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Western-type health law four major principles

Image of the four major principles. Means is also a symbol of western medicine, also known as, is also Nishi-shiki Tetorapashi from this form.Nutrition nutrition theory of negative overcome consume less material close to the natural diet of sources to create a body, nutrition plethora of modern life. asting, raw food therapy, etc.. Limb to perform si! major law Nishi-shiki that to cure the failure or distortion of the spine and limbs is an element of injury or disease variety.The limbs are responsible for the blood circulation, but also to be kept healthy vessels, and blood. Skin by keeping clean the body enhance the action of "aidoku, prevent a variety of allergy and addiction #think internal organs and is part of the skin in $estern-type also% skin. Naked therapy, such as hot and cold water bath. #. &imb therapy nutrition and an associated strengthening of the intestine and removal of fecal impaction% spirit and principle center to oversee the other principles. There is something that is immeasurable interaction of body and mind, but to support the principle of other approaches to moral, psychological, very psychological, from different perspectives. rom where you have a healthy thinking is important fundamental because it is the medicine religion integral e'uation theory west that (results in the human mind(. orty of lines joining hands, such as a row forty minutes rela!ation posture.

)I* +,IN-I+&.)

1 Heisho 2 Kochin When you sleep, Use the hardest possible bed and hard semicylindrical pillow.

3 Kingyo Undo Swing your hips horizontaly like fish swimming about 1min.

rest with your hands and feet drawn in about "min. Then slide your hands and feet horizontaly about 1! times. When fish. . 5 Gassyo-Gasseki Lie on your back and oin your hands and feet. Then shake your arms and legs about 1min.4 Mokan Undo Lie on your back and rise your arms and legs.

9efore entering the fasting and diet over the same period as the number of days fasting. and fasting in the odd and the 6rd. When you are upright position. $omen. the 8th. shrink your abdomen. /I. or e!ample.T Fasting therapy )ource0 Nishi-kai head'uarters 1 number of days of fasting can be done over a period of about one year while gradually increasing the number of days fasting west-type fasting therapy. the 8th. the 7th. Number of days is different in men and women. if you enter the two-day fasting. the 3th. and even in the fasting and so on the 2nd. the 4th. pump your abdomen. the 5th. Men. When you are incline position. and diet .6 Hifuku Undo Sit down apanese style and swing your upper body centering on your hips about 1! min. the 8th. the 5th. the two days before fasting.

similar place between . you need mental and physical problems related to fasting can be reduced. -onvalescent diet of fasting after the end. so you have about fifteen minutes in the toilet. +eople with a habit of drinking and smoking are Metsu-ryou gradually. beginning three days. ? day. but it is what appetite e!cited abnormally when I think that it is released from starvation finally. It is a principle sips #si!ty grams in one hour intervals% to drink is normal. but the intake of raw water. Thereafter. $hen entering the fasting of the 3th or more. I want to be a light e!ercise at least close to it. <ou should try to not stop fasting ahead of schedule and surprised by the reaction of a little. "owever. but people who have a chronic disease. I started blinking 'uality of the normal diet for three days fasting. it is not to fall into a situation like bothering the mind or efforts to fasting during hard work. forty minutes. I want to drink as much as possible of persimmon leaf tea. That it . the first round is not completed thereby recovery meal termination women. you should refrain from the practice of home. confuse the workings of the internal organs to be going to start gradually. or preparation for entering the fasting. <ou may want to drink the water in reverse also feel disgusted. 1 aim of fasting men two days. physical reaction comes out. and enema with lukewarm water to one ?nnual day. )o as to be admitted to a fast emergency treatment facility possible. is allowed to drink the body only wants to fasting when you do not eat anything. when the fall in overeating. you must be e!tremely careful of blinking or more food.apid contraction of the intestinal tract can be avoided if diet like this. you to e!cretion from urine waste .9owel movement becomes dull e!tra If you do not move your feet. >rge to have a bowel movement also becomes less because the food does not enter fasting. 9efore entering the three days of fasting. . The fasting. at intervals of 4: days or forty days after returning to normal diet I will enter the second round. <ou must have to understand the situation well with family. it may e'ual to or become painful joints of the body and head. you try to wait for the passage impassively if symptoms enough to withstand. and so on to one meal a normal diet in fasting the day before. I will non smoking abstinence in fasting. but I will touch later period about the contents of the recovery meal. and then only one meal of miso soup and porridge a day before. such a person. 1 recovery meal of fasting after the end of it you get into recovery meal to end the fasting of e!pectation number of days. )ince these is the work that is going to drain the waste to!ins. or walk thirty. it is possible to clean up between problems of background checks on work or to be processed for the moment. you do not have to interfere twice stretched a predetermined interval. proceed with the dark diet so that it is full about porridge without 昧噌 juice the day before. but when such from good to just include bite of "ong and help try to drink a lot of times to strive. it should go once the 2nd fast on its way <ou. This way. this action is valid only once. such as heart in particular.gradually people who had been )an-shoku far kept to two meals. Nika month a month and a half between each time. Then. that it is nausea-not drink even water aches. but when the interval of more is re'uired on account of something. and keep to organi=e the daily affairs of the various must. there is also a risk that a little leads to important.

half gruel #Aray -ontact% a cup.normal diet @ I will continue to fast for three days following the effective date. I drink twice a day evening things lukewarm not hot it. )alt is kept to about two cups per earpick times.normal diet @ about 5: percent of the si!th day .ecovery meal of $estern-type fasting therapy is carried out in about a year-long we will proceed as follows. First ten two days First ten one day First ten days First nine days First eight days First seven days First six days First five days he First Firs First first t four three two one   days days days day $he at heav y hot wate r $he at heav y hot wate r ine hree days rice crosshot section wate al r food ine Four days rice crosshot section wate al r food         Araphi Cyu"iroshi "achi"iros Nana"irosh . @ about 4: percent of the fourth day . as much as B: percent of the seventh day .oku"iros Araphics hi i hi gruel assigned assigned assigned and D "alf $heat *uan ine Five porrid days ge heavy rice rice cross- .normal diet. must be rigorously the provisions of the recovery meal to go to increase little by little it. )alt is kept to about three cups earpick. ?s a single dose. @ one cup of vegetable soup of thin gruel and a cup of the third day usually. but e!tends to the risk of life for some people. -onvalescent diet of fasting after the 2nd @ about 8: percent in the rice bowl thin hot water the first day .oku"iros cs hi i hi gruel assigned assigned assigned assigned "alf and D communica communica communica communica porrid flops tion tion tion tion ge field  diet  diet  diet  diet    of  of  of  of greens "achi"iros Nana"irosh.oku"iros hi i hi Araphics assigned assigned assigned gruel "alf communica communica communica and D Aruel porrid tion tion tion flops field ge  diet  diet  diet  greens  of  of  of Aruel               "achi"iros Nana"irosh .ecovery meal of three to eight days of fasting are shown in the table below. )alt without increasing at a time.normal diet @ about 8: percent of the fifth day . to gradually increase the book as long as it is not scratched the sweat of abuses. . Two times of the day and evening it. Two meals evening noon same thereafter.may not only disable the fast long-awaited.. . @ two times of day and evening the second day .

parsley. eggplant. -. counted in two leafy vegetables and root vegetables it. spinach and anything but good. F6::g the amount of.oku"iros hi i hi Araphics assigned assigned assigned gruel communica communica communica and D Aruel tion tion tion flops field  diet  diet  diet  greens  of  of  of "alf porridge "alf porridge $heat heavy hot water *uan rice heavy hot water *uan rice heavy hot water rice heav y hot wate r Saline therapy !fficacy of saline efficacy that is not yet understood in raw vegetables is often. -hinese cabbage. purification of blood due to moisture.eform G disease treatment . purification in the gut by dietary fiber. fruit tomato. radish roots and leaves in may. cabbage. <a nutrients living Ether $here typical and activation of the body in that it can take a large amount of en=yme is raised. celery. FF:: . why is such a thing It is not yet clear whether the possible.oku"iros hi i hi Araphics assigned assigned assigned gruel communica communica communica and D Aruel tion tion tion flops field  diet  diet  diet  greens  of  of  of "alf porridge "alf porridge rice heav y hot wate r *uan "achi"iros Nana"irosh. internal organs due to organic o!alic acid.oku"iros hi i hi Araphics assigned assigned assigned gruel communica communica communica and D Aruel tion tion tion flops field  diet  diet  diet  greens  of  of  of heav y hot section hot hot wate al water wate r food r *uan "alf porridge rice "alf heav porrid heavy y ge hot hot water wate r *uan *uan $heat rice heavy heavy hot hot water water $heat Six days the rice crosshot section wate al r food ine Seven days the rice crosshot section wate al r food ine !ight days the rice crosshot section wate al r food ine       "achi"iros Nana"irosh .communica communica communica tion tion tion flops field  diet  diet  diet  greens  of  of  of "achi"iros Nana"irosh. strong burdock. ukinado of lye. Way of eating raw radish. hermit that it has become possible to live on only juice of raw vegetables have a number appear in the patients with Coda teacher. carrot. cucumber. healing of the trachea. but it is a fact that happened with a force not been elucidated raw vegetables. day it is preferable to the same amount that you eat ground chewing so hard to get used to. and tomato is not so good.

and watch.emove socks. the warm bath. last will finish in a water bath. In a easy to unplug the power of the muscles of the whole body. The +ower of tentacle therapy conceived to do it once. and long thin 'uietly breathing. and then sitting straight. but in a position that can be mental concentration. 3F-36 degrees -elsius hot water. I will continue close to the routine gradually #.. I could reduce the difference between the hot and cold and to get used to. it . H "ealth +romotion G physical fitness enhancement  using the vegetables three or more types of  the Fst a few weeks "ot and cold bath method F minute by repeatedly about 8 times alternately in the order water bath. rom the end of the body. $e will strive to rela! if you sensed the tension toward attention to the whole body. about F: degrees difference%. it is woven to write. such as an inability to naked therapy thing I there is. <ou mind and body unity as 3: minutes.oburi of rance devised as a surrogate therapy until the as possible if there is no physical strength to run hot cold bath. +)<-"ET". west teacher also may be the once in a lifetime. @ If the temperature cold bath can not be e!ecuted in what west teacher has improved what . Forty minutes line relaxation posture Is Ekay to sleep even if I sit down. using vegetables five or more  to perform the saline therapy of 37 days. water is around F3-F7 degrees -elsius is the ideal temperature. It does not matter because it goes over the water towards the top from the foot in the tub or shower when there is no water bath.?+< Forty minutes of lines joining hands . <ou still 3: minutes up to the height of the face in close contact with both palms. and deep and.

by such as blood in the west e!pressions. The more fundamental treatment of allergy does not e!ist in modern medicine. ?s an aside. Nishi-kai relevant web page reference books . health management basic of these is re'uired. It is recommended that it is with a basic knowledge in books and web pages of Nishi-kai related. they are e!posed to the risk of life allergy. light eating. joining hands Ao 蹠. due to hot and cold water bath. naked therapy. increase the good bacteria% to force the distortion of the skeleton hard pillows 2.#/isease of most are is so it is not limited to allergies% F.dgar -ayce therapy in the treatment of psoriasis is also different. #llergy therapy It is thought that allergies will develop digestive. due to dorsal-ventral movement. I e!hibited more effective. It is believed that the same effect can also go up west-type psoriasis also been speculated that it is a type of allergic skin disease from this. -apillary motion. skeletal.never sleeps and paying idle thoughts ?fter missing the power of the whole body. the function of the capillary 6. It should be noted that there is an effect to train the skin to 6. There is likely to be that even if pressing down by drugs. but it is an approach that John +agano doctor of the >nited )tates are great achievements using the . flatbed. but we have to point out the cause similar. to improve the intestinal environment by fasting. $est teacher was written cancer and melt away but. goldfish gymnastics. To improve blood circulation. during this line seems to remember feeling a sense of the body such as actual fade away. in patients with skin disease. #To fi! the abnormality of the intestine. or have a damage to other organs as a side effect of the drug and that the allergen resides in the body.