Representative Assembly Meeting Meeting Minutes Winter 2014 January 15, 2014 ADAL Community Room at 6:00 p.m. I.

Call to Order Executive VP Barnes calls the meeting to order at 6:01 PM Roll Call (initial on the line) Eric Chalmers, President _________ Mallory Barnes, Executive Vice President _________ Bharat Bhojwani, Vice President of Finance _________ Brady Carlson, Vice President of University Affairs _________ Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative _________ Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative _________ Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative_________ Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative _________ Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative _________ Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative _________ Tanary Gomez, Commuter Representative _________ Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative _________ Nora Almunif, International Representative _________ Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative _________ Kristen James, Athletic Representative _________ Meggie Green, Freshman Representative _________ Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Representative _________ Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative _________ Nicole Robison, Advisor Approval of the Minutes Motion passes to approve the minutes unanimously with absentia from Representative James Public Comment – None Guest Speakers – Connie Kanter, Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs Budget Transparency Forum is scheduled for March this year. Fiscal Year 2014 - Budget reductions for that year were across the board



IV. V.


Expense reductions and new funding requests Market equity – benefits richer, compensation less than the market reference range and trying to bring faculty up to median after five years Five percent budget reduction – submit the budget and then you can request an amount in return and in total ended up being a 3.2% budget reduction on average Total reductions amounted to $5.8 million $0.4 million at facilities from reductions in energy New funding went to Athletics for .8 million, new staff at .9 (public safety, campaign), academic affairs at 2.3 million, 2.3 million for information technology, .7 million other and .4 million for the President‟s contingency fund now in operating budget

VP of University Affairs Carlson: When you might see more funding for ease of scheduling for undergraduate online? Response: I think it will come over time but not in the first couple of years. President Chalmers: How is the Athletics spending breaking down? Response: They have excess money in scholarships in case they need to bring in another athlete. The travel budget is higher which is why you see that bump. Fiscal Year 2015 Process in Motion - Starting point: last year‟s budget - Major planning variables – tuition, enrollment, wage increase - Revenue projects and FY14 base budget expenses - Major requests – identified major requests in October, reviewed requests at Cabinet meetings in November/December - Considered priorities at the Cabinet retreat (multi-vote system, commitments) what could we delay until 2016? Is there consensus on anything? - Budget inputs due this week (revenue inputs – tuition, endowment), expense budgets (reductions, reallocations) - Budget deliberation next week, preliminary budget approved by board in late February - Budget Priorities: “If we don‟t do it we would have broken a promise” - Overall, 1 million was cut - Last week: review budget, identify resources available, capital reserves, balancing resources available with new funding requests, deliberations Endowment - Collection of assets which generates income for current and future operations - Corpus is maintained and income is used to support the university - Earn the 4.5% plus inflation rate that is being spent, and growing the $100 million - Goal: maximize support for current students and preserve purchasing power for future generations, maintain relatively stable spending stream - Cambridge Associates – providing firm (private equity venture capital) looking for more liquidity - Fixed income (bonds) at 13.4% and tied to interest rates, lower risk - Endowment rates are dependent donors give you money or the board can put more money in the endowment - 12.9% Global ex U.S. Equity, 18.5% hedgefunds marketable alternatives, 10% Real assets, U.S. Equity 16.8%


$2.5 out of $60 million in the endowment towards scholarship Endowment supports scholarships, faculty chairs, etc.

Looking Ahead - Improve understanding of current financials - Pursue revenue opportunities (leveraging real assets) - Identify opportunities for reallocation (priorities) - Systemic cost savings Q&A VP of University Affairs Carlson: A big topic this year for us has been divestment. Also there is a lot of money going towards scholarship in the endowment. Representative Gallo: Why do grants get reduced when the student gets scholarship? Response: Marlyn Crone is going to be a better person to answer that. Representative Gomez: As a student that came in the year 2010 when grants were frozen by the university, do you know what happened with that? Response: It was before my time frame here so I don‟t know if I can speak to that. Representative Huey: Outside the budget transparency forum, what else do you do to engage with students? Response: I really wanted to take a student out to lunch every two weeks, but I have not taken any students out to lunch since Thanksgiving. I would love to take anyone out to lunch. We also have students on multiple committees. VP of Finance Bhojwani: Do you know how many times our portfolio is rebalanced? Response: We talk about it on a quarterly basis. We just sold an investment because of that. Representative Marshall: Have you had a chance to meet with the Divestment Campaign? Response: Yes I have met with them as a group and individuals. Representative Gomez: As the commuter representative, our department is always suffering with funding programs for students, will you be planning on finding more funding for more funding for those students? Response: I don‟t know what their plans are for transit. You should direct that to Michele Murray. Representative Ortiz: I was wondering if you know any programs on campus that counsels them on how to better spend their money. Response: We try to. What makes it a more effective partnership is having a sort of vulnerability with each other. So I encouraged the cabinet to do that and met with each person individually. Representative Moak: You purchased a building, could you speak about that? Response: We purchased a zoning permit deal with the city and the laundry building was the

only site in the overlay that we could purchase. We wanted it in our real estate portfolio. In the interim, we are looking for some industrial tenant. We will rent it out; maybe get some parking lot revenue out of it. President Chalmers: We tried to get in the budget process this year. With students trying to get involved, what do you suggest they do? Response: It‟s all about timing and getting ahead of the game. It starts in October, so you really have to be ready. Executive VP Barnes thanks Vice President Kanter for coming in. VI. Old Business REPA 20140108 Temporary Appointment (Eric Chalmers, Clark Huey) Discussion - President Chalmers would like to appoint Keenan Kurihara, a senior, to SGSU as the Diversity Task Force Representative in a volunteer position - Representative Huey was going to be appointed to the task force but the chair of the committee denied it - The question at hand is if a committee spot should be taken by students who are currently sitting on SGSU - The concern of Keenan working office hours would undercut the current representatives and how appointments are handled - How involved does SGSU need to be with representatives on the committees - The appointment would be for Winter and Spring Quarter 2014 and there will be two hours per week

VP of University Affairs Carlson (POI): Is this based on the general how this process should go or is it about the specific situation? President Chalmers: More on the specific situations Representative Gomez: Would he be coming to the SGSU meetings or just an appointee? President Chalmers: He is more of a quasi-representative. Representative Ortiz: Would it be necessary to have him be an SGSU member or just another appointment? VP of University Affairs Carlson (POC): This is an appointment as a temporary representative not a student representative. President Chalmers: It‟s really important with the task forces to get the undergraduate voice on the task force. We should know what the task force is doing. VP of University Affairs Carlson (POC): This is for this particular this situation. Representative Ortiz: Would whenever the university creates a task force, the undergraduate student voice would be enstated as an SGSU representative. Brandon Moak: His title would be similar to mine now but his requirements are less than mine. President Chalmers: He wouldn‟t be at representative assembly. Representative Gomez: When you had your meeting, was this position brought about by Keenan or you?

President Chalmers: Me. Representative Ortiz: Representative as a title is the concerning part to me and could blur lines in terms of the hierarchy at SGSU. Representative Davalos: Have we ever done anything like this before? (President Chalmers response: No) Are there other task forces on campus with student representatives on them and shouldn‟t they also be representatives? VP of University Affairs Carlson: Task forces are dealing with more pressing issues with shorter timelines but act very similarly to other boards. Representative Marshall: It seems like the other goals for the task group prevail over the goals, why is it so immediate that we should do this? President Chalmers: He is the SGSU representative and required to represent our views on this issue. VP of University Affairs Carlson (POC): He was appointed last year when he was a member of student government. VP of University Affairs Carlson: For me this seems like a committee appointment. Representative Huey: I don‟t think that this appointment is necessary. He won‟t be involved in the day to day business, but I think that he can still do the job without the title. Representative Ortiz: How often does the task force meet (once every three weeks)? What would he be doing for two hours a week (President Chalmers‟ response: I don‟t know)? VP of University Affairs Carlson seeks a motion to treat Mr. Kurihara current representation on the task force like all other university committee appointments with the exception that Representative Huey will be involved with and communicate with him about the concerns of the undergraduate body with the process and recommend to the chair of the task force that (amended) the title be changed from SGSU representative to undergraduate representative. Representative Huey moves to add the amendment that we recommend to the chair to change Mr. Kurhara’s title. Representative Ortiz seconds the amendment The motion passes unanimously Representative Huey moves the motion Representative Gomez seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously REPA 20140108 The SUSS (PAB) Action - Targeted pieces of information have been edited in the last week - They are asking for comments back on the Representative Marshall requests that the email be sent if there are any major changes.

President Chalmers seeks a motion to approve the SUSS and with confidence that the President Advisory Board will make the necessary changes Representative Goetze moves the motion Representative Green seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously VII. New Business REPA 20140115 Quarterly Report Approval (Eric Chalmers) Action - Bharat would like to make a major change to the finances section and make sure it is not misleading to the administrators as they go into budget deliberations. - Changing the amounts to percentages instead of dollar amounts

Executive VP Barnes seeks a motion to approve the release of the Fall Quarterly Report with the stipulation that VP of Finance Bhojwani will correct a graph about appropriations. Representative Almunif moves the motion Representative Bayuga Graff seconds the motion The motion passes unanimously REPA 20140115 Winter Quarter Events List (Steering) Action - Events on list: Public Transit Forum, International Dinner, Divestment Forum, Dance Marathon, Homecoming, Drag Show - International dinner will be subsidized for SGSU members and there will be marketing and the event for SGSU - Dance marathon is a 16 hour event (also in student activities) Representative Kawano requests that US Bank seminar be added to the events list Executive VP Barnes seeks a motion to approve the Winter Quarter Events List with the stipulation that it will change over time Representative Ortiz moves Representative Kawano seconds The motion passes unanimously Representative Gomez moves to add a new item of business to the agenda: The Statement on Public Transportation Representative Huey moves Representative Goetze seconds The motion passes unanimously REPA 20140115 Public Transit Statement (Representative Gomez) Action - Joining efforts standing against the metro bus cuts - SGSU would support Seattle University and Seattle Community College students VP of University Affairs Carlson : I‟m not sure if it is necessary at the end to say, “if it will affect” because it is clear that it will affect them. Representative Huey: I would replace „them‟ at the end with „cuts.‟ Other minor grammatical changes were made. Representative Gomez moves to approve the Public Transit Statement

Representative Goetze seconds The motion passes unanimously VIII. Officer Reports: A) Eric Chalmers-President: a. Thanks for the report B) Mallory Barnes- Executive Vice President a. Retreat, steering report C) Bharat Bhojwani- Vice President of Finance a. Send the requests for the projects and updates D) Brady Carlson- Vice President of University Affairs a. Talking to BonApp and the Coca Cola issues E) Representatives a. Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative: Events planning b. Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative: Meeting with constituents c. Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative: Halfway-there budget, script for CAPS video d. Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative: Tobacco free e. Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative: Campus lighting issues, student concerns with HAWCs problematic language in the HIV/AIDS awarness campaign f. Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative: Attended executives meeting to discuss appointment, meeting with Multicultural Programming Fund g. Tanary Gomez, Commuter Representative: Statement for Public Transportation h. Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative: Public transportation marketing i. Nora Almunif, International Representative: International Dinner and SGSU sponsorship j. Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative: Carol Schneider and discussing the disabilities office and found out that they are moving forward with a budget request k. Kristen James, Athletic Representative: Swishes for wishes basketball game l. Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Student Representative: Collegiums and event planning m. Meggie Green, Freshman Representative: Meeting with constituent n. Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative: Issues around transgender housing o. Logan McDonald, Internal Chief of Staff: SUSS, Minutes F) Advisors a. Nichole Robison: One-on-ones with advisors IX. Committee Reports A. PAB: SUSS editing B. Steering: Retreat information C. Appropriations: Requests and appropriations this weekend, advertise appropriations D. University Affairs: Committees work, academic assembly met about non-tenure track faculty, communication with College Councils IX. Announcements


Watch your language during representative assembly especially gender sensitivity. Involvement Fair is tomorrow! Adjournment at 8:03 PM