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The New Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT


What sort of test is the JLPT? 4 key points of the new JLPT New test F !s "ore #uestions?

&ish-ent in .What sort of test is the JLPT? $ The test e%a&uates an' certifies Japanese&anguage proficiency of non-nati%e speakers( $ )t has o%er *+ years of history since its esta./04( $ The test has .y the Japan Foun'ation an' Japan 2'ucationa& 23changes an' 4er%ices (J224)( .een 1oint&y con'ucte' .

Why has the JLPT .*+.+( .een re%ise'? ・  The nu-.eca-e the new JLPT -ore 'i%erse(     The o&' JLPT unti& *++/ was re%iewe' an' re%ise'( )t .er of Japanese-&anguage &earners has increase'( ・  Their reasons for &earning an' using the &anguage ha%e .

er of &e%e&s was increase' to 56 e3a-inees can se&ect a -ore suita.4 key points of the new JLPT .( )ncrease' focus on co--unicati%e co-petence *( The nu-.&e &e%e& 7( The scoring -etho' was re%ise' to ensure -ore accurate -easure-ent of Japanese&anguage proficiency 4( What you can 'o in Japanese is easi&y %isua&i8e' .

. . )ncrease' focus on co--unicati%e co-petence Japanese-&anguage proficiency that the new JLPT -easures ① 9now&e'ge of the Japanese &anguage: .out the Japanese &anguage< inc&u'ing %oca.u&ary>?ra--ar) @ea'ing @ea'ing Listening Listening .ow we&& an app&icant -akes use of &anguage know&e'ge in practica& co--unication "easure' through 7 test sections Language Language 9now&e'ge 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary>?ra--ar) (=oca.( Co-petence: .u&ary an' gra--ar .ow -uch an app&icant knows a.

er of &e%e&s was increase' to 56 e3a-inees can se&ect a -ore suita.i&ity to un'erstan' Japanese use' in a %ariety of circu-stances N2 The a.i&ity to un'erstan' Japanese use' in e%ery'ay situations an' in a %ariety of circu-stances to a certain 'egree N3 The a.asic Japanese N The a.&e &e%e& Level Summary of Linguistic Competence Required for Each Level N1 The a.asic Japanese .i&ity to un'erstan' .i&ity to un'erstan' so-e .* . The nu-.i&ity to un'erstan' Japanese use' in e%ery'ay situations to a certain 'egree N4 The a.

test< .i&ities ppro3i-ate&y the sa-e &e%e& as the o&' Le%e& * test Positione' at a &e%e& .ut 'esigne' to -easure s&ight&y -ore a'%ance' a.Le%e& N1 Correspon'ing Le%e&s of New an' A&' Tests ppro3i-ate&y the sa-e &e%e& as the o&' Le%e& .ri'ging the o&' Le%e& * an' Le%e& 7 tests New&y esta.&ishe' N2 N3 N4 N ppro3i-ate&y the sa-e &e%e& as the o&' Le%e& 7 test ppro3i-ate&y the sa-e &e%e& as the o&' Le%e& 4 test .

e -aintaine'< as sca&e' scores ne%er f&uctuate .ase' on the 'ifficu&ty &e%e& of tests * 4ca&e' scores can in'icate an app&icantBs proficiency -ore accurate&y than raw scores 'o .er of points in each test   ・ The sa-e sca&e is a&ways use' to ca&cu&ate scores for the sa-e-&e%e& test * The highest 'egree of fairness can .A&' JLPT scores: @aw scores 3. The scoring -etho' was re%ise' to ensure -ore accurate -easure-ent of Japanese-&anguage proficiency Ca&cu&ate' .y the of correct&y answere' #uestions New JLPT scores: 4ca&e' scores   ・ The sa-e co-petency is gi%en the sa-e nu-.

23a-p&e: -sanCs test resu&ts in raw scores an' sca&e' scores -san took N* &e%e& tests in Ju&y as we&& as in Dece-.+ out of *+ = *+ *5 * 3 .er of correct&y answere' #uestions Ju&y .er( Ee&ow are his Listening test resu&ts( N* Listening The nu-.+ Dece-.ers are the sa-e< .+( =  @aw scores 4ca&e' scores Not sure if $%san&s listening a'ility improved( Clear that $%san&s listening a'ility improved( ※The 'ata shown is on&y an e3a-p&e to e3p&ain the new JLPT scoring syste-< not for actua& score ca&cu&ation( .+ Eoth ( !ore difficult than "uly test# .er of correct&y answere' #uestions   4core per ite.  F   Nu-.+ out of *+ = *+ *+ * 3 .

out topics ) a.y "arch *+. or part-ti-e work( @ea'ing ) can un'erstan' the content of newspaper or Writing ) can write &etters or e-ai&s to e3press -y e-otions such as appreciation or apo&ogy( -aga8ine artic&es a.intereste' in( .e re&ease' .&ic p&aces( 4peaking ) can speak in 'etai& of -y hopes an' e3perience at inter%iews such as for a 1o..( 4a-p&e Listening ) can un'erstan' the genera& content when ) hear announce-ents at schoo&< work or pu.4 . What you can 'o in Japanese is easi&y %isua&i8e'   Japanese-Language Proficiency Test GCan-'oH List (tentati%e na-e) wi&& .

With the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test GCan-'oH &ist< Test resu&t   JLPT HCan-'oH List Passe' GN?H ) see( Those who passe' the GN ?H test T.etter un'erstan' the test resu&ts in ter-s of practica& Japanese-&anguage use( .T they cou&' 'o these acti%ities with the Japanese &anguage in stu'y< work an' 'ai&y &ife( We can .AI?.

+5 -in Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.New test F !s !   .ow wi&& the test sections an' ti-es change? Level N1 N2 N3 N4 N Test 4ections an' Test Ti-es Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary) Listening J+ -in Listening 5+ -in Listening 4+ -in Listening 75 -in Listening 7+ -in 7+ -in Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary) Language 9now&e'ge (?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing K+ -in Language 9now&e'ge (?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing J+ -in Language 9now&e'ge (?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing 5+ -in 7+ -in Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary>?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing .u&ary>?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing .u&ary) *5 -in .+ -in Language 9now&e'ge (=oca..

!   .ook GNihongo Nouryoku 4hiken "on'airei-4huuH (New Japanese-Language Proficiency Test 4a-p&e !uestions) on our officia& we.ow shou&' ) 'eci'e which test &e%e& to take?   .site .4ee the ta.&e G4u--ary of Linguistic Co-petence @e#uire' for 2ach Le%e&H .4ee the .4ee the ta.&e GCorrespon'ing Le%e&s of New an' A&' TestsH    .

!   .rammar# Reading Listening /otal Score Language )no*ledge +.*+ 0~ J+ 0~ .:4 to ..y sca&e' scores( ・ Listening section proportion increase' fro.0+ 0~ .oca'ulary-.rammar# ・ Reading @ange of 4cores 0~ J+ 0~ J+ 0~ J+ 0~ .oca'ulary-.0+ N.ow can ) recei%e test resu&ts? Le%e& 4coring 4ections Language )no*ledge +. N* N7 N4 N5 Listening /otal Score ・ 4cores are in'icate' .:7( .

u&ary) Language 9now&e'ge (?ra--ar) N ・ @ea'ing Listening ・ @ea'ing Listening .u&ary>?ra--ar) N4 Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.Le%e&        Test 4ections Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary>?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing Listening )n test Correspon'ing 4ections )n test resu&ts   @ange of scores 4coring 4ections Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary>?ra--ar) Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.*+ +LJ+ @ea'ing Listening Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary) Language 9now&e'ge (?ra--ar) ・ @ea'ing Listening @ea'ing Listening Language 9now&e'ge (=oca.u&ary>?ra--ar) N1 N2 N3 +LJ+ +LJ+ +LJ+ +LJ+ +LJ+ +LJ+ +L.

e at or a.point re#uire' for passing ・ Fai&ure to e3cee' the -ini-u.accepta.o%e the point re#uire' for passing ② score in each scoring section nee's to .point for any scoring section wi&& resu&t in a 'eter-ination of fai& for the entire test< e%en if your tota& score is a.oth ① an' ② .o%e the -ini-u.< N* an' N7( For N4 an' N5< they wi&& .e announce' in "arch *+.&e tota& score( ・ "ini-u.&e scores for the tota& an' for each scoring section wi&& .e announce' in 4epte-.e at or *+.ow is pass or fai& 'eter-ine'?  ・ Mou nee' to take a&& test sections(    ・ Mou nee' to fu&fi&& .+ for N.!   .o%e the -ini-u.( ..: -ore than K+ % Le%e& *-4: -ore than J+ % New JLPT ①tota& score nee's to .e&ow(   A&' JLPT Tota& 4core Le%e& .

y stu'ying the way ) ha%e .een stu'ying wi&& sti&& work(    ・ P&ease note that the new JLPT p&aces i-portance      not on&y on know&e'ge of the Japanese &anguage      .!   Can ) pass .ut a&so on co-petence in using the know&e'ge in practica& co--unication(    ・ "ake use of G"on'airei-4huu(H These sa-p&e #uestions co%er a&& #uestion sty&es at a&& &e%e&s< an' they wi&& he&p you prepare for the test(          .een 'oing? 4hou&' ) change the way ) stu'y? ・ The way you ha%e .

the Dece-.e inc&u'e'( Dece-.+ test inc&u'es N.!   When wi&& the new test .er 5th(     .er(      NCertain countries>areas wi&& on&y offer the test in *+.e he&'?    ・ Twice a year< in Ju&y an' an' not in Ju&y(    ・ )n *+.< N* an' N7 on&y( NFro.+ test onwar's< a&& fi%e &e%e&s wi&& .+< the test 'ates are Ju&y 4th an'       NThe Ju&y *+.

ost )nstitutionsH on our officia& we.!   Where is the test a'-inistere' outsi'e Japan ?   4ee GList of A%erseas Test 4ite Cities an' Loca& .er( ・ .site( Mou can fin' cities an' countries>areas offering the test( ・ Mou can a&so see if &oca& host institutions offer the test in Ju&y an'>or Dece-.

the in#uiry page of the officia&      N)n#uiries regar'ing the JLPT outsi'e Japan on&y( For in#uiries on JLPT a'-inistration in Japan< p&ease ca&& J224< the JLPT a'-inistrator in Japan( .site we&co-es youO    http:>>www(1&pt(1p>e>   Lots of infor-ation< such as the JLPT ?ui'e.ook< sa-p&e #uestions< Listening au'io sa-p&es< F !s an' -ore are waiting for you(   ・  4en' your in#uiries in Japanese or 2ng&ish fro."ore !uestions? ・ JLPT officia& we.