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PRECURSOR SIGNALS When you hear of wars and rumours of war, Do not be alarmed; this must take place, But the end is still to come. For nation will rise against nation, And kingdom against kingdom; here will be earth!uakes in "arious places; here will be famines. his is but the beginning of the birth pangs.# And the $ood %ews must first be proclaimed to all nations# &'ark (), *+,; (-.

THE PRECURSOR /ee, 0 will send you my messenger, the prophet, before the day of the 1ord comes, the great and terrible day, to turn the hearts of the father to their children, and the hearts of the children to their father, so that when 0 come 0 do not ha"e to destroy the earth. &'alachi ), 2)+23.

Mary, The Divine Shepherdess, gives us a sa va!i"n s!ra!egy# After the 4oly 'ass, /acred 5ommunion, the Fre!uency in the 4oly /acraments, especially he /acred 6ucharist read and practices of $od7s Word, co"er your sel"es with the 8recious Blood of my /on 9esus, sa"e in his /acred Wounds, and the faithful fulfillment of di"ine and holy 5ommandments: the only way to reach /A1;A 0<% is faith and prayer, specially, praying the 4oly =osary and he Way of the 5ross.# >>>>>>>>>>>>> $SPIRITUAL ARMOUR %OR E&ER' GOOD CHRISTIAN DURING THESE PURI%ICATION TIMES( )* O+!",er, )--. /#.. a010 APPEAL TO MAN2IND 'y children, children of my flock?

@ou are in times of tribulation and scarcity; pains are Aust beginning to mankind. 6ach day is shortened more and more, up to the limit; it is then when the time of 'y 9ustice will start. his will be torment for some and hope for others. here is no turning backB 6"ery day that goes by, my neCt coming is closer, =eAoice sheep of my fold; because after so much ignominy and pain that you will face, in the end, the sun of hope will shine, the sun of new life will bring peace and happiness to e"ery corner of the earth. 8ray, pray, pray for mankind; it is time for prayers and fasting; it is time for pleas, it is time to beg mercy to 4ea"enly Father, for these days of sorrow and tears make go by fast. <f your prayers, supplications, fasting, sacrifices will depend whether the time is shortened o lengthened. =emember that 'y Father is not pleased with your suffering; people of the earth, you with your sin, arrogance and spiritual adultery will bring wars and death. 1ife will depend on your prayers. All those whom turn away from 'e will perish. Already, the aCe is at the root of the tree, anyone who does not fruit, will be cut, chopped and thrown into the fire#. he first trumpets ha"e /ounded, announcing that the spiritual war has begun; gather, make groups, forts of prayers, to be integrated into my 5elestial Army. 1o"e, and prayers, together in the faith, will be the weapons to destroy e"ery e"il force. @ou must repel each attack which my ad"ersary will place before you. =ecall that your flesh and your mind are easy prey to the wiles of my enemy. 'ortify your flesh and your senses with prayers and fasting; pray e"ery moment so that no e"il force can turn you away from my lo"e. /piritually reAect spirits of air, en"y, re"enge and 9eDebel. Any prayer group and all who walk in 'y 8ath must be strengthened with /piritual Armour &6phesians E, (-+(,. and reinforce it with 8salm F(. he spiritual protection of 'y 8salm F( will keep you sa"e. 0t will be your passport to go out on the street. =emember, you do not know when and where 5atastrophes will surprise you. @ou ha"e been forewarnedB Do the /piritual Armour with faith for your children, family, and relati"es; 'y /piritual protection will reach them as well. he hour of Di"ine 9ustice has begun, and those of who are in the light must ha"e your lamps lit to shed light on to the coming darkness, and blinding all wickedness and attacks of the ad"ersary. 'y children, sheep of my flock, these are the defense weapons?

/piritual Armour &6phesians E, (-+(,. Daily 4oly =osary united with 'y 'other 8salm F( Fulfillment of my precepts &5ommandments of the 1aw of $od. Be in the /tate of $race of $od &=econciliation, 6ucharist, 0 wish my warriors to recei"e daily 4oly 5ommunion. /piritual 6ucharist for those days of great trial when you will be unable to recei"e my Flesh and my Blood Faith, trust, hope, charity and lo"e with your brothers; for you will be tested in this and mostly in 1<;6.

5onstant and "igilant prayer, so you are not surprised by the attacks of the ad"ersary. 6"ery soldier must be ready and prepared so as not to be surprised by the enemy without protection. 4ence, be alert and awake, so you are not surprised in the night and lament yourself, go forth that ;ictory belongs to @our $od. Defend my Doctrine and 'y ruth e"en with your life, do not be decei"ed, the subtler weapon of lies separate many from me, making you lose your faith; be docile as lambs and cunning as "ipers, do not be confused. Gnite yourself spiritually with the strength of prayers together with he 0mmaculate 4eart of 'ary, your 'other, and hea"enly army of Angels and Archangels will gi"e you "ictory. 6"ery prayer you make do it in hea"enly communion with my 'other and her Angels. /ay 0 unite myself in prayers to the 0mmaculate 4eart of 'ary and hea"enly armies to repel all the e"il7s wickedness. 0 eCtend this prayer to my family, brothers and sisters, relati"es and in general to the whole world. 9esus, 'ary and 9oseph, keep us safe from all e"il.# 'ay 'y 8eace be with youB 'ay 'y 'other and 'y Angels assist youB he Force of 'y /pirit guides youB 0 will be with you until the end of times. 0 am your shepherd. 9esus, /a"ior of his people. Psa 1 /3 @ou who li"e in the shelter of the 'ost 4igh, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, will say to the 1ord, H'y refuge and my fortress; my god, in whom 0 trust7. for he will deli"er you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence; he will co"er you with his 'inions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is shield and bucker. @ou will not fear the terror of the night, of the arrow that flies by day, or pestilence that stalks in darkness, or destruction that wastes at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near

you. @ou will only look with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. Because you ha"e made the 1ord your refuge, the 'ost 4igh your dwelling+place, no e"il shall befall you, no scourge come near your tent. for he will command his angels concerning you in all your ways. <n their hands they will bear you up, so that you will not dash your foot against a stone. @ou will tread on the lion and the adder, the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot. hose who lo"e me, 0 will deli"er; 0 will protect those who know my name. When they call to me, 0 will answer them; 0 will be with them in trouble, 0 will rescue them and honor them, and show them my sal"ation.

CHAPLET TO SAINT MICHAEL /tart with a H5reed7 and H<ur Father7, follow with $My s"u praises and g "ri4ies 'ahv5(0 &) times. %eCt say? Sain! Mi+hae , Sain! Ga,rie , Sain! Ra4ae , pray !" G"d 4"r 1e and 1y 4a1i y#. &) times. %eCt pray ( H<ur Father7 and say? $6h" i7e G"d(, and the others answer, $N" "ne i7e G"d(0 After saying this ten times, start again as in the beginning. <nce the 5haplet is complete you say? $lory to $od in the highest, and peace to 4is people of good will. 1ord $od, hea"enly Iing, almighty $od and Father, we worship you, we gi"e you thanks, we praise you for your glory. 1ord 9esus 5hrist, only /on of the Father, 1ord $od, 1amb of $od, you take away the sin of the world; ha"e mercy on us; you are seated at the right hand of the Father; recei"e our prayer. For you alone are the 4oly <ne, you alone are the 1ord, you alone are the 'ost 4igh, 9esus 5hrist, with the 4oly /pirit, in the glory of $od the Father. Amen.#

After this prayer you say &* times.? $Give G "ry !" G"d in !he Highes!#, and the others reply, %"r His 1er+y is E!erna (0

SAINT MICHAEL8S COM9AT PRA'ER Firstly, you call /aint 'ichael, asking our hea"enly Father7s permission by praying one H<ur Father7. @ou then say the prayer which was taught for these times. /aint 'ichael the Archangel, defend us this day in battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the de"il; 'ay $<D rebuke him, we humbly pray, And to you < prince of the 4ea"enly 4ost, by the power of $od, 5ast into hell /atan, and all the e"il spirits which prowl the earth seeking the ruin of /ouls.# A'6%

SPIRITUAL COMMUNION B< Blood of 9esus 5hrist, 0 adore you in the 6ucharistic presence of the altarB 0 belie"e in your might and sweetness. 6n"elop my soul, enflame and purify my heart. 8recious Blood of 9esus, truly present in the 4oly 4ost, enlighten my intelligence, ake possession of my mind, run through my "eins, may all my senses be sealed with your Di"ine Gnction, may my heart beat solely for your glory and may my lips eCalt you fore"er.# &/piritual 5ommunion, done ) times, will ser"e as spiritual nourishment during the purification days, when you cannot recei"e the consecrated 4ost..

GOOD SHEPPARD8S PROMISES o all those who make my sal"ation messages known? (. 2. ). 3. J. E. *. o all those who will make my messages known, 0 will bless and endow them and their families with graces. hose who aid me spreading these messages will be called /ons of the 4ighest and heirs to the kingdom of hea"en and celestial 9erusalem.# 0 will forgi"e the sins of all those who make my messages known, and by the lo"e of my instruments, 0 will not punish their families. 0 will deli"er them from e"il, as well as their families. During the purification trial, they will be preser"ed from all e"il, not only them, but also their families. hey will ha"e a special place in my new creation. hey will search for me during the tribulation, and 0 will not forsaken them.

CHAPLET O% THE GOOD SHEPPARD /tart with a HApostle7s 5reed7 and H<ur Father7 and saying, $I a1 !he G""d Shepherd and !he G""d shepherd gives his i4e 4"r His 4 "+7 :( 0n each decade you /ay?

$O g""d Shepherd(, and they respond? $9e "ur sa4eguard and "ur re4uge(0 At the end of each decade say? $I a1 !he G""d Shepherd ;(0 /ay one H<ur Father7 and begin again as in the beginning. /ay 8salm 2) at the end of the 5haplet. 0n each decade you /ay? $9 essed and praised ,e Sa+ra1en!ed <esus,( and they respond? $May !he Sa+ra1en!ed <esus ,e praised and , essed(0 At the end of each decade /ay one H$lory be7 and H<ur Father7 and begin again as in the beginning with I a1 !he iving ,read ;(