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Symbol, Paul Ricoeur says in Hermeneutics, is “any structure of signification in which a direct, primary, literal meaning designates in addition

another meaning which is indirect, secondary and figurative and which can be apprehended only through the first”. Thus, one can say that a symbol is any e pression which refers to some intuited universal meaning. Symbols are characteri!ed by multiple meaning. They are signs with double references of which the first meaning imply to a second which is not given in any other way. The novel “Things "all #part” is highly symbolic, and it as$s to be read in symbolic terms. %n the %gbo culture as revealed in Things "all #part, symbols are manifested in various forms. "ood, animals, characters, weather, naming of newborn, oral tradition as well as the title of the novel is highly symbolic in nature. &ther than that, occurrence of, the decoration of &bieri$a's daughter as a bride with uli and tattoo and the drawing of chal$ lines on the wall by (no$a, to symboli!e his debts. # particularly stri$ing illustration is when &$oye pays a visit to (no$a and he is offered $olanut, #chebe writes thus) “Okoye, meanwhile, took the lump of chalk, drew some lines on the floor, and then painted his big toe”. This symboli!es welcome. Similarly, the use of a bundle of broomstic$s to negotiate dowry or the unshaven hair used to identify an “osu' caste are all occurrences of symbols. Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer Things fall apart the center cannot hold* +ere anarchy is loosed upon the world. ,. -. .eats, /The Second 0oming/ These four lines are half of the opening stan!a of ,illiam -utler .eats's 1212 poem “The Second 0oming”. ,ritten in 1212 and published the following year, the poem is commonly thought to be an interpretation of the cruelty of ,orld ,ar % and the destructive moment 3urope had reached immediately following it. 4iterary critic Harold -loom has submitted that the poem refers to the Russian Revolution of 1215. 3ither way, it is 6uite clear that “The Second 0oming” is about a moment in history when the past has been destroyed utterly and the future is un$nown. There is great fear in the land .eats has created, the same fear crawl down the spin in the novel by #chebe Things "all #part. "ear borne not of the inescapability of change but of the uncertainty of e actly what that change will be.

&ighty tree broke away under them. seeming to promise good but actually foreshadowing troublesome encounters. hungry swarm. %n the novel one can see the behavior of the locust swarm is well captured and analy!ed with comparison to white men. and the whole country became the brown earth colour of the vast.The very name of the novel “Things "all #part” is our first introduction with symbol. %t is an #frican classic epic depicting tradition in a tug7of7war with change and is surrounded by the all7 too7human fear of loo$ing into an uncertain future. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. They settled on every tree and on every blade of grass% they settled on the roof a covered the bare ground. a fairly small swarm came. They were the harbingers sent to survey the land” “#t said that other white men were on their way.” Then the minute details capture by the novelist. the white man is portrayed as a destructive agent. The locusts symboli!e the white colonists descending upon the #fricans. “The white man is very clever.” -eside title. an intruder who unleashes anarchy on the serenity of an otherwise peaceful culture.” “ nd at last the locusts did descend. and that first man was their harbinger sent to e$plore the terrain.” “!ocusts are descending” “" a white man had appeared in their clan. two of the main symbols are the locusts and fire. it said. They were locusts. of the behavior of locust that how they land on any area and how the savage part of human haven't yet forget the nature left in him and do same li$e the locust swarm) “ t first.” .” “He has put a knife on the things that held us together” and thus their 8ustice system through ancestral spirits and religion is replaced with white men courts and their religion and the protagonist continue that “we have fallen apart. %n the te t. "ollowing lines announces the coming of event) “ nd then the locusts came.

The fables used as oral tradition also show strong symbolic nature in themselves.” and that “big and ancient silk+cotton tree which was sacred. impotent ash.” #s he was an embodiment of the %gbo culture “Only strangers can”..” #nd where “. %n this fable on can relate the characters of fable with those of the novel. promising new era and the sacred tree is the symbol of life. &ne of them is about the cosmic 6uarrel between earth and s$y. Thus the clans' men. the drums.” That iron horse waited too. "inally the sucide of the Protagonist who is the representative of the traditions of %gboland symbolise the suscide of the %gbo culture as he said in the finall part of the novel that “-e were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. are also illustrated in a symbolic manner. and acts as a metaphorical heartbeat that beats in harmony. “Okonkwo was popularly called the '(oaring )lame*. .” # third symbol. He is fierce and destructive. Sacred sil$7cotton tree and iron horse :bicycle. represents the physical connection of the community of clansmen in (muofia. .” #nd admitting the grave mista$e which led them to their end."ire incarnates &$on$wo's nature. to get life over the indigenous %gbo culture. S$y being &$on$wo withhold his mercy upon his son 9woye who grew sadden faced youth but %$emefuna soften his heart but finally li$e vulture consumed by the human sacrifical fire : fire is another symbol for the nature of &$on$wo.” “He was a flaming fire” before “!iving fire begets vulture plead s$y for mercy as it beholds rain and finally grant it in cocoa7yam leaves.pirits of good children lived in that tree waiting to be born. uniting all the village members. “ -e cannot bury him. “" still tied to the sacred silk+cotton tree. “" tied his iron horse to their sacred tree” w hich was. The iron horse brings technology with it.