish students desiring to study for the priesthood and for mission wor/ in 1ngland' was founded in .' >he ancient Scala(is' the .ietro Catinho' a' mem(er of an illustrious family. A con0ent of Irish Kominican mon/s and another of Irish Kominican nuns e)ist in .rcesidium %ulium of the Romans' and capital of the district of Santarem lies on the right (an/ of the >agus a(out "# miles from .