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Project Reflection Sheet for UDL Educators Checklist How did you use technology to implement the 9 UDL

guidelines? Explain in the nine boxes below. Resave the file as ‘Group # UDL checklist’
I $ Provide !ultiple !eans of Representation" Provide options for perception $ $ +ffer ways of customi,ing the display of information $ % +ffer alternati#es for auditory information
#our notes


The teacher offers multiple ways of displaying information promethean board !"cti#$nspire%& number cards& and wor'sheet

(.)* The teacher has the students use manipulatives

$ & +ffer alternati#es for #isual information

(counters) in order to offer an alternative to understanding visual information. Using the counters shows a representation of numbers in a different way and they are easier to manipulate and change in terms of the lesson. Using physical objects enhance student interaction.
-.(* The teacher will re#iew math symbols !.& /& *% and fact family #ocabulary. -.0* Show a short Youtube video that introduces fact


Provide options for lan'ua'e( )athe)atical e*pressions( and s+),ols % $ 1larify #ocabulary and symbols % % 1larify syntax and structure % & 2upport decoding of text& and mathematical notation& and symbols % - 3romote understanding across language % . $llustrate through multiple media

families in order to present key concepts in an alternative form.


Provide options for co)prehension & $ "cti#ate or supply bac'ground 'nowledge & % Highlight patterns& critical features& big ideas& and relationships & & 6uide information processing& #isuali,ation& and manipulation

).(* The teacher pre*teaches critical prere4uisite concepts through modeling and demonstrating to acti#ate bac'ground 'nowledge before student5s practice fact families on their own. 2tudents watch the teacher and follow along as she uses manipulati#es to display relationships between numbers in a fact family. ).)* The teacher pro#ides multiple ways to organi,e mathematical operations. 2tudents use their own indi#idual wor' sheets of the house which allows them to organi,e and #isuali,e the mathematical operations rather than simply writing out the problems. The counters and house wor'sheet allows students to explore fact families and #iew the operations in a #ariety of ways.

& - 7aximi,e transfer and generali,ation

II Provide !ultiple !eans for /ction and E*pression" 4. Provide options for ph+sical action - $ <ary the methods for response and na#igation - % +ptimi,e access to tools and assisti#e technologies 5. Provide options for e*pression and co))unication . $ Use multiple media for communication . % Use multiple tools for construction and composition
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#our notes 8.( 9 2tudents will respond by using the counters !'inesthetic:#isual%& writing on indi#idual white boards& responding #erbally and on the 3romethean ;oard by drag and drop.

0.( 9 <ideo and "cti#$nspire are used in class instruction 0.- 9 1oncrete mathematics manipulati#es pro#ided !counters%& as well as fill*in*the*blan' mathematic sentences. 2tudents will ha#e opportunity both to write out numbers at their des's and to drag and drop pro#ided numbers at the 3romethean ;oard.

UDL Guidelines – Educator Checklist Version 2 fluencies with graduated labels of support for practice and performance

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UDL Guidelines – Educator Checklist Version 2