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January 20-24, 2014

Lifeskill or Life-long Guideline of the week: Caring

Math rd 3 - This week in math we are continuing our unit on fractions. In third grade, our goal is to be able to construct picture models of fractions, as well as to use these models to compare fractions. Students use the vocabulary numerator and denominator to describe fractional parts. We will be working in fraction centers on different games and activities that help develop our understanding of fractions as well as practice with comparing fractions. We will also be ordering an comparing fractions by size. *Ask your child how they compare fractions. How do they know who gets the larger share? 4 - We will conclude our study of multiplication this week. Students will work through some STAAR style problems this week as well as taking an end of unit assessment. Next week students will begin exploring division! *Ask your child to show you all the different ways to multiply numbers. Let them teach you, theyll love showing off. Texas Missions This week we will continue our study of the Spanish missions in Texas. Tribes have each been assigned a mission and have researched how the mission was established, and if the mission was successful. Students will be creating a character that lived in the mission, and will role-play the part of that character in class debates. *Ask your child to tell you about their mission and the character they are developing. Writers Workshop This week students are working through the writing process to publish a piece. Students have self selected a piece of writing from their writers notebook, and are peer sharing their writing before publishing. Through the peer sharing strategy of 2 Stars and a Wish, students read their writing, then share 2 stars or things they thought their partner did well, and then a wish or a

suggestion to the author. Once students have completed the writing process and 2 Stars and a Wish, they will publish their writing. Published pieces will be due next Friday. *Ask your child to share what they are writing about in his or her Writers Notebook.

Important Notes and Events! *Field Trips: -1/24 Blanton Museum of Art *Change of plans: Unfortunately, due to the weather, we will not be able to visit Pease Park for a picnic. Thank you for your flexibility! -2/13: San Antonio Missions & Institute of Texan Cultures (Yellow Permission/Chaperone Slip went home yesterday) *Science Fair: Brentwoods Science Fair will take place January 30. Students who have signed up should have received their paperwork already. Projects and paperwork are due on January 30. Please make sure to follow the directions very carefully. If you have any questions please contact Mary Gardner at *Used Book Sale will take place on March 3 to 7. Bring in donations of books (childrens or adult), DVDs, videos, CDs, magazines, puzzles and new or gently used school supplies to the donation boxes are located next to the office and right inside the library. *GT Nominations: If you would like to nominate your child for the Gifted and Talented program, nomination forms are due st back by January 31 , 2014. If you would like a form, please email the teachers at and *Please visit our wiki page for information about our class: * Please check the calendar online every week as dates do change.