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PPT judgement upholds Eelam Tamil identity and nomenclature

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[TamilNet, Wednesday, 22 January 2014, 10:42 GMT]

The full report of the judgement of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka (Bremen Session) released on !ednesday came out "ith a discussion on the choice of nomenclature to identify the #ictims of genocide and has decided on the use of the term $Eelam Tamils as a national group%& This recognition coming for the first time from a credible global body of humanity such as the Peoples’ Tribunal nullifies the so'called legitimacy in the insistence of the use of the term (Sri Lankan Tamil’ thrust on the #ictims by #arious States and their international organisations% This part of the PPT judgement is of e)ual importance like the #erdict on genocide complicity etc% and the implementation of it is of much practical #alue to the people’s struggle of the #ictims said Tamil ci#il acti#ists%

PPT verdict released at Geneva Press Clu

!r Gianni T"#n"ni, t$e secretary #eneral "% t$e PPT &'e#ardin# t$e c$aracteri(ati"n "% t$e victims as el"n#in# t" a )articular nati"nal, et$nical, racial "r reli#i"us #r"u) )")ulati"n, t$e Tri unal s)eci%ies t$at t$e victims are in t$is case t$e *elam Tamils as a nati"nal #r"u),+ said t$e PPT ,ud#ement re)"rt -./1/4/01/ 2n c"min# "ut 3it$ its verdicts, t$e PPT ,ud#ement re)"rt $as een 3idely usin# )$rases suc$ as, *elam Tamils, *elam Tamil nati"nal #r"u), *elam Tamil #r"u), *elam Tamil )e")le, *elam Tamil )")ulati"n, *elam Tamil 3"men, *elam Tamil #enerati"ns, *elam Tamil territ"ry, *elam Tamil areas, *elam Tamil identity etc/

!r !ennis 4alliday, %"rmer assistant secretary5#eneral "% t$e 6nited Nati"ns T$e PPT ,ud#ement rec"mmendati"ns t" t$e 6N, *6, Germany, 7ri 8an9a and t" t$e internati"nal "r#ani(ati"ns and a#encies : #"vernmental as 3ell as n"n5#"vernmental : $ave als" as9ed t$em t" res)ect and )r"m"te t$e *elam Tamil identity and ri#$ts "% *elam Tamils in t$e island as 3ell as in t$e dias)"ra/ T$e universal im)lementati"n "% t$e PPT ,ud#ement "n t$e identity and n"menclature mainly de)ends "n t$e 3ill )"3er "% t$e *e($am Tamils in c"nsci"usly av"idin# t$e use "% 7ri 8an9a, 7ri 8an9an and 7ri 8an9an Tamil in t$eir interacti"ns am"n# t$em and 3it$ "t$ers, c"mmented dias)"ra activists/


• <ull te=t "% t$e verdict

*urther e+cerpts from the judgement on identity,

!r/ 4alu9 Ger#er, a Tur9is$ academic and Middle *ast analyst &>cc"rdin# t" "t$ t$e " ,ective and su ,ective a))r"ac$es "% t$e #r"u) acce)ted y t$e 2nternati"nal Criminal Tri unals and t$e 2nternati"nal C"urt "% Justice, t$e )r"tected #r"u) s$"uld e ?sta le and )ermanent, s$arin# a c"mm"n nati"nal identity@ as 3it$ t$e *elam Tamils -" ,ective a))r"ac$1A it is als" )erceived as suc$ y t$e mem ers "% t$e #r"u) t$emselves -su ,ective a))r"ac$1/+ &T$e *elam Tamil desi#nati"n re%ers t" t$e Tamils in t$e n"rt$ and east "% t$e island, and it is im)"rtant t" n"te t$at t$e *elam Tamil identity )re5dates t$e armed stru##le, emer#in# )r"#ressively and 3it$ increased intensity in recent years, indeed as a result "% t$e "))ressi"n t$at c"m)elled t$e Tamils t" assert t$eir ri#$t t" sel%5determinati"n in t$eir traditi"nal $"meland/+ &W$ile t$e 3"rd &*elam+ $ad earlier een used y Tamils as t$e name %"r t$e 3$"le "% t$e island, it ecame increasin#ly used t" den"te t$e area and )e")le "% t$e desired inde)endent n"rt$ and east/+ ;;; 4"3ever, t$e PPT ,ud#ement re)"rt $as n"t used t$e term &*elam Tamils as a nati"n/+ T$e )r"secuti"n "% t$e Tri unal, 3$ile ma9in# its statement, $as )ut t$e %"ll"3in# am"n# "t$ers %"r t$e c"nsiderati"n "% t$e ,ud#es, and t$e term *elam Tamil nati"n $as een used: &T$e )e")les "% t$e 3"rld s$"uld rec"#ni(e t$e le#itimate stru##le "% t$e *elam Tamil nati"n t$at is denied y #en"cidal vi"lence/ T$eir v"luntary 3is$ is a se)arate state,+ t$e )r"secuti"n statement said/ W$ile deliverin# t$e ,ud#ement, t$e %"ll"3in# " servati"ns 3ere made y t$e ,ud#es: &> nati"nal #r"u) "%ten c"m)rises several di%%erent et$nic #r"u)s//// T$e c"nce)t "% nati"n t$ere%"re d"es n"t c"incide 3it$ t$e et$nic #r"u) ut is c$aracteri(ed y a c"mm"n 3is$ t" live

t"#et$er, a c"mm"n ideal, a c"mm"n #"al and c"mm"n as)irati"ns,+ t$e ,ud#ement cited t$e %"urt$ re)"rt "% t$e 7)ecial 'a))"rteur "n t$e !ra%t C"de "% B%%ences >#ainst t$e Peace and 7ecurity "% Man9ind/ &2t is clear t$at t$e main tar#et "% t$is )articular #en"cide $as een t$e *elam Tamil nati"nal #r"u), even i% it did n"t c"nstitute t$e 3$"le "% t$e Tamil #r"u), ut t$at )art "% it t$at e=)ressed t$e 3ill "% livin# in c"mm"n, 3it$ c"mm"n ideals, #"als and as)irati"ns,+ t$e ,ud#ement said/ 2t seems *e($am Tamils are yet t" )resent a m"re )"3er%ul case at t$e PPT t" )r"ve t$em a nati"n/ ;;; PPT #erdict finding Sri Lanka guilty of the crime of genocide and ongoing genocide, &Bn t$e stren#t$ "% t$e evidence )resented, t$e Tri unal reac$ed t$e c"nsensus rulin# t$at t$e state "% 7ri 8an9a is #uilty "% t$e crime "% #en"cide a#ainst *elam Tamils and t$at t$e c"nseCuences "% t$e #en"cide c"ntinue t" t$e )resent day 3it$ "n#"in# acts "% #en"cide a#ainst *elam Tamils/+ ;;; -erdict on the complicity of the ./, &T$e Tri unal %"und t$at 6D c"m)licity in t$e #en"cide a#ainst t$e *elam Tamils durin# t$e )eri"d "% t$e armed stru##le and its re)ressi"n 3as "vert and e=)licit and Cuali%ies as &?aid "r assistance@ %urnis$ed y "ne 7tate %"r t$e c"mmissi"n "% a 3r"n#%ul act y an"t$er 7tateE, under >rticle 1F "% t$e 2nternati"nal 8a3 C"mmissi"n@s >rticles "n 7tate 'es)"nsi ility/ <urt$er, t$e Tri unal vie3s t$e events "% 200G as t$e l"#ical mani%estati"n "% t$e structural #en"cide t$at $ad een )ut in )lace durin# t$e c"l"nial )eri"d and in t$e c"nstructi"n "% t$e ne3ly inde)endent unitary 7ri 8an9an state/+ ;;; -erdict on the complicity of the .S0, &>ctive 67 c"m)licity in t$e #en"cide arises n"t "nly %r"m its sustained e%%"rts t" increase t$e )"3er and e%%ectiveness "% t$e 7ri 8an9an military, t$e direct )er)etrat"r "% t$e #en"cidal acts ta9in# )lace in t$e last m"nt$s "% t$e 3ar, ut )er$a)s even m"re si#ni%icantly %r"m its r"le in l"c9in# and even reversin# )"litical and di)l"matic initiatives t" im)lement t$e )eace )r"cess and in lac9in# "ut in%"rmati"n "n t$e un%"ldin# critical situati"n and t$e un)recedented 3"rld3ide )r"tests y Tamil c"mmunities in t$e dias)"ra/ T$ese military and n"n5military acti"ns c"nstitute &t$e )r"visi"n "% means t" ena le "r %acilitate t$e c"mmissi"n "% t$e crime+, as determined t" e included in &c"m)licity+ in #en"cide y t$e 2nternati"nal C"urt "% Justice in <e ruary 200H/+ ;;; 1n the 0lleged 2omplicity of the 3ndian State,

T$e Tri unal 3as as9ed t" c"nsider t$e accusati"n t$at &t$e 2ndian state is #uilty "% ein# c"m)licit in t$e crime "% Gen"cide a#ainst t$e Tamil )e")leE/ &2n t$e late 1GI0@s 2ndia intervened a#ainst t$e 8TT* in "rder t" #ain c"ntr"l "ver t$e Tamil )")ulati"n in 7ri 8an9a as a strate#ic asset, an acti"n t$at resulted in t$e deat$ "% 12,000/ 2n t$e 1GG0@s 2ndia, )layed t$e r"le "% a ,uni"r )artner in a strate#ic alliance 3it$ t$e 6nited 7tates, and $as c"ntinued t" su "rdinate its strate#ic )"licy a))r"ac$ t"3ards 7ri 8an9a under t$e 67 3ar )aradi#m/+ &B3in# t" t$e c"m)le=ity "% 2ndia@s s$i%tin# r"le 3it$in t$e c"n%lict in 7ri 8an9a and, as t$ere 3as neit$er su%%icient material evidence n"r time %"r t$e Tri unal t" c"nsider )r")erly t$e a%"re5stated >ccusati"n, t$e )anel "% ,ud#es decided t" )"st)"ne deli erati"ns "% t$e Cuesti"n/+ [T$e )r"secuti"n in its statement $as said t$e %"ll"3in# "n 2ndia@s c"m)licity 3it$ #en"cide: &T$e )anel $as een )r"vided 3it$ a c"m)re$ensive d"cumentati"n )ac9 t$at 3e as9 e %ully studied, alt$"u#$ 3e rec"#nise it arrived Cuite late in t$e )r"cess, t$r"u#$ n" %ault "% its aut$"rs////] ;;; 1n 3ndia 2hina and others, 'ec"#ni(in# t$at t$e 7ri 8an9an state al"ne did n"t $ave t$e ca)acity t" ac$ieve its #en"cidal am iti"ns, and #iven t$e evidence )resented, t$e Tri unal elieves t$at t$e 6D, t$e 67> and 2ndia are #uilty "% c"m)licity in #en"cide/ <urt$er, t$e Tri unal ,ud#es t$at t$e 6D and t$e 67> are clearly acc"m)lices in t$e #en"cidal )r"cess/ 'e#ardin# t$e c$ar#e a#ainst 2ndia, t$e Tri unal decides t" 3it$$"ld its %inal decisi"n )endin# t$e c"nsiderati"n "% additi"nal evidence, 3$ic$ c"uld include e=aminati"n "% t$e )"tential res)"nsi ility "% "t$er 7tates, suc$ as C$ina/ ;;; Some highlights among recommendations, To the .4, &T" #ive ma=imum )ri"rity t" t$e esta lis$ment "% a strate#y aimed )rimarily at st"))in# t$e "n#"in# #en"cide, and als" at creatin# c"ncrete c"nditi"ns %"r t$e *elam Tamils t" e=ercise t$eir ri#$ts t" )eace and sel%5determinati"n/+ To the E., T" revie3 its e=ternal )"licy, in "rder t" assure t$at t$e )"litical, ec"n"mic, and cultural ri#$ts "% t$e *elam Tamils are res)ected and )r"m"ted 3it$ s)eci%ic attenti"n t" t$e di%%icult situati"n "% denial and re)ressi"n created y t$e 7ri 8an9an #"vernment/ To 5ermany the host country of the tribunal,

&2n )articular, t" )r"m"te and reCuest 3it$in t$e )ertinent *ur")ean instituti"ns : includin# t$e C"uncil "% t$e *6, *ur")ean C"mmissi"n and t$e *ur")ean Parliament : t$e ad")ti"n "% measures directed t" ensure t$e )r"tecti"n and )r"m"ti"n "% t$e ri#$ts "% t$e *elam Tamil dias)"ra in *6 mem er states, s)eci%ically 3it$ re#ard t" t$eir ri#$t t" asylum, 3"r9 and ass"ciati"n, since t$e )r"tecti"n "% t$e *elam Tamil dias)"ra is "ne "% t$e )aram"unt means "% %"sterin# t$e security and 3ell5 ein# "% *elam Tamils in 7ri 8an9a/+ To international organisations and 451s, 5 T" c""rdinate as %ar as )"ssi le t$eir acti"ns s" t$at )eace%ul )r"cesses "% civic resistance, and restituti"n and )r"m"ti"n "% t$e identity "% *elam Tamils can ta9e )lace in t$eir $"meland in 7ri 8an9a, as 3ell as in t$eir dias)"ra/ 6ecommendation on uni#ersal obser#ation of 7ulli#aikkal 8ay, &<inally, t$e Tri unal invites 3"rld3ide civil s"ciety and #"vernments t" c"mmem"rate t$e victims "% t$e #en"cide t$at t""9 )lace in 7ri 8an9a and ac9n"3led#e t$e an#uis$ and trauma "% t$e victims and t$eir %amilies y mar9in# 1I May as ?Mullivai99al C"mmem"rati"n !ay/@ T$is sym "lic ste) can si#nal t$e redem)tive )r"cess t$at t$e #l" al c"mmunity s$"uld em ar9 "n t" sa%e#uard t$e mem"ry "% t$e victims/+ ;;; E+cerpts from "hat the prosecution in its statement had asked the judges to consider, [Bn e$al% "% t$e )r"secuti"n team, >ndy 4i##in "tt"m and Daren Par9er $ave made t$e )r"secuti"n statement/] &T$is is a Gen"cide in 3$ic$ t$e Cuesti"n "% nati"nal sel% determinati"n and t$e le#itimacy "r n"t "% an armed stru##le %"r inde)endent state$""d is at sta9e/ T$e denial "% nati"nal sel% determinati"n is at t$e $eart "% t$is #en"cide/ >s a result "% t$eir e=)eriences "% )ersecuti"n, )$ysical and cultural destructi"n, and a and"nment "ver decades, t$e *elam Tamils re%use t" acce)t t$e )aradi#m t$at t$ey remain a sec"nd class min"rity 3it$in t$e unitary 7ri 8an9an state/ T$ey determine t$emselves as *elam Tamils, n"t 7ri 8an9an Tamils, see9in# t$eir "3n $"meland/+ &We a))eal t" t$e )anel "% ,ud#es and 3e call "n all )e")le "% c"nscience, s"cial m"vements and states ar"und t$e 3"rld t" s)ea9 "ut a#ainst t$e #en"cide and rec"#ni(e t$e le#itimacy "% *elam Tamils t" nati"nal sel% determinati"n/ T$e )reventi"n "% #en"cide and reali(ati"n "% nati"nal ri#$ts are inse)ara le in t$is case/+

T$e PPT Panel at Jremen in !ecem er 2010

T$e PPT Panel at Jremen in !ecem er 2010