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Microcontroller based humidity and temperature remote sensing system

SYNOPSIS: At present, labor-saving and water-saving technology is a key issue in irrigation. A wireless solution for intelligent field irrigation system ,based on Zigbee technology was proposed in this paper. Instead of conventional wired connection, the wireless design made the system easy installation and maintenance. The hardware architecture and software algorithm of wireless sensor/actuator node and portable controller, acting as the end device and coordinator in Zigbee wireless sensor network respectively, were elaborated in detail. The performance of the whole system was evaluated in the end. The long-time smooth and proper running of the system in the field proved its high reliability and practicability. As an e plorative application of wireless sensor network in irrigation management, this paper offered a methodology to establish large scale remote intelligent irrigation system. !eople now are working actively at intelligent irrigation systems because their advantages of labor-saving and water saving. "ireless technology, known for its easy installation and maintenance, is thought preponderant to develop automatic irrigation network and becoming a hot research. The development, testing, and use of an integrated distributed wireless sensor network #"$%& that utili'es 'igbee technology are presented in this paper for sensorbased variable rate irrigation systems. The "$% eliminates the need to hard wire sensor stations across the field and reduces installation and maintenance costs. The "$% uses an zigbee network, i.e., a mobile wireless network. (ompared with a wireless local area network #")A%&, zigbee networks have advantages for agricultural applications, because the mobility and self configuration are more suitable for a distributed sensor network in fields. The ob*ective of this paper is to report the design, construction, and testing of a distributed in-field "$%, a remote motor valve control, and

user-friendly software for real time in-field sensing and control of a variable rate irrigation system EXISTING SYSTEM:  +anual operation P OPOSE! SYSTEM:  (ontrol from remote places  +aintain the humidity  +aintain the Temperature "#O$% !I&G &M: $rop gro'ing Section: .- Zigbee Zigbee +odule +odule Temperature Temperature $ensor $ensor !ower !ower $upply $upply 0nit 0nit +icro +icro (ontroller (ontroller 0nit 0nit /umidity /umidity $ensor $ensor $ensor $ensor +otor Driver Driver Unit Unit ..$-.$-.

emote control industries .: !rogrammer  Orcad  Embedded c &PP#I$&TIONS:  Agriculture applications  .Proprietor Section: Zigbee +odule $erial (ommunication E()I EMENTS: *ard'are Tools:  !I( +icrocontroller #!I(123455A&  Zigbee module  (ontrol unit  /umidity and Temperature sensors  $erial communication So+t'are Tools:  +!)A6 I78  !I(9IT-.