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Relationship Between Criteria and (CR) Program

Criteria Program Example (Illinois)

• College Awareness and Preparation Program (CAP)

○ Provide the people with practical, timely and accurate information on the college process.

○ focus on improving student, family and community awareness of the wide range of college
financial aid opportunities and more generally, the college selection and admission process

○ Make services and outreach available to nontraditional, under-served and under-represented

populations a particular emphasis of its work

(College Awareness and Preperation)

College Ready
and Skills
Embedded in • Summer Camps: different kinds of college preparation camps and academic camps. Those
summer camps:

○ Provide a diverse range of academic enrichment which offer focus on reading and writing
skills, study skills, and problem solving skills,

○ Provide personal development courses which concentrate on building self-esteem, enhancing

skills communication

○ offers students a chance to learn about a college subject of students’ choice and experience

(Online summer camp dictionary)

Student and • College Awareness and Preparation Program (CAP)

Teacher • Summer Camps

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Relationship Between Criteria and (CR) Program
• Independent Colleges

Provide seed money in support of innovative, cost-effective college readiness programs. The
programs use a variety of tools to help at-risk youth successfully complete high school, prepare for
and enroll in college.Undertake Hispanic College Readiness effort that offers workshops and
experiences specifically designed for Hispanic students and their parents.

• College Readiness Parent Partnership

The program targets parents of students from under-represented groups and helps them to gain
understanding that higher education is both important and attainable for their children. The
program uses a series of college readiness workshops and campus tours.

• College Readiness Website

Associated Colleges of Illinois has a website which serves low-income inner-city high school
students participating in more than 300 Chicago tutoring and mentoring programs. The website
connects them with information about admission and financial aid at 27 private colleges in Illinois.

(Foundation for Higher Independent Education)

Illinois includes college entrance exam as part of its Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE)
ve for all
System 11th-grade students. The PSAE includes three components: a science assessment, the college
entrance exam, and two ACT Work Keys assessments. (Warner, Mark R.)

• John A. Logan College held numerous workshops and meetings that gave faculty members an
Alignment of
opportunity to talk about their high school students’ needs and to identify promising practices
Curriculum for readying students for college.
and • Shawnee Community College (SCC) held a College and Career Readiness Summit with high
Assessment school and college faculty to identify strategies to help students reduce remediation.
Comparison of grading rubrics is also a component of SCC’s curricular alignment agenda.

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Relationship Between Criteria and (CR) Program
• Moraine Valley Community College hired a high school liaison to assist in facilitating
communication between institutions. The liaison helped to bring the parties together to engage
in a productive dialogue about future opportunities.
(Barrientos & Durhan, 2009)
Longitudinal Not specifically indicated in the research

K-16 Data

State College Not specifically indicated in the research


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