overweening=showing exccessive pride or confidence outrageous=excessively bad baffled=totally bewildered stymied=prevent or hinder the

progress revamp=give new improved form. purported=appear or claim to be. prudent=acting with or showing care and thought for the future hoard=a store of money or valued objects horde=a large group of people. exigent=pressing,demanding. ingenuous=innocent n unsuspecting perpetrate=carry out or commit concede=finally agree that something is true. congenital=present from birth congenial=pleasing by having qualities and interests of one's own tenet=principle or belief. asylum=protection granted by a state who left the country as political refuge chronicle=important events in order of occurance frail=weak and delicate endow=property-donate-establish stealth=cautious and surreptitious movement or action emulate=attemt to match or surpass legitimate=conforming to laws and rules. belligerent=hostile or aggresive(wars) pedagogy=profession,science or theory of teaching experiential=involving or based on experience demise=end or failure stature=normal height while standing, importance or reputation gained by ability or achievement prowl=move about restlessly as if in search of a prey flak=criticism,anti-aircraft fire. radicalization=politiacally extreme,relating or affecting nature of something deft=quick and neatly skillful ethnic=people of common nation or tradition predicaments=a difficult situation edifice=large building,complex system of beliefs reckon=calculate,be on opinion. cater=provide with what is required. complacent=smug and uncritically satisfied with oneself or one's achievement salvo=a sudden vigourous series of aggressive statements or acts eclat=brilliant display or effect.publicity dampener=make less strong or intense buoyant=cheerful and optimistic,to let afloat,to be engaged resilience=able to springback or recoil fiscal=relating to government revenues severity=strict or harsh recession=a period of teporary economic decline emanating=give out, emit. turmoil=a state of great disturbance,confusion. militia=civil poppulation raised to support military in emergency furore=out break of public anger or excitment elite=group of people concidered to be superior in society deploy=move into position for military action incite=encourage or stir up (voilently) clerics=religious leader appalled=horrify repeal=declare invalid delinquent=tending to commit crime rebuke=criticize or reprimand sharply accolades=special honour or recognition of merit

indolence=lazy integrity=strong moral principles logicality=going with rules of logic hubris=excessive pride or self confidence dogma=principles laid down by authority(cant be denied) irony=expression n meaning are opposite arraignment=call before a court to answer criminal charge indictment=a formal charge of crime moratorium=a temporary prohibition of an activity caricature=depiction of a person .always effective conformity=compliance with rules eccentricity=unconventional and slightly strange perusal=read or examine thoroughly or carefully indigenous= originating or occuring naturally at particular place incoherent=illogical fictitious=not real morbid=abnormal interest in unpleasant things impeccable=in accordance with highest standards enamore=be filled with love or admiration for oblivious=not aware of what is happening around one inveigh=speak or write about with great hostility Intimidate=frighten Transpose =cause to exchange places commend=praise oficially Coax = persuade gradually or by flattery to do something exacerbate=make worse IMPETUOUS=acting or done quickly . regime=government cue=signal to performer to start his speech prevail=prove more powerful stance=the way someone stands merger=act of merging two things especially two companies warhead=explosive head of a missile exude=discharge disbursement=pay out money from a fraud grievance=a real or imagined cause of complaint rectitude=morally correct behaviour. quotidian=daily. exaggerate for comic effect vignette=small describtion.breach=act of breaking law convicted=declared to be guilty by jury bunker=compartment for storing fuel.everyday burgeon=grow or increase rapidly deficit=amout by which something especially a sum of money falls short afflict=cause pain or suffering to clientele=clients collectively divestiture=selling of business interests or investments pre-reqiusite=required as prior condition enmeshed=involved in complicated circumstances infallibility=never failing.small sketch which fades out in background delineation=describe precisely aphorism=pithy observation to find truth melange=a varied mixture meritricious=excellence specious=misleadingly attractive in appearance rapacious=aggressively greedy pugnacious=eager or quick to argue reminiscent=tending to remind of something seditious=conduct or speech inciting rebellion against state of authority subversive=subvert(erode foundation) of an established system.ordinary.

goods for sale monetary=relating to money or currency interim=intervening time expedite=cause to be accomplished more quickly subvention=grant of money.Chivalrous =courteous or gallant especially towards women Circumspect=cautious or prudent corpus=a collection of written texts merchandise=advertise.bewilder NONPLUS=surprise and confuse shove=push roughly jostle =push roughly pique=a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from slight.mean prodigy=an young person with exceptional abilities virtuosity= a person highly skilled in music or other arts hoodlum =a member of an organised gang of voilent criminals peevishness =irritable ENCUMBER=burden IMPEDIMENT=hindrance or obstruction lament=a passionate expression of grief wail =a prolonged high-pitch cry of pain castigate=reprimand severly rapprochement =establishment or resumption of harmonious relations loathe=feel hatred or disgust for odium=general or widespread hatred or disgust TANTAMOUNT=equivalent IMPRUDENT=not showing care for the consequences of an actions ensnaring=catch in or as in a trap morphed=change smoothly an gradually from one image to another using computer an .especially from the government incentive=a thing that motivates a person to do something infusion=itroduction of new quality or element appellante=a person who appeals court ruling enshrine=place in appropriate receptacle decrepit=weak.ealderly inept =incapable pluralism=a condition or system in which two or more states.especially to one's pride exasperate =irritate intensely shrivel=wrinkle or contract due to loss of moisture efface =erase from the surface grope=feel about or search blindly or uncertainly with hands fumble=using hands clumsily while doing or handling something QUISLING=a traitor collaborating with the occupying enemy force TREACHERY=betrayal of trust greenhorn=inexperience or naive person newness=introduced for the first time skinflint=a miser niggardliness =ungenerous.principles etc co ex ist authentic=verasity or genuine simulation=imitate or reproduce an appearance transmutation= act of changing PUSILLANIMOUS=lacking courage tyrannical =cruel docile=submissive MARGINALISED=minor importance inconsequential =not important INDELIBLE=not able to remove ingrained =firmly established ineffaceable=unable to be erased or forgotten FLUMMOX=perplexed.

tranquil supine=lying face upwards.peaceful or untroubled.a manager whittle=crave by repeatedly cutting small slices from it wend=go slowly or by an indirect route oppressions=keep in subjection or hardships ruthless=showing no compassion rustic=characteristic of life in the country sagacious=having good judgement incinerator=an apparatus to destroy industrial waste bamboozled=cheat or mystify stubbed=truncated remnant of an object after use .imation techniques callous =insensitive and cruel truculent=eager or quick to argue or fight commendable =deserving praise mediocre = of average quality serene= calm.palm facing upwards redolent=strongly reminiscent or suggestive of hysterical = wildly uncontrolled Chasm= a deep fissure LOQUACIOUSNESS=talkative GARRULOUSNESS=excessively talkative Opprobrium=harsh criticism of scorn Obloquy=strong public condemnation Ritziness=designed to impress luxury and glamour Meticulousness = very careful and precise Ineptitude=incompetent.cot.awkward or clumsy Zealousness=showing zeal Capriciousness=given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour Extravagance=lacking restraint in spending money and resources TORPOR=a state of mental or physical inactivity DILIGENCE=careful or persistent work or effort Loyalty=state of being loyal(showing support) Fidelity=continuing loyality Illustriousness=well known and highly respected Notoriety=famous for some bad quality or deed Ebullience=cheerful and full of energy Spiritedness=full of energy and enthusiasm Finesse=impressive skill and delicacy Grace=elegance of movement ADZE=tool similar to an axe Scythe =tool used for cutting crops Scalpel=a knife with a small sharp blade repercussions=an indirect result of an event fanatical=filled with excessive zeal smouldering=burn slowly with smoke but no flame imminent =about to happen distressing=extreme anxiety obsequious=obedient to excessive degree obliquity=slanting obligatory =compulsory objurgation=criticize severely obnoxious=extremely unpleasant decrepit=elderly and infirm derelict=very poor condition due to misuse and neglect enervated =cause to feel drained of energy transgression=go beyond the limits set by law breach =an act of breaking a law pursuit =the act of pursuing(follow in order to catch) spasm=a sudden involuntary muscle contraction crib=a translation of a text for use by friends.

train or ship disburse= pay out acquisition= a recently acquired asset or object chicanery=use of trickery to achieve one's purpose nacarat=bright orange red canard=an unfounded romour or story panache=flamboyant confidence of style or manner recant=renounce a former opinion or belief consortium=an association.containing an accumulation of pus ostenstatious=characterized by pretentious or showy display impermanence=not permanent freight=transport of goods in bulk.especially by truck.dependable and showing little emotion consensus=general agreement connivance=secretly allow indigenously=originating or occurring naturally at a particular place.energetic and cheerful intricate=very complicated and detailed metrical=relating to or composed in poetic metre indignant=feeling or showing annoyance as what is perceived as unfair treatment pastoral =potraying country life bleak=charmless and inhospitable monologue=a long speech by one actor in a play or film affirm=state emphatically or publicly burlesque=a comically exaggerated imitation.a parody epilogue=comments on what has happened-at the end of the play or a book atavistic=relating to or characterised by reversion of something ancient culminate=point of highest development or reach or be a climax raison d etre=the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's exis tence cloister=a convent or monastery contemplation=look at thoughtfully redeem=compensate for the faults or bad aspects of consortium=an association.typically of several companies .gadget intricate=very complicated or detailed abscess=a swollen area within body tissue.native subvention=a grant of money.especially from government waiver=an act or instance of waiving a right or claim grit=small loose particles of stone or sand bizarre=very strange or unusual alluding=hint or mention in passing gizmo=an ingenious device.typically of several companies cannibal=a person who eats the flesh of other human beings recce=military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features palpable=able to be touched or felt farce=an absurd event Contemptuous=the feeling that someone or something is worthless or beneath consi deration clerically=concerned with or relating to the routine work of an office clerk lore=a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject colloquial=used in ordinary or familiar conversation vernacular=the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a country or region boisterous=noisy.stunted=retard growth or development of bonhomie=gud-natured friendliness feign=pretend to be affected by engross=absorb all the attention of tenuous=very weak or slight enduring=tolerate stoic=tolerating without complaining stolid=calm.

awkward or clumsy stomp=tread heavliy and noisily.flagrant fallacy=a mistaken belief repudiated=refuse to accept or be associated with renege=go back on a promise.especially for political and military advantage feisty=spirited and exuberant exuberant=lively and cheerful inept=incompetent.tranquil countenance=admit as acceptable or possible consecrated=make or declare sacred arduous=difficult and tiring diadem=a jewelled crown plausibility=apparently resonable or probable.especially with reflected light perverse=showing a deliberate and obstinate to behave unacceptably amenable=easily influenced or controlled debilitate=make very weak and infirm baffle=totally bewilder eclectic=deriving ideas or style from a broad and diverse range of sources blend=mix or combine with something else sabotage=deliberately destroy or obstruct.especially as a sign of affection Gestalt=an organised whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts intuitive=using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious rea soning.peaceful.needy indulgence=the action or fact of indulging whine=a long.interoperability=able to operate in conjunction progenitor=an ancestor or parent ratified=make officially valid underpinning=support from below by laying a solid foundation or substituting str onger for weaker materials vagaries=an unexpected and inexplicable change sophisticated=showing worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture garner=gather or collect artifice=clever devices or expedients.and untroubled.high-pitched complaining cry revile=criticize abusively persecution=persistently harass or annoy serene=clam.chain.without necessarily being so pervasive=spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people uproar=a loud and impassioned noise of disturbance blatant=open and unashamed. undertaking.typically in order to show anger embrace=hold closely in one's arms.especially to trick or deceive others ignoble=of humble origin or social status grovel=crouch or crawl abjectly on the ground unerring=always right or accurate indescribable=too unusual.extreme.instinctive .typically for the worse manacle=a metal band.or indefinite to be adequately described vicissitudes=a change of circumstances or fortune. or contract audacious=recklessly daring blithe=cheerfully or thoughtlessly indifferent pariah=a person rejected by his society or social group commune=a group of people living together and sharing possessions and resposibil ities predicament=a difficult situation billow=a large sea wave egregious=outstandingly bad appalling=very bad obdurate=stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or course of action gleam=shine brightly .or shakle for fastening someone's hands or ankles extirpate=destroy completely or eradicate indigence=poor.

an imals.usually by making it worse exacerbate=make worse snout=the projecting nose and mouth of an animal.or experience in a particular field of k nowledge anatomy=the division of science that deals with physical structure of plants.or the period after which disa strous event occured repercussion=an indirect result of an event or action agravate=to exacerbate the effects of something.sending a tall column of water and steam into the air accrue=to amass or gather wealth of some sort over a peroid of time acquit=to officially declare the innocence of somebody after they have been char ged with a crime aftermath=the repercussions of a disastrous event. and other organisms apportion= to break up and give something different to someone or some people .especially a mammal amateur=a person with very little skill.wondrous=inspiring wonder visceral=relating to deep inner feelings rather than to the intellect viscera=the internal organs in the main cavities of the body.especially those in the abdomen geyser=a hot spring in which water intermittently boils.

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