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Chorton Tuning

A= 466Hz for Classical Guitar
Tunings in the past have varied from A=376Hz to A=570Hz. One is the higher pitch kno n as Chorton in !erman" and Tuono Corista in #ta$"% and means Choir Tone. This is a higher tuning origina$$" intended for pu&$ic performance and $arger ha$$s or church settings. Kammerton 'appro(imate$" A=)0)*))0Hz+ Kammer/Camera/Chambertone means $itera$$" ,$iving room tone- the designated pitch as for home and a sma$$er audience or private settings and as considered a $o *medium pitch. These ords and pitch settings varied from p$ace to p$ace and took on different meanings and sometimes interchanged over time% &ut the &asic idea as. to have different pitch designations for different environments, and also some instruments and compositions simply sounded better ith different pitch calibration % and this idea is actua$$" /uite norma$ for the musica$ or$d of the past since pitch ca$i&ration is a form of vo$ume and tone contro$ ith an" acoustic instrument% as ith no ada"s "ou can simp$" turn up the vo$ume or change the tone ith a kno& on an e$ectronic device. A higher tuning is &righter% $ouder and as prefera&$e for concerts and $arge ha$$ performance. #t offers different tim&re% harmonics% overtones% string characteristics and fee$. 0an" c$assica$ ind instruments $ike the trumpet% &agpipe and cornet ere engineered and tuned to 1horton% a classical reminder of higher pitched tuning. The “B flat” of these instruments as origina$$" ca$$ed A. 2ith proper string gauge arrangement c$assica$ guitars can &e tuned to A=)66Hz ith no pro&$ems and open up a ho$e ne $eve$ of p$a"ing and e(perimentation. # &e$ieve standard A=))0 ith the current common gauged sets and tensions offered &" companies are im&a$anced in tone and fee$ and in some cases $imit the true sonic capa&i$ities of a c$assica$ guitar. The a" average guitars are set up is ver" unnatura$ and isn3t rea$$" ,c$assica$-. 0an" guitarists fight the instrument due to higher tension of the &ass strings and the high 4. The ! and 5 strings are usua$$" $o er tension of a drastic dimension !several pounds difference from the rest" &ut guitarists get used to it and these im&a$ances from a fee$ and sonic perspective can affect the $eve$ of p$a"ing and even composition. A true c$assica$ stringed instrument of the 1hordophone t"pe and even the &o ed instruments origina$$" had $ighter strings ith a $ooser fee$ and is p$a"ed c$oser to the &ridge hich re$eases higher overtones% this string arrangement a$so a$$o s for more natura$ &ass and midrange tones in the $o er registers precise$" &ecause of string $ooseness. The ph"sics overa$$ a$$o strings to &e contro$$ed &etter ith vo$ume% d"namic and sonic detai$s as e$$ as it3s easier to p$a". 2hen a string is too tight ith high tension and improper string diameter it doesn3t resonate e$$ and usua$$" guitarists are simp$" p$a"ing them harder &ecause it re/uires more energ"6 ork to get them to vi&rate and that3s here the vo$ume comes from. A$so string diameters and pitch ca$i&ration affect the tone and /ua$it" of sound as much as the t"pe of ood com&inations and sound&oard tuning &" a $uthier or manufacturer.

Thinner tre&$e strings and the higher notes i$$ a$so re$ease higher spectrum harmonics and overtones% the thinner the string the &righter it is. The proper &ass string tensions i$$ a$$o su&*harmonic fre/uencies and undertones to &e heard and fe$t more% so the guitar is much more potent as an instrument a$$ across its sonic fre/uenc" range. #f "ou use $o tension strings # suggest "ou set the string height ,action- medium to high from the fret &oard% ang$e of the &ridge shou$d &e medium on the tre&$e side and high on the &ass% so "ou have good intonation and enough tension especia$$" ith the &ass strings to avoid string &uzz and have a good fee$ and maintain contro$ so the" don3t f$ap around. #f "ou use ,hard tension- strings set the action and &ridge ang$e $o on the tre&$e strings and medium on the &ass. #f it3s too high notes on3t resonate proper$" and difficu$t to p$a". This is ver" important hen setting up guitars. #f a guitar has man" o$f notes or p$a"ing past the 78 fret on the &ass strings doesn3t sound good the string gauges 'and usua$$" string height and the pitch tuned to for the sca$e $ength+ are incorrect% a good set up regard$ess of tuning ith the right &a$ance produces nice sounding notes everywhere on the entire neck.

#tring Gauges for A= 466 Hz
# high$" recommend using 9$uorocar&on fishing $ine for tre&$e strings regard$ess of pitch and tuning (see my publication ‘Fishing Line For Classical Guitar Stings’ for further details of tensions and gauges) . 9$uorocar&on sound &est of a$$ t"pes of strings avai$a&$e and are denser% stronger and intone &etter. #f "ou3ve never used f$uorocar&on and :ust ant to e(periment ith 1horton tuning "ou can tr" D !darrio "#$% &ight Tension nylon string set and :ust tune them a ha$f step sharp from A=))0Hz to A=)66Hz. The"3re $ighter than a ;orma$ tension set and can easi$" &e tuned up and fee$ $ike a regu$ar set ithout straining the sound&oard. 9$uorocar&on $ine can &e found at fishing and sporting goods stores or on the internet. These recommended gauges are :ust a &asic e(amp$e of hat can easi$" &e found and can &e customized an" a" preferred. A$so different $ine manufacturers sometimes have densit" and diameter variations hich can affect the gauges ith tension and fee$ '<eaguar3s Fluoro Premier is s$ight$" thinner than common f$uorocar&ons+. The sing$e &ass strings can &e found at music stores or at .strings&"mai$.com

$o Tension
7. 8. 3. ). 5. 6. 4 first string .07=- 30$& f$uorocar&on $ine. 5 second string .08)- )0$& f$uorocar&on $ine. ! third string .08=- 60$& f$uorocar&on $ine. > fourth string .035- ?0$& f$uorocar&on $ine% or .085- ound string. A fifth string .08=- ound string. 4 si(th string .035- ound string.

Hard Tension
7. 8. 3. ). 5. 6. 4 first string .07=- 30$& f$uorocar&on $ine. 5 second string .087- 50$& f$uorocar&on $ine. ! third string .035- ?0$& f$uorocar&on $ine. > fourth string .086- ound string. A fifth string .033- ound string. 4 si(th string .0)0- ound string.