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(for baby)
Charles Vestal & Matt Sorrell

Copyright © 2010 by Charles Vestal & Matt Sorrell. All rights reserved. Written and designed in Brooklyn, NY www.betternamesforbaby.com betternames@betternamesforbaby.com ISBN 978-0-557-95663-0

“A child’s name is its most important part.” - anonymous

Wyllyym Schokksparr .” .“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

a name can be a source of power and courage. you will find classics mixed with the unconventional. you name another. For a child. A unique moniker is the new parent’s first hurdle. Indeed. Tdyck or Thahri? Better Names (for Baby) 1 . The first words a child hears are his or her own name. discovering what once was new? Deny them their maps. Magellan and Pizarro. or a way to define one’s self in the world and chart a course for one’s own life. you may find a label you might not wish upon yourself. But rejoice. for today. of Columbus. But do we not wish our children could live in the days of discovery. and let a child sail alone.Introduction Inside these pages. Why give him the same footing as every Thomnm.

but in a spot that the child might stumble upon. Cigars may remain. in case of emergency or flight of fancy. if desired. three spare names. 2 Better Names (for Baby) . as an alternative. at a minimum. or family remembrance. cigar box would work splendidly. Keep these auxiliary names in a sealed envelope. but not taped. Enjoy all and please add a check mark next to those you use. Standing out from the crowd is the best chance your child has in this world.Choose a unique incantation to usher him into this life. We feel every newborn should have. Many parents opt to give their child a middle name. Names’ popularities wane and wax–a longer last than any fame or praise is that of obscurity and shame. A closed. Failure in the beginning is not an option.

Names Better Names (for Baby) 3 .

A h Ahpt Akce Akk Airor Akerp Akses Allob Anda Anip Ank Allstitch Anfarloin Better Names (for Baby) 5 .

Anklor Anned Asdar Ask Arkord Ashhhh Askat Asker Astroyd Aybee 6 Better Names (for Baby) .

B adg Baggey Bahmil Barrell Banded Basoline Baybley Beerd Beraz Bernerd Berque Bewt Bhuurp Better Names (for Baby) 7 .

Billiam Billip Bin Bilune Biss Blaf Blick Bock Boass Boney Bont Booj 8 Better Names (for Baby) Bongly Bonzleby .

Booton Bottem Bowwe Boyle Boyng Brand Brart Bred Brarby Bowled Breendle Bremp Brerp Bringo Better Names (for Baby) 9 .

Brisaley Brisque Brive Brj Brolish Brownerd Brownish Brozzy Brung Bulf Brumb Budbull Bunp Burdston 10 Better Names (for Baby) .

Bure Burf Burng Bylls Bytt Bylamp Byng Byzzy Better Names (for Baby) 11 .

C abbi Caelmore Caep Caldroon Calmo Cample Camponk Campson Camt Cancel Canthony Canvel Capple Better Names (for Baby) 13 .

Carper Cawl Ceebler Ceech Ceed Ceedee Ceert Celsey Cemibold Centch Cert Central Chamble Chandelier 14 Better Names (for Baby) .

Charty Cheet Cheg Chelpland Chember Chemp Cheppes Chimel Chinp Chug Cink Cint Cherbert Cinched Better Names (for Baby) 15 .

Cist Cjemp Clairetine Clammet Clample Claw Claysh Cleara Clernk Cloor Cloy Cm Clammette Clinkelle 16 Better Names (for Baby) .

Conelope Cremp Crep Creta Crikt Crump Crunt Cry Cryzz Crunge Cuipp Culmo Cunch Curnt Better Names (for Baby) 17 .

D ack Daereel Deeb Deek Def Davinoff Delthany Dent Derrer Dewq Diert Dewlton Dgordge Better Names (for Baby) 19 .

Din Dip Dinb Dispear Divutte Dixy Doil Dizme Doldrum Dorrell Dossier Dramb Dreg Doubleyew 20 Better Names (for Baby) .

Drilk Drink Dup Dyll Drunn Dym Dyp Dyme Dyphen Better Names (for Baby) 21 .

E aggle Earb Eartle Eent Eenkle Eertd Eggle Eip Eighth Elky Elpful Enkle Emmment Better Names (for Baby) 23 .

Ensest Epcel Erd Ern Ernd Error Ertle Ersoms Eskuttle Esssss Ett Eulf Ewrikk Ewrl 24 Better Names (for Baby) .

F aaa Faeink Famb Famil Fanly Fammble Fapple Farncy Faynt Feffle Faymish Feeen Fellure Better Names (for Baby) 25 .

Fent Fernt Fesar Fest Few Fild Fertow Filnette Fing Fint Fipple Firny Fish Flaily 26 Better Names (for Baby) .

Flibley Flik Florrr Flosty Fold Fluance Foon Franosera Frasse Fratina Fremp Frint Friendsy Froong Better Names (for Baby) 27 .

Frunt Fryj Fump Fyg Fussole 28 Better Names (for Baby) .

G am Gammy Gape Geg Garno Geggert Ghest Ghug Gibbler Giblot Gloin Glanthony Glosh Better Names (for Baby) 29 .

Gmmb Gole Gnimp Golvie Gorge Grabf Grate Gonno Gread Grees Grep Grerp Grimb Gripple 30 Better Names (for Baby) .

Grist Grosche Growt Grunk Gulpole Gurfelf Gurlb Guz Gurfelm Gursh Better Names (for Baby) 31 .

H aa’a Halbled Happle Harbor Hassul Halerdgy Harrassa Heathed Hebsin Heed Heeir Heltler Hemmer Better Names (for Baby) 33 .

Hert Hig Hhut Hijk Hilgish Hillip Hix Hinge Hlost Hoarhiss Hobiq Hok Hollraft Homp 34 Better Names (for Baby) .

Hoop Hore Horsemouth Hottel Hube Hutt Hurng Hyme Hynje Hyt Hyrossa Better Names (for Baby) 35 .

I gghck Ikkki Ilgia Illick Illummy Imron Inion Ink Int Ionnica Irrr Better Names (for Baby) 37 .

J akonsum Jall Jamb Jeen Jelbow Jerl Jepond Jert Jilliam Jillip Jiss Jm Jingly Better Names (for Baby) 39 .

Jmbb Jmp Joil Joapp Jolbo Jook Jtim Joynt Juliert Jumbony Jurgens Jyn 40 Better Names (for Baby) .

K ambpfor Kambron Kanction Kard Karssy Kayble Kelf Keenov Kelorp Kelper Kelt Kelture Kemples Better Names (for Baby) 41 .

Kerm Kettle Kinge Kimoo Kizrat Klammer Klamp Klarl Klandjosefine Klaytum Kleblow Klidden Klikkle Klip 42 Better Names (for Baby) .

Klonm Kloop Klyje Koil Kmblr Krad Krantario Kravv Kujz Kun Krawly Kwat Kyll Kwillent Better Names (for Baby) 43 .

L acto Langth Lanper Leck Leandeen Leckette Ledderd Lelp Lelshly Lewq Lelslend Liandanne Libidia Better Names (for Baby) 45 .

Liddd Liealine Limbre Limilla Lint Lip Limmer Lisk Listy Llolly Loim Loader Lonarara Lonmir 46 Better Names (for Baby) .

Loom Loopon Loujie Lull Lylt Better Names (for Baby) 47 .

M adgic Maep Mairnet Majjjjnet Man Mamanda Manjoll Mans Markarifart Marthur Men Mep Merk Better Names (for Baby) 49 .

Merssessa Mhat Minarto Mitty Minosse Mnop Moax Moil Moaming Moggl Molko Monly Mons 50 Better Names (for Baby) Monkry .

Morona Moy Mq Moyn Muhg Muke Mull Mylar Better Names (for Baby) 51 .

N amporkette Narf Narr Nekke Nerk Nest Neslie Neuto Nimp Nincy Nit Ninmpy Nittie Better Names (for Baby) 53 .

Nk No Noazey Noij Nobbina Noiman Noodlie Nopley Nords Norn Notjohn Nube Nudd Nudle 54 Better Names (for Baby) .

Nug Nuldge Nurrt Nurt Nyb Nurgmarna Nymbo Nyme Nyssy Nyurny Better Names (for Baby) 55 .

O ak Obseese Ocba Oif Occccco Onglysh Onk Ooo Oouf Opo Orjan Ortp Ouesy Better Names (for Baby) 57 .



Pakky Palish Pank

Panolia Paynt Pearson Peeno Pelbo Pelg Pelk

Pepplar Pepta

Better Names (for Baby) 59

Perkertt Permp Pernt Perta

Perural Pewn Pewrt


Phaint Phayg Phew Pilk Piarra


60 Better Names (for Baby)


Pillard Pilque Pinf

Pinque Pinte Placenty Plagert Plant Plark

Plarma Plarty Playt Pleat

Better Names (for Baby) 61


Plina Ploo Plot


Ployla Pludt Pobby Poi

Pogger Poim

Pointie Poinz Poizenne
62 Better Names (for Baby)

Pollypol Polmo Polot Pols Pon Pompon Ponce Ponilly Pontly Poolrat Poz Poroon Prank Prarfisha Better Names (for Baby) 63 .

Praydio Preg Preiten Printer Prong Prerker Proooup Prusha Ptepid Ptom Ptetpsyy Pucumbra Pulmlie Pulmran 64 Better Names (for Baby) .

Pulpy Pult Purb Purrt Pusch Puster Pwyrnte Pynessa Pyssy Better Names (for Baby) 65 .

Q ant Qeen Qew Qix Qm Qolly Qope Qtx Qomas Quaff Quapp Quelch Quench Better Names (for Baby) 67 .

Querty Quirt Quoogle Quorange Quumble Quypp 68 Better Names (for Baby) .

R aburt Raet Reck Reckle Reem Reet Reepond Relb Reldo Renk Rer Remp Rerber Better Names (for Baby) 69 .

Rerm Retrow Retsina Rhemb Rhot Rick? Retzche Rickory Rimley Rinch Rink Rindle Ripot Ristle 70 Better Names (for Baby) .

Rit Rocery Roin Roist Root Roop Rown Rrrrrick Rudge Rulsh Rumma Rumphf Rwrynch Better Names (for Baby) 71 .

S aft Sank Sankshun Saraan Saringe Sbonny Scribdt Sed Sef Schrank Sealing Sellery Semical Better Names (for Baby) 73 .

Sewnen Shant Shelcure Shellved Shelp Shent Shiks Shhhell Shink Shul Shorts Skiffer Skrag Skreen 74 Better Names (for Baby) .

Sladder Slank Slara Slammi Slarrison Slarry Slaw Slax Slig Slit Slint Slurt Smaysh Smolerry Better Names (for Baby) 75 .

Snag Sowle Spink Splech Splych SS Srorerer Stuv Sumption Swaaron Sweck Swerin Susperience Synbak 76 Better Names (for Baby) .

T abe Taffne Taity Tampshun Tangeant Tannp Tari Tck Telfon Telt Terb Terl Terbleston Better Names (for Baby) 77 .

Terpand Terrk Thwara Tin Thynne Tinn Tinne Tip Tinnn Tlambre Tocp Tramerica Trank Trart 78 Better Names (for Baby) .

Triangles Trole Trumpore Trupple Tulf Tup Turtie Tweck Twerd Tweeb Twind Txoxt Tyble Twrerndle Better Names (for Baby) 79 .

Tybo Tylt Tyn Tynne Typ Tynnq Tyre Tyss 80 Better Names (for Baby) .

U i Umblo Ummg Ummmblo Undonio Better Names (for Baby) 81 .

V agourn Vargey Veese Veebond Vellope Verb Vest Venjantz Vermia Villy Vilth Voicle Voimmy Better Names (for Baby) 83 .

Voodoor Voooh Vounous Vulney Vyrry 84 Better Names (for Baby) .

W ’ear W’For Waffor Wajks Wahlshun Weeern Weeper Went Wert Wet Weendeen Werrick Werth Better Names (for Baby) 85 .

Wets Wetton Whaling Whetter Whyne Wobbend Wongle Wopple Wramp Wulsh Wyde Wump Wymm 86 Better Names (for Baby) Wowwe .

X amabama Xappo Xep Xervix Xmeld Xymon Better Names (for Baby) 87 .

Y aylar Yeaman Yebble Yeeled Yell Yeggle Yelssy Yerd Yet Yibble Yoizle Yount Yonnora Better Names (for Baby) 89 .

Yring Yukool Yunt Yurk Yundle Yutte 90 Better Names (for Baby) .

Z ert Zob Zug Zollipop Zyzz Better Names (for Baby) 91 .

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