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Thanks to an ingenious basic design, M10 combines excellent heat transfer with a compact size despite the use of rubber gaskets. For applications with small and moderate flows of 12 m3/h (53 usg/min.) M10 offers great opportunities for precise customization. The product can be adapted for numerous configurations and material combinations, e.g. titanium channel plates.

46 inch) Material Frame material: Plate material: Gasket material: Connection material: Stainless steel or corrosion protected carbon steel EN 10028/7-1. the SWEP Software Package.0+0. Ext.09xNP*)x0. Carbon steel or Titanium For additional information please contact your local SWEP representative.M10 116 mm (4. SWEP reserves the right to make changes without prior notice www. you can do advanced heat transfer calculations yourself. The snapin-place connections allow the use of different metals without the risk of weld deterioration.33xNP *)x0. It has the gasket of a PHE (plate-andframe heat exchanger). 115°C (239°F) on water/water applications 0°C (32°F) 15 bar (218 psi) 60 6. Easy to choose the right product solution With SWEP's unique SSP CBE.30 inch) 243 mm (9. and choose the product solution that suits your application best. The gaskets and the plates can be of various materials. please contact your local SWEP representative.57 inch) F1 F2 F3 F4 Standard connections For specific dimensions. Technical data Max flow rate Max working pressure Max working temperature Min working temperature Test pressure Max.012x(NP*/2-1) gal. Even if a costlier.042×NP*/2 litre (0. Threaded with Hex.243×NP* lb) 0.11×NP* kg (13.57 inch) 72 mm (2. the front and back plates can be made of baser material to cut costs. high-performance metal is required for the heat transfer surface.042×(NP*/2-1) litre (0. Externally Int. or information about other types of connections. 287 mm (11.012xNP*/2 gal. SWEP offers all the service and support you need.79+((0.1 mm (0.4401 (AlSI 316).) Hold-up volume: inner circuit Hold-up volume: outer circuit Standard connection size Connection height *NP = Number of plates 12 m³/h (53 usg/min. Number of plates CBE weight dry (approx. It's also easy to choose connections and generate drawings of the complete product. please contact your SWEP sales representative. If you would like advice.23+0.) 1” 33 mm (1. but it's small.0+ (( 2.98) inch 23. They also allow easier assembly. It's not brazed like a CBE.98)m m (0. If you would like more information about M10 High Pressure or our other products.83 inch) 20. or you would like to discuss different product .swep.) 0.30 inch) or 37 mm (1.4401 (AlSI 316) or Titanium Nitrile: NBR(p) or Peroxide cured: EPDM(p) EN 10272-1.) 10 bar (145 psi) 100°C (212°F).91 inch) The Minex our little hybrid The Minex is a hybrid. so it does not need the typical support frame.