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IN THE NAME () *+, !,(-., () *+, /01*,2 S*3*,4 () A5,6173 R(20,8 D3.,9 C.344 U.S.N. V,*,630 C36.9 W,4*(0 !61:3*, A**(60,8 G,0,63.4 !.O. B(; 4%5 H1>+ S+(3., N(6*+ C36(.103 28077 #704$ 742 %12% !,*1*1(0,64

CASE <==============


A251014*63*1:, L3? @/2>, =================== D3*, 144/,2========

UNITED STATES 2A3 COR!ORATION COR!ORATION LAW FIRM LAW OFFICER ERIC HOLDER U.S. D,-36*5,0* () @/4*17, 950 !,0048.:3013 A:,0/,4, NW W34+10>*(0, DC 205%0 0001 DEFENDANTS 1



Due to the number of personnel involved in this action, Petitioners Rodney Dale; Class & Carl; Weston, file this Nature and Cause for a Prayer for Administrative Hearin ! "n order to save time, money, paper#or$, and avoid a lon dra#n%out hearin , prayer is for the defendant&s 'e al Representative, (ric Holder, to appear at this Administrative Hearin and spea$ on defendant&s behalf! )he 'a# *fficer (ric Holder +A))*RN(, -(N(RA'., alon #ith his a ents, are the le al advisors for all personnel #or$in under the authority of /N")(D 0)A)(0, /N")(D 0)A)(0 *1 A2(R"CA, a$a /N")(D 0)A)(0 dba C*RP*RA)"*N! When any action 1or or A ainst the /N")(D 0)A)(0, /N")(D 0)A)(0 *1 A2(R"CA, or a$a /N")(D 0)A)(0 dba C*RP*RA)"*N, becomes an issue in any hearin , #hether Administrative or 3udicial, it is the 4ob of the 'a# *fficer (ric Holder to represent and ans#er


all issues of misconduct, bad behavior, and #ron ful acts! Where there are any misrepresentations, Civil Ri hts violations, Constitutional issues, R!"!C!*! actions, or statutory violations a ainst the American People, 'a# *fficer (ric Holder is the desi nated le al counsel for A'' the personnel belon in to this Corporation! 'a# *fficer (ric Holder is the desi nated official to ans#er any and all char es a ainst personnel #or$in #ithin this Corporation, includin any claims of #ron doin or misconduct re ardin their 4ob descriptions that result in violations to the American people!

@URISDICTION AND VENUE )his /N")(D 0)A)(0 C*A0) -/ARD 5 DH0 Administrative Court has 0ub4ect 2atter 3urisdiction and Personal 3urisdiction over all D(1(NDAN)0 that come under the follo#in 6 )itle 7 /0C, 0ection 8999:, *ath of *ffice, )itle ;; C1R <;!:;%<;!9= -overnment *r ani>ation and (mployees; /!0! Constitution Article "" par! < ?@efore he enter on the eAecution of his office, he shall ta$e the follo#in oath!!!?; and Article B" par! 9 ?shall be bound by oath!!!?; the 1ourteenth Amendment! 0ection 9; the follo#in War and (mer ency Po#er Acts6 )he National (mer ency Act of :<99, )radin #ith the (nemy Act of :<:C, (mer ency @an$in Relief Act of :<99, and the use of a 2ilitary -old 1rin e 1la under 2artial 'a# and all public offices comes under the same standin under )itle := /0C as military personnel by and *+6(/>+ their *ath to the same Constitution!


C(04*1*/*1(0 () 1787 3

7*1(0 4 R. or 1orfeiture eAcept durin the 'ife of the Person attainted!? 4.1730 >(:.605. ivin them Aid and Comfort! No Person shall be convicted of )reason unless on the )estimony of t#o Witnesses to the same overt Act. or on Confession in open Court!? ?)he Con ress shall have po#er to declare the Punishment of )reason.0* ?)he /nited 0tates shall uarantee to every 0tate in this /nion a Republican 1orm of -overnment. Records. I 4.. II 4. but no Attainder of )reason shall #or$ Corruption of @lood. 2" ?they shall in all Cases. 6" ?No person eAcept a natural born Citi>en. and 0ection D par! :C6 ?to eAercise 'e islation in all Cases #hatsoever.. 1 302 2" ?)reason a ainst the /nited 0tates shall consist only in levyin War a ainst them. E. eAcept )reason.3/4. A6*17. IV S..07. or in adherin to their (nemies...7*1(0 % -36.-/A.. 3>3104* 2(5. *( H(0(6 3. A6*17.64 ?1ull 1aith and Credit shall be iven in each 0tate to the public Acts. or of the (Aecutive +#hen the 'e islature cannot be convened.4*17 V1(.1. 71*1D. III 4.04. be privile ed from Arrest durin their attendance at the 0ession?. and par! D6 ?before he enter on the (Aecution of his *ffice!!!? %. Records and Proceedin s shall be proved. and on Application of the 'e islature.E 4 . and 4udicial Proceedin s of every other 0tate! And the Con ress may by eneral 'a#s prescribe the 2anner in #hich such Acts. and shall protect each of them a ainst "nvasion.7*1(0 1 -36. 1elony and @reach of Peace.*6321*1(0 ?)he Citi>ens of each 0tate shall be entitled to all Privile es and "mmunities of Citi>ens in the several 0tates!? S. (*+. over such District +not eAceedin ten 2iles sEuare. and the (ffect thereof!? S. A6*17.7*1(0 6 7..!!!? 2. A6*17.7*1(0 2 S*3*.7*1(0 1 E37+ S*3*. or a Citi>en of the /nited 0tates!!!?.

0* &II T613. shall be other#ise re%eAamined in any Court of the /nited 0tates.5378. and the 2embers of the several 0tate 'e islatures. "n 0uits at common la#.A*4.0* I& C(04*6/7*1(0 () C(04*1*/*1(0. or #hich shall be made. as under the Confederation!? ?)his Constitution. but no reli ious )est shall ever be reEuired as a Fualification to any *ffice or public )rust under the /nited 0tates! BILL OF RIGHTS 1789 6. or abrid in the freedom of speech. and the 'a#s of the /nited 0tates #hich shall be made in Pursuance thereof.4 7! A5. and all eAecutive and 4udicial *fficers. A(/02 *+.44 () >61. VI D.0* I.:307.4 302 !. G(:.64 () *+. A5. under the Authority of the /nited 0tates. nor prohibited by it to the 0tates. and all )reaties made. and no fact tried by a 4ury.5. than accordin to the rules of the common la#! 8. A5. shall be *+.26. shall be as valid a ainst the /nited 0tates under this Constitution.*1*1(0 *+. Con ress shall ma$e no la# respectin an establishment of reli ion... A8 @/68 10 C1:1.0* )(6 3 6.025. A.:. L3? () *+. shall not be construed to deny or dispara e others retained by the people! 9.68 S*3*. the ri ht of trial by 4ury shall be preserved. #here the value in controversy shall eAceed t#enty dollars. or prohibitin the free eAercise thereof. 4/-6.. S/-6. A6*17. C34. any )hin in the Constitution or 'a#s of any 0tate to the Contrary not#ithstandin !? ?)he 0enators and Representatives before mentioned. @/2>.025. to support this Constitution.025.0* & !(?.A8. )he enumeration in the Constitution. shall be bound by *ath or Affirmation. are reserved to the 0tates respectively.5.6. or of the press. A5. of certain ri hts.025..(-.4 10 .605. both of the /nited 0tates and of the several 0tates. 302 *( -. or to the people! 5 . 4+3. )he po#ers not dele ated to the /nited 0tates by the Constitution. before the Adoption of this Constitution. S*3*. L3029 and *+. O3*+4 ?All Debts contracted and (n a ements entered into.. or the ri ht of the people peaceably to assemble.

4 )(6 4. or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave. commenced or prosecuted a ainst one of the /nited 0tates by Citi>ens of another 0tate.2. civil or military.4 10 4/--6. but all such debts.4410> 104/66..6:17.A. or as a member of any 0tate le islature. L151*4. A5.025. or under any 0tate. )he 3udicial po#er of the /nited 0tates shall not be construed to eAtend to any suit in la# or eEuity. remove such disability! S. obli ations and claims shall be held ille al and void! FEDERAL ADMINISTRATIVE !ROCEDURE ACT 12. #ithout due process of la#. #ho. D. All persons born or naturali>ed in the /nited 0tates. or as an officer of the /nited 0tates. or iven aid or comfort to the enemies thereof! @ut Con ress may by a vote of t#o%thirds of each House. under the /nited 0tates.. nor deny to any person #ithin its 4urisdiction the eEual protection of the la#s! S.4*1(0.041(04 302 A(/0*1.. @ut neither the /nited 0tates nor any 0tate shall assume or pay any debt or obli ation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion a ainst the /nited 0tates. and sub4ect to the 4urisdiction thereof.0* () -.025. authori>ed by la#.7*1(0 %! No person shall be a 0enator or Representative in Con ress. are citi>ens of the /nited 0tates and of the 0tate #herein they reside! No 0tate shall ma$e or enforce any la# #hich shall abrid e the privile es or immunities of citi>ens of the /nited 0tates.. 0(* A.6 II.7*1(0 4.2 )(6 -385. havin previously ta$en an oath. S.0* &IV C1*1D. or hold any office.ARTICLES OF AMENDMENT 10. F/. C+3-*. liberty. !36* I.04+1. or by Citi>ens or 0ub4ects of any 1orei n 0tate! 11.6 5. 4+3. A5. nor shall any 0tate deprive any person of life.A*4 107/66.7*1(0 (6 6. T1*. to support the Constitution of the /nited 0tates.0* &I @/21713. or elector of President and Gice%President. 5 USC. as a member of Con ress. S/A7+3-*. or as an eAecutive or 4udicial officer of any 0tate. 107. or property.7*1(0 1. shall have en a ed in insurrection or rebellion a ainst the same.R1>+*4.7*1(0 G 551.)101*1(04 1or the purpose of this subchapterH 6 .1(0. )he validity of the public debt of the /nited 0tates./210> 2. S.

+@. +@. #hether or not it is #ithin or sub4ect to revie# by another a ency. T1*. 6. IreliefJ includes the #hole or a part of an a encyH +A. the Con ress.6 ())17. +:=.7*1(0 G 11%. Ia encyJ means each authority of the -overnment of the /nited 0tates.64 #7$ C(5530230* () *+. or suspension of a license. or +-$ ta$in other compulsory or restrictive action. eAemption. authority. revocation. +@. or #ithholdin of property. of title :K! 7 . +-. +C. ta$in . IsanctionJ includes the #hole or a part of an a encyH +A. immunity.+:. or fees. C(34* G/362 )o assist the 0ecretary in the performance of the 0ecretary&s functions. +1. reEuirement. the duties of the Commandant shall include those reEuired by section . compensation. license. military authority eAercised in the field in time of #ar or in occupied territory. O*+. S/A7+3-*. and beneficial to. +1. 1%. eAemption. the courts of the /nited 0tates. of this titleH +(. +D. +D. privile e. #ho shall be appointed as provided in section KK of title :K and #ho shall report directly to the 0ecretary! "n addition to such duties as may be provided in this chapter and as assi ned to the Commandant by the 0ecretary. +C.6 1. ri ht. restitution. reimbursement. or +C. ta$in of other action on the application or petition of. +::. assistance. costs. assessment of dama es. reEuirement. S.6 I. C+3-*. courts martial and military commissions. sei>ure. #ithholdin of relief. prohibition. reco nition of a claim. limitation. there is a Commandant of the Coast -uard. or eAcept as to the reEuirements of section 77. rant of money. imposition of penalty or fine. eAception. destruction. a encies composed of representatives of the parties or of representatives of or ani>ations of the parties to the disputes determined by them. the overnment of the District of Columbia.. but does not includeH +A. privile e. a person. the overnments of the territories or possessions of the /nited 0tates. +(. char es. or other condition affectin the freedom of a person. or remedy. or eAception.

64 b.. 14. be deemed to be actin as a ents of the particular eAecutive department or independent establishment char ed #ith the administration of the particular la#.3/4.6 0. 302 -(. T1*..7*1(0 G 16%1 G 16%1. or by one or more contemporaneous or subseEuent (Aecutive orders published in the 1ederal Re ister and transmitted to the Con ress! 16. not only its o#n po#ers but also all other po#ers vested by the Constitution in the -overnment of the /nited 0tates. T1*. be sub4ect to all the rules and re ulations promul ated by such department or independent establishment #ith respect to the enforcement of that la#! EMERGENC' WAR !OWER ACT 15. -(?.44 When the President declares a national emer ency. section D.>14.69 *630451**3. or into situations #here imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances.7. or other officers #ill act! 0uch specification may be made either in the declaration of a national emer ency.363*1(0 () 03*1(03. (62. and to the continued use of such forces in hostilities or in such situations! #A$ C(0>6..5.63. C+3-*. /nder article ".178 #3$ C(0>6. !36* I.441(03.7*1(0 G 1541 G 1541. D.>14*. . 2.44368 302 -6(-.7/*1:. T1*.6>.441(03. no po#ers or authorities made available by statute for use in the event of an emer ency shall be eAercised unless and until the President specifies the provisions of la# under #hich he proposes that he. it is specifically provided that the Con ress shall have the po#er to ma$e all la#s necessary and proper for carryin into eAecution. C+3-*.3*1:.173*1(0 10 F. in enforcin any la# of the /nited 0tates shall6 +:.7. or in any department or officer hereof! 8 . .6 5CF/07*1(04 302 !(?. S. S. 50. R. 50. of the Constitution.078 A8 E.6 /02.7..2. pursuant to the authority contained in this section. and +. )he officers of the Coast -uard insofar as they are en a ed.69 3/*+(61*89 -/A..6 7. *( C(0>6.6 %4. C+3-*..6 %%.363*1(0 "t is the purpose of this chapter to fulfill the intent of the framers of the Constitution of the /nited 0tates and insure that the collective 4ud ment of both the Con ress and the President #ill apply to the introduction of /nited 0tates Armed 1orces into hostilities. !/6-(4.6 III.14. S/A7+3-*.

2artial 'a# 1la ?Pursuant to K /!0!C! Chapter :. specific statutory authori>ation. . as the le islature! )he de ree of control mi ht vary % a nation may have a civilian le islature but have the courts administered by the military! *r the le islature and courts may operate under civilian control #ith a military ruler! "n each case. but are #ithin the discretion of the President as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy!? 9K *ps! Atty! -en! D9! 19. its territories or possessions.6 10 C+1. that6 ?A military fla is a fla that resembles the re ular fla of the /nited 0tates.)9 . 1'A. by eAecutive order. . Au ust . +.151*3*1(0 )he constitutional po#ers of the President as Commander%in%Chief to introduce /nited 0tates Armed 1orces into hostilities..#7$ !6. purportedly. by (Aecutive *rder No! :=D9K. pursuant to la#. even if it is not called ?martial la#!? MILITAR' FLAG WITH GOLD FRINGE 18. "n strict dictionary terms.K 1!R! LDL7. or its armed forces! MARTIAL LAW 17..412. KD7! 9 . martial la# is the suspension of civil authority and the imposition of military authority! When #e say a re ion or country is ?under martial la#.7/*1:.L=%:=!? 9K *ps! Atty! -en! KD9. eAcept that it has a . and in his capacity as Commander%in%Chief of the military! )he placin of a frin e on the national fla .6 34 C(55302. :<7< and printed in the 1ederal Re ister at .? #e mean to say that the military is in control of the area that it acts as the police. si ned on Au ust . 88 :.. as the courts. President D#i ht David (isenho#er. & 9. a military fla is a fla that resembles the re ular fla of the /nited 0tates.(''*W 1R"N-( border on three sides! )he President of the /nited 0tates desi nates this deviation from the re ular fla . or +9.0*13. :<7<. are eAercised only pursuant to +:. )he use of such a frin e is prescribed in current Army Re ulation no! . martial la# is in effect. (Aecutive *rder :=D9K.:. or into situations #here imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances. stated..:. eAcept that it has a yello# frin e border on three sides!? 20. a declaration of #ar. -(?. the dimensions of the fla and the arran ement of the stars in the union are matters of detail not controlled by statute. .K 1!R! LDL7. a national emer ency created by attac$ upon the /nited 0tates.2artial la#.

T1*.63*1(04 +C. E)). )itle 7 /0C. 5 USC. and for the purpose of section C7. American 1la such as old frin e 2/)"'A)(0 the 1la and carries a one%year prison term! )his is confirmed by the authority of )itle 9L /0C. !36* I. and )itle 9L /0C. 0ection 8 . Chapter 9. .6 %.. chapter .53*17 3>.: of this title. or civil la#. of this title and the provisions of section 7997 +a.! Civilians must use the )itle K /0C 0ections 88 :. the distribution and performance of its business. 1la +see )itle 9L /0C 0ection 8:C9 and Army Re ulation DK=%:=. Part ". As provided by )itle 9L /0C 0(C)"*N 8 :C9 and Army Re ulation DK=%:=. S84*. S.6 . . . the 1la of the united 0tates of America is defined and described in )itle K /0C 88 :. represents ?color of military la#? 4urisdiction and #hen placed on the )itle K /0C 0ections 88 :..078 6. C+3-*. C+3-*. or common la#.:1. the *ffice of Personnel 2ana ement may. 1la . the 2erit 0ystems Protection @oard may investi ate. 5 USC. and #hen military fla s are displayed by Army Re ulation DK=%:=.%:+b. T1*.%C. S.. purportedly. !36* I. Department of Defense! 26. appoint advisory committees as necessary. S. and preservation of its records. . or statute la#! Restrictions! 22..! )he old frin e is a fourth color and.7* (0 (*+. the National 0ecurity A ency.+D. 0ections 88 :. 0ection 8 :C7! 24. prescribe re ulations. 99KK. )itle K /!0!C! 0ection 8 9 provides that anythin added to the )itle K /0C.. !36* II.. K9=: +.6 1%.? () (-.3? )he reEuirements of sections L=9 and L=K of this title do not alter in any manner standards other#ise applicable by la# to a ency action! 27. 5 USC. see @lac$Ms 'a# Dictionary. chapter . chapter .3? H/2>.7*1(0 G 606. . and 79C.! 2%. of this title that relate to administrative la# 4ud es. and the custody.21. 0ection 8 9=:! Departmental re ulations! )he head of an (Aecutive department or military department may prescribe re ulations for the overnment of his department.7*1(0 G %05. use. the conduct of its employees. T1*.+@.7*1(0 G 1%05..4 1or the purpose of sections 9:=7.K.. Any courtroom that displays such a fla behind the 3ud e is a military courtroom #hich is operatin under military la# and not constitutional la#. C+3-*.6 6. and property! )his section does not authori>e #ithholdin information from the public or limitin the availability of records to the public! 25. mutilates the 1la and suspends the Constitution! +Refer to )itle :D /0C. papers. 10 . 0ection 8 :CL + . A251014*63*1:.

(6 A4414*30* A**(60. S. a#ardin and allocatin funds and technical assistance in accordance #ith the criteria of part @ of subchapter G of this chapter. (stablishin pro rams in accordance #ith part @ of subchapter G of this chapter and. Providin for the development of technical assistance and trainin pro rams for 0tate and local criminal 4ustice a encies and fosterin local participation in such activities! +7. TITLE 5 USC. A**(60. and nonprofit or ani>ations pursuant to subchapters G and B""%@ of this chapter! +. CHA!TER 5.0.63. D/*1. 42 USC.8 G. units of local overnment. and pay #itness fees as established for the courts of the /nited 0tates! TITLE 5CGOVERNMENT ORGANIIATION AND EM!LO'EES DUTIES OF THE ATTORNE' GENERAL 28. Cooperatin #ith and providin technical assistance to 0tates. follo#in public announcement of such pro rams..0. units of local overnment. T1*. !ART I.8 G.63. (stablishin and carryin on a specific and continuin pro ram of cooperation #ith the 0tates and units of local overnment desi ned to encoura e and promote consultation and coordination concernin decisions made by the @ureau affectin 0tate and local dru control and criminal 4ustice priorities! +C. (Aercisin such other po#ers and functions as may be vested in the Director pursuant to this chapter or by dele ation () *+.recommend le islation. Providin funds to eli ible 0tates.7*1(0 G %742. SUBCHA!TER IIC ADMINISTRATIVE !ROCEDURE 11 . and on terms and conditions determined by the Director to be consistent #ith part @ of subchapter G of this chapter! +9. and other public and private or ani>ations or international a encies involved in criminal 4ustice activities! +K..4 302 )/07*1(04 () D16. (ncoura in the tar etin of 0tate and local resources on efforts to reduce the incidence of dru abuse and crime and on pro rams relatin to the apprehension and prosecution of dru offenders! +L. the Director shall revie# the state#ide strate ies submitted by such 0tates under subchapter G of this chapter. Preparin recommendations on the 0tate and local dru enforcement component of the National Dru Control 0trate y #hich shall be submitted to the Associate Director of the *ffice on National Dru Control Policy! "n ma$in such recommendations. subpoena #itnesses and records. and shall obtain input from 0tate and local dru enforcement officials! )he recommendations made under this para raph shall be provided at such time and in such form as the Director of National Dru Control Policy shall reEuire! +D..7*(6 )he Director shall have the follo#in duties6 +:.

findin s. the a ency by its official title. an abuse of discretion. any applicable form of le al action. !/A. S. C+3-*. (-101(04.7*1(0 G 702. 6.. () -6(7. T1*.6 7.. 5 USC. interpret constitutional and statutory provisions. personally responsible for compliance! Nothin herein #1$ affects other limitations on 4udicial revie# or the po#er or duty of the court to dismiss any action or deny relief on any other appropriate le al or eEuitable round. is entitled to 4udicial revie# thereof! An action in a court of the /nited 0tates see$in relief other than money dama es and statin a claim that an a ency or an officer or employee thereof acted or failed to act in an official capacity or under color of le al authority shall not be dismissed nor relief therein be denied on the round that it is a ainst the /nited 0tates or that the /nited 0tates is an indispensable party! )he /nited 0tates may be named as a defendant in any such action. or short of statutory ri ht. S7(-. 5 USC.4. S.6 5. and a 4ud ment or decree may be entered a ainst the /nited 0tates6 Provided. %0. #ithout observance of procedure reEuired by la#.:1. 302 -6(7..6 7. the action for 4udicial revie# may be brou ht a ainst the /nited 0tates. T1*. rules of procedure. capricious. or limitations.7*1(0 G 552. C+3-*.. privile e. hold unla#ful and set aside a ency action. 5. in a court of competent 4urisdiction! "f no special statutory revie# proceedin is applicable. () 6. or eAaminations. +@.? )o the eAtent necessary to decision and #hen presented.17 10)(653*1(09 3>. S. the revie#in court shall decide all relevant Euestions of la#..7*1(0 G 70%. compel a ency action unla#fully #ithheld or unreasonably delayed.210> )he form of proceedin for 4udicial revie# is the special statutory revie# proceedin relevant to the sub4ect matter in a court specified by statute or. authority. S/A7+3-*. 5. T1*.078 6/.29. and conclusions found to beH +A.7*1(0 G 706..7(624. or #2$ confers authority to rant relief if any other statute that rants consent to suit eApressly or impliedly forbids the relief #hich is sou ht! %1.? A person sufferin le al #ron because of a ency action. +D. and eAclusive opportunity for 4udicial revie# is provided by la#. and their successors in office. or the appropriate officer! (Acept to the eAtent that prior. S. or other#ise not in accordance #ith la#. (62.0/. C+3-*. reports. adeEuate.210>4 +C. contrary to constitutional ri ht. !36* I.. T1*. !36* I. +C.. !36* I.64. C+3-*. in eAcess of statutory 4urisdiction. or immunity. and instructions as to the scope and contents of all papers.6 II. in the absence or inadeEuacy thereof.. F(65 302 :. 12 . and +.:1. or adversely affected or a rieved by a ency action #ithin the meanin of a relevant statute. includin actions for declaratory 4ud ments or #rits of prohibitory or mandatory in4unction or habeas corpus. !36* I.6 7. R1>+* () 6. arbitrary. )hat any mandatory or in4unctive decree shall specify the 1ederal officer or officers +by name or by title. and determine the meanin or applicability of the terms of an a ency action! )he revie#in court shallH +:. a ency action is sub4ect to 4udicial revie# in civil or criminal proceedin s for 4udicial enforcement! %2. descriptions of forms available or the places at #hich forms may be obtained. po#er.

or protection named in the Constitution and secured by la#. un#arranted by the facts to the eAtent that the facts are sub4ect to trial de novo by the revie#in court! "n ma$in the fore oin determinations. or refuse to protect that ri ht. privile e. opposes or obstructs the eAecution of the la#s of the /nited 0tates or impedes the course of 4ustice under those la#s! "n any situation covered by clause +:. any insurrection. An individual.2. !36* I. and of the /nited 0tates #ithin the 0tate. O3*+ () ())17. C+3-*.6 1.. privile e..6 II. the 0tate shall be considered to have denied the eEual protection of the la#s secured by the Constitution! AUTHORIT' FOR ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING %5. elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services. #ithout any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. havin $no#led e of the actual commission of a felony co ni>able by a court of the /nited 0tates. do solemnly s#ear +or affirm. that " #ill support and defend the Constitution of the /nited 0tates a ainst all enemies. so hinders the eAecution of the la#s of that 0tate.7*1(0 G 4. S. that " #ill bear true faith and alle iance to the same. immunity. and the constituted authorities of that 0tate are unable. T1*. that any part or class of its people is deprived of a ri ht. by usin the militia or the armed forces.+(. or by any other means.6). !36* III. the court shall revie# the #hole record or those parts of it cited by a party. ?1*+ S*3*. or +1. in a 0tate.(08 Whoever. 10. 5. S/A7+3-*. . or to ive that protection. )he President.. 302 F.. or both! 13 . C+3-*.. I0*. fail. shall ta$e such measures as he considers necessary to suppress. !36* I. A@. S. or immunity. or both.6 %%. conceals and does not as soon as possible ma$e $no#n the same to some 4ud e or other person in civil or military authority under the /nited 0tates. unsupported by substantial evidence in a case sub4ect to sections 77L and 77C of this title or other#ise revie#ed on the record of an a ency hearin provided by statute. domestic violence. eAcept the President.7*1(0 G %%%.63.7*1(0 G %%%1.07. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years..3?. or conspiracy. T1*. T1*. and that " #ill #ell and faithfully dischar e the duties of the office on #hich " am about to enter! 0o help me -od!J )his section does not affect other oaths reEuired by la#! %4. C+3-*. S. M14-6141(0 () ). A. S/A*1*. unla#ful combination. or +. 18 USC. S/A-36* B.6. shall ta$e the follo#in oath6 I". forei n and domestic.6 15. and due account shall be ta$en of the rule of pre4udicial error! %%. if itH +:. that " ta$e this obli ation freely..

after NentityM.==:.. %162 %6. of title := in support of Department of 3ustice activities relatin to the enforcement of section . C1:1.R. !ATRIOT ACT H. +@.. S. . CIVIL LIABILIT' FOR CERTAIN UNAUTHORIIED DISCLOSURES S.4 +a. involve acts dan erous to human life that are a violation of the criminal la#s of the /nited 0tates or of any 0tate.!ATRIOT ACT H. R. by addin at the end the follo#in 6 +f.2 S*3*. all Americans are united in condemnin . S. +f.7*1(0 G 2%%2. C+3-*. !36* I. 18. +.R.F/. in subsection +a. 2712. of title :=! SEC. U01*.6 11%B. 1002. -6(+1A1*1(0 10 7.6>.a of this title durin an emer ency situation involvin a #eapon of mass destruction! )he authority to ma$e such a reEuest may be eAercised by another official of the Department of 3ustice in accordance #ith section 9D.M. other than the /nited 0tates. to influence the policy of a overnment by intimidation or coercion. SENSE OF CONGRESS #3$ FINDINGS Con ress finds that%% +:. the department or a ency shall. upon receipt of a true and correct copy of the decision and findin s of the court or 14 . %162 SEC. C+3-*. *( .. 0ection .4*4 )(6 51. 104. T1*. 18. D. 37*1(04 3>3104* *+. or $idnappin ..1*368 34414*307.6 11%B.+.99. and +C$ occur primarily #ithin the territorial 4urisdiction of the /nited 0tates! SEC. assassination.. appear to be intendedH +i. to affect the conduct of a overnment by mass destruction. AD2"N"0)RA)"G( D"0C"P'"N(% "f a court or appropriate department or a ency determines that the /nited 0tates or any of its departments or a encies has violated any provision of this chapter. /nited 0tates Code. REJUESTS FOR MILITAR' ASSISTANCE TO ENFORCE !ROHIBITION IN CERTAIN EMERGENCIES. !36* I. and the court or appropriate department or a ency finds that the circumstances surroundin the violation raise serious Euestions about #hether or not an officer or employee of the /nited 0tates acted #illfully or intentionally #ith respect to the violation.7*1(0 G 2%%1. the terrorists #ho planned and carried out the attac$s a ainst the /nited 0tates on 0eptember ::.7. the term Idomestic terrorismJ means activities thatH +A.071. 22%. or +iii. by insertin N. )he Attorney -eneral may reEuest the 0ecretary of Defense to provide assistance under section 9D.6*310 . is amended%% +:. to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.)101*1(04 +7.7. and in pursuin all those responsible for those attac$s and their sponsors until they are brou ht to 4ustice.5. +ii.. in the stron est possible terms.0)(67. T1*.4.= of title :D.

TITLE 10 UCM@ %7..6 VII. assistant trial counsel. A. or assistant or associate defense counsel may be ta$en at any time by any 4ud e advocate or other person certified to be Eualified or competent for the duty. #illfully uses any part of the Army or the Air 1orce as a posse comitatus or other#ise to eAecute the la#s shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than t#o years. U4.6 47.appropriate department or a ency promptly initiate a proceedin to determine #hether disciplinary action a ainst the officer or employee is #arranted! "f the head of the department or a ency involved determines that disciplinary action is not #arranted.. 34 -(44.. S/A7+3-*. assistant trial counsel. or both! ARM' MANUAL %9. assistant or associate defense counsel. trial counsel. O3*+4 +a. and #hether the oath shall be ta$en for all cases in #hich these duties are to be performed or for a particular case. A6*.605.1*368 G(:. A))3164 40. 5 USC.. defense counsel.0* 302 C1:1. C+3-*. and interpreters shall ta$e an oath to perform their duties faithfully! )he form of the oath. @efore performin their respective duties. trial counsel. 18. T1*. 0tate.7*1(0 G 842. members of eneral and special courts%martial. the time and place of the ta$in thereof.7*1(0 G 1%85. !36* II. 10. S/A*1*. eAcept in cases and under circumstances eApressly authori>ed by the Constitution or Act of Con ress. defense counsel..4 0ubpart AH-eneral Provisions 0ubpart 1H'abor 2ana ement and (mployee Relations Chapter C9H0uitability. !36* IIICE5-. and if such an oath is ta$en it need not a ain be ta$en at the time the 4ud e advocate or other person is detailed to that duty! %8. 0ecurity. T1*. or local court of competent 4urisdiction of O 15 . () A658 302 A16 F(67. and Conduct 0ubchapter "" % (mployment 'imitations 0ection 8 C9:9! Riots and civil disorders An individual convicted by any 1ederal. reporters. the manner of recordin the same. 7(51*3*/4 Whoever. FM 27 5 M1.6 67. T1*. S. !36* I. 42.(8. S. C+3-*. he or she shall notify the "nspector -eneral #ith 4urisdiction over the department or a ency concerned and shall provide the "nspector -eneral #ith the reasons for such determination!M. shall be as prescribed in re ulations of the 0ecretary concerned! )hese re ulations may provide that an oath to perform faithfully duties as a military 4ud e. military 4ud es.

is a member of an or ani>ation of employees of the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or of individuals employed by the overnment of the District of Columbia that he $no#s asserts the ri ht to stri$e a ainst the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia. or ani>in . or +K. or asserts the ri ht to stri$e. 0ubchapter "". +. be ineli ible to accept or hold any position in the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or in the overnment of the District of Columbia for the five years immediately follo#in the date upon #hich his conviction becomes final! Any such individual holdin a position in the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia on the date his conviction becomes final shall be removed from such position! +b. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year and a day.. 0ubpart 1. any offense determined by the head of the employin a ency to have been committed in furtherance of. is a member of an or ani>ation that he $no#s advocates the overthro# of our constitutional form of overnment. +. or +. ?felony? means any offense for #hich imprisonment is authori>ed for a term eAceedin one year! )itle :D /0CHCrimes and Criminal Procedure Chapter <9HPublic *fficers and (mployees 0ection 8 :<:D! Disloyalty and assertin the ri ht to stri$e a ainst the -overnment Whoever violates the provision of section C9:: of title 7 that an individual may not accept or hold a position in the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia if heH +:. incitin a riot or civil disorder. +9. 8 C9::! 'oyalty and stri$in ! An individual may not accept or hold a position in the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia if heH +:. or participatin in a riot or civil disorder. Part """. 1or the purposes of this section. )itle 7. shall.. aidin or abettin any person in committin any offense specified in clause +:. advocates the overthro# of our constitutional form of overnment. a riot or civil disorder. is a member of an or ani>ation that he $no#s advocates the overthro# of our constitutional 16 . advocates the overthro# of our constitutional form of overnment. encoura in . participates in a stri$e. promotin . +.. or +K.. or both! OVERTHROW OF A CONSTITUTIONAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT 41. Chapter C9.+:. or #hile participatin in. +9. a ainst the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia. if the offense for #hich he is convicted is a felony..

42.form of overnment. S. shall be liable to the party in4ured in an action at la#. in4unctive relief shall not be ranted unless a declaratory decree #as violated or declaratory relief #as unavailable! 1or the purposes of this section. ordinance. 42. C+3-*.6 I. !6(7.173A1. custom. re ulation.7*1(0 G 198%.-61:3*1(0 () 61>+*4 (very person #ho. or usa e. S/A7+3-*. the common la#.6 I. and for their vindication.. eAcept that in any action brou ht a ainst a 4udicial officer for an act or omission ta$en in such officer&s 4udicial capacity.K. C1:1. but in all cases #here they are not adapted to the ob4ect. and C= of the Revised 0tatutes for the protection of all persons in the /nited 0tates in their civil ri hts. shall be eAercised and enforced in conformity #ith the la#s of the /nited 0tates. or immunities secured by the Constitution and la#s.6 21.210>4 10 :102173*1(0 () 71:1. 61>+*4 #SEE DOCUMENT$ T1*. a ainst the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia. or other proper proceedin for redress.1*8 () 4*3*/*(68 302 7(55(0 . or asserts the ri ht to stri$e. any citi>en of the /nited 0tates or other person #ithin the 4urisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any ri hts. 61>+*4 #3$ A--. so far as such la#s are suitable to carry the same into effect..6 21. participates in a stri$e.210>4 10 :102173*1(0 () 71:1. privile es. or causes to be sub4ected. 37*1(0 )(6 2. sub4ects.. suit in eEuity. of any 0tate or )erritory or the District of Columbia. or are deficient in the provisions necessary to furnish suitable remedies and punish offenses a ainst la#.3? )he 4urisdiction in civil and criminal matters conferred on the district courts by the provisions of titles :9. or +K. +9. S. any Act of Con ress applicable eAclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia! T1*. as modified and chan ed by the constitution and statutes of the 0tate #herein the court havin 4urisdiction of such civil or criminal cause is held. under color of any statute.. .7*1(0 G 1988. !6(7. S/A7+3-*. is a member of an or ani>ation of employees of the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or of individuals employed by the overnment of the District of Columbia that he $no#s asserts the ri ht to stri$e a ainst the -overnment of the /nited 0tates or the overnment of the District of Columbia! CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORIT' AND MANDATE TO BRING SUIT !RIVATE ATTORNE' GENERAL AUTHORIT' GRANTED B' CONGRESS CONGRESSIONAL ENACTMENT FROM THE %1ST CONGRESS. C+3-*. so far as the same is not inconsistent #ith the Constitution and 17 .

?PiQf 18 .-. may allo# the prevailin party. shall be eAtended to and overn the said courts in the trial and disposition of the cause. the court. /!0!C! . and. eAcept that in any action brou ht a ainst a 4udicial officer for an act or omission ta$en in such officer&s 4udicial capacity such officer shall not be held liable for any costs.6* ). the court.4 "n any action or proceedin to enforce a provision of sections :<D:. K. title G" of the Civil Ri hts Act of :<LK PK.8K4 ).4 "n a#ardin an attorney&s fee under subsection +b. of this section in any action or proceedin to enforce a provision of section :<D: or :<D:a of this title. :<D9. a reasonable attorney&s fee as part of the costs. to sue those or ani>ations that commit mail and #ire fraud as part of their criminal enterprise! )o date. the Reli ious 1reedom Restoration Act of :<<9 PK. or section :9<D: of this title. /!0!C! 8 :<DD! )he 0enate Report on this statute stated that )he 0enate Committee on the 3udiciary #anted to level the playin field so that private citi>ens. in the infliction of punishment on the party found uilty! #A$ A**(60. and :<DL of this title. :<D. in its of the /nited 0tates. Act! R"C* allo#s avera e citi>ens +private attorneys eneral. unless such action #as clearly in eAcess of such officer&s 4urisdiction! #7$ E. if it is of a criminal nature. /!0!C! . could still serve as ?private attorneys eneral? and afford to brin actions.===cc et seE!Q. the Reli ious 'and /se and "nstitutionali>ed Persons Act of . title "B of Public 'a# <. may include eApert fees as part of the attorney&s fee! !RIVATE ATTORNE' GENERAL AUTHORIT' GRANTED B' CONGRESS Another eAcellent eAample of the ?private attorney eneral? provisions is the Rac$eteer "nfluenced and Corrupt *r ani>ations +R"C*. other than the /nited 0tates.===bb et seE!Q.===d et seE!Q.. :<D:a. to enforce the civil ri hts la#s! )he Committee ac$no#led ed that. even a ainst state or local bodies. :<D7.O9:D P. #ho mi ht have little or no money.= /!0!C! :LD: et seE!Q. there are over L= federal statutes that encoura e private enforcement by allo#in prevailin plaintiffs to collect attorneyMs fees! Private Attorney -eneral authority.. )he /!0! Con ress codified the private attorney eneral principle into la# #ith the enactment of Civil Ri hts AttorneyMs 1ees A#ard Act of :<CL. /!0!C! .=== PK. in its discretion. includin attorney&s fees..

/N")(D 0)A)(0. and did et his document received and stamped to Act as a Private Attorney -eneral. p! L +:<CL. Weston has filed into the *$lahoma 0ecretary of 0tate for his Private Attorney -eneral document and it too has been received and stamped by officials! +0(( D*C/2(N)0 A))ACH(D. Weston. /N")(D 0)A)(0 *1 A2(R"CA or a$a /N")(D 0)A)(0 dba C*RP*RA)"*N #ith le al authority and representation of the employees of the /N")(D 0)A)(0 19 . even thou h he #as not reEuired to do so! Carl.private citi>ens are to be able to assert their civil ri hts. Class & Carl. Class did o to the /nited 0tates Committee on the 3udiciary. even if not in 8 :<D9 actionsQ. and if those #ho violate the NationMs fundamental la#s are not to proceed #ith impunity. then citi>ens must have the opportunity to recover #hat it costs them to vindicate these ri hts in court!? Where a plaintiff #ins his or her la#suit and is considered the ?prevailin party. under the Civil Ri hts Act of :<<:. @oth have Authority to Act as Attorneys -eneral for the People to brin such an issue before the 2ilitary Administrative Hearin Court! !ARTIES TO ACTION Parties to action Rodney Dale. both on the House side and 0enate side.? 8 :<DD acts to shift fees. thus encoura in the enforcement of the civil ri hts la#s! )he 0enate reported that it intended fee a#ards to be ?adeEuate to attract competent counsel? to represent client #ith civil ri hts rievances! 0! Rep! No! <K%:=::. includin eApert #itness fees Pat least in certain types of civil ri hts actions. here $no#n as Petitioners. and to ma$e those #ho acted as private attorneys eneral #hole a ain.! )he /!0! 0upreme Court has interpreted the act to provide for the payment of a ?reasonable attorneyMs fee? based on the fair mar$et value of the le al services! )he t#o parties #ho are petitionin the Administrative Hearin Court. both hold documents certifyin their status as Private Attorneys -eneral! Rodney Dale.

to use civilian labor as credit or collateral as security for satisfaction of a debt! )he Petitioners ma$e claim of in4ury by the defendants by the use or misuse of military martial la#! )he court allo#s the people to believe that the old frin e fla #as an admiralty fla under /CC for contract la#! )he military and the Coast -uard both $no# that an Admiralty 1la 20 . emblematically throu h the use of a 2ilitary -old 1rin e 1la si nifyin 2artial 'a#! )he Petitioners come before this Administrative Hearin Court to address and to see$ remedy for violations under )itle 7 /0C. violations of the Constitution of :CDC. #ho. )he National (mer ency Act. federal and state statute violation under )itle := 0ection 8999. violation of honest service under )itle :D /0C sec! 8:9KL. and to default the civilian population into fraudulent debt dis uised as Acts of War! )he Defendants have used the ban$ruptcy of :<99 H3R :<. the overthro# of a Constitutional form of overnment under )itle 7 /0C sec! 8C9:: and )itle :D /0C sec! 8:<:D. Class and Carl. C*2(0. before this Administrative Hearin Court. the Constitution of :CDC as created by our forefathers! 0uch Acts unbecomin that of Public *fficials are bein carried out under the War and (mer ency Po#er Act. the Petitioners on behalf of the People of the united 0tates of America and for ourselves. (mer ency @an$in Relief Act of :<99. the )radin #ith the (nemy Act. (Aecutive *rder L:=. Weston as Private Attorneys -eneral. hereafter referred to as Defendants! COM!LAINT N*W. to set forth the Acts that are unbecomin of Public *fficials. all under )itle 7= /0C. s#orn to uphold throu h their *ath of office. Rodney Dale. and of all of the above named statutes! 0uch Acts are committed by the Defendants deceptively impersonatin as military courts under the -old 1rin e 1la #ith such violations as follo#s6 Constitutionally protected ri hts.C*RP*RA)"*N by (R"C H*'D(R.

7868-09 in the 0uperior Court of the District of Columbia! @oth of these cases are a ainst the /N")(D 0)A)(0 dba C*RP*RA)"*N! )he 3ud es in both cases are not respondin in a timely manner! "n 0hady -rove *rthopedic Associates v! Allstate "nsurance Co!.025. . Civil Procedure Rule .0* &I )he 4udicial po#er of the /nited 0tates shall not be construed to eAtend to any suit in la# or eEuity.==<. led by 3ustice Antonin 0calia.or$ la# prohibitin class actions that see$ to recover statutory penalties or minimal recoveries! "n that case. and the other in /N")(D 0)A)(0 D"0)R"C) C*/R) *1 )H( D"0)R"C) *1 C*'/2@"A CA0( R6 :6=<%cv%=. AND 0/@G(R0"G( AC)"G")"(0 by those #ho are abusin their offices of public authority! )he Petitioners #ill brin forth a second issue also of in4ury under the misuse of the -old 1rin e 1la )he Courts and its Court officers are a#are of this! )he Petitioners do have t#o other cases pendin in the District of Columbia. this administrative hearin court has the only 4urisdiction to hear such a case as it involves acts of )R(A0*N.<. one in the 0uperior Court of the District of Columbia under Case R . the Court upheld a class action la#suit filed a ainst a corporation! )he private individual holds the same ri hts #hen filin suit a ainst a corporation! )he Petitioners #ill also point out the (leventh Amendment of the Constitution! A5.9. or 21 . 0(D")"*N. filed 3uly .==< CA ==79<: @ #ith 3ud e @R"AN 1 H*'(2AN. commenced or prosecuted a ainst one of the /nited 0tates by citi>ens of another state. a 7%K ma4ority.has a blue field #ith #hite stars! @ecause this issue deals #ith administrative abuse under a -old 1rin e 1la .:7:%HHS #ith 3ud e Henry H! Sennedy. trumped a Ne# . held that the federal class action rule. Formerly Civil Action No.

eEuity. come under the 3udicial branch. under their Authority.%%bet#een Citi>ens of different 0tates. and the ri ht of the 0tate to brin suit a ainst the People! )he positions of Attorney -eneral and Prosecutor.%%to Controversies to #hich the /nited 0tates shall be a Party. contract la#. of the Constitution! )he (leventh Amendment removed all ?4udicial po#er? in la#.02 to all Cases. of both the /nited 0tates and the several states.! Article """. not under the 0ecretary of 0tate as licensed citi>ens or sub4ects of any forei n state! All ?4udicial po#er? of the ?inferior courts? comes from the 3udiciary Act of :CD<. !(?. other public ministers and Consuls. the 'a#s of the /nited 0tates.*. /!0! Constitution I)he H/21713.%%to all Cases of admiralty and maritime 3urisdiction. 0ection . and so forth! )he (leventh Amendment also ma$es a forei n state separation from the positions of the Public *ffice positions to thro# off the People! )he People have (leventh Amendment immunity. treaties. . arisin under this Constitution. 0ec! .%%to all Cases affectin Ambassadors. and )reaties made. eEuity. and bet#een a 0tate. because there is N* ?3/D"C"A' P*W(R? of the ?inferior courts? AND the People have 1*R("-N 0*G(R("-N "22/N"). as did the Attorney -eneral position! ?3udicial po#er? comes from Article """..%%bet#een a 0tate and Citi>ens of another 0tate.%%to Controversies bet#een t#o or more 0tates. or #hich shall be made. Citi>ens or 0ub4ects!J (leventh Amendment 22 . or the Citi>ens thereof. and forei n 0tates. in 'a# and (Euity... not the (Aecutive branch of the overnment! All attorneys come under the 3udicial branch and are 4udicial officers under the 0upreme Court.%%bet#een Citi>ens of the same 0tate claimin 'ands under -rants of different 0tates. #hich means they can only represent the Court and not the People or the 0tate! )he (leventh Amendment removed all ?4udicial po#er? from the ?inferior courts? and the prosecutor&s office as #ell as from all court officers in la#.6 4+3.

1>0 S*3*. -(?. 7(04*6/. as #ere the ?inferior courts!? When the (leventh Amendment removed ?3udicial Po#er? from the Courts.. treaties.2 *( . of the 1RCP and the Civil Rules of Procedure clearly describe #hy there is no ?4udicial po#er?! )he Courts and their officers are a#are of this problem #hen 23 . eEuity. treaties or claims by the 0tate a ainst the People no# constitutes Putative 1raud and Dishonest 0ervice due to the salary contract that the public official has #ith the People to perform his5her duties as a Hearin *fficer and Prosecution *fficer! )hese contracts of these Public *fficers are private contracts under the Constitution.2 S*3*. "". commenced or prosecuted a ainst one of the /nited 0tates by Citi>ens of another 0tate..*.4 4+3. 0(* A. of the Constitution for the /nited 0tates of America #as amended and revo$ed by the (leventh Amendment on 1ebruary 7th.7*4 () 308 F(6.L )he 3ud es and their Court *fficers and defendants are a#are that the (leventh Amendment removed all ?3udicial Po#er? from the Courts. as are the Petitioners.6 () *+. Article ". contract la#. it also removed ?4udicial po#er? from the prosecution! Any prosecution done in la#. +b. or :.I)he @/21713. 0ection . turnin them into Administrative hearin courts #ith no ?4udicial po#er? to rule in *R on la#. :C<7! )he 3ud es and Court *fficers and defendants are a#are that the *ffices of Attorney -eneral and Prosecutor #ere created under the same 3udiciary Act..02 *( 308 4/1* in la# or eEuity. that the authority dele ated by Article """.. U01*. and """ and under the Compensation clause for services to the People! "t is a fact that a pleadin cannot be placed before a court that does not hold ?4udicial po#er? and :. +:. +b. +. contract la# *R issues bet#een the 0tate *R the /N")(D 0)A)(0 and its People! )he 3ud es and the Court *fficers are a#are. or by Citi>ens (6 S/AH. eEuity.

liberty. property. 1ederal and 0tate 0tatutes. and not to insure domestic tranEuility for the said civilian population! C(/0* II. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s. #ith the intent of deprivin the civilian population of life. is ad4ourned under martial la#. #ith the old frin e military fla displayed used as a covert si nal! C(/0* I. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution6 Did #ith full $no#led e and intent set out to default the civilian population by flyin a -old 1rin e 1la in all civilian courts deprivin the people of a fair and impartial hearin and any defense in the Courts. the 1ederal and 0tates Courts no# use 2ilitary authority to deprive the civilian population of IA'' R"-H)0. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution6 Did #ith full $no#led e place the people into servitude throu h their labor and lives for the public debt by borro#in a ainst the civilian population and forcin the civilian population to pay bac$ such public debt created by the Defendants for their personal ain and profit! C(/0* III. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s. clearly sho#s that 4udicial po#er of the /nited 0tates Ishall notJ be IconstruedJ to IeAtend Ito any suit in Ila#I or IeEuity!J)he (leventh Amendment revo$es Article """ section . 4ustice. under a s#orn *ath to the united 0tates Constitution6 Did #ith full $no#led e by ta$in a false oath to the Constitution.J usin 2ilitary Authority under 2artial 'a#! 24 . and Administrative procedures as and denyin them a defense in the Courts! )he (leventh Amendment. statin 3udicial po#er shall eAtend to all cases in Ila# and eEuity!J /nder the use of the -old 1rin e 1la . created by the Defendant.they brin the American People into a court that does not hold 4udicial po#er. by denyin the Constitution. but instead. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s.

9=<C9 )reaty 0eries DD:! C*NG(N)"*N *N R"-H)0 AND D/)"(0 *1 0)A)(0 on Dec . A 4oint resolution is often used #hen Con ress needs to pass le islation to solve a limited or temporary problem! 1or eAample. 4ust a resolution! +Resolution +la#.C(/0* IV. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution! )he Defendants have #ith intent deprived the civilian population of a Constitutional form of overnment for failure to follo# the 0enate 2anual Rules and Practices of the 0enate on ho# the enactments are to be passed! 0enate 3oint Resolutions are not la# or statutes. (Aecutive *rder L:=. 4ust resolutions! +Resolution +la#. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s. a #ritten motion adopted by a deliberative body. denyin their inalienable ri hts. denyin them of their property ri hts. )hereby creatin 3 ne# /N")(D 0)A)(0 dba C*RP*RA)"*N under (mer ency @an$in Relief Act of :<99! C(/0* V. a #ritten motion adopted by a deliberative body. Definition of. :<99.L. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution6 )he Defendants did #ith full $no#led e and intent set out to default the civilian population. and H3R :<. C(/0* VII. :<99. under a s#orn *ath to uphold and defend the united 0tates Constitution a ainst forei n and domestic enemies6 Did overthro# the people&s Constitutional overnment under the Amendatory Act of 2arch <. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution6 )he Defendants have #ith full $no#led e and intent deprived the civilian population of a Constitutional form of overnment for failure to follo# the 3efferson&s 2anual Rules and Practices of the House of Representatives on ho# the enactments are to be passed! House 3oint Resolutions are not la# or statutes. of their soverei nty. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s.. and denyin their ri hts to a Republican form of overnment! C(/0* VI. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s.. on 3une 7th :<99 and the K< 0tat. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s. it is used as a temporary measure to provide continuin appropriations for overnment pro rams #hen annual appropriations bills have not 25 .

. deprive the people of their 4obs. shall propose Amendments to this Constitution. )he Con ress. S*3*. by such acts constitutin insurrection and rebellion of these Public *fficials #ho s#ear such an *ath to the Constitution and to the People! No# a 1ourteenth Amendment @ounty placed a ainst the public debt can be applied to those Public *fficials #ho have ta$en part in such an overthro# 26 . and that no 0tate. or. #ithout its Consent. in order to invo$e acts of violence and civil disorder! C(/0* I&. #hen ratified by the 'e islatures of *+6.. V. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s.4 shall deem it necessary. Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s. )(/6*+4 () *+. as Part of this Constitution. #hich. Provided that no Amendment #hich may be made prior to the .:. on the Application of the 'e islatures of t#o thirds of the several 0tates. their liberty and have no# placed the civilian population in fear of their lives and their family members& lives! )hese acts are intended to create civil unrest amon the people. as the one or the other 2ode of Ratification may be proposed by the Con ress. shall be valid to all "ntents and Purposes. shall call a Convention for proposin Amendments.4. 4.. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution6 )he Defendants did s#ear a false *ath to the Constitution and did #ith intent set out to defraud the civilian population by declarin and si nin into affect a non ONational (mer ency to continue the fraud and abuse upon the civilian population to create hardship. shall be deprived of its eEual 0uffra e in the 0enate! C(/0* VIII.ear *ne thousand ei ht hundred and ei ht shall in any 2anner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth 0ection of the first Article. #henever *?( *+1624 () A(*+ H(/4. or by Conventions in three fourths thereof.yet been enacted! )his type of 4oint resolution is called a continuin resolution! Another use of 4oint resolutions is to propose amendments to the /!0! Constitution! Resolutions proposin constitutional amendments must be approved by t#o%thirds of both houses! )hey do not reEuire the presidentMs si nature.63. but instead become la# #hen they are ratified by three%fourths of the states! A6*17. in either Case.

Acts unbecomin of a Public *fficial+s. the most #holesome and necessary for the public ood! . #ill dictate that overnments lon established should not be chan ed for li ht and transient causes. and such is no# the necessity #hich constrains them to alter their former systems of overnment! )he history of the present Sin of -reat @ritain is a history of repeated in4uries and usurpations. than to ri ht themselves by abolishin the forms to #hich they are accustomed! @ut #hen a lon train of abuses and usurpations. it is their duty. and to institute ne# overnment.of the people&s Constitutional and Republican form of overnment as incorporated in the :CDC Constitution and the 1ourteenth Amendment #as passed by those #ho held Public office in :DLD and ives the Remedy to pay bac$ all public debt created by the Defendants! C(/0* &. under a s#orn *ath to the Constitution6 )he teAt belo# comes from */R Declaration of "ndependence! )hose #ho hold these public offices s#orn to such an oath are in violation of the very foundation of */R Declaration of "ndependence! )hose defendants #ho hold such public office have #illfully and #ith intent. as to them shall seem most li$ely to effect their safety and happiness! Prudence. that all men are created eEual. set out to destroy the peace and tranEuility of the people in this nation! We hold these truths to be self%evident.! 1or imposin taAes on us #ithout our consent6 9! 1or deprivin us in many cases. #hile evils are sufferable. liberty and the pursuit of happiness! )hat to secure these ri hts. derivin their 4ust po#ers from the consent of the overned! )hat #henever any form of overnment becomes destructive to these ends. let facts be submitted to a candid #orld! :!He has refused his assent to la#s. it is their ri ht. pursuin invariably the same ob4ect evinces a desi n to reduce them under absolute despotism. and to provide ne# uards for their future security! H 0uch has been the patient sufferance of these colonies. and accordin ly all eAperience hath sho#n that man$ind are more disposed to suffer. of the benefits of trial by 4ury6 27 . overnments are instituted amon men. that they are endo#ed by their Creator #ith certain unalienable ri hts. layin its foundation on such principles and or ani>in its po#ers in such form. to thro# off such overnment. indeed. it is the ri ht of the people to alter or to abolish it. that amon these are life. all havin in direct ob4ect the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states! )o prove this.

establish commerce. and alterin fundamentally the forms of our overnments6 <! He has eAcited domestic insurrections amon st us. assembled. and the amount and payment of their salaries! L! He has erected a multitude of ne# offices. acEuiesce in the necessity. conclude peace.K! 1or protectin them. solemnly publish and declare. contract alliances. #hose $no#n rule of #arfare. enemies in #ar. by moc$ trial. and #e have con4ured them by the ties of our common $indred to disavo# these usurpations. in times of peace. that these united colonies are. #e mutually pled e to each other our lives. appealin to the 0upreme 3ud e of the #orld for the rectitude of our intentions. in the name. #hich. seAes and conditions! :=! "n every sta e of these oppressions #e have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms6 our repeated petitions have been ans#ered only by repeated in4ury! A prince. is undistin uished destruction of all a es. that they are absolved from all alle iance to the @ritish Cro#n. in peace friends! :.! We. therefore. and by the authority of the ood people of these colonies. therefore. and has endeavored to brin on the inhabitants of our frontiers. do. and sent hither s#arms of officers to harass our people. #ith a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence. and that as free and independent states. #ould inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence! We must. and of ri ht ou ht to be free and independent states. is and ou ht to be totally dissolved. our fortunes and our sacred honor! 28 . they have full po#er to levey #ar. the merciless "ndian sava es. #hich denounces our separation. and that all political connection bet#een them and the state of -reat @ritain. the representatives of the /nited 0tates of America. abolishin our most valuable la#s. and eat out their substance! C! He has $ept amon us. standin armies #ithout the consent of our le islature D! 1or ta$in a#ay our charters. and hold them. #hose character is thus mar$ed by every act #hich may define a tyrant. and to do all other acts and thin s #hich independent states may of ri ht do! And for the support of this declaration. for the tenure of their offices. from punishment for any murders #hich they should commit on the inhabitants of these states6 7! He has made 4ud es dependent on his #ill alone. is unfit to be the ruler of a free people! ::! Nor have #e been #antin in attention to our @ritish brethren! We have #arned them from time to time of attempts by their le islature to eAtend an un#arrantable 4urisdiction over us! We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emi ration and settlement here! We have appealed to their native 4ustice and ma nanimity. in -eneral Con ress. as #e hold the rest of man$ind.

4udicial. personal items.6:17. all ban$ accounts and etc!.1(0. retirements. birth certificate accounts.. all real property.. bonuses. "". to be used to pay bac$ the public debt created by that official! )itle 7 /0C under section 77: also ives more detail and the Petitioners eApect to provide further information at the time of the hearin ! 29 . authori>ed by la#.4 )(6 4. shall not be Euestioned! @ut neither the /nited 0tates nor any 0tate shall assume or pay any debt or obli ation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion a ainst the /nited 0tates.4 10 4/--6. but all such debts. includin debts incurred for payment of pensions and A(/0*1. can no# be collected from those public officials throu h a performance bond. or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave.RELIEF CAN BE FOUND IN FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. and """. obli ations and claims shall be held ille al and void! )he Petitioners& relief sou ht comes from the fourteenth amendment section K of the Constitution6 bounties a ainst public debt for insurrection and rebellion a ainst a constitutional form of overnment! All public debt created by the defendants #ho #or$ for or are retired from the le islative. and pensions bein paid to a spouse. or eAecutive branches. and etc!.4410> 104/66. #ill be reEuired to forfeit all pay.7*1(0 (6 6. stoc$s. as found in the Constitution under Article ".9C 0!C of :<KL has the po#er to rant such a demand under )itle 7 section 77: sanctions! )he Administrative Court has the po#er to ma$e the people #hole before such in4ury created by the defendants! )his is the purpose of an Administrative Hearin 6 to correct the abuse and misuse of public office #hen it becomes harmful and dan erous to the best interest of the public! What this means is this6 Any profit or ain by these Public *fficials by misuse or abuse of such public office #hich has created a public debt over and beyond normal cost.A. in order to clear the public debt created by the defendants! )his Administrative Court under the Administrative Procedure Act L= stat . SECTION 4 0ection K! )he validity of the public debt of the /nited 0tates. includin their homes. bonds. ban$ accounts.

the 2ilitary -old 1rin e 1la flies as a symbol of 2ilitary Authority rulin over this Nation! )he floor of the united 0tates Con ress is one of the fe# place in #hich *ld -lory han s as a symbol of non%military 4urisdiction! )he Petitioners have come to the only Administrative Authority that #ould have 4urisdiction under Homeland 0ecurity and the /nited 0tates Coast -uard Administrative Hearin Court. to place such an issue! )his is a National emer ency an act of terrorism upon the civilian population of the united 0tates of America! @ecause if this Nation is in a 0tate of (mer ency then those under )itle 7 have committed an act of )reason. in all Capital office buildin in the hall#ays of Con ress and etc!. those fallin under )itle 7 have failed to do so and have overthro#n such foundation for #hich this Nation stands! 0ince :<99 this Nation has been under a declared National (mer ency under the War Po#er Act! )he President every t#o years has declared a 0tate of (mer ency! "n all public buildin s.CONCLUSION )he Petitioners have come before this Administrative Hearin Court to address Constitutional violations by those #ho hold Public offices under )itle 7 of the /N")(D 0)A)(0 C*D(0. churches.((0! )he Public *fficials under our Constitution and under 1ederal Administrative Procedures and 0tatutes are reEuired to s#ear such an *ath to uphold the Constitution of the united 0tates at all cost! As of this date.. insurrection or rebellion by denyin the protection of ri hts as found in the Constitution and the @ill of Ri hts. 1ederal and 0tate statutes to the people! "f this nation is not in a state of (mer ency then those public officials flyin the -old 1rin e 1la have no# violated )itle K by flyin the fourth color no# impersonatin 2ilitary authority in order to -1. -*G(RN2(N) *R-AN"TA)"*N AND (2P'*. 302 30 . 1ederal and 0tate Courtrooms.3>.

Carl. 9:.D7: N! H#y LL./02. N!C! . *$! CK=:7 Private Attorney -eneral PH*N( R<:D K=C :.DC 31 .D=CC Private Attorney -eneral C=K CK.-. can invo$e a rand 4ury indictment to be placed before this Administrative Court! Reminder. if need be.6 the civilian population at unpoint! )here is enou h Cause to have this Administrative Court hear this case! )he Petitioners. if needed6 Article """. R:D Catoosa. Class /!0!N! Geteran C5o P! *! @oA K97 Hi h 0hoals. Weston . 0ection 9 of the :CDC Constitution states that the testimony of t#o #itnesses to acts of treason is enou h to have such a hearin before the Administrative Court! Private Attorney -eneral 0eal UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Rodney Dale.9 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Petitioner.

.K:..K.=7<D%C:L= #ith this Administrative Complaint to be heard and filed into the record of this Administrative Court! )he Petitioners no# file #ith the Administrative Cler$6 PRA. 0/")( L== AR'"N-)*N. to be filed and placed on a doc$et sheet. come before the /!0! C*A0) -/ARD H(AR"N. K. :9KL. G"*'A)"*N *1 /0 C*N0)")/)"*N6 AR)"C'( " 0(C)"*N L. 9:.:<7K. as Private Attorney -enerals. N!C! . P()")"*N 1*R R(DR(00. GA . AR)"C'( "" 0(C)"*N K. and to be heard before the Administrative Court! )he Defendant. by /0P0 and by private mailin ! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Rodney Dale. A2(ND2(N) B" & A2(ND2(N) B"G. Weston. Class /!0!N! Geteran C5o P! *! @oA K97 Hi h 0hoals. to have it placed into the record on this day of UUUUUUUUUUUU and month of UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU in the year of our 'ord . )")'( 7 0(C)"*N C9::. :7=.H* 20 C:L=. :<L=. )")'( :D 0(C)"*N0 .=:= AD. (ric Holder. :==:. Class and Carl. )")'( 7! 0(C)"*N 999: *A)H *1 *11"C(..(R 1*R AD2"N"0)RA)"G( H(AR"N-. :<7<.99:.. :<7C. )")'( := 0(C)"*N 999.D=CC Private Attorney -eneral C=K CK. #ill be served in three #ays6 by special carrier. @"'' *1 R"-H)0. .*11"C( D()ACH2(N). C.== W"''0*N @'GD. :<7L. :<7D. AD2"N"0)RA)"G( G"*'A)"*N *1 )H( /N")(D 0)A)(0 :CDC C*N0)")/)"*N & :CD< @"'' *1 R"-H)0. :<:D. :<L:.!ROOF OF SERVICE Petitioners Rodney Dale.9 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 32 . AD2"N"0)RA)"G( G"*'A)"*N *1 /N")(D 0)A)(0 C*D(06 )")'( 7 1(D(RA' AD2"N"0)RA)"G( PR*C(D/R(0 AC). AR)"C'( """ 0(C)"*N 9. :<7.

D7: N! H#y LL. DC . NW Washin ton. DC .=7.:== 0econd 0treet.=7<9 33 .D Rep! @ennie -! )hompson /!0! House of Representatives Committee on Homeland 0ecurity Washin ton.=7:7 Coast -uard HeadEuarters Commandant. /!0! Coast -uard . DC . *$! CK=:7 Private Attorney -eneral PH*N( R<:D K=C :.Petitioner.=79=%===: Defendant *ther party bein served #ith a notification of the complaint6 0ecretary 3anet Napolitano Department of Homeland 0ecurity /!0! Department of Homeland 0ecurity Washin ton. Carl. D!C! . 0W Washin ton. Weston .DC cc6 /N")(D 0)A)(0 dba C*RP*RA)"*N C*RP*RA)"*N 'AW 1"R2 'AW *11"C(R (R"C H*'D(R /!0! Department of 3ustice <7= Pennsylvania Avenue. R:D Catoosa.